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  1. Let the hedgehog gifs continue!
  2. Something messed with the image
  3. @Ark1002 But also:
  4. See, this is why we use punctuation. I read that at first with a comma only where I inserted the italicized comma, and I thought "Why is Vapor going to come after me if I post *wins*?" Then I realized that Vapor had posted the *wins* in question, and the bold comma should have been inserted (and the italicized comma if you so desire). Just doing my part as the Grammar and Spelling Police Master of Obscure Technicalities and Head Delver in Arcane Grammatical Lore. *tips hat* (Ooh, does that make me the GSP MOTHDAGL? Sounds cool.) Edit: also, hedgehogs.
  5. *checks profile* Hey, what are you doing making dad jokes?
  6. I believe firmly that hedgehogs are the cutest animals around.
  7. Ark, I challenge thee!
  8. Pretzels. Of all varieties.
  9. Same Fight me!
  10. I have a (guy) friend who up through 9th grade could sing along with Christine. No joke. When we were in middle school, he was the Sopralitone and sang whatever part needed more power.
  11. HmmMMmmmm...
  12. I was Mr. Maraczek. And sorry
  13. Yesss Mannheim Steamroller is great.