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  1. Happy birthday!

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      Thank you very much :)

  2. No, that's correct. The active player needs to give a clue that at least one player can figure it out. So it's a matter of balancing the clue so that some players know your card but not everyone. And there's incentive for the other players to independently try to figure out the card for themselves but hope others don't. So they also want to pick a card that's close to the clue to trick other players. Adding you to the player list. Thanks.
  3. Ahhh good, someone recognizes the game. UPDATE: Anyone else ever play Dixit?
  4. PLAYERS @Szeth_Pancakes @Dannex ? ? ? ? If you want to join this game, please post below. Thanks!
  5. http://dixit.whysper.info GAME OVERVIEW Card game of wondrous illustrations for 4 to 6 players. The active player will give a clue describing one of their cards while the other players choose a card from their own hand to best illustrate the clue. The cards are shuffled together and then the players try to find the active player's card among everyone's cards. GAME PLAY Active Player One player is the active player for the current turn. They choose 1 of their 6 cards (telling the host) and make up a clue for it. Then without showing their card, they say their clue to the other players. The clue can take a variety of forms. It can be made up of one or more words. It can even be a sound (written form for forum play) or group of sounds that represent the clue. The clue can be invented on the spot, or it can take the form of already existing works (a part of a poem or song, a movie title, a proverb, a book quote, etc.). Other Players The other players choose from among their own 6 cards the one which seems to best illustrate the clue given by the active player (telling the host). They do not let the other players know what they've chosen. Revealing the Cards After all players have chosen a card, they are shuffled together with the active player's card and then revealed to all the players with a number assigned to each. Finding the Active Player's Card The goal of the players is to find the active player's card from among those revealed. Each player except the storyteller secretly votes for the card (telling the host) they think belongs to the active player. Under no circumstances can a player vote for their own card. Revealing the Votes Once everyone has voted, the votes for each card are revealed. The active player then reveals which card was theirs. Scoring 1. If all players find the active player's card: Active player: 0 points Other players: 2 points 2. If no players find the active player's card: Active player: 0 points Other players: 2 points 3. If at least one player, but not all players, have found the active player's card: Active player: 3 points Players who have found the card: 3 points Each player, other than the active player, wins 1 bonus point for each vote placed on their card. End of Turn The cards that have been used are discarded. Each player draws a new card from the draw pile (received from host) to refill their hand up to 6 cards. The new active player is the one next in sequence after the last active player. A new turn then starts. END OF THE GAME The game ends when one of the players has reached 30 points or when the last card of the draw pile is drawn. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. http://dixit.whysper.info
  6. On my homesite Forum of Lies, besides the usual FM/SE games, we also enjoy a set of other forum games called Miscs. There's currently one in signups called Fortified Tower 3. The Fortified Tower has 12 floors with 3 rooms each. The players have various roles with differing wincons. Most will need to explore the tower to reach the Tycoon living on the top floor and kill him. Others want to protect the Tycoon. And still others may want to make sure everyone dies! Each turn you choose actions such as move, attack, and search. The turns are done on a 24h cycle, so this is an easy-going, long-term game. A limited number of spots are still open. If you are interested, please join the game with us at FoL. Fortified Tower 3 Signups
  7. Thanks for taking the time to explain your thinking. The way you explained does make me feel slightly better about you. I could see you being the type of person who conveys your personality this way with words. The thing is, it's difficult to take someone's self-meta at face value. When they are self-aware enough to explain exactly how they differ when playing Villager vs. Elim, it's not much of a leap to assume they know exactly how to imitate their Villager self as Elim. In some cases, this is difficult, like how some people just can't work up enough motivation as Elim compared to Villager. So it depends. Anyway thanks again.
  8. I'm still not sure what to make of Tani/Gneorndin. Sometimes it just seems like playful joking. But then when I see stuff like the above, I can't help feeling it's rather performative. Kind of like trying to imitate Villager indecisiveness, but to such an extreme. I could see myself voting them today. My top 2 Elim reads are still Tani and Books at this point, but I'll keep my vote on Books for now. Yeah, that's right. I was wondering about this. Thought I maybe missed something, but seems perhaps not. It's reasonable to be suspicious of practically everyone in this game. But if there's someone you slightly feel is more likely Villager above everyone else, or someone whose statements and reasoning kind of click with how you think, then you can sheep them. Thanks for putting this together. I suppose it makes sense that votes are all over the place for now. And yeah, hopefully the rest of the players put a stake in where they are at today. I agree it's gotten far enough into the game now that pushing people to contribute more makes sense. Maybe TJ will have more time now. Randby has been too quiet, though they were also in the MR game that just got done, so maybe things will change now. Please elaborate? Not sure what you mean by my voting being weird. Pretty sure Quinn is referring to the switching back and forth is short time frames like I mentioned at the top of my post.
  9. Why did you feel so certain that Dannex wasn't Elim? And why was everyone else on his wagon up for grabs as more likely Elim? I mean, you should assume that most of the wagon would be Villagers themselves. Elims aren't going to all pile on him. That's usually how it works. It doesn't seem like you put any thought into who was more likely the Elim on the wagon. Ahhh, I'm so sorry about this. I will try to remember to do so.
  10. What just happened with Archer? Why was he saying he was prime NK candidate? Was it just from being outed as HP? Or was there something more? Hmm, you might actually be right with how things are going. I would have thought they'd go for non-HPs first to get Elho, but maybe they do think the events are worth controlling first. I was thinking that either Tani or Books would be the Elim that voted for me last cycle. Both votes seemed opportunistic. The thing is that Tani is hard to read because they seem to purposely play chaotically. They moved the vote back and forth between me and Dannex. As for Books, he just said something about thinking at least one person on Dannex is an Elim, and then said he would vote me because I was the only one with votes already. That seems like a weak reason to single me out from all those on Dannex. Books Going to put a vote here so we don't forget him. I've been kind of agreeing with what someone else said about Quinn just being different since Illwei isn't around anymore. I still lean her Villager. As for Striker, I've been going back and forth on him. Sometimes I feel he's Villager trying really hard to figure things out. But then other times I have that nagging feeling that he's misguiding us as you say. I had started to think that I possibly did overact with the one post where I felt he was shading me, yet I also have suspicions that he is simply Elim. But a couple other people commented about how they thought his post was innocuous, so not sure.
  11. Yeah, at least 1. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they split their votes knowing the wagons were V/V. So maybe 1 on each wagon. EDIT: So looking at the wagons, my guess for Elims would be either Elandera or FMN on Dannex. Then either Books or Tani on my wagon.