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  1. Going back to what I said in the dead doc, I think just about every issue this game can be solved with better communication... and perhaps a grievance system (used by players, gms, and ims) would help facilitate this. If any of the people involved had talked to anyone else, the problem would have been minimal.
  2. Well, even with it being unpinned, it's easy to remember to look there vs. a specific game the discussion happened in.... But yeah...
  3. If I agreed about anything in the doc that was incorrect or rude, I apologize. In my defense, I rarely actually read the game, so my thoughts were typically based around whatever Illwei or others in the doc told me. However that's still on me. So I'm sorry if I said/agreed with anything wrong/hurtful. I think this is good to bring up. I also think the dead doc was overly harsh on certain players... Illwei and Dingo specifically (probably a couple others, but the focus was on them)... I think in a developing/changing community, it is rather unfair to have people completely turn on you when you were never given the knowledge or chance to change... This is why, in the doc, I proposed a very specific method of grievance handling. Now, I don't care if we as a community adopt the one I put out or not, but I think it's important to have one. And this should be addressed as a community discussion. For a long time we've relied on protest votes to do this. Should we make protest voting an official thing we are expected to do, get rid of them entirely, or have a combination? We should discuss that. (I'm for a combo, but I don't get a vote). I think this is very good to mention again, because while advocating for people to go against harmful playstyles and language, we in the spec doc often times engaged in the very thing we were advocating against. I will add though (since the doc is long) there was a point towards the end when the doc turned to solutions. I think in general I agree with you about this doc. But the really important thing for anyone who cares about SE to do, is read the solution conversation. We talked about GM/IM involvement, what constitutes a harmful playstyle, about whether or not GMs can ever be truly impartial, and whether or not they are able to make calls on what is harmful and what isn't. Our discussion is useful, but hopefully it gets us started in a greater SE-wide conversation where we can figure out what rules we need as a community to keep this a fun atmosphere welcoming to new and old players, as well as deciding what is the GMs/IMs responsibilities in these games. Because that was definitely a problem. I think if we were in a community where GMs/IMs felt they could step in, Dingo and Lion both would have gotten warnings from the GMs/IMs, and then the whole issue would have been solved, as Dingo said they'd have stopped, and Illwei would have explained what they were going for and would have altered how they approach PMs... And very little would have been said about them in the dead doc. EDIT: Specifically by SE-wide discussion I mean it should happen in meta thread, as this game will fade but that wont.
  4. the player list still has me with Nightblood and Ishar so I totally still have nightblood and Ishar right? Right? RIGHT???? In all seriousness it was a good game. Pretty upset I didn't call Araris as being evil. All the info needed was right there, I only doubted it because of the bussing Ventyl. I also stopped trying as hard once I got blades... which was a mistake... This game was kind of all over the place, and the ruleset imo was pretty great. I'd love for this to be rereun sometime. The biggest issue with this game was... player greed. It's an interesting thing to be a factor in the game, but honestly I think it somewhat destroyed our prospects. People stopped trying to do the "villager-y" thing, and instead tried to do what they could to survive. This includes me after I was sent nightblood. I figured I did my part in the game, so I'd just kind of let others take over and hopefully keep nightblood... but I mean... Obviously I was going to die and that was a bad strategy... xD Also... I knew Araris had Jezrien. I should have gone after him from that moment, but instead I went after books and completely forgot about Araris... I reaaaaly messed up this game : / It was fun though. Thank's Ash and Elandera for running Ninja'd: Re: don't-just-trust-people-unconditionally-in-this-game-because-they-could-be-deep-wolfing-like-Araris-or-neutral-like-Matrim-or-wrong-like-Fura-:-(
  5. 5 elims N6: 8-3 (-nk) D7: 7-3 (-lynch) N7: 6-3 (nk) D8 5-3 (lynch) N8 4-3(nk) D9: 3-3 (loss) 4 elims N6: 9-2 (-nk) D7: 8-2 (-lynch) N7: 7-2 (nk) D8 6-2 (lynch) N8 5-2 (nk) D9: 4-2 (lynch) N10 3-2 (loss) This means 1 mislynch with 5 elims and 2 mislgnches with 4 elims
  6. Oh... hmmm... I completely forgot about that as I didn't put that in my notes. Tbh this is my first game taking detailed notes, so I'm running into issues where I do analysis in thread but don't translate it all to notes... I fell kind of obligated to support this lynch due to this. Lol Also just going to note that 2/3 PHers are voting on the third. I find this amusing in some way. Somebody from Sel Vapor
  7. With books flipping evil, I think that pushes both SfS and Lotus to village as they were both targets of Books. SfS less so, Books cast suspicion on him early, but never pushed him, and when he voted SfS, quickly retracted his vote when he got pushback from SfS. I think this indicated SfS as village, but honestly I can't make assumptions like that after seeing books play. That being said, I'm still going to lean that way. Village: Araris - After rereading interaction with Ventyl, there's no way I can reasonably see them being e/e. Ventyl's reaction to Araris' vote just seemed too spontaneous to me. Condensation - Books/Connie could be e/e... so not as confirmed as Araris, but I'm trying not to tin foil this game. Lol Slight Village: Lotus: Was a village read, but had to bring down to a slight village due to this post, which is a joke, but reads to me like Lotus already knows Ventyl is an elim and voting me. Lotus is still a village read for me though due to the sheer amount of posts they have been at odds with Ventyl. Ookla who goes DORIYAH!! (Vasher212): Just a gut read. Also new. Neutral: Eturnum Mist, Whysper, Vapor - Current guess is 1/3 of these is an elim, but no idea Slight Elim: STINK - SfS/Stink not e/e Somebody from Sel - Was slight village due to being targeted by Books, but so was Ventyl and I thought Ventyl/Books was e/v for a while. SfS defended himself to several people but not to Books. Lastly seemed to overreact when being voted on this cycle. As someone who's most recent game was an incredibly frustrating elim game, I see this as a possible reaction like that. Was semi-active, comes back and the most powerful role as well as another elim have been lynched and it feels game over. If this is the case, I can sympathize, but it does seem like that to me. Elim: Gears - super sus. Idk why. If SfS flips evil, he defended gears early on when he was looking to possibly get lynched D1. Who's my vote on right now? Oh STINK Somebody from Sel
  8. Alright Alv... I'm sorry to see you go... It's nice to see convinced my reads are wrong...my paranoia about you was unfounded... Even when I'm confident my reads of you are correct, I just always am convinced I very much could be wrong. So welcome everyone to D1 again, we have a bit more info than before, but due to Ventyl being minimally active and Books doing a superb job not giving us info on players despite being active and providing real content, we don't have as much as I'd like. I would like to stab-voteᵀᴹ STINK. @STINK This is because I have no read on him, and have no idea how to get a read on him. I may or may not change my vote if I find someone more suspicious.
  9. Sorry for not being online most of today... been (and still am) finishing my final due tonight. I think it's pretty clear Books and the other elims didn't want there to be any more content that could lead us to any more elims. Books lynch also didn't mean anything really. Books had already been "confirmed" elim in enough people's minds the elims clearly knew he had no chance of surviving last cycle, and would have been more than willing to shamelessly bus him. What we really need to look at now is who directed suspicion away from Books when he was brought up the first 2-3 cycles, and who put suspicion on him. It's also worth mentioning if I haven't already, I think Devotary was killed for being a neutral. The elims knew she had a kill and intentionally killed her for her ability to kill them. I've asked Chana to let me know if Devotary contacted her asking for her to kill Books, but have yet to get a response. This is making me think that there is some issue possibly with 2 people claiming Chana, one of which being an elim. All speculation though.
  10. I actually feel like the opposite is true. I've always known Devotary to only lie when absolutely necessary. I don't think I've ever seen her try to be the middleman or play both sides before. Now with having two sources confirming that the kill on Devotary was the elims, it seems they either didn't know she was a neutral, or (more likely) did know, and knew she was siding with the village. If she was truthful to me about her wincon as well, she had waited long enough to pursue it it was very unlikely she could win barring the whole game working with her to help. Granted, it is possible she tried working with the elims earlier and felt it didn't suit her or whatever. But at the end I'm confident she was village aligned... especially with the elims killing her? Lol (Oh, this also means her death was not my fault so thats good =) )
  11. :0 ... ... ... : ) I can actually answer that. Last cycle Devotary claimed she was the one to remove a vote from Ventyl. Why people thought this proved her to not be an elim, I have no idea. However it convinced everyone in the PM circle. She also was the one to kill TJ. (I also do know that Devotary and Eternum were in contact... if that matters at all as well) That being said, that does not necessarily mean that Enternum is innocent. Saying it was still a benefit to the elims. Personally I think this information probably shouldn't be considered in whether or not he is put up for the lynch, but it could be used to break a tie between him and someone else. (If that makes any sense, that's the amount I'd value that info) EDIT: I'm not a fan of answering for people in general, but I'm sort of doing that here as I know it will look unfairly suspicious on Enturnum to say that the person was the Neutral who just died.
  12. That's why : P @Ookla Fell From The Sky If a player is successfully protected against an attack, is that announced in thread? Is the person that sent in the protect action notified they saved someone? Is the person attacked notified they were saved? I read the tags!!!!
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