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    When I read RoW the first time, the biggest thing that stuck out to me was that Sanderson's character work on Taravangian was masterful. Halfway through the book, Sanderson had set up a single choice for Taravangian, a choice that would define his character, a choice where he could have legitimately become the redeemed hero of the entire series but instead became its darkest villain. Taravangian, in contrast to Dalinar, has a fatal flaw, and it's more than just "end justifies the means". It was so subtle though, and I haven't heard anyone else comment on it, so I wanted to pull it out here: The choice I'm talking about is this one here, from Taravangian's final interlude: It's the choice to tell Dalinar. At this point, Taravangian realized that he was wrong. Humanity isn't absolutely doomed. There is a way to defeat Odium, and he keeps thinking about telling Dalinar...but he never does, always finding a different reason not to. They could have finished it together, but in the end, he resolves to do it himself, just as he had before. Let's observe the setup. Throughout every Taravangian scene is pulsing this question: "What are Taravangian's true motives?" From his 1st inerlude: From his conversations with Dalinar: You can see it here. This question. Was Taravangian a tragic hero? A man with the noblest of intentions who had done what he thought was best with the wrong information? Or has he been subtly lying even to himself, has he pushed this narrative so deeply into his subconscious because he wanted to be the hero, the one who saved everyone? Is it his self-sacrifice or self-ego that drives him? His whole conversation with Dalinar danced around this, and at the end you get a glimpse at what could have been the alternate storyline for the Stormlight Archives. Taravangian, after learning his Diagram was mistaken, lets go of his ego and surrenders his role as the hero of the story to Dalinar. He tells Dalinar of Odium's weakness to Nightblood, and Dalinar defeats Odium once and for all. Taravangian's reputation is tarnished forever by his earlier betrayal, but humanity is saved. He lives on, hated by humanity, but he earns the respect of one man, ending the series as Dalinar's closest friend, working together for the good of humanity. In the interludes, we see Taravangian himself wrestling with it. This is his conversation with Renarin: I remember thinking at this point that we were in for a Taravangian redemption arc, and I was all here for it, but Sanderson bamboozled me yet again. I believe the light flickering in the darkness was Taravangian's wavering decision to confide in Dalinar, and the deep darkness of him rejecting that is our present reality of him having become Odium. His refusal to take Renarin's hand is symbolic of his refusal to accept help from Dalinar or anyone else. He's battling against admitting his own deep flaws. And his most fatal flaw pokes its head out as he goes back and forth about going to Dalinar. Check out this sequence of moments where Taravangian thinks about talking to Dalinar. The truth that his actions reveal is in the end he is too proud. It's his fatal flaw. He can't admit he was wrong. He can't share the spotlight. He can't play second fiddle. Everything is building up for him to turn around and make the right choice in his 11th hour, but he can't do it. It's the inverse of Dalinar at the end of Oathbringer. Come face to face with the worst of himself, Dalinar took the blow head on. He acknowledged himself as a bad man, but instead of cowering away, he exposed himself to the world and took the next step forward. Taravangian, in one moment of brutal honesty, acknowledges to himself that his entire motive has been built out of justifications...but he keeps going. And he hasn't stopped.
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    Here we go . . .
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    Continuing on the topic of jest:
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    Birthday pfp les goooooooooooooooo
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    Happy May, everyone! This last year has been... Crazy, to say the least. And yet here we are, going for another round of this! For those of you who aren't aware, May is mental health awareness month. This is my fourth year doing this, and over the past four years I have come a long way in terms on my own mental health. My depression has lessened significantly, with occasional days of it coming back in full force, my anxiety has worsened significantly especially as this school year is drawing to a close. My derealization has remained very consistent for the last four years, and I also am now fairly certain that I am on the autism spectrum. The knowledge of ASD that I've gained over the last few months has explained so much about me, that, well, being me is a much better thing to be than it has in times past. Beyond just my own personal experience with this, mental illness has greatly impacted every member of my family in various ways, and because of this I feel very passionately about this subject, and want to, in this small way, show support to people who have been affected by this. Alright, enough about me. To show support and awareness this month, I'd encourage everyone to turn their profile pictures green! The past few years it has always been amazing poking around the forums and seeing how many people are green. Also, please feel free to share your own experience with mental illness, or share your support for others in this thread. Have discussions, and know that you are not alone. Don't feel obligated to participate in this way if you don't want to or if it makes you uncomfortable. This is just an opportunity for people to share, and to have their voices be heard. And thanks to @Knight of Iron for reading over this for me before I posted it. If anyone wants a specific Cosmere symbol or something for their profile picture, just let me know and I can make a green one. There is also a green 17th Shard symbol floating around somewhere from previous years.
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    Eleven million thanks to @Dannex, @Aspiring Writer, @Spren of Kindness, @Experience, @revelryintheart, @Emi, @Doomstick, @The Storming Stormfather!!! Last year, when I turned 16, I posted a status update for my birthday and didn't get a single response. I didn't exactly expect any, but it was still kinda depressing. And now here you guys are posting the statuses for me! Thanks a ton, guys!
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    okay, so it was a year. Huh. I have to say that this definitely wasn't an easy year for me. You guys helped me a lot tho, I love y'all. Sharder Liar community is awesome and I am so so so glad I joined. All of you are great friends. Shard also improved my English and made me a lot less anxious in Person, which is amazing. so.... people: VAPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR you simply have to be the first one. I'm sorry for difficulties. I am so sad that you can't be around more. You are an amazing person and I love you. You are worth of happiness and one of the most beautiful people both inside and out. I'm just so sad we can't really talk like ever FADRAN I'm very happy to say that you're my best friend! You are sooooooooooo cool, fun, helpful and nice! @AonEne (I will mention you, so you can see it) if not your friendliness I wouldn't be here. Both you and Salad are supper funny and I really enjoy your presence. Fritz and Truthie, both of you have no idea how much you helped me. Fritz you are NOT useless. Not at all. Dark, I love how you greet me everyday. I hope you'll feel generally better soon. HEEEEEEEEEEN I love talking to you and sometimes doing akhschdbidc in DMs (aslo I loev yuor typoes ) Vennie, (uhh, I don't know your name on the shard so I'll just summon you through SL) thanks for all the hugs you gave me! Jester, I am so excited for the DnD! Thank you for taking your time to explain all the rules to me, since I don't understand that much Goaty and Stick, both of you are great and I really enjoy chatting with you Lessie, I also enjoy long conversationss with you because those, however rarely, happen Mist, your responsibility is just- wow. I don't think there is a more adultish person who isn't yet an adult. You're great! rev, you're the best artist here, I love your work! You're also a nice person in general (well and maybe demonic sometimes too) Star and Xino, I am not very close with neither of you, but you two seem really cool! I'm glad you have each other! Queen, idk what to say really but I also love chatting with you! And you are beautiful in both female and male form Salad, I also really liked our RP, it was super fun to text with you then! okay, so that's the end I guess. I know there is much more of you and if I didn't mention you I'm sorry! I am writing this while being at school, so I don't really have time. I'm just glad that all of you are here. As I said you all made my life better. Love yall
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    (Not truly a meme, but I thought it belonged here anyway) And the winners of the annual Best Shard Competition are... 1st place: Koravellium! 2nd place: Rayse! 3rd place: Ati! Honorable mention: Tanavast!
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    The end of Words of Radiance, and everything after that
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    I'm thinking Truthwatcher
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    One year ago, I made a decision that would change my life: Hitting the 'join' button on the 17th Shard. And boy, I had no idea what I was getting into. I honestly don't know how I found the Shard. I see a lot of people with really cool stories, but for me it was probably just a link through the coppermind. I had absolutely no clue how forum websites worked, either. But I caught on quick enough, I think Another thing I see some people talk about is how they lurked for years before posting anything... that wasn't me, either. I jumped right in, to... something. I don't remember what I did the first month I was on the Shard. I bet it was great, though. So much has changed for me this past year, more than I can say. Covid, obviously, is the big one. I joined last year when it had just shut down the schools and I didn't really understand the scope of what had just happened. During the past year, I've also switched over to homeschooling, learned some time management, and now I'm about to start driving... life is crazy, guys. But the Shard. The Shard was the constant for me this year. When I was feeling down (which happened more than a little, it turned out) the Shard was there to lift me back up. Most of the time I didn't say anything; my mental health is really good for the most part and the feeling wasn't over-the-top and always left quickly, and for that I am grateful. But that doesn't change what the Shard did for me at all- it probably saved my mental health by avoiding a social catastrophe (though that might be an exaggeration). I'm one of the rare people on the Shard with an Extrovert personality type- ESFJ- and so when covid suddenly cut off all social contact with my friends... yeah. That wasn't fun. But the Shard saved me, I feel, by giving me new friends. New friends that have grown to be real, actual people who are my real, actual friends. Which is something that a year ago I would have never thought possible, if I'm being honest. And wasn't my intent in joining. So thank you. Thanks all of you for being there even when you didn't know you were. For being megafans, for being awesome It's been an amazing year, covid or not. Cheers to many more. And now, the fun part. You thought I was done, didn't you (If I miss anyone, I'M SORRY! I had a list that I double-checked, but it's still very possible that I didn't get someone. Call me out on it, please. I can't edit the status update but I will reply in it right then and there.) @Channelknight Fadran, man, I gotta start with you. It seems that everything that I've done on the Shard has something to do with your display name, and it's great. Your writing gift is extraordinary, your sense of humor is :chefkiss: and you know how to phrase things really well through text. Keep being awesome. The Shard is better off for it. @Condensation - The amount of roleplays you're in is insane Who knows how you manage to keep up with those, SE, and whatever else you're doing in real life. That's some dedication right there. But along with that, I've noticed this year how perceptive you are. I mentioned before how I didn't really mention when I was feeling somewhat down, well, I think some of the time you could tell. I can think of multiple occasions when you gave me a random compliment that kind of was exactly what I needed to hear. So thank you @Vapor VAAAPPPOOOORRRR! You're one of the few people on the Shard that get a name said like that, and it's well deserved. I have enjoyed so much roleplaying, SEing, and just talking with you both on the Shard and discord (dang, I'm gonna need to talk about discord...) this year. Enjoyed that so. Much. You're awesome, Vapor, and that is a fact. @Mist, I dunno if you remember this, but I do. You said once that being an adult was just doing things that you don't want to do but need to be done, (or something like that), and that you knew you could do that. The responsibility you show is something I admire, and that phrase has stuck with me. I'm not an adult for a few more years, but sometimes if I don't want to do something I remember that phrase and say... I can do that. @Emi EMI! You are so good at drawing and doodling and all art, it's incredible. It has been amazing to meet someone who lives on the other side of the world, and even more amazing that they could become my friend. Keep being you, Emi. You is amazing. @Ookla the Hemalurgic Pinto... Wind, I wish I had picked an Ookla name as good as yours I also wish you'd come back, but hey, real life trumps Shard life. I hope you're doing great, wherever you are. @revelryintheart- rev, I can't forget about your art either. How could anyone? Who knows how you do it, cause I sure don't. You were one of the first people I interacted with on the Shard I think, so thanks for not scaring me away @Bearer of all agonies, the same as Wind goes to you. It was an honor getting to know you and I hope you are doing better than fantastic, wherever you are. I hope I see the day of your return. @Hentient, there's something about you that makes you so fun to talk to. You have a specific tone through text- well, everyone does, but you especially- that's so distinctive. Thank you for introducing me to the rabbit hole of Nightvale That's been real fun. Keep on spelling @Shard of Thought, Star, for a time you were one of those 'intimidating' people. The kind with lots of rep and posts and followers, that you don't talk to. And then suddenly we were both made mods on the MotCoJCoLDS server, and BAM! you're a real person to me now! And I'm thankful for that. Your art is amazing, and you are too. *Breathes* I'm trying not to be repetitive. If you think I am, just know that when I say something I mean it in the most specific way to you as possible. When I slap an adjective to your name, it comes with specific examples that I know in my head but cannot put into words. @Doomstick you were another one of those intimidatings. Yay for discord to sort that out One thing you showed me is that I'm not the biggest nerd I know. Which was cool @DramaQueen, I don't really know you that well, but Fadran does, and if Fadran says you're amazing than it must be true I hope that I can get to know you better in some way, but with my absence from discord that might not happen. @FriarFritz, you got this! Adulting, whatever it is. It's been cool to know both a fellow Washingtonian but also someone older than me. I wish you the best wherever your life takes you. @Spren of Kindness, it's been a pleasure FotTing with you these past months. Thanks for the drawing and cheers to many more! @Scarletfox, I grew so much from the discussions and questions you had on discord. You have a unique perspective that made me think about things I hadn't before, and I'm grateful for that even now when I don't visit discord that much. If I ever am near your Chick-fil-a I'll be sure to swing by @Dannex, I didn't really know you until recently, and even then it isn't a whole lot. But it's been so fun SEing alongside you and reading all your status updates. I'm glad you stopped lurking! @Experience, I also wish you the best in adult life. Good luck! I enjoyed getting to know someone who does the same things as me- Piano, running, SE, and more- there are a few people that check those boxes but you were the first. @Chasmgoat, I had a lot of fun talking with you on discord when I did, and roleplaying and SEing. You're another person that just made my year that much better. @Truthless of Shinovar, can't forget you! Your personality is fantastic and I'm so glad to know you. @Spock, I hope someday I can play the piano like you! Composing has always been hard for me and you nail it every time. @theTruthshaper, if someone had told me a year ago that I would become friends with someone older than me who lives in India, I would probably have thought they were crazy But here we are. Thanks for being a friend. @Ghanderflaffle, @LukeWasTaken, @Negative_Null, @Tesh, @xinoehp512- I don't know any of you super well, but I hope this year I can change that. Ghander, thanks for running the Roasts for so long. Taken, thanks for making me laugh when I realized what your display name meant Null, thanks for making Siren's Call! Tesh, thanks for all the things you do on the Shard. Including Kaladin, he's great xino, you're writing and RP is incredible. @Darkfinder, @Chinkoln, @Lecky Twig, @Butt Ad Venture- the same goes for you. With any luck I'll know you better next year than I do now. But from what I can tell, you are all three of you as amazing and unique as anyone I've mentioned today. @Aspiring Writer, I also don't know you that well, but I do think it's really cool how you change your pfp with your rep level sometimes. @Nathrangking, I enjoy very much your poems. They are fantastic. @AonEne, I don't think you're intimidating anymore Congratulations on being a mod! And lastly... @forget me not, thank you for humoring me by joining the Shard. You're the greatest sister anyone could ask for. I dunno if you'll read this, probably not, but hey. Thanks anyway. Whew! Not done yet. Yep, it's stats time. I have 3,491 posts right now, meaning I post on average 9.56 times a day. That's about what it feels like, and it doesn't even factor in the Forum Games I have 1,490 rep, meaning I get about 4.08 rep a day. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! 50 followers, that blows my mind. You're all more incredible than words can describe. Just a few more things, I promise I know this is long but honestly what did you expect xD Sanderson Elimination: SE found me pretty quick, and wow has it changed my life. To be a part of that community is amazing. The games have brought something fun into my year, and are a huge part of how I made it through quarantine. So, while I didn't mention any of the hardcore SEers out there that follow me and maybe are reading this, or maybe aren't, know that I do appreciate you. And... it hasn't been finalized yet, but the honor I feel for even being considered to represent this incredible community in the mafia freaking championship not even a year into my SEing career can't really be described. Discord: Who knew that when I made a little Among us server that it would grow to the Sharder Lair it is today. I certainly didn't. The conversations and interactions I had there are in some ways far better than those on the Shard itself. I got to know each one of the people there better. I got moderating experience (I think we've reached the point where we can look back at you-know-what and laugh, Mist/rev/Star ) and so much more. And even though I'm not there anymore- really don't have the time, and I'm sorry for that- the server is in good hands. Very good hands, even better hands. And I do still lurk there, sometimes, on invisible mode, reading the backlog and saying nothing. I'm the ghost you don't see And after all that... here we are. May 6th, 2020 ended up being a big day in my life and I didn't even know it. And it really was all thanks to all of you. So again, thank you. Cheers to many more years!!!
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    Mistborn all (also Avengers Endgame and Event Horizon) Oathbringer Warbreaker General
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    In brief, because it is late and I keep getting the urge to post these when I should be getting read to sleep, I think the Dawnshard-shard idea is a good one, that the Dawnshards defined the shards involved, but not in the sense of four shards to each Dawnshard, but rather four type of CATEGORIES, and each shard is either in one part of a category or the other. Let me explain what I mean. In binary, how do you count to sixteen (technically in this case how do you count from zero to fifteen)? Well, you count in 1 00 = 0 0 0 0 01 = 0 0 0 1 02 = 0 0 1 0 03 = 0 0 1 1 04 = 0 1 0 0 05 = 0 1 0 1 06 = 0 1 1 0 07 = 0 1 1 1 08 = 1 0 0 0 09 = 1 0 0 1 10 = 1 0 1 0 11 = 1 0 1 1 12 = 1 1 0 0 13 = 1 1 0 1 14 = 1 1 1 0 15 = 1 1 1 1 To make what is happening clear, binary is similar to counting in decimal, only the columns aren't multiples of ten, but of two. So in decimal 1032 is one thousand, no hundreds, three tens, and two ones. In binary the number 1101 is one eight, one four, zero twos, and one one, which totals 13. Why am I saying this? Because I propose the idea that it wasn't as though four people stood in a circle, each took a part, and pulled, levering against one another, but rather than four people each - with "two hands", grabbed the power and pulled. CHANGE wasn't pulling against anything else, but rather grabbing half of the power with one "hand", the hand of "you will change", and the other with "you will not change". Thus HALF the shards are related to change positively, and half are related to change negatively or indifferently. An example. Suppose there were only two halves to the power, and the change Dawnshard. Then Ruin would be the change half, and Preservation would be the don't change half. So: 00 = 0 (Preservation) 01 = 1 (Ruin) If there were four parts to the power, then we could have more components added. For example, adding Cultivation and 00 = 0 0 (Preservation - don't change and don't live) 01 = 0 1 (Honour / Valour - don't change and DO live) 02 = 1 0 (Ruin - change and don't live) 03 = 1 1 (Cultivation - change and live) With the first binary place for CHANGE, and the second for, and the second for LIVE. Note that these shard examples are just to highlight the core idea, each is actually "neighbours" with four, and more distant from another, and most distant from one other, which admittedly does introduce problems with Brandon saying no single shard is exactly the opposite of another aside from Ruin and Preservation, but I think that's mainly because there is a lot of fuzziness between the ideas of what is and isn't change, etc. (is a spinning wheel changing or in a constant state for example), and because Autonomy and Whimsy act as nodes where all the fuzziness can be gathered. Thus Honour, Preservation, Dominion, etc. can be DON'T CHANGE, and Cultivation, Endowment, and Ruin can be DO CHANGE. There also could be "indifferent" shards, so that for each Dawnshard it actually only did touch half, and Odium is thus indifferent to change, but I will have to think on this more later. I would like to go into this in more detail later, but in this I will say I think there are possibly: LIVE, THINK, CHANGE, and FEEL. I might update that view, but I think, by looking at each shard and seeing how they fit this, I think we might find interesting patterns. This does relate to my old idea on the original breakdown.
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    easily one of my favorite parts of row:
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    Hi everyone! I wanna apologize for leaving without warning for a while. My mental health took a very sharp and unexpected downturn and there were some family emergencies, but fortunately everything turned out ok and I’m doing better now. I should be able to back and active now
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    This morning I was going through a conversation in my head while walking through my school, and winked to myself like I would have had I been talking to someone. I was just passing some kid in the hallway when I did, so now a random kid probably is wondering why the heck I winked at them
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    I'll just go ahead and start with the TL;DR explanation. Below I go through a somewhat lengthy explanation of a theory that Honor may have somehow claimed all Rosharan humans as his representatives and delegated to them, collectively, authority over Odium's binding to the Rosharan system. This protects the humans from direct attacks of Odium by virtue of the Shards' non-interference pact. And I posit that Odium created the Unmade specifically to drive Honor out of the hearts of men and thereby cause them to give up that protection. We start in RoW 99, where Wit and Jasnah have the following exchange about the contract they plan to present to Odium for the contest of champions: Super juicy stuff. There are different ways we could interpret Wit's line about the promise Rayse made by taking up the Shard of Odium. It could be that, because the others of the 16 knew that Odium was the most dangerous, they required a specific promise from Rayse. It could be that they all made a promise that they would hold to later promises or contracts that they make once they have taken up the Shards. But I think that the most straightforward and most likely meaning, given the context, is that this is a reference to the agreement among the Shards that they were not to interfere with one another. Here's Edgli (Endowment) talking about the agreement in her letter to Hoid from the OB epigraphs: I'll note here, that for some time I was under the - I now think mistaken - impression that the agreement among the Shards (to the extent there was one) was that they would no co-locate. But Edgli says here that the agreement was that they would not "interfere with one another." In light of that, the reference to two Shards settling in one location seems to be her saying that she thinks if two Shards do that, they will inevitably interfere with one another. (Side note: This could also explain why - separate and apart from what Brandon has said about the Shards' agreement not rising to the level of an oath - Honor didn't view himself as violating any agreement by going to Roshar with Cultivation. Maybe he simply believed that he and Cultivation worked together and did not interfere with one another.) Which brings us back to how making Wit a contractual liaison of Honor affords him protection. It's because it makes him a representative or agent of Dalinar, and by extension, Honor. And Wit says that will protect him from direct attacks from Odium. This suggests that the Shards' agreement not to interfere with one another extends to representatives or agents of the Shards. If a Shard directly attacks such a representative, they violate the non-interference pact and open themselves up to an attack from the other Shards. It's worth noting here, that after Jasnah asks Wit who he really is, Wit responds that he's someone who turned down the offer of a Shard and who is therefore "not bound." There's at least a hint in RoW that the reason Rayse hates Wit so much is because Wit is not subject to the non-interference pact and has been going around messing with Rayse's plans over the years: The flip side of Wit not being associated with a Shard, however, would be that he would not be covered by the protections of the non-interference pact. That would explain why Wit has always been so cautious to hide from Shards. By virtue of the line added to the contract, however, Wit now gains the protection. (with this protection in place, maybe in MB era 2 Wit will accede to Harmony's request that he come out of the shadows) Wit seems to have explained to Dalinar that he falls under the protection of the pact. Here's Dalinar thinking to himself to stay calm when Rayse gets mad during their contract negotiations in RoW 112: That last line there is interesting. It seems Wit had explained to Dalinar that Rayse couldn't attack him. But Wit didn't explain the part about it possibly leading to Rayse's death. Dalinar seems to have figured that out from the earlier part of his conversation with Rayse where he asked what would happen if Rayse broke their contract: I'm also intrigued here by the line about Honor doing something to prevent Odium from using his powers on most individuals. The Stormfather told us in OB that Honor loved humankind and died defending them. And back in WoR 82, the Stormfather said this: I think that line about the winds men must feel could mean that the Stormfather has to bring the highstorms regularly to keep reminding men of Honor; maybe even to touch a part of them that is attuned to Honor. I've been kicking around a theory that Honor somehow delegated down and dispersed to the humans of Roshar, collectively, the power to release Odium from his bonds, thereby making humans representatives of Honor whom Odium could not then directly attack. Maybe this collective delegation is why Unity is so important. And maybe this is what all of the talk about Honor living on in the hearts of men is about, and why Wit seems to believe that the real contest will be about the hearts of men and women. Here's he and Jasnah again in RoW 99: I think this idea also fits in with how Odium uses the Unmade, as a way to try to corrupt the hearts of men. He can't attack people directly, so he sends the Unmade to sow discord and division and drive Honor out of the hearts of men. This WoB seems to be more about how Odium wasn't involved in the creation of the humans on Roshar, and therefore can't exploit the cracks in their souls the same way Ruin could on Scadrial where he had a hand in creating the humans. But it also suggests that Odium uses the Unmade to try to accomplish the same types of things. He's not attacking, just twisting their motivations and desires: It's also interesting to note here that common-form Singers appear to have a natural defense against having cracks in their soul exploited. Presumably this is because the spren that they bond in order to take on their forms fill in those cracks. At any rate, this makes me think that the Unmade were crafted specifically for the purpose of corrupting the hearts of men. As we know, Odium simply destroying or subjugating the humans of Roshar will not release him from his bonds. If Honor did, as I've theorized, disperse the authority to free Odium to the humans of Roshar, then it makes sense that Odium would try to drive as many people as possible to turn away from Honor, and thereby remove the protections afforded by being representatives of Honor. This brings me to one more reference to the protections afforded to most humans on Roshar. It appears in the last Taravangian Interlude (I-12) before the climax of the book. Sja-Anat has come to speak with Taravangian and offered to assist him in drawing Odium's attention, and then closes with this warning: What if the purpose of the Unmade is to drive as many humans as possible to make choices or deals that exempt them from the protection of being representatives of Honor? Maybe if Odium can pull enough of them (it would have to be a lot, I think) outside of that protection and then exert direct influence on them he can convince them to release him? I'm interested as always to hear others' thoughts. [Edit] I had two additional thoughts to add. One is about how pleased Odium was with the size of the coalition that Dalinar had gathered for the Battle of Thaylen Field, and correspondingly how devastated he was when Dalinar didn't turn to Odium. If Odium was trying to turn as many hearts of men against Honor as possible, imagine the effect of Dalinar putting together this grand coalition in the name of Honor and Unity, and then turning and agreeing to be Odium's champion. Oof. That's like a kill shot. The second concerns Ruin and Preservation. If the pact the Shards made was about not interfering with one another, it was probably smart of them to make what seemed like a formal agreement outlining how they were going to cooperate to create Scadrial. Might have saved them from an accusation that they violated the pact.
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    Way of Kings, if I remember correctly
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    SA Shadows of Self SA tWoK and WoR
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    There is one thing to clear up first. 1. There is a misconception that heralds know when another herald dies. This is true for a "true" death, but in the prelude to the Way of Kings, Kelek does not know which of the heralds have died in the final battle. Instead, he goes to meet at a predetermined meeting place. Jezrian tells him who had survived, and Kelek had no idea that Taln didn't make it. As well, Kelek realizes the others must be alive because he notices their blades are stuck in the ground and that those blades would have disappeared on their own. If another herald died, the remaining heralds on Roshar would not know (at least for some time). ---- Weird Questions: 1) What broke Taln? He is crazy and insensate for 4000 years and then one day he says "No thank you". Many of us can't figure out what could have broke Taln. 2) Why was the Davar family so connected to secret societies despite being a Vaden house of little note? They have connections to the Ghostbloods and the Ghostbloods have handed them a confirmed soulcaster AND possibly a Seon box. Why? 3) Why did the cryptic go to Shallan as a child? Lift was chosen due to her strange connection to Cultivation, but why Shallan? And why twice? Connected to that, why is an dark influence attacking the Davar family? Why is Heleran given a shardblade and brought into the skybreakers? 4) Why was Shallan's mother so quick to try and kill "one of them". 5) What is Shallan's last secret. There is still something horrible in Shallan's past, and this has something to do with a Seon box and whatever Radiant was created to protect Shallan from. What is worse than killing testament? 6) Shallan says her father put the sword into the safe. That was Testament. If Testament was trapped in the safe, how did Shallan go talk to Testament in the garden to unbond her? Shallan literally knows Testament is not her mother's soul, so why does Shallan believe something to patently false? Shallan does lie to herself, but this seems more inaccurate than an outright lie? And why does Shallan see a glowing light coming from the box? We have seen other glowing lights (Dawnshard and Dalinar hearing TwoK), so is she just mad, or did she really see something? Whatever it is, it does not make sense that Shallan thinks Testament is trapped in the safe if Shallan went and yelled at Testament after her mother was killed. ---- It All Put Together - A Timeline 1) Chararach settled in the Davar estate in rural Jah Kaved. Chanarach is involved in several of the secret societies of Roshar just like most of the other heralds we have seen. Chanarach eventually has a daughter and names that daughter after her friend Shalash (Shallan says she was named after Shalash). Chanarach commands a fair bit of influence and even has a Seon to communicate off world. It is unclear who knows who Chanarach is, but as she did settle in a rural area it is likely Chana's identity is not common knowledge even within secret societies (similar to Restares and Amaram). 2) Chanarach learns of the theory that a return of surgebinders will bring about a desolation. Chararach is completely terrified of returning to Braize and supports the culling of nascent surgebinding. 3) The Cryptics find out that one of the heralds has children or they discover a weird child who stands-out and is similar to the child of a Returned. The Cryptics send a delegation to investigate (WOB confirms heralds can have children though maybe it is difficult). At the same time, an unmade is drawn to the family. Testament begins to bond Shallan similar to what happened with Lift. Shallan eventually discovers what her mother is by playing with a Seon box at the Davar estate. The unmade's influence increases in an attempt to get the Herald to go insane and potentially get herself killed by Lin Devar or Shallan. 4a) Shallan is discovered to be a surge binder by her mother. Her mother, fearing a return to Braize, refers to Shallan as "one of them". Note that Chanarach does not seem surprised that surgebinders are real. Chanarach has an absolute PTSD breakdown and attacks her daughter. Lin, who likely knew, steps in and Shallan is able to kill her mother in self defence. 4b) Lin Devar takes something and locks it away in the safe. We are told this is the Shardblade and Shallan's mother's soul. 4 c) Shallan goes to the garden to scream at Testament and break her bond AFTER Testament is supposedly locked away in the safe. This timeline does not make sense even if we believe Testament could escape the safe. Why does Shallan believe her spren was trapped but also then in the garden? And how is Testament-blade = her mother's soul? There isn't a connection there logically. 5) Shallan realized what she has done and perhaps even realized that she has sent her mother back to damnation. She pretends that her mother's soul is trapped in the box so she does not have to remember that her mother has been sent to hell. Shallan goes to Testament and breaks her bond. It is possible Testament told her more here as well. Shallan then begins to repress everything since Shallan has, in her mind, done the most evil act in history. "The world ended, and Shallan was to blame. - Words of Radiance, Chapter 10. Mentioned by @honorblades 6) Lin Devar begins to be corrupted even more by the influence of the unmade after its attention has been withdrawn from Chanarach. Lin also wrestles with killing a herald-wife to save his daughter. He beings to protect Shallan at all costs. Davar family hell ensues. The ghostbloods continue to cultivate the family. The Ghostbloods may not believe a herald could be killed by Lin or may not know she was a Herald. The Cryptics stay with Shallan as they don't blame her for what happened. They are still curious about what Shallan is and are researching what happens to a bonded-deadeye to its original radiant. 7) Chanarach returns to Braize. The other heralds do not know that that has happened as they cannot detect the pain-bond while on Roshar. 8) Chanarach is eventually found on Braize. Chanarach decides to immediately give up and return to Roshar (or something else Odium promises). 9) Shallan, with no bond, goes to Middlefest. Wit's magic or memory allow him to detect that there is something very strange about Shallan. Wit somehow knows what Shallan fights "is not truly natural" and encourages her to make a path for the light. It is unclear what Wit saw, but he knew more than the fact she was a surgebinder (even though she's actually a deadeye-binder at the time). 10) Taln returns to Roshar completely insane and without breaking. What happens to Chanarach is unknown. All assume Taln broke. 11) Radiant is created from memories of Shallan's mother. Radiant dresses in the same blue and red warrior outfit as the Herald Chanarach in artworks. Radiant is Shallan's repressed memories of who her mother was. 12) Shallan is forced to confront what happened with Testament, and Radiant begins to see that she must help Shallan deal with her final truth. Shallan knows she killed a herald and that she sent her mother to damnation - possibly ending the world and starting the final desolation. --- -- Here is a description of Radiant: “She [Radiant] had chosen to wear her vakama; the traditional Vaden’s warrior clothing. It was similar to the Alethi takama but the skirt was pleeted instead of straight. She wore a loose matching coat with a tight vest and shirt beneath. The bright clothing features vibrant blues embroidered over reds with gold woven between and it had trim on the skirt” Here is Chanarach:
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    Sorry for the double status update today, but, something else amazing happened today!!! Look at number 5!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Y'all have no idea how much this means to me!!!!!!!!! I hope to continue posting content that is well received by the community. Thank you to all my followers and other people who like to see what I do on the Shard! Storms, this sounds like a Shardiversary or post milestone. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Seriously, thanks I'm coming for you Fadran!
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    Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I have 2,000 rep!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lol okay so, I get on, one of the first things I do is check for spambots, and I find one. In the about me she says "to meet and storm her" and I went ?????? for a good 10-20 seconds trying to figure out if this was an innuendo I was missing before remembering our swear filter You're not even sure about your own product, I think you MIGHT JUST be a scam too I'm dying, this is legit just a shutter ad. I thought it was a weird nickname but they're genuinely selling something they call the Ultimate Shutter. Why is this so hilarious https://www.17thshard.com/forum/profile/41834-ultimate-shutter/ *deadpan voice* oh no Man, we had a lot of spammers today...
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    I've been sitting on this thread for a while figuring out what to say. But I still don't know what to say. I've had depression and anxiety for a while now, and whenever things seem to look up they just sink down again. I'm not sure if I have some inspirational story or something to share, but I guess I'm just thanking people for talking to me and always being there. idk
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    Oh, boy. I thought about posting here last year, but despite my frequent panic attacks and feelings of worthlessness, I didn't feel like I had any authority to. I didn't have any diagnosed mental illnesses; if I posted, I would be undermining the experiences of other people with real issues. Now that I've been diagnosed with OCD, plentiful sensory issues, and might be getting a bipolar diagnosis soon... I feel a lot different about that. I've been through a lot this year. Switching medicines, self-harm, binge eating, intense feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts, losing all motivation to eat, move, draw, or keep living. Over the last few weeks, I've missed more days of school due to mental health than all the days I'd taken off for it before combined. And quite honestly... I'm... not getting much better. I'm rarely happy. I have a hard time staying focused and I'm exhausted all the time. I don't like myself and my anxiety keeps my from doing LOTS of activities. My body temperature is unable to stay constant; one moment I'm sweating, the next my teeth are chattering with cold. I feel weak all the time, I shake a lot, sometimes I can't hold a pencil. My mood is erratic, any happiness can darken and die within moment. And yet... I'm still here. And if you're reading this, you're still here too. On January 9th of this year, I was feeling particularly depressed and I wrote something like this for myself. I really hope it means something to the rest of you struggling. I love all of you guys. Let me just reiterate how much I love each of you. I hate to see y'all hurting ever and you mean the world to me. Please, please, please, feel free to DM me if you need it. A lot of people can vouch for me being a fabulous person to chat with and rant to. *long sigh* It's May, it's spring (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere) it's almost the end of the school year. We can make it. After all; We're still here. - Star PS, I have some great depression-fighting songs: Head Above Water King You Are Loved I Know What You’re Made Of Flares
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    Stormlight and minor Warbreaker Final Empire
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    I have three updates. Enjoy them at your leisure: Update #1: Update #2: Update #3:
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    The last news update wasn't even a week ago, was it? Sanderson pays no heed to our mortal efforts to keep up with what he's working on! The Lost Metal In Brandon's latest weekly update, he let us know that he is 7,000 words into the final Wax & Wayne book after about three days of writing. He hopes to pull that up to an average of 2,500 per day but is pleased with this early pace. The book is planned to be a bit longer than the previous Mistborn Era 2 books, with a target word count of 150k. (for reference, Bands of Mourning is the longest at around 125k) This puts the book at 7% complete, with a goal of finishing the book by August 1st. Brandon also took to Reddit late last night to give us some additional updates on the book! Right off the bat he confirmed that The Lost Metal will be the final title of the book, as he has been planning for quite some time. It sounds like the Dragonsteel team is quite pleased with the book's outline, and Brandon's writing group is now in the process of offering feedback as he writes. He sounds like he's having a lot of fun with the characters so far! More good news: if the book gets finished on schedule, Brandon's team will be ahead of schedule for the first time in over a decade! Future Plans Speaking of schedule, Brandon interjected some comments about his upcoming publication plans in the Reddit post as well. And here it is: 2021: Skyward 3 Christmas 2022: The Lost Metal Early 2023: Skyward 4 Christmas 2023: Stormlight Archive 5 2024: (Brandon shows us mercy) 2025: Mistborn 3.1 2026: Mistborn 3.2 2027: Mistborn 3.3 2028: Stormlight Archive 6 We're going to see a bit of a break because, as Brandon has described elsewhere, he plans to write all three Mistborn Era 3 books to some degree before the first is published. This is what he did with the original trilogy, and it gives him a lot more control over the narrative. The downside (perhaps) is that we aren't likely to get anything big in 2024. However, as you can see, when it rains, it pours! Note that these Era 3 books will be 200-250k words each, similarly to the Era 1 books, so we've got a lot of reading ahead of us! He has toyed with the idea of trying to squeeze some other books in between Stormlight 5 and 6, but we'll have to wait and see what happens there. Art Book Back to the weekly update! Brandon spent MOST of this update sharing his thoughts about a potential art book, likely focused on The Stormlight Archive. He has said for several years that the gap between writing Stormlight 5 and 6 would be a good time for something like this, and it sounds like they're starting to develop some plans so that they can make that happen. Brandon went on to describe THREE different styles of art book that they are exploring. These include (1) a book focusing entirely on artwork, including concept art, (2) an illustrated "guidebook to the world", with a balance of art and text, and (3) a companion encyclopedia with more text and less art. The video concluded with an invitation to vote on which of these options you prefer! The poll includes two questions, and you can find it here. (though I'd recommend listening to Brandon's description of the options first!) Kickstarter And because my joke at the beginning of this article wasn't true enough, we've got one final news item that came out in the time it took me to type this up! The playing cards are here! The Stormlight-themed playing cards were the final product included in the swag bundles, which means shipping begins today! It looks like the 2020 Tier 6 backers can expect their bundles first, with everyone else to follow in the coming weeks. The goal is to have all swag shipments out by mid-July. There's been a one-month delay on 2021 Way of Kings leatherbounds, but they still hope to have them all out by the end of August.
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    Dalinar in RoW Shallan in like every book
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    Gavilar: RoW entirely Adin be like
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