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    Shallan: "Why are you sad, Kal?" Kaladin: "Someone killed my brother. What about you?" Shallan: "Someone killed MY brother. Jasnah, why are you queen now?" Jasnah: "Well, someone killed my brother. Someone remind me what we're all doing here." Dalinar: "Somebody killed my brother too." Vin pops in: "Did someone say dead brother?" Marsh: "My brother was also killed." Llarimar: "Wait, is this a dead brother club? Can I join?" Dalinar: "Also, I killed my significant other. With fire." Dilaf: "I also killed my significant other with fire." Wax: "I killed my significant other. Twice." Elend: "My wife killed my brother. Renarin and Adolin: *eye each other nervously*
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    Pagerunner asked Brandon a question in an AMA on a Sunday. As he eagerly awaited the answer, Brandon told him, "I will reply to your question some day this week. But I will not tell you on which day I will reply, so when I do, it will come as a complete surprise to you." Pagerunner began to ponder what Brandon had said. If Saturday arrived, and Brandon had not yet answered his question, then he would know that Brandon could only reply later that Saturday, and the answer would not come as a surprise to him. Therefore, Pagerunner knew that Brandon would not respond to him on Saturday. But if Friday arrived, then there would only be two days left for Brandon to reply. Having already eliminated Saturday as a possibility, then he would know that Brandon could only reply later that Friday, and the answer would not come as a surprise to him. Therefore, Pagerunner knew that Brandon would not respond to him on Friday. In a similar fashion, Pagerunner eliminated Thursday, then Wednesday, then Tuesday, then Monday, and last of all Sunday. With no days remaining where Brandon could answer his question, Pagerunner dejectedly closed out of the AMA, saddened that he would never receive his answer. And on Wednesday, when Brandon replied to Pagerunner's question, it came as a complete surprise to him.
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    @Pagliacci That is frickin awesome and needs all the upvotes. Also: IGNITE THEM And we love him for it. This is all of us, I reckon. Also, I can't resist inserting this last one...
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    I.ve been a bad fan and really haven`t posted in a wile, but I was on a search for a new style. This is my first Kaladin piece, not how I imagined it honestly, but his story fitted the mood of the image and the style I wanted to try. So here it is, a really sad moment of our protagonist's life. He might not me be my favorite character from the pack, but I sure understand what made him what he is and I respect that!
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    all of the above
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    New Cosmere Facepalm Memes! (Yes I'm back. More to come!) Hoid version Nazh version Former ones Enjoy
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    when I was at a signing, saw this giant pile of Legion, and I thought "if books could talk..."
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    sorry about the size difference, but I'm not sure how to fix it.
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    I had the opportunity to listen to the Graphic Audio of Warbreaker recently (HIGHLY recommend them, if you have the chance, the full cast and production is a wonderful experience), and I noticed something about Lightsong that stood out but was never really addressed: Lightsong is unwholesomely Lucky. At one point Lightsong is playing a game called Tarachin with the other Gods, a game described as "one of the most difficult games in the world" because it required both great physical ability as well as layered strategy. Lightsong, being awesome, never bothered to learn the rules and instead just likes to choose and throw the balls randomly, yet he always manages to do better than the avid players. So there he is, musing about how the different Gods get slightly different forms, how they all seem to get more or less the same Godlike physique but unfortunately there's no guarantee of any increased intelligence. Meanwhile he's throwing balls over his shoulder and winning at a game he doesnt understand all the while wishing he knew enough to be able to loose on purpose. Here's the thing, we know that the Returned's physical attributes get way more Fluid, reflecting more of what they Believe they should be rather than their inborn reality (and this can be consciously manipulated with training). Most got Young and Huge and Physically Impressive, at least one got Old and Wise because she believed in that godly image. But Lightsong never really believed in his own Divinity, and I think that deep down he believed that all the Returned were just People Who Got Lucky. In light of his performance on the Tarachin Field, I think Lightsong was actually Augmenting his Fortune attribute. And if Returned are indeed influencing their spiritual Attributes as well as physical, there's every possibility that they could learn to consciously manipulate those attributes the same way Vasher (or the Royal locks line) can willfully control the physical portions of their Spirit-web. Given how the Breaths work by sort of merging with (or overlaying on) the Spiritweb, it would make logical sense that it would be positioned to subtly manipulate it, and Breaths respond to Intent/Commands directly more than a lot of Investiture types.
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    Found this image on Facebook, couldn't resist: Also, I also found this on Facebook:
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    Jasnah and Ivory from Oathbringer! Out of curiosity, would there be people interested in buying prints of my Cosmere art? I'm considering opening a print shop or doing a kickstarter to get prints done before the Holiday season. Let me know what you think!
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    Vin when Human shows her how new Koloss are created:
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    The following passage was deleted due to the sheer idiocy of its content: The REAL Roast:
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    I want a larkinnn It's technically not finished piece, but shshshsh, it is better at this stage
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    Way of Kings: Words of Radiance: Edgedancer: Oathbringer:
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    So the Sibling on Roshar is the collective spirit of all dead siblings in Sanderson's work?
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    Star Wars The Incredibles Stormlight Archive Mistborn Era 1 The Hobbit
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    The High Price of Freedom/Aftermath Honour watched the palace with bated breath. Would her/his/its help actually mean anything? Only time would tell. - Only one more left, the Kholin killer thought, creeping through the hallways after the queen. The last hour and a half had been difficult, with such a to-do around Jasnah Kholin's protection, but finally, finally, she was open to attack. At least, the killer was pretty sure she was. It would be mighty inconvenient if she survived, since he had others to kill after her. He had a mission, after all. Begin the desolation. Not that he'd come here expecting to do that. Quite the opposite in fact, But plans change when one's old gods are revealed. Klade shuddered, remembering the Unmade. He didn't want to be serving his old gods—his people had abandoned them eons ago to avoid exactly this—but then these Alethi just had to meddle in things they didn't understand and look what was happening: the world was on the precipice of a Desolation. And they only had themselves to blame. "Halt!" Klade froze, and then realized that the call hadn't been for him. It came from ahead. He peeked around the corner and saw Jasnah confronting the Captain of the Guard—what was his name? T-something? He couldn't remember. The Queen's back was to Klade. She didn't see him coming, but she didn't have to. - Tearim noticed movement over Jasnah's shoulder. Klade. What was the Parshendi holding? A....knife? It was! And with the way he was looking at Jasnah, it was clear the man had one goal: to kill the queen. Tearim pushed Jasnah out of the way, and then he felt pain. So much pain. Why was there pain? Was it Klade? No, no, Klade had frozen for a second, looking at Tearim, but he still held his knife. So what had happened. Tearim looked at Jasnah. She held a blade—not her Shardblade—and it dripped blood. His blood. She'd tried to kill him. - Klade took the moment of distraction to close the distance between himself and the Queen. He knew he only had one chance to kill her and his aim needed to be true. She was a Radiant. She could heal, but she couldn't heal from a killing stroke. He swung his blade. - A Radiant, dead. Honour lost all hope. The Desolation was coming and there wasn't anything she could do to stop it. She'd tried. But it was now clear to her that she'd underestimated Odium. - No, Tearim thought, watching the blade pierce his queen's body. She fell, gasping in pain, and Tearim knew she wouldn't be rising again, Radiant or not. He heard a sound behind him, and then Liss was there, helping him to his feet. She already had her wicked-looking dagger out and Tearim unsheathed his sword. - Klade watched the queen fall. Slowly. The light in her eyes went dark and he knew he'd succeeded. He heard the sound of metal behind him, and he glanced over his shoulder. I thought he was dead. But no, the Captain stood with his sword out, and that servant girl stood next to him, with a weapon of her own. Klade attuned to Irritation. He'd only just murdered the last Kholin. Was there really to be no rest for him? - Ialai had learned much since she'd accidentally killed her husband. She no longer hesitated to kill if she knew it was the right thing to do, and she knew this was the right thing to do. She hurried down the corridor to where she'd heard Jasnah's cry, but when she rounded the corner, she had to pause for a moment to take everything in. Jasnah was on the ground, blood surrounding her. Even at this distance, Ialai could tell her queen was dead. Another Kholin, gone. Tearim stood next to her body. He was also bleeding, and Ialai knew why. Jasnah had attacked him, and he must've retaliated. And now he was trying to kill a Parshendi. Ialai ran to stop the murder, but she didn't get there in time. Klade tried to defend himself, but he was blocked by Liss—where had she come from? Ialai had completely missed seeing her, and why was she helping Tearim?! Tearim skewered the Parshendi. "That's for killing the queen," he said. Ialai brought her blade down, into Tearim's back with as much force as she could. And then his words hit her. Klade had killed Jasnah Kholin. Not Tearim. Tearim had defended her. And she'd just killed the man for it. - Honour breathed a sigh of relief. She'd judged them too harshly, too soon. They'd actually done it. Miraculously. Somehow. Take that, Odium/Senility, she thought. - Wit stood on his chull and brought a scroll out of his pocket. Holding the top, he let the end fall. And fall. And fall. He had a lot he needed to say. But before he was even able to get one word out, Ialai and Liss stumbled into the feast hall. They were both covered in blood and looked rather...distraught. That was curious. But not curious enough to stop him from what he needed to say. He cleared his throat, but Ialai cut him off. "Jasnah is dead. And Tearim. And Klade." Well, that changed things a bit. Wit started rolling the scroll back up while Ialai explained just what exactly had happened. Her explanation took a while, which was good because the scroll took a while to roll up. Finally, though, the scroll was gathered and Ialai's explanation was complete. Wit leaped off his chull. "Well. It seems my time here is done. Fear not: I'll be laughing at your spiritual essences once you all have been long forgotten. Especially you, Sadeas. No, not you Ialai. Your husband. I'm sure his spirit is around here somewhere. Might even be in this rock," Wit said, pulling the moss-covered rock out of his pocket and looked closely at it. It would make a strange sort of sense for Sadeas' spirit to take over something that looked so like him in his physical form, so Wit spoke to the rock. "Even though you're dead, I'm still laughing at you." And then he walked away. As he passed Liss, he dropped the rock onto her head with a "boop," and continued on his way. Liss grabbed the rock off the top of her head and stared at it in confusion. And that's game. A big congratulations to the following players, who completed all of their win conditions: Jasnah Kholin Wit Players who failed one of their non-final win conditions but completed all other win conditions (including those who died after having all their win conditions revealed) also won. Those players are: Ialai Sadeas Ivory Adolin Kholin Liss Drunk Beggar Ash Darkness Kelek Master Spreadsheet Beggar Feast (dead/spec doc) Palace Grounds (ostracism doc) Alethi Secret Societies Shadesmar Women Diplomats Intellectuals Parshendi Gavilar's War Council Heralds Feast Hall Back Wall Monastery Dias/Monastery Dias 2.0 Sunwalk Entrance Ten Herald Hallway Unused Guest Suite Darkened Corridor Loading Dock Art Gallery Thanks to everyone who played and thank you so much to Orlok and El. A thousand thank yous to both of them. I'll have a bit more to say about my thoughts on the game but not tonight. I'll save that for a couple days hence. Please use your own account now. We'll be locking up the anonymous accounts in the next few hours.
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    Cosmere as told by Pattern: Warbreaker: Mistborn: Elantris Wax & Wayne ('s creation) Every fan and Hoid:
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    Marsh and Dalinar :" I'm sad about his death. But i was even more sad when he got with the girl we both liked" Zane " I know how that feels"
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    A piece I'm currently working on of Kaladin fighting a Voidbringer! I'm hoping I'll have time to finish it and do colors in the next week or two (I'm currently doing Nanowrimo) I'm currently doing a kickstarter to print and ship my other pieces of art before Christmas. I'll have my other Cosmere fanart available to preorder! If you want, you can check it out here: http://kck.st/2yG1uaQ And yes, I double checked to make sure this was okay with Dragon Steel and is within their fanart policy ;)
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    Pretty sure I don't have to spoiler this, but I'm going to do it anyway.
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    When you sew yourself a skirt and add some allomantic symbols as decorations.
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    Ahhhh yeah, Roastin' time. Sorry Human, but Steris has the broiler on high, looks like Roasted Koloss is coming up:
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    Introduction The biggest question left in the wake of Oathbringer by far is the mysterious nature of the Dawnshards. Brandon's been teasing and RAFOing us about them for years and years, making the tantalizing bit we finally did get in Oathbringer personally one of my favorite hints throughout the book. After enough staring at WoBs and Oathbringer cross-eyed, I think I've come up with a sensible reasoning as to what they are. As I always say in these intros, if you see any discrepancies or stuff that doesn't make sense, make sure to drop a comment. Enjoy! Greater Rosharan Pre-History When trying to guess at the nature of the Dawnshards, I started by gathering information that we had regarding the magic that existed before men came to Roshar. We have this important tid bit in the Eila Stele: And this from the Listener's song of secrets: To me, this sounded similar to Surgebinding when first read, but we know that the Eila Stele was almost certainly written before the cycle of desolations began. After reading around a bit more, I saw this passage: If Surgebinding was not yet a magic system, then what could have been the powers of these people who, as the author of the Eila Steele puts it, "brought the void"? I'd always taken the 'void' portion of Voidbinding's name to mean that it is related to or of Odium, but it also makes sense that the Singers named the powers wielded by their enemy after said enemy, regardless of the realmatic nature of the magic system. And I do mean to be pointed in my belief that Voidbinding wasn't originally of Odium, although it may have been coopted before the cataclysm that destroyed Ashyn. Taking a look at the voidbinding chart, you'll see that the number ten is just as relevant there as it is on the double eye of the almighty, not the number nine. This is further supported by the below WoB: So, to sum up this section, Voidbinding seems like the best candidate for the power originally wielded by the humans that destroyed Ashyn. So what do we know about Voidbinding? Voidbinding Being the magic system we've seen the least in the series, there isn't much we can say about how Voidbinding and how it works with any certainty. We do have one framework to go off of though, so lets read the below WoB: We've only seen pieces of Renarin's power, but the fact that they are completely diffrent from the Surgebindings is a very interesting tid bit. I just want to note that the power we see Renarin possess, future sight, has only ever made one other appearance on Roshar, and that is in the form of the Moelach's deathrattles. Seeing as how Renarin's spren was created by Sja-Anat, this immediately raised questions in my mind about the nature of the Unmade. Lets see what she herself has to say about her own nature: Every Cognitive entity we have seen up until this point has been derived from the power of one of the Shards, so the statement that she is only of herself is much more important than just the denial that she is of Odium. This implies that she isn't of Honor or Cultivation either, that she pre-dates the dawn of the Shards and the modern history of the Cosmere, that she is of Adonalsium himself. We know that Adonalsium had a careful hand in the creation of Roshar, from the statement from Frost in the Letters, the ten outer gas giants, to the continent of Roshar itself being based on a Julia set, so it makes sense that he would have made the original spren as well. Dawnshards I think you all see where I've been going, I believe that the Unmade were powerful spren that existed in the Rosharan system before any influence from the Shards and that these are what were referred to as Dawnshards. You might ask "but why would there only be nine instead of ten, then?" or "How could they have destroyed Ashyn?" Just read the below WoBs, i'll get to it: What is a singular mysterious spren thats relation to Honor and Cultivation is dubious and is also capable of world-bending powers that Brandon has been just as tight lipped about as the Dawnshards? Ding ding ding, you guessed it, the illusive third Bondsmith spren. Brandon has even hinted... or rather flat out told us that we should think of the power of a Bondsmith as very dangerous, read the below WoB: This matches what the text says about Dawnshards. Perhaps the Dawnshards were Voidbinding's equivalent to Bondsmith-spren on Ashyn before this immense power destroyed it. I think we've even seen hints of this shift from Dawnshard to Unmade in the text. Read this portion of the Eila Stele with this theory in mind: Outro It's 1:45am and I've been writing this theory for hours, so I think I'm gonna leave it here. I've had this one bouncing around in my head for a long time and I'm sure other people have guessed similar things with other theories, but I think the foundation of WoB and direct quotes is pretty solid on this one. Let me know what you guys think if you were able to slog through this, thanks for reading!
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    Why do things I love keep burning? Might as well start this thing going What's up y'all, name's Dalinar Kholin, with my burnin' hot roasts I'm coming in for the win. Yes I'm gonna burn ya, and the damage won't be measly, cause when I'm done with you, you'll think The Rift had it easy. King Taravangian, the idiot genius, I considered removin' you from the human genus. But then I realized, that's not what I'll do because, Mr. T, I pity you, fool. Yes I said fool, you're a fool who can't rule. You think you've got it good, think people are followin' your plans. News flash, they don't follow you. They follow your Diagram. Amaram Sadeas, what do I need to say? It won't take long to slay ya', cause everybody hates ya'. Son of Honor? Ha! Your plan was so flawed. Now just look at me, sittin' here bonded to a god! You're a murderer, a fraud, you killed a whole spear squad. For what? Some plate and blade? That won't protect you from my angry tirade! Adolin, son. We need to talk. You were gonna succeed me, but now I've seen, you can't even follow the simple Way of Kings. You call it "that storming book", but I ain't even shook. You killed Sadeas, and hid, tryin to keep your sin to yourself. You didn't even regret it. At least I got a broken soul out of my crimes! That's been me, Dalinar, Highking of Urithiru. Y'all don't stand a chance, so till' then I say See you!
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    My roast: This was fun! I'm glad I joined!
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    So I was just thinking it would be neat if Teft was the one to capture the Heart of the Revel. Since he has such a close relationship with addiction it seems like he could be a great choice for such a task. I would personally love to see that encounter/arc. Anyways, thoughts?..
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    Presenting yet another parody with Major OB spoilers
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    metal vials have traditionally been filled with alcohol, supposedly for the purpose of helping preservation of the metals. As a chemist, I've been thinking of how much sense it makes, and now I just need to vent out what I got. Metals oxydize in the presence of oxygen. We tend to think water is also needed, because rusts forms with water, but rust is an hydroxide; oxydation can well go without water, though water speed up the process by providing an electrolithic solution where all manners of redox processes can take place. Under that premise, storing metals in alcohol is not effective. Oxygen, as a nonpolar molecule, is actually more soluble in alcohol than in water (by about 5 times, according to what I could google). Alcohol mixes well with water, meaning it will readily absorb water from the atmosphere. So, metals should degrade faster in alcohol than dry. However, considering that allomancers need some fluid to help them swallow the metals, alcohol is probably still better than water, because alcohol by itself does not react with metals, nor does it provide much electrolytes to help speed up redox reactions. Steris used cod liver oil in the vials she carries for wax, and that's an interesting choice. Oxygen is about as soluble in oil as it is in alcohol, but oil will not absors water from the atmosphere. Its apolar nature make it bad at stabilizing charged intermediates, so it should also slow down redox reactions a tad. It's probably a good choice. In fact, oil is akin to petroleum ethers, which are used to store alkali metal away from oxygen. So it seems the increased solubility of oxygen doesn't play a large role. ultimately, though, the biggest factor in conserving vials is just how much oxygen they contain. gases have low density, so the amount of oxygen in a vial is tiny. If the vial is accurately stoppered, possibly sealed with vax, then metals won't degrade any further once the initial oxygen has been consummed. Finally, wax putting whisky in his metal vials seems a terrible choice. Whisky is still about 60% water, and water can eventually corrode metals alone. Plus it contains all kind of organic molecules, some of which may actually help the oxydation process. To his credit, he probably drank them fast enough that they never had much time to rust. To sum it up: - alcohol is a mediocre solvent for storing metals. - oil is actually a very good choice, though Steris doesn't know enough chemistry to appreciate the fact - whisky is a terrible choice, practically as bad as water - the most important precaution is to keep the vial airtight anyway
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    Me and my brother were talking about the Lord Ruler and how much foresight and effort it would have been to build the storage caches. Caning all that food, hiding it in caves, and repeating every few years. All the time keeping it secret from everyone but the workers.... At which point my brother asked in a confused voice: "the Lord Ruler didn't do it all himself?" "No" l said, now confused myself. "You thought the Lord Ruler, god emperor of the Final Empire, was canning food in his basement?" " Well... I thought that was why he looked so tired in book one. " Now I can't get the image of the Lord Ruler stocking shelves in a Wal-Mart uniform out of my head
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    Full Spoilers for both Defending Elysium and Skyward!
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    I just finished and cannot for the life of me remember what they called the Falling ship factory deal, but you get the gist. via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Morning Edition 2 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 24th of Doxil, 68, Morning Price 2 Clips Night of Murders Shocks City! Officials can reveal that not only are they now investigating the death of Miumounder (reported in yesterday’s evening edition), but two more members of House Heron’s meeting have been found dead as well. The two new deaths – Snip Exeutor and Tessona – do not initially seem connected to each other or to Miumounder’s, but for their link to House Heron. Constables are currently assuming these murders to be related, but do not believe that the same person has carried out all three murders, as each has been different. Miumounder’s death has been stated to be an accident by the coroner that examined his body - the official report has concluded that the liquor he purchased had been accidentally contaminated and created a poison - but the circumstances around the death itself have thrown that into questioning. An anonymous source has revealed that the constabulary are considering whether to request a second examination of the body, and are currently proceeding under the assumption that his death was malicious. Despite this, they state that the owner of the bar and the staff are not charged with any crimes and are not being considered as anything more than witnesses. Snip Exeutor was found stabbed inside his home, with entry forced. He was alive when discovered, but passed away at the scene before medical help could arrive. No obvious items were taken from his home, indicating that this was a potential murder attempt rather than a robbery gone horribly wrong. His home has been cordoned off while it is dusted for prints and other investigation by the newly established ‘forensics’ department of the constabulary. It is hoped that new scientific methods will shed light on clues that more traditional methods might show. Tessona was also stabbed last night, but on the way home, in a quiet but open part of the city. This murder was carried out much earlier yesterday than Snip Exeutor’s, but her body was only discovered this morning. No items from her person appear to be stolen, indicating that this too was not a crime of theft turned ugly. It is unknown whether this killing was due to a Spiked assault or a vigilante taking matters into their own hands; Tessona was a noted and devout follower of Splinterism. As such, constables are currently working on the theory that she was killed for her faith, either being seen as a traitor by the extremist Spiked for working against them, or that another individual made the mistake of conflating Splinterism with support for the Spiked and their goals, and took matters into their own hands in an illegal manner. The investigations into all three deaths continue. Krea Erikeller Commercial Advertisements Personal Advertisements Obituaries Other Headlines this Morning Previous Editions Day 2 has begun! Night 2 will begin at 7PM GMT on Tuesday 6th November. Snip Exeutor/Snipexe was a Noble! Tessona/Devotary of Spontaneity was a Noble! Player List
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    I have to say, I'm very glad to see this game over. I hugely enjoyed seeing the quantity of RP, and watching players make something of the game, but it took a monumental amount of effort each rollover. I apologise for the delays to rollovers, which were mostly my fault. Unfortunately, El had to largely drop out for personal reasons, and Wilson and my schedules didn't line up, so we spent most of the game managing this with one or the other of us trying to do everything each cycle. As those of you who have read the dead doc will notice, this game wasn't in a state to run when we started the game. As such, I had to build a lot of it as it went. For those of you who came off badly as a result of the balancing that happened as the game went on, whether with the selected win conditions, traits, or rulings we made, I apologise. I'd be keen to hear players' opinions the balance, as my own perspective most certainly lead to a set of mistakes. I'd thank Wilson immensely for her help this game, both with the inception of a game like this, her invaluable input on balancing decisions, her vision and drive, and for taking over for the end of the game, where looming deadlines, mid terms, and my 21st meant I stepped back entirely.
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    Kelsier: I am Hope. Dalinar: I am Unity. Batman: I am Batman.
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    Elend: I don't like ash. It's rough and course, and it stains everything.
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    1 of the many preliminary sketch pages for the different looks of various axehound breeds I was thinking of doing a while ago before I got busy. T_T
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    Not bad, @hoiditthroughthegrapevine, not bad, but now, give it up for HUUUUUUUUUMAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! I took a little bit of a different track with this one, I hope no one minds. Human has been fun to represent, but I feel like I've exhausted all the Koloss jokes I can come up with, and to be honest I'm looking forward to trying out some other characters. So with that, if @Ashspren approves, I'd actually like to concede the match to @hoiditthroughthegrapevine (his rap was better anyway) Well fought!
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    This thread is hilarious. And the title is one of the best elevator pitches I’ve read in a long time. Kudos to all of you. If Sanderson wrote the Bible, he’d write the Old Testament in reverse order. It would take him several years, and he’d drop hints about what will happen in Genesis as he goes, but he’d keep enough secret to keep his readers guessing. Then he’d get bored of that, write the New Testament on a bus ride to Idaho, and spend a few months doing book tours. Only after all that would he finally write Genesis and answer everyone’s burning questions. But even then, it would probably just be to stop people from writing so much Moses fan-fiction.
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    hi been lurking around for a while...decided to branch out and join the fun. I'm big into Cosmere, and love reading the threads with theories and WoBs, so. Going to the Chicago signing next month - still can't believe it, honestly. Brandon's books saved my life once upon a time - depression and OCD are not fun - and I'll be glad of the chance to meet him and thank him for all the wonderful worlds and people that he's given us in his books, and the messages of hope and bravery that they bring us.
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    I like Rhythm of the Lost. has a nice ring to it and has an appropriately ominous sound to it
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    Planet Rhythm; Rhythm Planet; Venli's How to Lose a God in 10 Days; 10 Things I HATE About Odium
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