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    Beware, Wax & Wayne (particularly Bands of Mourning) spoilers below. As I reread the passage where Rysn interacts with the mural/Dawnshard, I couldn't shake the sense that we'd read about something similar before. Near the beginning of Bands of Mourning, we learn that a kandra named ReLuur had been searching for the mythical bands and returned to Elendel with a number of pictures documenting his search. Among the images were the following: A mural depicting a room with a central dais. On the dais is a pedestal, and set upon the pedestal was a pair of bracers made of delicate, curling metal, shaped in spirals (a depiction of what they thought were the Bands of Mourning) A picture of a large metal plate set into a wall and inscribed with a strange script. Neither Wax nor any of the kandra present recognize the script Another shot of the strange language A picture of a statue that resembled the Lord Ruler, bearing a long spear Another shot of the mural, more detailed, which depicted bracers with many different metals twining together Another image, of a different mural, depicting a man standing atop a peak, hands raised above him and a glowing spear hovering there, just beyond his touch. A corpse slumped at his feet. The face of the man in the mosaic had eyes upturned and lips parted as if in awe at what he held. He wore the bracers on his arms. We learn toward the end of the book that the pictures were taken at the Sovereign's Temple. Wax sees the same murals and the statue. (There's no mention in the later scene of whether the metal plate is also present, but it seems a fairly safe assumption). What's more we learn some new information about the pedestal in the temple - specifically that it features, prominently, the colors red and gold. The temple also features a number of booby traps and decoys. We learn that the real Bands of Mourning are not the bracers but a spearhead hidden in the statute's spear. And it is at least heavily implied that the mural depicting a person is likely Kelsier, and not the Lord Ruler. So if you're playing Dawnshard connections bingo we've got: fancy murals located in hard-to-reach places featuring the colors red and gold; protected by decoys and booby traps; featuring strange languages not recognized by our main characters; hidden powerful magic objects; and murals that are associated with characters who have heard commands in their minds (CHANGE for Rysn, and SURVIVE for Kelsier) Could be nothing. But it's Brandon so it could also be something. Is this perhaps evidence that our old pal Kel has maybe been involved with a Dawnshard at some point as well? Lastly, not sure how this fits in, if at all, but there was another prominent shout-out to the red/gold color scheme back in Alloy of Law. Here's the scene in the epilogue when Miles is executed: Anyway, just wanted to put this out there because it seems like a significant number of similarities.
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    After several months of intensive work, we're happy to finally announce our interactive map and timeline of Roshar! Use it as a refresher on the events of the books before Rhythm of War is released or simply explore the world of Roshar. If you have any issues using the map or have suggestions for us, feel free to comment here, use our feedback thread, or approach us on Discord. Read on to find out more about the map's creation, its features, and what the future holds! Watch this trailer to get a visual overview of things instead: The project came about when our amazing staff member @Jofwu approached me, Paleo, about creating something similar to Netflix's map of The Continent for their Witcher series, based on his detailed timeline of events in The Stormlight Archive. We promptly set out to get the basic map and timeline functionalities done, while coming up with additional neat features to implement along the way. User @Stoneward13 kindly let us use his HD map remakes of both Roshar and Shadesmar, which made the detailed map feasible in the first place. A huge thanks to him is in order! We worked out how we wanted to display which information, gathered art for the various entries, and then integrated it all into the web application. We'd like to thank all the artists who granted us permission to use their works for this endeavor at this point. Thanks also to our own @Otto Didact for helping out with his cartography expertise. Once we felt confident enough to share our work with some more people, we entered a closed beta phase with our Patreon supporters, who provided valuable feedback and helped iron out some leftover kinks. Additionally, we approached @Ysondra of cosmere.es about translating all the information into Spanish. She, @Vanahian, and @Bea did so in a monumental effort over the course of only a few weeks, all the while identifying and fixing issues with the original English text as well! With this and finishing touches done, we were ready for release. Features This of course leaves us with the question of what features the map and timeline actually bring. The following list gives a rough overview: Fully labeled, explorable map of Roshar—including Shadesmar Detailed timeline of the history of Roshar, spanning from pre-history to current events in the published books upto Oathbringer Summaries of events, locations, and characters including links to related items and further details on the Coppermind Wiki Localized content, currently available in the following languages besides English: Spanish Layers on top of the map that can be enabled at any time, displaying useful additional information Overlay the borders of the historic Silver Kingdoms Show color indicators of the allegiances of various nations Map out the ten Oathgate locations Powerful filtering and customization capabilities Filter timeline events by tags Display a timeline separately from the rest to identify a single character's or book's events Lock navigation controls to a separate timeline to follow only its events Upcoming We do not consider this project finished by any means! We'll be delivering improvements as we come up with them and will of course fix any bugs that have found their way into the code. Translations into more languages are forthcoming, albeit with no ETAs as of yet. We appreciate any kind of input and actually have ways in which you can contribute. The project is open-source and hosted on GitHub, so feel free to have a look at the code or report issues there. You can also submit bug reports and suggestions through the forums or Discord in the #17s channel, of course. If you'd like to help out with translations you can also approach us for some pointers at where to start. Artists who want to help out with filling in some of the gaps are also invited to contribute, but please come talk to us for coordination first! It should be noted that the timeline is only current with the events of Oathbringer right now and will stay so for at least a few months. Once timelines for Rhythm of War and Dawnshard are finalized, we'll be updating the app and will release the new content—with a note about upcoming spoilers published ahead of time. We hope you'll have as much fun with this map as we had developing it! If you'd like to support our work and want to get early access to projects like this if they come up again, consider becoming a patron.
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    Presenting cosmere characters as yearbook quotes! Featuring my terrible drawings! Spoilered for size, because I got carried away and made heaps.
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    Obviously there are spoilers here As always, Navani has been writing her notes in the women's script (very inconsiderate of her), but I decided to hop on the translation thing early. It's actually kind of remarkable how quickly you learn to recognize specific letters, or even entire words. Also, Raboniel's handwriting is garbage. Anyway, here's what I've got (after adding punctuation and fixing some spelling mistakes): Navani’s Notebook: The Fourth Bridge Navani’s Notebook: The Arnist Method Navani’s Notebook: The Crystal Pillar Room Navani’s Notebook: Dagger Navani’s Notebook: Experiments
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    Hi everyone! Eric with 17th Shard here, and I'm here to talk to you about Rhythm of War, by Brandon Sanderson, the fourth novel in The Stormlight Archive. This review is completely spoiler free! There will be no spoilers for the preview chapters, or other cosmere stuff, so if you haven't read anything about Rhythm of War, this won't have any information other than some non-spoilery info Brandon has discussed about the structure of the book. Of course, all of us at 17th Shard are mega-fans, so you can take us with a grain of salt that, yeah, we really like Brandon books and his writing style. But if we didn't like a thing, we'd tell you, and that'd hold some weight. So, in this review, these are my opinions here, but you'll hear from all our other staff members about the book soon enough, too! If you'd prefer to watch a video instead, check out our video review! So let's talk about Rhythm of War! This book is the longest of the Stormlight books, even longer than Oathbringer! Overall, this works really well. I didn't think Oathbringer had fluff, but this book is even leaner. It's just that the world of Roshar is so big, and the number of characters is so big, that there's a lot to do in this. Plus, stuff happens! A lot of stuff happens in this book, and it will really surprise you in many ways. Rhythm of War has some absolutely killer moments. There will be joy. There will be a lot of pain and suffering, too. I think a lot of people will tear up on more than a few occasions. Character Character is a massive focus in Rhythm of War, moreso than Words of Radiance and Oathbringer. This book is a character study for several of our characters, and the character moments are the best moments in the entire novel. Mental health and struggling with mental health takes center stage in the book, and it personally affected me more than it has in the series. As someone who struggles with depression, this book spoke to me fantastically. Now, this might be controversial in the book, because the mental health stuff could be hard to read for some. It gets deep, and it gets dark, darker than Brandon has taken characters before. That might turn you off of the book. And there may be readers who don't find characters dealing with their mental health to be important, and yeah, this book might not be for you. I think it was done really well, I think it really spoke to me, and I think mental health is always a good thing to thoroughly explore in books to continue to destigmatize it. There are tons of characters in The Stormlight Archive, and as always, Brandon has to juggle a lot of different characters and plotlines. I've always felt Brandon deals with this well, with some characters getting less in some books but more in the next, and that continues in Rhythm of War. It focuses on the right characters for the book, but we still see from all of our main gang of protagonists, and they are all important. There is a main character who gets less viewpoints than others, but there is another character who really comes into their own here, which was lovely. There are new characters, too. One new character is one I can't wait to talk to you about, because they really steal the show. We also see more viewpoints of characters we didn't see as much as we should have before, and it's lovely to see more from these more minor characters be fleshed out. Plot I can't really tell you too much about the plot, honestly. But this book doesn't go where you'd expect. After Oathbringer I didn't really know where the story would go, but... I didn't quite expect this, I don't think you'll expect it either! It is really cool and awesome, as you'd expect from Brandon. There are three groups of characters and after Part One they do split up. Some of these interweave a bit, others don't. It's more that Way of Kings vibe, where in that book, we had Shallan in Parts One and Three and Dalinar/Adolin in Parts Two and Four. Rhythm of War is like that in many way with its three groups, and only one of the groups is in all five parts, with the other two alternating after Part One. But each plotline is engaging, and they all get extremely intense. This book will definitely keep you at the edge of your seat. Now, The Way of Kings is not my favorite Stormlight book. Words of Radiance and Oathbringer had plot structures I more preferred, and the endings of those books, where absolutely everything comes together, man... that just really speaks to me, and I love that so much. Rhythm of War has a great Brandon Avalanche. The highs are REALLY high, but it's not going to be like the ending of Oathbringer where everything comes together. So I liked the ending less so than Words of Radiance and Oathbringer, but I know there are people who thought this was the best Stormlight book, with the best ending. I think it may come down to how character focused you are. I'm more plot based, so I liked it a bit less, but I think this structure is done better than it was in The Way of Kings. There's a ton of awesome here and it's really cool. I quite enjoyed the plot and the ending, it's just the different plot structure Brandon went for here was not as in line to my personal preference. You may well be different! I do want to say, though, that where the book is meant to have a big impact, Rhythm of War absolutely executes incredibly. There was a moment that confirmed something I figured, but the way it was portrayed makes it easily one of the best and memorable scenes in the book. When there's suffering, you feel it, and when there's a "hell yeah" moment, it's just the best. Probably one of the weaker parts is the flashbacks. There are both Eshonai and Venli flashbacks, and it's cool, but it's nothing as impactful as Dalinar's flashbacks were. But I mean, Dalinar's were so good and so impactful for the main story, and we just can't have every flashback sequence be as awesome as those. But if I had to get a criticism, it may be these flashbacks. They are fine, but not incredible. This book has a one year time jump from the end of Oathbringer, which is different for the series thus far. All the other books have happened immediately after the previous novel. So how'd this go with this one? The time jump worked pretty well for me. I felt like we've gotten enough hints of what happened in the interim that it was fine. The time jump allowed the world and characters to progress, and sets the stage for the real action that's happening in this book, and I think made the plot better. Lore and Worldbuilding Let's talk about the lore and worldbuilding of the book. Every Stormlight book has tons of worldbuilding. Remember Oathbringer, where it widened the world so much? Rhythm of War expands things way further than I ever could have imagined. I don't think you'll expect where the book ends up, because some of the things we learn are so crazy, I don't know how you'd guess them. The door is open for so many more things by the end of this book. It's insane. We are all going to have so much to talk about once you're all done with this. I didn't think a Stormlight book could expand the world more than Oathbringer did, but this one sure as storms does. The connections to the greater cosmere increase in this book, even more than Oathbringer had. This might be controversial. Brandon has said in some comments on the Part One chapters (which you can read for free) that Brandon is phasing things more to "things are intersecting more in the cosmere" now, which is a bit different than how he's done things before. It's hard for me to comment on this effectively, because I am so deep into the cosmere books, but I don't think references to other cosmere books ruin your enjoyment of Stormlight if you are a Stormlight-only reader. It's more, "hey, there are some things that are mysteries in world to our characters, but you can learn more by reading some other books if you want." It is less subtle here, so I do think pretty soon Stormlight-only readers may want to start reading the other books. That said, if you're already deep in the cosmere, all of this is JUICY! It is so, so good. Final Thoughts Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There are some of the best moments in the series here. Its very character based, but also expands on the lore a lot. It's just for me, I like the ending of Oathbringer so much, and though the Sanderlanche is awesome as you'd expect, I just like the Oathbringer and Words of Radiance style of book more. So for me, Rhythm of War is not my favorite Stormlight book, but I think it's really excellent! I imagine this will be a lot of people's favorite, of the four books. Maybe the worst part of the book is just the wait till book five. If you didn't know, The Stormlight Archive is ten books but split into two five book arcs, and Brandon has always said book five will have a big climax for our cast of the first half. After Rhythm of War, yeah, I really need book five now, please! But of course, I want book five to be as good as can be, and I can only imagine what it's like going through this massive 470k book for several drafts. I understand Brandon needs a bit of a break from Stormlight, and I do want Skyward sequel and that final Wax and Wayne book. So I'll wait! This book has tons to tide people over to through the wait for book five. And for the cosmere fandom, there's going to be plenty to talk about. We'll definitely have spoilery reactions on our podcast, Shardcast, and I can't wait to talk to you about it all!
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    It was confirmed in this book that Cultivation personally intervened in 3 Valley visits Dalinar, Taravangian and Lift. Mr. T is the new Vessel for Odium. Dalinar is bound to Honor’s remnants and can create his perpendicularity. Lift? New Cultivation someday? She has a back 5 book, currently slated to be book 6, I wouldn’t expect it to happen for her anytime soon, but someday. No proof of this just sensing a pattern. She was given the ability to use Lifelight instead of Stormlight which connects her to Cultivation more than the other two.
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    This is like the first time I've made memes.
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    Here are the translated images: The Atrium: The Fourth Bridge: The Arnist Method:
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    I love how if a woman breathes near Kal, it's a ship, but there are actual rumors about Jasnah and Wit and the fandom is all HOLD ON LET US GET ALL THE FACTS PLEASE. I love this place! lol *heart eye emoji* In terms of the chapter. Info dump extraordinaire. I love how he's just ....giving us this info. It's amazing. Aluminum, Shin, God King, Dustbringer revolts, Taravangian, Wit, Heralds, Jezrien. Wow.
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    I liked him for how he represented Kaladin’s struggle. A foe that keeps coming for you, again and again. A foe you can beat once or twice or three times, but which will keep coming back, until it ends you. I saw The Pursuer as kind of an external symbolic manifestation of Kaladin’s depression. Which was why the scene before Kaladin’s rage moment was so satisfying. Because he was basically saying his depression was never going to end him. He would defeat it not by making it vanish, but by fighting and winning EACH TIME it tries to take him down.
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    I’m fully aware that this is going to come across as a pretty out-of-left-field theory but I think Dalinar may, unwittingly, be/have a Dawnshard. We’ve learnt that Dawnshards require both Intent and a Command. Reading that capital C Command brought two thoughts to my mind: “Survive” from Mistborn, and “Unite them.” Now I’m not really sure about the former but I think there’s a case to be made for the latter. Dalinar frequently hears the command to “Unite them” in his mind, which strikes me as similar to Rysn talking about the Command in her head. If we’re running with the idea that Rysn is the Dawnshard of Change, then I think Dalinar is the Dawnshard of Unity. When Dalinar says “I am Unity” I think it’s really a hint as to him being the Dawnshard of Unity. Now, for the inevitable question of where in the storming cosmere could Dalinar have picked up a Dawnshard. Right now I’m wondering if it could have come from Cultivation. Initially, I was against the idea of multiple Dawnshards hanging around on Roshar when it seems like there are just 4 of them, but looking back through the text I found that the Rosharan often talks about the Dawnshards. Plural. I will admit that the Poem of Ista say “taking the Dawnshard” as if there might only be one, but the rest of the references I found in the books seemed to imply that Rosharans had heard of there being multiple. While it’s possible they simply know of multiple Dawnshards without them having to be on Roshar, I think there’s a chance that more than one could be around. I admit that my theory is pretty rough around the edges, and if anyone has any thoughts or WoBs that support or even disprove my theory I’d love to hear them!
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    It's a bit long...
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    So. Big news, huh? Instead of writing several pages, I am just going with what I think - some of which is inspired by people like @Windrunner's ideas. I think the four Dawnshards are: Creation - something from nothing Destruction - something into nothing Change - something into something else Statis - something... and then still something Brandon just dropped an annotation for this book, and apparently Hoid was a Dawnshard at one point (!). His immortality seems consistent with the Statis Dawnshard. Rysn's is obviously Change. Also, I think of the Dawnshards as kind of proto-Shards or pseudo-Shards, and during the Shattered of Adonalsium, the resulting 16 Shards were somehow influenced by the Dawnshards, resulting in the Intents we (mostly) now know. Okay, I am done, back to freaking out!
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    I can see why Brandon was so excited about the epilogue on this one. Wit's free-style rap was pretty epic.
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    The best part was probably when Sigzil and the other Windrunners went to confront Taravangian after they found out about his dealings with Odium. Sigzil: In the name of the allied coalition of Roshar, you're under arrest, king Taravangian. Taravangian: Are you threatening me, Radiant Sigzil? Sigzil: The coalition will decide your fate. Taravangian: I am the coalition. Sigzil: Not yet. Taravangian: It's treason then.
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    Well, looks like I’m not getting any sleep tonight. After a mostly forgettable, low-stakes mild adventure/mystery story, the lore got turned up to 1000%. This seems like a good thread to dump my thoughts in. The mural. It’s obviously referencing the Shattering, what with the sixteen pieces; I think it’s also referencing the four Dawnshards here, too. But these existed before the Shattering of Adonalsium (or else they couldn’t be used to Shatter), so I’m guessing the Commands guided the sixteen Intents, four apiece. This Command feels an awful lot like Cultivation and Endowment, making things change and make things better. (And even Ruin, to a degree.) And Adonalsium had some emotions ascribed to him, as well: “Resignation? Confidence? Understanding?” And lastly, I’m not sure that the gold color is entirely for decoration. We’re learning from fabrial science that metals interact with Investiture in quite a few ways we didn’t anticipate; I wonder if the mural wouldn’t have contained the Dawnshard if it had a different metal. (The “red foil” outlines are somewhat suspicious, as well, for the places we’ve seen red Investiture.) Exactly what Dawnshards are and how they work is a bit of a mystery. We know from Brandon’s annotation that Hoid was a Dawnshard; I assume this is in reference to the “first gem” and how it became worthless for his wearing it. His Dawnshard was contained in a topaz, and then Hoid absorbed it. There are an awful lot of similarities to Breath and Awakening. It’s called a “Command,” Rysn has improved perception of color and pitch at the end of the novella. But while she absorbs it, we see sensations of light and warmth… almost like the mystery light Dalinar has seen a few times. The pieces are there, but I'm not quite sure how to put them together. There are some outstanding mysteries about the larkin and the mandras. It’s one thing if they were leading Chiri-Chiri to start a bond… but why did they guide Cord and Rysn? And then the big old skulls that Rysn thought moved to look at her; I’m thinking that there’s something actually moving in there. Rysn thinks that the Dawnshard has no agency of its own (borne out by the heads moved after Rysn took up the Dawnshard), so it must be whatever was guiding the mandras, whatever let out the big roar right before Chiri-Chiri returned. Mama Larkin, or whoever it is. The Dawnshard refers to Chiri-Chiri as a “Guardian of Ancient Sins.” That implies, to me, that the larkin are, an intelligent race who were tasked with this mission as soon as the Dawnshards needed guarding. The Sleepless say they guard it because they have seen the “end of worlds,” (like what was mentioned in the Oathbringer interlude), so are the “Ancient Sins” the Shattering? Or perhaps the destruction of Ashyn and other planets like it (including, potentially, the Sleepless home world)? So when were the Dawnshards put under guard? After the Shattering? After the destruction of Ashyn? After some point during the Desolations? It must have been prior to the Recreance, but that's a very long amount of time. We’ve only found one Dawnshard; where are the other three? In Way of Kings, Honor references “Dawnshards,” plural, so presumably more of them were on Roshar, if not all of them. What is Honor about to suggest that can’t be done without Dawnshards? Splintering a Shard, I’d guess; he was suggesting they kill Odium. Which, in turn, makes me wonder if Odium has a Dawnshard, and has been using it to Splinter. But the Dawnshards were also used to destroy the Tranquiline Halls (by performing a great feat of magic, as suggested by the novella), so how did they get to Ashyn? Or perhaps the Dawnshards a cosmere-wide “plot point,” and Honor was suggesting that the Radiants track one down, himself oblivious to the fact that one was right under his nose on his very own planet? Who are the enemies who could make full use of a Dawnshard? Are they Shards? Are they powerful magic users? I assume you only need to be a magic user, which is why they won’t let Rysn bond a spren. That's what happened on Ashyn; somebody with a Dawnshard went too far and caused some problems. It also makes me wonder about the “one of them will destroy us” line from the Way of Kings back cover, and maybe the enemies they’re worried about are the Radiants themselves. Neither person in on the secret (Rysn, Cord) are Radiants, after all. If Dalinar looks for a Dawnshard to fight Odium, things could go wrong and destroy Roshar. Lastly, the greatest applications of Surgebinding. If Rysn’s Dawnshard is associated with growth, what we could call Cultivation’s Dawnshard, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that Ishar used Honor’s Dawnshard to create the Radiants. An extremely powerful Surgebinding to set up the Oaths and the bonds and the Surge associations and all that. He may also have used it to bind the Oathpact. I go a little further and suggest he still has it, although now he doesn’t have Surgebinding to make use of it. Hmm, one more odd line towards the end of the book. Cord knows stories of this Dawnshard coming through the perpendicularity. That implies that the Dawnshards were being moved around separately through the Cosmere. Who brought this one to Roshar? When? And for what purpose (if there is any beyond just hiding it)? Lots to think about. A pleasant surprise, to be sure; I wasn’t expecting this much of a bomb in this story.
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    OK so tidbits I picked up so far. Sleepless The Sleepless are few in number and seem to age and reproduce slowly. Their reproduction method apparently happens when one swarm splits off another grouping. This particular group of sleepless numbers only 24. It is unclear how many more there are on Roshar but no more are known. They have spied on and are worried about our radiants. Also apparenty the one Lift met is something of a maverick. We don't really know why but apparently they think Dalinar making the right choices is more dangerous then playing into the enemy's plans(I no idea why). Hoid warned the horneaters two generations ago that they could not fight the sleepless. Fabrails Huio is a genius and he invented the aluminum method that the Azish take credit for. It seems that it works by making it so that only some motions matter circular motion = back and forth as only lateral movement matters. I am really interested for Rysn to star Prof Xing around on a floating chair. Dawnshard Aimia's undersea caverns contain a DAWNSHARD that the sleepless are guarding. There are apparently four and they were used to shatter adonalsium. Sharders speculate that each made four of the four shads. Rysn has the one that makes things improve, change, grow and possibly learn(Endowment, Ruin, Cultivation, Wisdom?). According to Cord it came through Cultivation's perpendicularity. Hoid was effected by (another?) Dawnshard that turned him vegan under principles similar to savantism. Horneaters The Horneaters are awesome. More importantly the Horneaters have a sacred duty to control access to the perpendicularity which explains a little about RoW Perhaps the Horneaters were given sanctuary in exchange for this duty? I also wonder how old they are as a people. Did a group of singers do this ahead of time? Maybe they interbred with the humans specifically so that they could stick around? They apparently have a whole group of people who work in diplomacy/worship of the spren. Rock's enhanced strength comes from Mandras or luckspren. We still don't know what kind of spren they are but they apparently guard wealth so maybe prosperityspren? The Lopen Lopen and Huio leveled up! We got Lopen's third ideal. An interesting twist about self knowledge. Larkin Ancient Guardians, Larkin or Lanceryn as they originally were called were tasked perhaps even created to guard the dawnshard. They bond a particular kind of luckspen only found on Aimia. Eight soulcasters were found on Aimia. They were offerings to the larkin. It is unclear why they would want any. The sleepless managed to interbreed with the Larkin and took over their task of gaurding. Apparently Chiri-Chiri will in fact grow big enough to ride(can't wait). They are also a sapient species. I wonder what other abilities they might have? The Reshi The Reshi King Rysn met seems to have transitioned as of becoming a Dustbringer! The Reshi greatshells can communicate intelligent and important information? They also come to agreements about how to act? They have a "government" and uphold ideologies and causes? What else have we learned?
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    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere so I hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing so. The sample chapters of RoW are up on IBooks and while obviously textually we get nothing new we do get three very cool new illustrations we haven't seen before. The first is from Shallan's Sketchbook and is called The Atrium. The second is from Navani's Notebook and is called The Fourth Bridge. The third is also from Navani's Notebook and is called The Arnist Method. These are at least to me really cool visualisations but I'm sure to those with the time and the willingness to do so the latter two will also be an opportunity to translate some more of the Alethi woman's speech - would be particularly awesome to know what the notes to the third say I imagine.
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    Not an image, but still a meme:
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    Sigzil is mentioned, along with Kaladin and Teft, as having said the traditional "I legit hate this person" form of the Third Oath, and I wonder who exactly aroused his ire. "Storm it, I gave them the Voidbringer Attack Evacuation Forms, not a single one of them is in formation, they're not even fully packed-- serve them right if I just left them there for the Fused... *sigh* No, I must rescue even those who didn't bother to read Section 32(b)..." *icy glyphs* THESE WORDS ARE ACCEPTED.
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    Here to write down my opinions on how Shallan's past all fits together. There's so many ways to interpret it, especially when you bring WoBs in. I like mine, and I think it has some interesting implications about the nature of deadeyes. Shallan bonded Testament at a young age. Probably some family troubles that drove her to it? Something giving her reasons to want to hide in the gardens and dream. As we have seen, the Cryptics have been very eager to bond humans though. Recall how Shallan saw several of them in Kharbranth? Pattern was present when Testament bonded Shallan, and may have even been following her around for years afterward. So Testament and Pattern were part of the same group who saw the coming need for Radiants and went looking for humans. They found Shallan. Testament bonded her first. It lasted for... a couple of years? Months? We don't know exactly. But the bond eventually broke. Pattern is considered brave at least in part because of his willingness to bond her after what happened to Testament. Now, I think that Shallan advanced all the way to (at least) her second truth with Testament. Her third ideal. This is because I prefer to assume that all orders get their Shardblades at the same level. Could be a faulty assumption... but until we've seen otherwise, it feels like the best bet that she would summon Testament in self defense against her mother after she had spoken the usual number of ideals (3) to obtain a Shardblade. Then things go south. She breaks off her bond with Testament... Or does she? What does it mean to break a bond with your Nahel spren? The books so far have suggested they become a deadeye. And, well, okay... they do. Obviously that's what Testament is. But I don't think they necessarily have to follow the rules of the deadeyes we've seen. I think it's very clear that, despite Testament's state, she and Shallan still have some shred of a bond between them. She knows where Shallan is, and followed her around. (plus more that I'll get into momentarily) In Shallan's final chapter she talks specifically about how odd it is that she had powers after killing Testament and before finding Pattern: So when Hoid shows up one year at Middlefest, holds up some spheres of Stormlight, and Shallan seems to interact with them briefly? That's because she still has the tatters of her bond with Testament. There's... something in here about the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram that matters, but it's very difficult to speculate on what that means for Shallan's bond. Anyways, then we get to the Soulcasting of the goblet in TWoK. People have often assumed that her bond with Pattern allowed this. I don't think it was him. Note this line: The voice Shallan spoke with in that scene wasn't Pattern. Or at least it dosn't seem to be. Kind of an odd line no? It makes sense though. Testament was following her. She's "dead", but they still have a bond. Shallan can still summon her deadeye as a Shardblade. She can still make use of their bond to Soulcast. And that's what happens in her rooms in Kharbranth. I think the truth that she seems to speak in that scene ("I'm terrified") was either an advancement in her bond with Testament, or maybe it was a slight reparation of it. Not clear how "repairing" a bond like that works. It's somewhere at this point that she begins to bond Pattern as well. She speaks her first truth to Pattern at the end of TWoK ("I killed my father"), and that's why he begins to manifest a few days later on the deck of Wind's Pleasure. The biggest problem with this idea is that she believes the blade to be Pattern on several occasions. She's an unreliable narrator to the extreme. I absolutely think this could be one giant self-deception. I don't think we have any clear descriptions of the Blades well enough to say if the descriptions do or don't match unfortunately. But I'm sure this will bother some people. Nevertheless, I think this is what Shallan is admitting when she says she had two Shardblades in chapter 115. In any case, at the end of Words of Radiance Shallan speaks her 2nd truth to Pattern putting them at "level 3". Meanwhile, her bond with Testament is still there. There's a notable WoB that Shallan is "a step higher than Kaladin" at the end of WoR. This may be because she originally advanced with Testament to "level 4" and that doesn't entirely regress just because she broke her oaths. (Kaladin being at level 3 at the end of WoR) It's also possible that Shallan originally made it to "level 3" (Shardblade level) and then her "I'm terrified" actually advanced their bond further. Remember when Adolin asks about Shardplate in OB chapter 15? There were theories that her bond with Pattern had advanced this far and she's holding back. This always bugged me. Why should she have trouble admitting this? Testament makes it all make sense. She can't summon Shardplate because it would require her to acknowledge her bond with Testament--the one that's far enough along to grant Plate. But she's not there yet. Where's Shallan at the end of RoW? Both of her bonds are now at level 4, with "I killed Testament" being her 3rd truth with Pattern. Shallan has not just one but TWO more truths to go, perhaps. One for each spren. EDIT: Added qoute about the holes still in Shallan's past, and a mention of the "two Shardblades" quote.
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    "Sibling, play Rhythm of War by Navani Kholin and Raboniel!"
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    Calling him the Lord of Scars, followed by something that appears to reference SH, after all but telling us that Thaidakar is a CS... That’s more than just red herrings. If he hadn’t used the title I’d agree, but with it... There’s only one person in the Cosmere that associated with scars who also fits neatly every other hint. If it isn’t Kell, there should be an equally obvious hint to it being another character. The fact that there isn’t, and this being book four, makes that very unlikely. Before this Thaidakar could have been anyone and we wouldn’t have been disappointed. With this, if it turns out to be someone else it’ll feel a lot like someone dragged the rug out from under us. If you are layering your foreshadowing to indicate something, you don’t do a bait & switch at the last minute for shock value. That’s how you upset your readers. If you are going to subvert expectations then you have to layer it in. But you do NOT build up an expectation solely to knock it down. No one expected Thaidakar to be Kell. Considered it: sure. Debated: definitely. Joked about: 100%. But I doubt anyone completely and truly believed that Brandon would make a Rosharan antagonist turn out to be a Mistborn protagonist. Not when he kept saying you didn’t need to read the other Cosmere books (to be fair, you don’t - yet). There was NO REASON to imply that Thaidakar was Kell. Until this book nothing had done so that couldn’t also refer to any of a dozen other characters. The ONLY reason to create that expectation now is to hint to us who Thaidakar is. Now that Brandon’s built the expectation it’s unlikely he’ll knock it down for ‘gotcha!’ points. He’s too experienced a writer to go in for such cheap tricks. If he’d wanted to minor troll us he’d have stuck to hinting that Thaidakar is a CS. He wouldn’t have dropped the very blatant ‘Lord of Scars’ hammer. There are ways to do Red Herrings. Telling us Thaidakar was a CS is a possible Red Herring. CS+ Lord of Scars + Hoid has/can beat him up + implied to be stuck on his homeworld? That’s deliberately building an expectation - and if a writer builds those, he’d better deliver.
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    I noticed this in the annotations for Dawnshard: Emphasis on the fact that he can’t eat meat. What!? Since when!? Does his curse to not be able to physically harm people also extend to animals, and therefore he cannot eat them? the most alarming and depressing part of this is this fact we have known for a while, quote: I know someone brought this up on the Reddit q and a already, but I needed to get this off my chest
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    I'm not very good at making memes, but Dawnshard is too good not to try.
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    At first I wondered if it was Tien-as-adult (who he was just talking with in the vision), then I even wondered if it was Teft shoulder-surfing from the Spiritual Realm and butting in as a sergeant one last time. But I think it's clear from the beginning of Ch. 111 who it was: It was Dalinar who Accepted Kaladin's Fourth Ideal, while bonded with the Stormfather in the vision and Connected to both of them. He was the one, as Bondsmith, who was able to give Kaladin that peek into the Spiritual Realm to Connect him to Tien to enable him to say those Words and mean them; and being the first SF Bondsmith while the SF held the remnants of Honor (where the SF is now the one to Accept the Words for certain orders, like Windrunners), he was also in the right place at the right time to be the one to Accept them. Very fitting.
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    This is obviously the most important take away from the chapter. It will probably become one of the most hotly debated topics until we get a strait answer but. Are Jasnah and Hoid a thing?
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    I'm pretty sure it is Kelsier, as WoB has stated Kelsier is capable of taking over the Ghostbloods and the name itself (ghost = cognitive shadow, blood = hemalurgy). The fact that Hoid mentioned smacking him around is the biggest confirmation imo, since Hoid is unable to harm people and the only person he has managed to hurt so far is Kelsier's Cognitive Shadow.
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    I suspect, after reading this, that the Third Ideal is less about hatred, per se, and more about not letting yourself get in the way of protecting others--or perhaps, rather, to not let your personal desires stop you from protecting others. As such, selflessness is the key principle of the Third Ideal. I think. "I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right." - Kaladin had to let go of his hatred of others and not allow it to determine his willingness to protect others, even those who arguably didn't deserve his protection, like Elhokar. "I will protect even those I hate, even if the one I hate most is myself." - Teft had to let go of his self-hatred, which was spiraling him downwards into self-pity, self-rejection, and self-torment. He had to be able to look outwards and focus on protecting those who need protection, notwithstanding his own failings. "I will protect those who hurt me." - Huio had to look past the way in which his cousin aggravates him. We get a small sense of how annoyed he gets by Lopen in this story. Can you imagine having to live with Lopen? For your whole life? There's probably a lot of hurt there that Lopen didn't necessarily mean, but it sounds like it was enough to be an obstacle for Huio to overcome to reject his emotional wounds in order to protect. "I will protect others from myself." - Again, it's the self that's getting in the way. Lopen wants to protect but his own personality, the one he's chosen, is getting between him and that ideal. In each of these, the primary element is not hatred, or some interpretation of hatred, but an interpretation of the character's focus on the self, and the need to set aside that self-centeredness in order to fulfill the Ideal. That Kaladin and Teft's interpretations of it deal with hatred is not endemic to the Third Ideal itself, but are instead manifestations of their strongly hateful character arcs at that point in time. The point is to give up the self.
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    Thanks everyone! This is very nice! You can ping me for this
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    Earlier this month, I was reviewing Theoryland for stuff that had never made it into Arcanum, and I found a piece of Q&A from a 2017 interview that had missed being carried over: Which left me feeling totally upended after the following passages in Rhythm of War: We've got a Cognitive Shadow, not from Roshar, who Wit has physically assaulted in the past. One who is known for his scars. I can see no other scenario: this is either Kelsier himself, or a red herring to cause us to think it's Kelsier. The descriptions match him to a T.
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    I'm sorry but this literally happened (yes I spent an unreasonable amount of time remaking the cat vs lady meme template)
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    I think it may have been something like “I will protect even those who hurt me most.” Because he truly doesn’t hate his cousin, but the Lopen has hurt him deeply. So hate doesn’t really make sense, but hurt does.
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    "Stormfather, enhance!" Dalinar and Shallan making the map:
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    I lost it when Raboniel said the thing about the best masterpieces being two sets of five. Brandon, you arrogant bastard.
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    Well, let's list what we know about Sixteen from what is described or relayed in RoW. They shut the doors to Lasting Integrity to outsiders about eighteen months prior to their arrival, but did not eject those non-honorspren already inside - which includes all of the seventeen humans (not including Kalak, who is a special case) that Shallan checks out initially: a group of Nalthian traders, members of a clan of Horneaters who resided full-time in Shadesmar, and this guy. Sixteen. A male human who only came out of his home every sixteen days, with a precise regularity that amuses the honorspren. He survived without food, didn't bathe, never empties a chamber pot, yet doesn't have a stench. He emerged from his small, box-like building as "a furtive figure", "hunched over, face hidden in the cowl of a cloak" that then "hurried through the statue park", where he was "fiddling with some notes" when Shallan came up to him, grabbed him, and turned him around to see his face under the cloak. He had that Shin look with a "pale, almost sickly skin and childlike eyes", "short", and "completely bald". He shouted, said something to her in a language she did not recognize, and fled back into his home. The honorspren counted him on their inventory of seventeen humans, but did not consider Kalak one but rather "a spren", as Heralds are effectively Cognitive Shadows. So would they not consider a Returned as one as well? Zahel himself basically did. So taking that at face value, that Sixteen is indeed a living human - is he subsisting without food or drink via some magical means, like a metalmind? A Twinborn who can compound bendalloy? What kind of notes was he taking, and why is he in Lasting Integrity at all? Or was he reading notes instead of taking them? What would be be looking for or waiting for, in the sculpture garden of the fortress of honorspren in Rosharan Shadesmar? How long has he been there and doing this? Or, is the regularity of sixteen days reflecting some kind of Allomantic time bubble pulse? That would explain a lot. Like, he's waiting for something to happen, and when it hasn't, he goes back into his little house and flares a cadmium "slo-time" bubble in a preset way so that when he emerges from it, it's sixteen days later? And that's why he doesn't eat, drink, or make waste. From his POV he's only been there a short while. And whatever he's waiting for, he can see from the sculpture garden, but is something he needs to cross-check with his notes (it's not something he has memorized in his head). And a Scadrian Allomancer would certainly look Shin to Shallan. Let's see: if he's been there for (say) 20 Rosharan months, that's 10 weeks of 5 days per month, he's been there for 1800 days. If each time he's Pulsing away 16 days, he's done at least 112 such pulses; if after each pulse, he comes out, checks for something against his notes, and goes back inside to Pulse again, with a total time of about 5 minutes per check, that's 560 minutes = over 9 hours hours of his personal time. Minimum. That's pretty boring. I almost hope that's not what it is! Unless what he's been waiting for is exactly what just happened, Adolin's trial, the re-opening of Lasting Integrity, and the loosening of the honorspren!
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    Cremlings! It has been far too long since we have graced this board with Tay’s witticisms about Slaveboi, JDM, Sneak, and all of our other favourite characters. Allow me to be the first to apologise for the lapse, but it’s been a long, slow journey through the last part of Oathbringer. However, I am very pleased to let you know that as of a couple of days ago, Tay finished book 3… and is thoroughly exhausted by it. It will be a while before we contribute to this board again, but I thought I might add this post today so that you guys have a little pick-me-up in the hand-wringing, nerve-wracking last four days before Rhythm of War drops. Without further ado, here are Tay’s contributions from Parts II to V of Oathbringer! -- *Kaladin is flying around with his big spear energy* TAY: *under her breath* You idiots. The skies are mine so suck my *censored* -- *Stormfather is being ornery with Dalinar* TAY: The Stormdaddy is such a sulky *censored*. He’s the kind of guy who would get a haircut, then get mad that Dalinar didn’t compliment him right away. -- *I am explaining to Tay that there are boards dedicated to theories around Book 4* TAY: Do you call them ‘Uritheories’? ME: … no, we don’t. TAY: You should call them Uritheories. You should tell them that I said that. -- *Jasnah is getting the transcript of her memoirs sent to her via spanreed* TAY: You’re gonna wanna write this pearl down. *pauses for effect* Jasnah should call her memoirs ‘The Princess Diaries”. Heh. -- *Navani is distracted by something and makes a flippant comment about Jasnah* TAY: PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR DAUGHTER NAVANI AND BE NICE TO HER! -- *Our Main Characters find out that Talenel is the actual Herald, not just some madman* TAY: So wait – you’re saying that they should have been feeding Talenel grapes and fanning him with palm fronds this whole time? -- *Mraize offers to help Shallan cover up any murders done in the name of the Ghostbloods* TAY: Okay I’ve got a golden nugget for you. Mraize is a pretty good employer. Hear me out! ME: What!? TAY: HEAR ME OUT! He only asks Shallan to do what she’s already doing, pays her by saving her family members, and offers covering up murders as part of her employment package. Can you imagine how much less stressful my job would be if I knew they would cover up my murders? -- *Odium meets with Dalinar in the visions* TAY: *sighing* Not sure I’m not Team Odium. Why wouldn’t you want to fight for passion? That seems like such a good thing to be the god of… not, whatever the opposite of passion is. I guess that’s Shallan. She’s the opposite of passion. Editor’s note: this is not the first time Tay has agreed with a villain in a major series – she felt like Thanos was very misunderstood. -- *Kaza’s interlude* Usually with interludes, I’ll describe what happens and Tay will say yay or nay to them since she isn’t interested in things other than our Main Characters. However, when I described how one of the Sleepless kills Kaza and the entire crew of First Dreams, this was what she said: TAY: Oh, that sounds cool. I wanna see people dying. Not sure that helped with her growing perception as an Odium sympathiser, but hey. -- *Kaza standing on the bow of a ship* TAY: See her now as she stands on the bow of a ship headed to a new land! In Aimia you can cast some souls! -- *I ask Tay what she thinks destroyed life on Aimia* TAY: *full of confidence* Oh, I know what did it. The dead sprens did it. Not the Dawnshards. Dead spren washed over it like an ocean of corpses. Then everyone on Aimia killed themselves. -- *Dalinar fighting Fen’s son* TAY: So this is Dalinar’s Strat? Just to get stabbed? -- While there were no zingers at Evi’s fate, we both are of the opinion that it is a little upsettingly cliché – the whole Fridge Horror trope of women being killed only to add to the character struggle of the main male character. Sanderson certainly has some great, progressive female characters, but it’s kind of a bummer that this trope wormed its way into the series. -- *Taravangian Interlude where he tells them to kill the singing children* TAY: Man, I guess I’m also Taravangian too. -- *Discussion on safehands* TAY: Hey, tell this to your shard people: do you think Sanderson created safehands because they are what he wants? You know? Like how some guys go crazy over feet? Think he’s all into handies? ME: I’m upset that this topic has been broached. -- *Tay likens the Stormfather’s visions to getting high* TAY: Stormdaddy party tricks get lit in a hurricane bru. -- TAY: Can you swallow a sphere to get Stormlight? ME: I guarantee you you’ll have an answer by the end of this book. -- TAY: I think I’m an Alethi. ME: What makes you say that? TAY: I would murder people for my cats. -- *Dalinar comes out of his rage-killing by smashing some dude’s head into a pulp* TAY: Big mood. -- Dalinar’s speech to Sadeas and his generals after he decides he’s going to go full scorched-earth on the Rift was so exceptionally badass for Tay that she got me to read it aloud to her family. -- *Szeth is back and calling Nightblood “sword-nimi”* TAY: Wait – is he calling it ‘Sword Ninny’? ME: No, he’s saying ‘sword-nimi’ like it’s a sign of respe- TAY: Doesn’t matter – it’s Sword Ninny now. -- *Overhearing Tay talking to our cat in the other room* TAY: Cosmo! Who’s my little Voidbringer? -- *Nightblood is making fun of Szeth for listening to the commands of his ‘magic rock’* TAY: The abject beauty of a magic sword looking down on a magic rock. -- TAY: Oh! I’ve got a good one! I have two memes you have to make for me about Taravangian – the one where he’s doing the mathematics in his head, and then the one where he’s doing the conspiracy theory on the wall. ME: I guarantee you those memes already exist. Lo and behold, they had the conspiracy one, but they didn’t have the math lady meme so I made one: -- *I described how Taravangian wrote the Diagram on every surface of his room* TAY: Why do you write like you’re running out of time? -- *Odium destroying Dalinar’s vision with Venli* TAY: Odium is like a shark. He investigates with his mouth. You know. Violence. -- TAY: Veil is me. I, too, choose my outfits based mainly on pockets. -- At one point a couple weeks ago, we were driving somewhere and made sure to avoid a stalled truck that was holding up traffic on one route. Turns out, it had been fixed and drove onto the route we were then taking to avoid it. It was vaguely funny, but then Tayla said this: TAY: Tayla attuned amusement. She then made a sound like a turkey being strangled and I nearly crashed the car from laughing so hard. -- *Odium gives Dalinar back his memories of Evi, but he’s already been getting them back* TAY: Haha! Odium! That’s all you got? Why do you think I haven’t been sleeping for six months? -- *Adolin gets stabbed by the Fused in Shadesmar during the fight at the Oathgate* TAY: *on her phone* Wait, Adolin got stabbed? *pauses* And he can’t heal himself, right? Ah okay I should actually pay attention to this part. *Puts phone down* -- *Skar and Drehy reveal they saved little Gavinor* TAY: Bridge Four Nannies: we protect those who cannot protect themselves. Our packages also include pickup from school, help with homework, and defense against the Unmade. -- *Odium’s discussion with Taravangian* TAY: Aw man, Taravangian is Boromir. He’s a villain, but all he’s doing is for the people of his city. -- *Jasnah becomes queen* TAY: *banging metaphorical pots and pans* Jasnah is SMASHING THE PATRIARCHY. HERE. FOR. THIS. -- *I had trouble remembering the name of the main female character from The Boys (that show on Amazon Prime that’s vaguely like BrandoSando’s Steelheart)* ME: Yeah, you know – uh… Shiny Girl. Dawnshard? What’s her name? TAY: Starlight? ME: Yeah, that’s her name. Shiny Girl. TAY: You have to tell them that you confused her name for Dawnshard now. -- Additionally, Tay wanted me to point out to you that because of my accent, she initially thought I had been saying Dawnshart, much to my chagrin. -- Speaking of Dawnshart Dawnshard, I’ve already read it – but Tay’s going to be taking a break from Stormlight for a while. Hope you guys have had a fun time reading these posts and we’ll be back… maybe some time next year for Rhythm of War. On that note – AHHHH GET EXCITED Y’ALL! ONLY A COUPLE DAYS NOW!!! And remember when you're reading Rhythm of War in a couple days time - Crem before cremlings.
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    I know! It seems so obvious now: "The Rhythm of War"....of course it would end in a dance battle. I can't believe I didn't see it earlier
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    Wit, who is specifically on Roshar because he has a longstanding beef with Odium, who is now a Lightweaver, is Odium spy? I think this is the least likely theory I have ever seen on this forum.
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