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People you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley


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Hello I'm the founder and director of the Cosmere Symbology Department  we like to study the cultures themes and symbols of different Societies in the cosmere, though I myself personally I'm on a Hemalurgic free diet i think the DA is doing grea...  interesting work. And I was thinking since there's so many "scientists" here in the dark alley that some might be interested in cosmere symbology.

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Although I cannot speak for all of us, I believe most DA members would love the concept of doing more scientific work, but between selling cookies, killing luddites,  and trying to advance both cosmere and extracosmerical science, we already have barely enough time to create absurd theories and spread the truth. But if you would like we could provide your team with some labs and funding in exchange for joining us? We’d love to have you on board.

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11 hours ago, The Forgetful Archivist said:

Several months ago I decided to trust the DA cookies since then I have felt a strange sense of loyalty towards them... HELP ME!!! I AM TRAPPED!

This is an interesting idea. It would be rather useless to spike loyalty to the DA out of someone, because that would remove one already loyal member to maybe create another. However, we know for a fact it is possible to heal from Hemalurgic spikes. If we managed to do some compounding of the sense of loyalty perhaps, that might open up some possibilities...


This requires further study!

Edit: Oh, and looking at the specialties, it seems that getting listed as a DA endorser would require speaking to @Kipper, but he seems rather inactive. We would of course direct any current and future membership to joining the DA.


If this theory is true, it could help along this research. Is anyone currently working with Lerasium spikes?

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3 hours ago, Kidpen said:

However, we know for a fact it is possible to heal from Hemalurgic spikes. 

I'm aware that it's generally believed that hemalurgical injuries to the soul can be cured. Even so, there are some hardcore DA agents for whom this option may not be possible. They are so far gone in the Hemalurgic Arts that when you search for their souls in the Cognitive Realm, you will see spikes instead of soul flames. 

I'm sure some of you can guess who they are. 

The Dark Alley R&D Labs

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