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Vin barely succeeded in killing the Lord Ruler, but something went wrong during the fight. The scene ended with Vin limping away, barely conscious and out of pewter. Eventually, she fell unconscious and died. Elend was unable to gather the support needed to ascend and rule Luthadel, so the Steel Ministry was able to clamp down its iron (or steel?) fist. As Ruin's influence grew, he wormed his way into the mind of an unlucky Inquisitor. That Inquisitor was tricked into releasing Ruin from his prison, and things only went downhill from there. After a rather dubious gap in logic and storytelling, all of the Inquisitors went mad and started killing everyone. Because that's just how life works.

Welcome to LG59, lovely people.

Housekeeping and General Notes:

@Coop772 and I will be GMing this game, and @Alvron will be the IM.

The game will start on Monday, September 2, 2019. Rollover will be at 12:30 PM PDT.

Days are 48 hours long. Nights are 24 hours long.

PM's are closed. 

There is a minimum requirement of 1 post per cycle, for each player. Less posting than that will result in death by the inactivity filter.

The full game rules may also be accessed here.

Game Rules:

Basic rules


Start out with 1 elim (the Inquisitor) who possesses 7 spikes and 2 extra lives. The Inquisitor is not Spiked by any of the spikes at the start of the game. Spikes do NOT grant the Inquisitor any extra lives. The elims win by outnumbering the village. The village wins by killing all of the elims. 

1 action per cycle. Submit all actions via role PM as always. Voting does not count as an action. The elims' group kill does not count as an action, but must be submitted at night just like any action would. Passive roles are always active and do not count as actions. Any roles marked "Day", "Night", or "Day OR Night" count as actions and are to be used during the specified times.

The number of tallies in a vote will be reflected due to vote manipulation, but the names of all voters will stay hidden, like so:

Lumgol (4)
Coop (3)
Maill (2)
Fifth (2)
Elbereth (1)
Devotary (1)

If the vote is a tie, everyone with the highest number of votes dies, because more death is always more fun.

Spike Rules


The elims have a team kill each night. As an action, the Inquisitor can choose whether or not to charge a spike using the elim kill (and if so, which spike to charge). Once a spike is charged, it may be used to spike someone as a separate action, thus converting them into an elim and granting them the spike’s ability, as well as access to the elim doc.

The Inquisitor possesses 1 of each kind of spike at the start of the game. An uncharged spike cannot be used to spike a player. Multiple spikes can be charged in a row before spiking someone, but no more than 1 spike can be charged or used to spike someone in one action. It must be specified which spike is being used to spike someone.

There is no limit to how many charged spikes can be inserted into a player. However, a maximum of 3 players, other than the Inquisitor, can be spiked (THIS RULE WILL BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING ON GAME SIZE.) The Inquisitor may spike themselves. Having multiple roles does not grant a player extra actions. If an Allomancer is spiked, they retain their Allomantic powers as well as those granted by the spike.

If the Inquisitor loses a life, a random uncharged spike is destroyed. If a convert is killed, the spike(s) that the elim is spiked with are destroyed.

Spike Roles


The Inquisitor - May either charge any uncharged spike OR spike a player with any charged spike (Night) 

Iron - Gives the elim an extra life (Passive)

Steel - The elim can choose 1 player. Actions against said player override a Lurcher's protection OR a Coinshot's redirection, with a 50% chance of success (Night)

Tin - The elim can use an action to scan someone and see what Allomantic powers they have, if any (Night)

Zinc - The elim has their votes count as 2 votes (Passive)

Copper - The elim can choose to nullify one vote on them as an action (Day)

Bronze - if the person who is killed the night the spike is charged is a Misting, their role is transferred to the elim (Passive)

Atium - Replicate the effects of any one of the above spikes (the Inquisitor chooses which). An atium spike can have a different power if/when it's reused.

Allomantic Roles


Lurcher - Can prevent any one player, including themselves, from being killed OR spiked. If a Lurcher successfully prevents a kill that charges a spike, that spike is left uncharged. (Night)

Coinshot - Can choose a metal (Allomantic or Hemalurgic) with an available night action, and has a 50% chance of redirecting any actions that happen with said metal onto a player of their choice. A Coinshot may not redirect the elim kill, the charging of a spike, or Spiking. (Night)

Thug - has an extra life (Passive)

Tineye - Can target a player and learn who targets them, if anyone (Night)

Soother - Can suppress one person’s vote (Day)

Rioter - can double one person’s vote so that it counts as 2 votes (Day)

Seeker - Can choose a player and learn all metals that their role is associated with, if any. This does not reveal their alignment or the nature of their metallic art. If someone is spiked with bronze, only the Allomantic metal that they stole will be revealed. If someone is spiked with Atium, the metal associated with the role they ended up receiving will be revealed. (Night) 

Smoker - Can prevent any one player, including themselves, from the effects of Seeking, Soothing, and Rioting (Night; effects last the entire cycle)

Seer - Can target any player to nullify their action. Remember that the elim kill is not an action, although charging and spiking are. (Day OR Night)

Allomantic roles are randomly assigned to the villagers at the start of the game. People cannot have more than one Allomantic role, unless it is transferred via a spike.

Player List:


1. Furamirionind, as A Character

2. Cicada, as Ada

3. Xinoehp512, as Demmanu

4. DrakeMarshmallow, as Tersin Forrelken

5. Stick

6. CadCom, as Tom

7. Rathmaskal, as Rath the Rapper

8. Shanerockes

9. Butt Ad Venture, as Cornelius Steel

10. Devotary of Spontaneity, as Moud

11. Amanuensis, as Octun Renaud

12. Sart, as Sari

13. Snipexe





RayOfSunshine (pinch hitter)


Fifth Scholar

Quick Links:


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Cloak whirling, mists swirling, he steps into the night

Vials shaking, muscles aching, he goes to do what's right

Metals flaring, hardly caring, he rockets into flight

...wait, wait, WAIT a second.  What's a rocket?  OK, obviously I know what a rocket is, but guys, we can't start creating rap songs for Mistborn Era 1 that talk about rockets! 

*sigh* back to the drawing board.

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1 hour ago, Ghanderflaffle said:

I’ll be a spec so I can learn how this works. 

Is this your first game? Feel free to jump right in if you like, there's no prior experience necessary or anything and the other players will gladly show you the ropes.

That being said, spectating would also be great.

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I would love to join this game, but taking a realistic view of my schedule for the next month or two, the odds are greater than not that I’ll go inactive, and I’d really rather not drag this game down by not contributing. As such, with my apologies, I’ll take a spec doc. 

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Moud has been fleeing from the Inquisitors for months now and had finally had enough of running. This group of people were utterly doomed, but would presumably put up a better fight than one individual on their own. At the very least, if the Inquisitor had to fight all of them, there probably wouldn't be time for excessive suffering before their inevitable death.

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