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Mid-Range Game 42: The Auction of Lord Winsting

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8 hours ago, Orlok Tsubodai said:

I'd also recognise @The Young Pyromancer, who I'd like to reassure I probably won't decide to kill out of spite, for such a brilliant job derailing the thread for so long.

...You miiight want to scroll through the comment on the elim doc before you make any promises :)

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9 hours ago, Straw said:

@A Joe in the Bush some rerun questions:

-In the dead doc, I believe either you or Elbereth mentioned giving Bleeder a one shot assassination ability that would be immune to extortionists/escorts. How do you feel about this idea? If implemented, should it also bypass bodyguards so they can also use it on Flogs? What should happen if it hits a tycoon?

-The impersonator role was added due to the size of the game. How do you feel this role ended up doing? Should it be included in a rerun?

-Does the current tie system make it so the elims pretty much have to have vote manipulation? How would you feel about making it random on ties?

-This game had some activity issues near the end. In a rerun, would you recommend putting in a two or three cycle filter in addition to the sleep mechanic?

-How well did the minimum of three votes on cycle one end up working, in your opinion? Could it be extended to other cycles (adjusting for player size, of course)?

First one i asnewred in my thoughts. Bleeder needs a one use uber kill that would guarante her target dies. It would ignore redirects, bodyguards, and roleblocks. It would only be jsable once, at Bleeder's discretion. I do think it should kill Tycoon players.

Impersonators are fine as is. It could be easier to make them just double a vote instead though.

I don't think the current tie system favors one side over the other, and i don't think either team needs vote manip to use it. I also don't consider the tie system to be part of thos game. I just like it and included it in lots of my games.

I mean, it is an MR. I think there is supposed to be an inactivity filter? So yes there needs to be one.

It worked fine i think. I don't k ow if i would expand it further, but Town of Salem requires a majority, so it would theoretically work.

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Hats off to the Constabulary for winning the day! But the Criminals should also be congratulated for being the first to remove elim!Straw from the game through an execution. That's a big accomplishment. Thanks to A Joe in the Bush for GMing, and to everyone who kept the game active enough to reach 61 pages total. 

As always, if anyone would like to try their hand at running a game, please get ahold of Wilson, Devotary of Spontaneity, Elbereth, Araris Valerian, or myself, or post in the GM Signups & Discussion ThreadNot only will we get you added to the list, but we'd also be more than willing to help out in any way we can. 

You can also ask questions and get some hints and feedback from everyone in our Art of Game Creation thread. With all the games that we've run so far, we have plenty of experienced GMs that can help you refine any game you're thinking about. If you would rather keep some detail secret, or are self-conscious about posting in thread (there's really no need to be; while we do slaughter each other, we are very polite about it), then I'm sure one of our fantastic committee members (Amanuensis, STINK, Sart, Fifth Scholar, Straw, Haelbarde, and Young Bard) would be more than willing to help you out in private.

Thanks again to everyone that played, and we look forward to killing seeing you in future games! :ph34r:

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