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    Rhythm of War is fast approaching! If you’re like me, you’ve been obsessing over every tidbit of information that Brandon has released about the book. If you’re not as crazy as I am, you’re in luck because I’m going to share with you everything we currently know about Rhythm of War. The book is going to open with a Navani prologue. Brandon has shared the beginning of that prologue with us. It cuts off right when we start getting to the juicy stuff, but it looks like we will see more of Gavilar’s secrets from that night. It’s not shown in the chapter, but we can also assume that (spoiler alert) Gavilar will die at the end of the prologue. Before we get into the nitty gritty details, here’s a quick overview of the structure. This book will have three arcs that take place in three different locations. Arc one will contain five point of view characters, two of which will have fewer chapters. Arcs two and three will both have two point of view characters. Arc two’s characters will be in a narrowly focused but very involved plot while arc three just touches on what the two]characters are doing. The structure is going to be more similar to The Way of Kings than Words of Radiance or Oathbringer. Each arc will have it’s own climax that will be spread out throughout the book, so the ending won’t be quite as compact as Oathbringer’s was. The main plot of the book is going to begin one year after the end of Oathbringer. We’ll get to see the benefits of our heroes having a year of training in the time jump. The characters are going to all begin in the same location before splitting off to three different locations. With the implication that Kaladin and Jasnah will share a scene, this is a likely location for it to happen. Szeth is going to start the book in jail at Dalinar’s orders. Based on Brandon’s outline, arcs one and two will have point of views in this part. We have a part of a Lirin chapter and part of a Venli chapter released. The Lirin chapter takes place in Hearthstone and the Venli chapter takes place in Kholinar. With those locations both in Alethkar, could they be part of the same arc of the book? I think it’s very likely. The man Lirin is searching for in his chapter is the Herdazian General from the Sheler interlude in Oathbringer. Brandon has confirmed that he will have an important role in the book. Fans who got Brandon’s November 2019 newsletter will have received the full version of the chapter. The flashbacks in Rhythm of War are going to be a combination of Venli and Eshonai perspectives. Venli’s flashbacks will have more of the behind-the-scenes details and cosmere mysteries, while Eshonai will likely be the character more people enjoy reading. We have a prototype Eshonai flashback that you can read. The content is not necessarily canonical; Brandon wrote in to get Eshonai’s voice down. As the outline shows, the flashbacks will not begin until part three of the novel. Why is unclear but is certainly an interesting question to consider. Along with Venli and Eshonai, there is going to be another character that has a major role in the main narrative. This character is not one of the ones with flashbacks, which only narrows down the possibilities slightly. Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, and Szeth will all still feature prominently, though Dalinar will not have as large a role in this book as in Oathbringer or Stormlight 5. Brandon has given us a few details about what Hoid will be up to in this book. He and Jasnah will have some interaction. Brandon’s favorite scene in the book takes place in part 4, when Hoid tells a story to someone. The point of view character for this scene has only one chapter in the book. Hoid is going to have an extra special soliloquy in the epilogue, and it’s something Brandon has been planning for a long time. While we don’t yet have the in-world back cover for the book, we do have a description from the Amazon page. This description indicates that we will learn more about fabrial technology and the Sibling. Brandon himself has confirmed that we’ll be learning more about how fabrials work. Fans who received the newsletter exclusive chapter mentioned earlier will know that the part 1 epigraphs will be Navani’s notes on fabrials. We also know that Brandon plans to answer what spren look like in Shadesmar when trapped in a fabrial in this book. Of course we also have some odds and ends when it comes to what’s been said about Rhythm of War. We're going to see a new Dustbringer appear. We’ll also see Maya at some point, though whether that’s just her Shardblade form or something more is unknown. Rhythm of War is, of course, an in-world text. Lift is going to have an interlude, the beginning of which is available to read. And of course we can’t forget to mention the infamous shameful ribbon that appears somewhere. The text isn’t the only thing that makes a Stormlight book awesome. We’ve also got some incredible art to look forward to. We’re going to get more Herald art like the endpages in Oathbringer. We don’t know which Heralds yet, but a Taln image in that style has been revealed and it’s incredible. We’re going to get two more of the lovely fashion folio pages. We’re also going to get illustrations of every Order spren except the Bondsmiths'. Could this be the best batch of art in a Stormlight book so far? If you read all this and thought “Wow, that’s a lot”, then I have some exciting, or maybe terrifying, news for you. What we know only barely scratches the surface of what’s in store for us in November. THere are characters and arcs that we know nothing about yet. So hold onto your gemstones and get ready for another epic story. Special thanks to @Pagerunner, whose Stormlight 4 Readings and Info post made this a lot easier to research and write.
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    I've started a reread of Oathbringer in anticipation for Rhythm of War, and just thought I'd spend way too long dissecting like one line that Pattern says. So, at the beginning of Chapter 40 of Oathbringer we have a letter sent to Shallan by the Ghostbloods explaining stuff about the Sons of Honor and the Skybreakers. After we get to read the letter, (on page 422 of the hardcover) Pattern drops this: Now, I know Pattern likes to drop the word "lies" in a crap ton of places that most of us wouldn't, and I don't believe that he's some sort of lie detector who will 100% always know when a lie is there. However, I do believe that the Branderson pays very, very deep attention to his writing and that he may have dropped this line as a flag to this reader, like "Hey, this thing is written by the Ghostbloods, and they have no reason to tell the whole truth to Shallan: just enough of the truth to keep her hooked and convinced that they have information she doesn't. Take the cue." Well, do I think there is any hard, textual evidence that this letter is a bit cremmy? Yes, but let's work it all out. Yes, I'm going to call it "crem" instead of "BS," just live with it. Here's the outline of the points that the letter made: Besides the Ghostbloods, there are (at least) two other secret societies: the Sons of Honor and the Skybreakers. Gavilar and Amaram were members of the Sons of Honor. The Sons of Honor sought to return the Desolation in order to strengthen the Vorin church, and this lead to Gavilar's assassination (although others also wanted him dead). The Skybreakers, lead by Nale, did not betray their oaths and have persisted since the Recreance. Nale kills those who are on the verge of becoming Radiants, or sends his Skybreakers/acolytes to do so because he fears new Radiants will lead to a new Desolation. (Alternatively, he turns them into Skybreakers if they are properly aligned) Shallan's mother was associated with the Skybreakers, who may have detected a budding Radiant in her household. This lead to her attempt to murder Shallan. However, the Skybreakers ended up believing this Helaran was the one bonding a spren. Helaran was sent to kill Amaram because of his affiliation with the Sons of Honor. The Skybreakers knew about a member of Amaram's army about to bond a spren, and this person was "eliminated." Kaladin was unknown to them, because otherwise he'd be dead. Now, let's sift through these 5 points and see if we find any crem. Point 1: No crem detected. This pretty much confirms what we see from Amaram's chapter in Words of Radiance about the Sons of Honor, and what Szeth sees later on in Oathbringer. The reference to others wanting Gavilar dead makes sense when you remember his last words about Sadeas and Thaidakar. I might modify the "vorin" bit just because Gavilar seems very cosmere-aware and less religious than just plain power hungry but otherwise this seems accurate. Point 2: No crem detected. We've seen this happen multiple times, and heard Nale's monologue. Point 3: Probably some crem. Some stuff isn't adding up here. Shallan's mom clearly knew that Shallan was the Radiant, so why would the Skybreakers suddenly decide that it's Helaran? They do not explain how Shallan's mother knows about Shallan's bond while the rest of the Skybreakers do not, and this looks like a major hole in the Ghostblood's story. At the very least, they are leaving out some details about either Shallan's mother or Helaran's affiliation. (warning: very minor spoiler for the Rhythm of War Prologue, which Brandon has read online.) Point 4: This is where my crem alarm went off. Let's think this one through. At first glance, the Skybreakers and the Sons of Honor have obvious opposing ideals and it's easy to buy that the Skybreakers would assassinate one of the Sons of Honor. But let's take a closer inspection and see if we've read any hard evidence of these two groups fighting. No. In fact, we've seen the opposite. Let's also look, again, at what Gavilar says as he's dying. He thinks he's been assassinated by either Sadeas or Thaidakar, not by the Skybreakers. Despite the fact that his assassin can STORMING FLY. Throughout his entire battle with Gavilar, Szeth only uses his surge of Gravitation. (okay tbh I'm not rereading to check but I'm pretty darn sure Szeth doesn't try to stick stuff to Gavilar with Adhesion, and also Decay probably wouldn't work against Shardplate so Gavilar has no reason not to believe he's using Skybreaker surges). The fact that Gavilar doesn't think his FLYING, GLOWING assassin is a Skybreaker would be simply ridiculous if he knew that they opposed him. (I'm also assuming Gavilar knows about the Skybreakers from his conversation with Nale). Well, you might say that we're now talking about Gavilar when we should really be talking about Amaram. That's a fair point, so let's look a the timing and execution here. First of all, why now? The Sons of Honor don't seem to have had much of a plan following Gavilar's assassination, besides the extensive mapping of the Shattered Plains which Amaram is caught conducting by Shallan. But at this point in time, Amaram isn't in the Shattered Plains at all: he's fighting some random skirmishes in the middle of Alethkar. Why would they Skybreakers kill him now, when they left him alone when the Sons of Honor were on the verge of success during the night of Gavilar's death, and when he actually decided to go to the Plains later? The execution is also, like, really weird. The Ghostbloods claim that Helaran was sent to kill Amaram as a test, but it's hardly a test of skill for a full Shardbearer to take down a plain warrior. If this is a test, it's a wimpy one. And after Helaran's failure, why not send another assassin? Yes, Amaram is a bit beefier as a full shardbearer now but we clearly see Szeth, who is weaker than a 3rd oath Windrunner, best multiple full shardbearers (using mostly gravitation, I might add) and we know there are 3rd and 4th ideal Skybreakers along with 5th ideal Nale. Any of these guys could easily wallop Amaram's not-so-sorry chull straight to Braize. The only argument you might make is that it would attract a ton of attention, but guess who's flying around murdering full shardbearers at the time? Szeth would be the perfect cover story: if the Skybreakers assassinated Amaram at any point during the first two books, it would have been pinned on Szeth, no questions asked. What an unfathomably stupid opportunity to ignore. Also, much like Gavilar, Amaram thinks Thaidakar is to blame (although Amaram may not know of the Skybreakers). I simply cannot buy that the Skybreakers want Amaram dead. But wait, how does this make any sense? These two groups are blatantly opposed in intention. My best guess is that Nale would kinda like being revered as who he is and be able to enforce the law, and that he's fine with Radiants and a Desolation as long as he's in charge of directing the events—hence his collaboration with Gavilar. Point 5: Possible crem. The proto-radiant mentioned here seems to be Tien, and he does die. So why am I calling out some crem? Because of all the crem in point 4. If Helaran wasn't sent to kill Amaram, why was he there? How could they have noticed Tien, but not Kaladin? I think that Helaran WAS sent to kill Kaladin, and that his attack on Amaram was a tactic to draw Kaladin out. They're on a massive battlefield, and it's not really easy to pin down where one random soldier might be. But if you know they've got the ideals of a Windrunner, you know that they're sure as hell going to run to protect their commanding officer. Kaladin hasn't committed any crimes (even petty ones) that they could pin on him, so they had to kill him in a battle since that's not really illegal I guess? Meanwhile, the Ghostbloods don't tell Shallan about this so they can claim that the Skybreakers want to kill the Sons of Honor. As for why Kaladin wasn't killed by the Skybreakers while he was a slave, I think Amaram's cover-up may have actually worked. The Skybreakers assumed that Helaran's mission was accomplished (and that Amaram killed him) after they were unable to detect any further radiant activity from the area. At the very least, I think this is easier to explain than all the problems with Point 4. So, what's the point? If my analysis is correct, it seems like the Ghostbloods are trying to frame the Skybreakers for actions against the Sons of Honor. Conspicuously missing from the letter is any mention of where the Ghostbloods themselves stand on this conflict. We know that both Gavilar and Amaram think Thaidakar wants to murder them, and that Thaidakar is connected to the Ghostbloods. Why not tell Shallan that the Ghostbloods are in conflict with the Sons of Honor? Shallan is ideologically opposed to the Sons so it would even make sense for the Ghostbloods to make the case that they don't like each other. This seems like a glaring detail to omit. Personally, I think that the reason the Ghostbloods and Sons of Honor are in conflict is something pretty nefarious that they aren't willing to reveal, and that they thus want to paint as much antagonism as possible on both the Skybreakers and the Sons so that Shallan doesn't hate the Ghostbloods even more. So, that's been my absurdly long analysis stemming from a single sentence uttered by Pattern. Yup. There ya go. I'd like to hear everybody's thoughts, and feel free to murder me with words if you disagree with my breakdown. Edit: forgot to include this mini-theory originally Mraize's phrasing about Tien's death is interesting. The exact quote is "From our spying upon the Skybreakers, we have records showing the only member of Amaram's army to have bonded a spren was long since eliminated." Eliminated. Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid, but should we just believe the Skybreakers knew of Tien, yet did nothing? Tien's completely innocent of any crimes, so it protects him from their direct assassination but I wouldn't put it against the Skybreakers to pull a few strings and make sure a messenger boy winds up on the front lines of combat. If this mini-theory is true, then it has pretty big implications about how Kaladin might react towards the Skybreakers if he ever find this out.
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    This took me a ridiculously long amount of time to make. YOU SHALL ENJOY MY PAIN Please enjoy.
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    It's the story of a piece of God that was trying to understand the pain of a human and went to a god to ask for help, but he couldn't give it to her. So she went to a human that experienced pain himself, and he made her look into herself to find a way to understand. It's a fairytale with Stormlight characters. I've been in a somewhat emotionally fragile state since I read it.
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    Today Brandon replied to some Reddit threads about his 2020 plans after he finishes Rhythm of War, and talked about the timeline for The Lost Metal! Hooray details, hooray Brandon being transparent with us. Please note that these aren't surefire things, and this is the "perfect world" sort of scenario. First up: looks like Rhythm of War is taking a week or so longer than planned, with its turn in date now being July 10th (it was originally July 1st). The Stormlight novella, which will part of The Way of Kings leatherbound kickstarter tiers, will be up next. Brandon plans to write it mid-July to mid-August, beta read it late August, and then do revisions in early October. Lastly, the copyedit done mid-October, to get to people a month before Rhythm of War. To me this is a pretty tight timeline, and Brandon does admit things can slide and he'll try to be up-front about it. The novella may not be called Wandersail, as that is the ship's name, but this novella doesn't have to do with Hoid's story in The Way of Kings. Later in the year, he will work on Skyward 3, then with the goal to begin The Lost Metal, the fourth Mistborn Era 2 story, on January 1st, 2021. After that, it's the fourth and final Skyward book, with a target for starting on Stormlight 5 the following January. Also, Brandon wants to fit in a "quick draft" of Songs of the Dead (formerly Death by Pizza), and probably will push back a revision of The Apocalypse Guard a bit later. So, you know, I'd say that after Rhythm of War finishes, fitting in a novella, Skyward 3, Lost Metal, Skyward 4, that's pretty productive for the time in-between Stormlights. That doesn't even include any of the other projects, like Apocalypse Guard, Songs of the Dead, Alcatraz 6, or whatever else that might pop up. Sounds good to me. In case you missed it: Brandon posted a large blog post on The Way of Kings leatherbound Kickstarter, which has updated tiers from what we previously reported. The Kickstarter goes live July 7th!
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    I’ve been rereading The Way of Kings and it stood out to me how Hesina in Kaladin’s flashbacks seems very scholarly, and she also seems to be interested in and to know a lot about spren, and now I can’t stop thinking that she is actually Hessi, the author of Hessi’s Mythica! We know that Hesina’s past is shrouded in mystery but that she comes from a more high ranking family. As such, it makes sense to me that she would have been highly educated in the Alethi feminine arts and pursued scholarship. And there is of course the obvious connection with the name Hessi and Hesina being very similar. It is said that she and Lirin met during Lirin’s travels, and we know that Lirin was training to be a surgeon in Kharbranth so my guess is that this is where they met. I believe that Hesina was in Kharbranth at that time studying the Unmade - 1) because the Palaneum would be the best place to research such a topic, and 2) because perhaps she figured out that Moelach was there and was studying the Death Rattles (which would have brought her into contact with Lirin if she was in the hospital to observe the Death Rattles herself). Hessi’s Mythica appears to be very certain about and familiar with the Death Rattles: Throughout Kaladin’s flashbacks we get a sense of Hesina’s intellectual nature. We know that she can read and write unlike other women in Hearthstone. Then there is the way she offhandedly corrects Kaladin’s use of words, and her use of wit and logic, for example: When Kaladin is upset about the townspeople gossiping about his father, Hesina tells him: The way she explains things to Kaladin in such a wise and level way reminds me of Jasnah, or rather it reminds me of a scholar. However this quote I think is even more significant. We know that Hessi’s Mythica was poorly received due its controversial arguments about the Unmade. So when Hesina says that people are “frightened of knowledge” and that things they don’t understand must be dark and mysterious, I think she is drawing on her own experience here too. Perhaps what stands out to me most of all is that the focus of one of the few interactions we see between Hesina and Kaladin is her knowledge of spren. It does not seem to be a superstitious kind of knowledge, nor does it seem to be common knowledge. To me it comes across as a scholarly knowledge, and something Hesina is very confident about. If we turn to Hessi’s Mythica, Hessi too seems to have a deep knowledge of spren. Mythica makes a point of identifying the Unmade as types of spren. The fact that Hessi makes reference to Jasnah shows that Hessi was writing in this current period, so Hesina is around the right age that Hessi would likely be. But it also means that in order for Hesina to actually be Hessi, she would have had to have published it while living in Hearthstone, not 19 years ago in Kharbranth when Jasnah would have been only about 15 years old. This isn't too big of an issue for me though. Hesina could have amassed her research and evidence and then finished writing it later on in Hearthstone, perhaps continuing her research in other ways that Kaladin wouldn't have been aware of as a child. These are my main thoughts, although I admit it is a bit of a crackpot theory!
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    So, you've read some of Brandon Sanderson's books, and you liked them enough that you want to talk about it with other fans online.... But it doesn't take you long to realize that you have no idea what everyone's talking about. Shards of Adonalsium? Realmatic theory? Worldhoppers? "I don't remember any of this in the books I read!" Fear not! This article is for you! What is the Cosmere? The cosmere is the fictional universe in which many of Brandon Sanderson's novels take place. Stories set in the cosmere share an underlying theorem of magic, a creation myth, a cosmology, and a few other key concepts. Characters and cultures can (and do) cross over between worlds. The connections in Brandon's earlier publications merely consist of a few scattered Easter eggs, but these become more obvious and meaningful with each book. Seeing and understanding these connections can add an extra layer to your experience with his books -- there's a reason we can't stop talking about it! We've designed this page to point out all of the main things you may have missed, or that Brandon has said in interviews with fans, so that you can discover the secret world hidden in Brandon's books and be ready to participate in some of the more complicated discussions as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. For a more in-depth answer to this question, keep reading. For Brandon's own short answer to this question, see the FAQ on his website. For the complete list of works set in the cosmere, see here. A note on spoilers: This article contains minor spoilers for some cosmere books--particularly Mistborn and Stormlight Archive. Links to the Coppermind wiki often contain many spoilers. If you haven't read all the books, we would encourage you not to read beyond the Reading Order recommendations section! Does it matter? Knowledge of the cosmere is generally non-essential to understand and enjoy Sanderson's work as each story/series stands on its own. That said, understanding the cosmere can enhance your experience and give you something extra to chew on if you'd like to dive deeper into Sanderson's universe. So if you start looking into the cosmere and find all of this to be overwhelming or uninteresting, that's totally okay. Take your time, or just don't even worry about it! Maybe this will help: You can think of the cosmere like Marvel's Cinematic Universe, but without the Avengers movies overtly tying everything together. You can watch all of the Thor movies without watching Guardians of the Galaxy, but Thor: Ragnarok is certainly a bit more fun with that extra interstellar context. And you can totally watch Guardians of the Galaxy without caring why a talking duck showed up after the credits, but if you want to be like one of the amazing nerds who gets a chuckle out of scenes like that… this article is your starting point! Sanderson ultimately has plans for some books that will involve the overarching story of the cosmere more directly. At this time, experiencing the cosmere primarily involves connecting the universe's basic concepts and identifying characters who show up in unexpected places and seem to know more than they let on. Reading Order Before we get into the weeds, let's talk reading. There is no “right order” to read the cosmere in. Publication order is a common suggestion, which allows you to experience the books as if reading them from the start, but you should read the cosmere in whichever order you most enjoy. If you want to try something new, branch off to a different world or series. If you really like the series/world you've been reading, then keep going down that road. Most reading orders will point out a few books that can be considered “starter” books. From these you can dive deeper into a particular series or branch off to something new. Some commonly recommended starting points include: Elantris — If you like the idea of reading in publication order, this is where you should begin. This is the first book Brandon published. Mistborn: The Final Empire — The original Mistborn trilogy (Era 1) is the most frequently recommended place to start. Warbreaker — This is a standalone book that's available for free on Brandon's website. The Emperor's Soul — This Hugo Award-winning novella is a great way to experience Sanderson's strengths with very minimal commitment. The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive) — This epic is far from complete and requires the reader to place a lot of trust in Sanderson--it opens with a lot of worldbuilding and a slow start. But if truly epic fantasy is your thing and incomplete series don't give you pause, this is perhaps Brandon's finest work. For an interactive reading guide, see this page. Brandon's own recommendations can be found on his website. Two final notes on reading order: We highly encourage reading Warbreaker sometime before Words of Radiance. We highly encourage reading Mistborn: Secret History after The Bands of Mourning. Adonalsium, Shards, and Investiture Adonalsium and the Cosmere A long time ago, there existed an entity called Adonalsium. Very little is known about who or what Adonalsium truly was. Adonalsium's touch suffused the cosmere, and many worlds, such as Roshar, were grown by it and bear its design. It was the source of all of the cosmere's magic and was said to control the powers of creation. One day, Adonalsium broke into sixteen fragments in an event that became known as the Shattering of Adonalsium. Why or how Adonalsium was shattered remains a mystery. The Shards of Adonalsium Sixteen of those who were present at the Shattering took up these fragments, or Shards, and became godlike themselves. They went their separate ways, (well, some did) creating worlds and seeding the cosmere with more life. The magic of the cosmere continues to stem from these Shards. Each Shard has an "intent" that it strives to fulfill, which gradually molds and warps the holder of the Shard, the Vessel, until they are absolutely incapable of acting against it. This nature is so dominating that both the Shards and the Vessels are usually referred to simply by the Shard's intent. Note, however, that the intent of a Shard cannot be precisely conveyed in a single word, and there is some room for interpretation as to what each Shard's intent incorporates. Some Shards include Ambition, Autonomy, Honor, Ruin, and Devotion. Though these demigods may appear godlike to mortals, they are neither all-powerful nor all-knowing. Shards may be Splintered--a process which leaves the Vessel dead and the power of the Shard dispersed. Shards are also able to subdivide themselves into avatars, each with a distinct identity, though the exact nature of these entities and how they relate to the Shard and its Vessel is unclear. Investiture, Splinters, and Slivers Investiture is the catch-all term for magical energy in the cosmere. Investiture, which comes from the Shards, is the power source for all of the cosmere's magic systems. Most beings in the cosmere have some innate Investiture, which makes up their soul. Magical powers are sometimes obtained when one's spirit (sometimes called a spirit web) becomes suffused with a larger amount Investiture. A Splinter is a portion of a Shard's Investiture that has been severed from it, either willingly or unwillingly. Sometimes, these Splinters will develop sentience and sapience, and they can become highly intelligent beings. (Note that non-Splintered Shards can still have Splinters.) A Sliver, on the other hand, is a person who once held a significant portion of a Shard's power. Holding that much power stretched and expanded their soul. The Worlds There was an original world named Yolen. Yolen was home to three intelligent species (human, dragon, and Sho Del), and is the planet that the original sixteen Vessels came from. All human life in the cosmere either came from Yolen or was modeled after it. After the Shattering, the Shards spread and settled down on many different worlds throughout the cosmere. These include: World Stories First of the Sun Sixth of the Dusk Nalthis Warbreaker Roshar The Stormlight Archive Scadrial Mistborn Sel Elantris, The Emperor's Soul Taldain White Sand Threnody Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Worldhoppers and Notable Characters A small number of enterprising individuals in the cosmere have learned how to travel between these worlds. These worldhoppers have a huge variety of backgrounds and motivations. Some worldhoppers are acting individually while others are part of an organization, like the Seventeenth Shard. Hoid Among the cosmere's worldhoppers, there is none so prominent as the ever-mysterious Hoid, originally of Yolen. Hoid, which isn't even his real name, is thousands of years old, having been present at the Shattering of Adonalsium. Whatever happened to Hoid in his past, he's no longer exactly human, at least in the traditional sense. He has a way of knowing where he needs to be at the right time, and he uses this to subtly influence events behind the scenes. Hoid's true motives and goals are as hidden as his real name. Hoid has appeared in nearly every cosmere novel so far, though he is often in disguise and will occasionally use pseudonyms, such as Dust, Topaz, Cephandrius, and Wit. Trying to spot him in every book is part of the fun of the cosmere. He seems to prefer disguising himself as a beggar, an informant, a storyteller, or a jester, so look for him to be playing one of these roles. He is also often, though not always, described as having white hair and an angular, hawklike or arrowlike face. Among many other things, Hoid has the ability to Lightweave (create illusions), he can heal from extreme injuries, he doesn't age, and he has a way to dilate time so that he doesn't have to wait as long for important moments. The planned series Dragonsteel will tell the story of Hoid's origin and the Shattering of Adonalsium, and Hoid is planned to be a main character in the final Mistborn trilogy. Khriss and Nazh Khriss, from Taldain, is the worldhopper who writes the Ars Arcanum at the end of each book, and she's the most knowledgeable of anyone—including Hoid—about the cosmere as a whole. Khriss has been described as dark-skinned, with her hair woven into tight braids. Nazh is her assistant, a worldhopper from Threnody, tasked with collecting various maps and drawings from throughout the cosmere. They are often included in the books with his personal notes to Khriss in his distinctive handwriting. One of his most identifying characteristics is his tendency to use Threnodite swears, such as "shadows". He has also been described as lanky, with a narrow face and sand-colored hair. Organizations Famous individuals aren't the only ones to keep track of, however, as there are several notable organizations at play in the greater cosmere. We know of at least one entire city that exists "between" worlds, called Silverlight, and it harbors the university that Khriss is associated with. Also headquartered in Silverlight is the Seventeenth Shard, a mysterious organization with an aggressive non-intervention policy where the Shards are concerned. Not every group shares these same opinions about not interfering with the rest of the cosmere, however. Significant among these are the Ire, an ancient order of Elantrians, and the shadowy Ghostbloods, who currently seek to use the True Desolation on Roshar to their own benefit. While their goals may be a mystery, their influence on the cosmere cannot be underestimated. The Three Realms Almost everything in the cosmere has a body, a mind, and a soul, and each exists in one of three Realms. The Physical Realm is world of the body, where physical objects exist. This Realm is the only one that normal human beings consciously perceive. The Cognitive Realm, also known as Shadesmar, is the world of the mind. The Cognitive Realm is strange and alien: Water is solid, land is fluid, and shadows point backwards. Thoughts and ideas take on real form in this Realm. After a person dies, a leftover impression of their mind, their Cognitive Shadow, will linger shortly in the Cognitive Realm before passing on. The Cognitive Shadow can sometimes persist for longer periods of time, however, by various magical means. The Spiritual Realm is the world of the soul. Once you reach the Spiritual Realm, there's no such thing as space or distance anymore, just Connection between people and places. Those who peer into the Spiritual Realm can see all the branching possibilities of the future. The power of the Shards resides mostly (usually) in the Spiritual Realm. Large amounts of Investiture can pull the three realms close enough together that perpendicularities form—junctions which allow worldhoppers to cross between the Physical and Cognitive Realms. Often, these perpendicularities can be found where the power of a Shard is concentrated into a pool of liquid. The Cognitive Realm is of particular interest to worldhoppers because distances are compressed there in places where there is little or no mental activity (such as outer space), meaning worldhoppers can use the Cognitive Realm to actually walk from one planet to another. Depending on the Shardworld, the Cognitive Realm can be an extremely dangerous place. Chronology While in most cases we don't know how many years take place between books in different series, we do know the chronological order of most of them. In order, they are: White Sand Elantris The Emperor's Soul Mistborn Era 1 Warbreaker Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Stormlight 1-5 Mistborn Era 2 Stormlight 6-10 Mistborn Era 3 Sixth of Dusk Mistborn Era 4 For more information, see this post. More Resources The best way to dive into the cosmere is to find a fan community to interact with. While you may see a lot of confusing conversations going on, just ask questions and you'll be caught up before you know it. The 17th Shard offers both forums and a Discord chat server to this end. The other two important resources to be aware of are the Coppermind wiki and Arcanum, both operated by the 17th Shard. But beware that BOTH of these resources include heavy spoilers for all of Brandon's books! The Coppermind is a wiki covering all of Brandon Sanderson's works, with an emphasis on the cosmere. Just dive right in by searching for pages that interest you, or by browsing through the page categories. Arcanum is an archive of everything Brandon has said publicly about his stories, drawing from interviews, social media, book signings, and more. There's a LOT to learn about the cosmere just by hearing directly from the man himself! Search for specific terms or browse entries by tags. We could always use help adding more information to the Coppermind or transcribing audio on Arcanum, and you don't need to be an expert to help. Stop by the #coppermind and #arcanum channels in our Discord server to help out. There's no better way to learn more about the cosmere than by helping improve these resources! So that's it for now! We hope this has been both informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here!
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    Second to last meme that I made on that fateful, boring day: You may find it funny, and you may not. I thought it was funny .
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    I've been thinking for some time about the presentation of disability and chronic pain in Brandon's novels. I've been rereading a number of his books to refresh my memory on some of the details as well and I ended up with a lot of thoughts. I've written him a letter trying to provide some insight and I think it's a topic worth discussing here as well. Fair warning: it's kind of...long. But I think it needed to be to really unpack and explain what I wanted to talk about. Spoiler Warning: The letter includes direct spoilers for Mistborn, Stormlight, Elantris, Warbreaker and Reckoners. But other books are relevant to the topic as well. If you haven't read some of Brandon's books and are concerned about spoilers this is not a safe thread to read.
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    Is Kaladin Michael Jordan-ing? After Michael Jordan's father died, he quit basketball for a time to play baseball, the sport his father always wanted him to play. Eventually he came back to basketball. Has Lirin died and in his guilt and grief has Kaladin abandoned fighting to become a surgeon as he thinks he needs to make amends to his father? This could all be part of his journey to the fourth Ideal. He failed to protect his father and he's still struggling with his failure here.
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    Quite a few good bits from this interlude. I wonder if Syl is hearing the conflux of the Rhythms that occurs in a highstorm? This appears to be a pretty clear confirmation that Shardplate is comprised of lesser spren. But it's something intentional, something that happens as a normal process of creating Shardblades, and thus wasn't "corrupted" or made terrible by the Recreance. Seems like Syl has some mental illness, as well, which has some interesting ramifications. This doesn't look like she's sharing Kaladin's situation. But, since mental illnesses have physiological components (which is why they can be treated with medication), how does this occur for a being who does not have a physiology? Lights, that aren't Stormlight? Could this be the mystery Third Light (not Voidlight or Stormlight)? Also, I think dead vs alive grants some more credence to the idea that the Sibling is Urithiru - Looks like Kaladin has a meltdown and gives up the life of a soldier. (But not that of a Radiant, since Syl's here.) I wonder what the impetus is. We know Kaladin's fighting in Hearthstone at the beginning of the book, from other excerpts. Does Lirin bite it? And Kaladin isn't enough of a surgeon to help him? So now Kaladin gives up his spear to focus on protecting people through healing them? But then again, this seems like something Dalinar did to him. Maybe Dalinar stripped him of his Surges, since they weren't healthy for him? Either way, it seems like we're going to see some serious regression on Kaladin's part, the same way we saw it with Shallan in Oathbringer. I was not a fan of it then; I hope it goes better this time around. Ah, the good lore dumps. Peakspren - I suspect these are the Stoneward spren. Mountain peaks, which are in fact quite rocky, will be a good name for "cracked stone" spren. The origin of intelligent spren is another interesting question; I think, with the genders they have, that they must have all come about from interactions with humans, which generally fits with the timeline. Dalinar's powers. The "Bondsmith" Syl is referring to has to be Ishar, I think. He's got some titles that match up pretty well - Binder of Gods, I believe, and Architect (or was it Founder?) of the Oathpact. (Not sure why "connected" to Braize isn't capitalized. But this seems like the same issue of Connection that's being discussed with Gavilar in the prologue.) And the Radiants being called "Ishar's Knights" fits with binding other Surges and creating/discovering the Nahel bond. I think the current role of Bondsmith has been formalized into the Surgebinder/Knight Radiant system, but the raw power of what a Bondsmith (and what Dalinar) can accomplish is something older and greater than Surgebinding. Which fits this description, and is something I've talked about in my thread on the Surges: that Dalinar has manipulated base Realmatics, on a more magical fundamental level than other magical applications from Radiants/Mistborn/Elantrians/what have you. He's something that can rewrite the code, something much more like Rashek holding the Well of Ascension in Mistborn. (And, well, didn't we explicitly hear that Dalinar Ascended at the end of OB?) And, specifically a "Bondsmith," aside from being a powerful manipulator of Realmatics, is now on Roshar also a Radiant.
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    My Father passed away suddenly a few days ago after a devastatingly short battle with cancer. I'm trying to do what one often doesn't do, and actually say to people that I care for them, value them or am just thankful to know them. I'll try to do one of these each day, about members of the 17th Shard community. But it's not a thread about me, it's a thread about being thankful. So please, post here too if you have community members to be thankful for. Please keep it to community members though.
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    So readily admit it is in no way confirmation, but I feel Syl and Dalinar's conversation is another feather in the cap of my theory that Dalinar will have a hand in Adolin reviving Maya. His powers can literally affect the bonds between radiant and spren. I think this is foreshadowing of him restoring what was lost to those spren that were killed. Fingers crossed I am right!
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    From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Characters: Nazh (Threnody) Spook (Scadrial / Mistborn Era 1) Renarin (Roshar / Stormlight Archive) Hrathen (Sel / Elantris) Siri (Nalthis / Warbreaker) Steris (Scadrial / Mistborn Era 2) Among all the suggested characters, Spook gets the most votes. Good for him!
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    From the album Other Cosmere Art

    So I haven't posted this yet? I felt quite thrilled when drawing this XD I love them so much and how I wish I could get a time machine to read their story! (The art is per request and wildly imagined though. We actually don’t know much about Yolish dragons.) Liar of Partinel draft spoilers: Other Hoid doodles from this year and last year (Sorry for the mess of medias and styles): [Long post warning] Hoid in Greek costumes Shai trying to grab back the Moon Scepter Shai: Give back the Scepter, you foul liar! Fool: I won't give back such an useful translator. What are you going to do with me? Hoid does the worst in pilot academy Skyward x Cosmere - Spensa teasing Wit Hoid & Kelsier in suit/modern clothing Hoid as musician 1) Piano - 2) Violin - 3) Erhu (Chinese instrument) Character going dark meme Bonus: Hoid in drag as a flapper girl
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    -> Download Demo build 06 here! <- -> Download Demo build 06 LITE here! <- Hey, y'all! First thread on this forum. I'm a student at Future Games in Stockholm, and this is a pet project I'm working on between classes. I'm working in Unreal Engine 4 and its Blueprint visual coding system. I started this a couple of months ago when I was just done with the Hero of Ages and really into the allomancy magic system. I'm currently on Shadow of Self. No plot spoilers! Goal The goal of this project is to make an FPS-style Mistborn game, where you can play around with some schmexy allomancy. As a fan-made game, this will stay free-to-play. Caveat I want to make a good game representation of the Mistborn books, but some things are blocking the way. School. My time is spontaneously devoted to this project. (But now it's summer, b*tches!) Me. I'm not the most passionate die-hard fan, I just like the idea of a properly made game, as in true to the material. Controls. I want that feeling of being a cool Mistborn, jumping through the mists, throwing things around. But. Computer/console controls are severely limiting to a magical power that should take your whole body to control (Yeah, who knew, huh?). I want the player to have a good time, regardless of having read the books or not, so I will keep controls from being overly complicated. More advanced moves from the books will probably not be possible, so I will focus on making the general moves feel really cool and make sense for the player. Current features These are the features that I have right now. This will be updated as I go along. The most recent additions are in bold. Steelpushing / Ironpulling Mouse buttons for push / pull (on/off) One target at a time Lock onto target (look around and still control the object) Crap physics Coin Drop coin in front of camera Pick up coin from ground (added June 23) Hold coin in front of camera (added July 1) Choice to drop coin on ground and instantly push off it (added July 1) Choice to push coin forward from hand (added July 1) Pewter Switch on/off (added July 11) Greater jump height (added July 11) Faster running speed (added July 11) Extra Health (added July 11) Faster Regeneration (added July 11) Higher tolerance towards fall damage (added July 11) Auto-Pewter @ landing (Reactively take damage to pewter instead of Health if not burning) (added July 12) Level A small Skaa area of Luthadel by the wall Downloaded free 3D assets Sexy mist Nonsensical metal plates placed in various locations for easy testing (don't @ me) Pickupable coin pouches (added June 23) Pushable coin pouches (added June 24) Tutorial area with signs (added June 25) Pickupable metal vials (drinks immediately) (added June 25) Player Coin counter (added June 23) Health tracker (added June 24) Fall damage (added June 24) Regen health (added June 24) Metal tracker (added June 25) Auto-pick up coins and vials you pull towards you (added June 26) GUI Health bar (added June 24) Bloodshot screen while damaged (added June 24) Metal bars Steel (added June 25) Iron (added June 25) Pewter (added July 11) Coin amount (added June 25) Pewter Health bar (added July 11) Screen shake when falling too fast (added July 12) Sounds Taking fall damage (added June 24) Dying (added June 24) World music (added June 25) Pick up stuff (added June 25) Coinshot (added July 1) Asset Rights Future features
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    I've finally gotten the time to draw, so have a Lift
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    The Dark One graphic novel by Vault Comics came out on ebook on the 26th. This story is not a cosmere story, so there hasn't been too much hype in the fandom on this one. Perhaps you're waiting for the hardcover (which comes out in August). Maybe you've been burned by the White Sand graphic novels, which could never reach their full potential because the story wasn’t written for a visual format to begin with. Even then, I wouldn't say a cosmere fan has to read White Sand. It's mediocre at best. So, on that level, I can see anyone being apprehensive about another graphic novel. Let's cut to the chase: is Dark One worth getting? Yes. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and I'm almost surprised to say so! I always have a personal issue getting into new stories, even if it's from an author I love. There's just a big inertia for me against reading new stuff. You have to get invested in new characters and a new setting. It's easy for me to put a book down. I'm not sure I would have picked up Dark One rapidly unless it was for this site, if I'm being honest. Maybe you have the same problem on getting into something new, or maybe you're worried about another Brandon graphic novel that isn't great. But everyone: Dark One is definitely worth your money. The art is excellent and the story has interesting twists and turns with the hallmarks you'd expect from Brandon, like clever worldbuilding and plot. It's a quick read, even though it's 200 pages long, and now that I'm done, I'm very invested in this universe and I can't wait to see what's next. Dark One is tailor-made for the graphic novel medium, unlike White Sand which started as a prose novel, and you can see how much of a difference it makes. Characters are introduced briskly with their motivations established immediately, so you're never confused as to why anyone is doing something. The art has a lot of color and diversity, communicating in a panel or two far more than pages of dialogue or thoughts in prose could. There is worldbuilding in the art, if you're paying attention. It's put together in a wonderful, clever way that I think really shows what graphic novels can do. The world has some standard fantasy tropes, a Dark One rising and a Destined One fated to meet them, but there's this undercurrent of the Narrative which drives the machinations. Some characters chaff at the Narrative and its designs, and some work against it, even though its said to be futile. It's pretty cool, and it harkens back to Brandon playing with those ideas of prophecy and the foretold hero back in Mistborn Era 1, which I always thought was fun and there are so many ways those fantasy tropes can be used. You'd be surprised at how much depth in the worldbuilding there is, with single lines holding a lot of implications for the past and the future. If you didn't know, Dark One is a portal fantasy story, where our main character, Paul, comes from Earth and he's transported to a fantastical world (Mirandus), where he becomes the prophesied Dark One. This isn't a premise that gets me too excited on paper, but in application it is executed wonderfully well here. Both Earth and Mirandus matter, and their connections are part of the intrigue. Really, all of the story just feels smooth in a way that I didn't expect. The plot moves exceptionally quickly. I think part of this is that it is a graphic novel, where we don't need to spend time on establishing shots because we can simply do a two-page spread on a new locale and call it good. I love tightly plotted stories, so this worked great for me. The ending is quite a Sanderson avalanche, and it might feel too quick to some, but I enjoyed it a lot. There are two twists in particular that I found extremely clever and I absolutely loved it. I'm a guy who loves my sweet endings, and I am a very happy camper with Dark One. Now, you need to know that this is the first book in a series of graphic novels (I believe three of them). This graphic novel does have a satisfying conclusion, but I also need the next things in the series immediately. I wouldn't say this is a "standalone" per se. Still, I think you'll be satisfied with this first one, but I sure hope we can get more of these quickly. I do not want to have to wait twelve months for each installment. That's about it. It's tough for me to get into new stories, but Dark One hooked me very effectively and I am now super invested in this universe. When Dark One was announced, it was said to be a multimedia project with a graphic novel, TV show, podcast, and novels. We already got hints of audio originals for Dark One, and I couldn't be happier. More please! One last thing: if you're trying to get friends or family into Brandon books, but the long novels are a harder sell, this might be a great place for them to start. Thoughts from Others at 17th Shard: Argent I finally feel like I understand the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel. [Dark One definitely felt like a novel to me, key scenes were given room to breathe, and the characters and the world alike had depth to them. Probably my favorite thing about the entire graphic novel is how real most of the characters feel - like real people, with real motivations, and no easy “good” or “evil” label being applicable to them. But the art is also really neat, and the visual language is strong and consistent, and… I guess the rest is spoilers. But I would absolutely recommend this! FelCandy Dark One was a highly anticipated graphic novel for me because I saw the potential for a visual accompaniment to Brandon Sanderson's writing. Because the story was written for the medium, I feel like the worldbuilding and character development was enhanced by the artwork rather than just illustrated. The artists' use of color and dramatic framing really immersed me into the world of Mirandus and the minds of the characters. The story is truly epic in scale, and even though it is in a less wordy format, fans of Sanderson's prose will not find the story lacking in lore and depth. Last weekend we got so excited about Dark One that we recorded two Shardcasts on it. The more we discussed, the more we realized how much depth was there. Our first one will be out Friday! You can discuss Dark One on our forum or our Discord server!
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    Last night, Brandon finished his work on Rhythm of War, the fourth Stormlight Archive novel. On a screenshot saying "The End," you can see the word count is 459,629 words, which is a bit longer than Oathbringer's 454,000 words. Brandon shared in a Facebook comment that there are 112 chapters, plus interludes, and the prologue and epilogue. Brandon also said in his post that though the book releases in full on November (specifically, November 17th), preview chapters are coming before then. His tweet says "preview chapters soon." Hooray! Now, in previous news posts, some commenters have asked why they can't just read the ebook of this next week, so I thought I'd explain some things to the best of my ability as to what is happening next for the book. Please, anyone in the comments who know more than I do, comment away, I'd love to know more! Though Brandon is done, there's a lot more work to be done from people on Brandon's team as well as Tor. First up will be typesetting the Word document to look like an actual book. Then there's proofreading that needs to be done. There are Tor proofreaders, Peter (Brandon's assistant), but also there is a "gamma read" which is a proofread pass to a bit of a wider set of people, similar to the beta read. These books are really long, and even with so many eyes on the book, there are still typos in the final result. This is a super important phase. Nowadays, with Dragonsteel Entertainment being a reasonably big operation, Brandon doesn't need to micromanage this step, and Peter can deal with this. So while Brandon is done, the text isn't quite done yet. What else? Well, we need the art to all be finalized. I'm not exactly sure when the art needs to be turned in, but with every Stormlight book, there's tons of in-world art. Art takes a long time. I imagine plenty has been started already, but it might not be done quite yet. After all, we still don't have the US cover art. But I imagine the sheer weight of interior art takes a long time. Next up, there's the audiobook. Over half of Starsight's sales were audiobooks, if I recall correctly, so this is likely a large fraction of the audience. Oathbringer's audiobook is 55 hours, 5 minutes. I have to imagine actually recording it, doing multiple takes of sections, and editing it takes a very long time to record these mammoth audiobooks. Coming off editing Shardcast taking triple to quadruple the time for me to edit those, I have to believe the audiobooks are a huge undertaking. Of course, the audiobook can be recorded once the text is finalized, and once the art is done, printing can begin. You might still ask why you can't read the book after the text is finished. That's a fair question! But it occurred to me: the New York Times Bestseller list is a huge deal for advertising a book. From my understanding, you want to release all the editions of the book at the same time so they all count to the bestseller list. It would be a bad look to have the fourth Stormlight book not be a #1 bestseller. So, there are some important economic and industry reasons why we can't read it immediately. It sucks, but it is what it is. I know the wait has been brutal, but this is actually very fast for us to get the book out by November, and lots of people are putting in a lot of effort to get it to you. Still, we'll get preview chapters soon, which will be great! In Brandon's recent newsletter, he released a brand-new chapter of Rhythm of War, and if you sign up for the newsletter, it'll be sent to you! You can discuss it in our Rhythm of War spoiler board! Article image: the Gollancz cover of Rhythm of War, by Sam Green.
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    So I took some notes during the Q&A. I ended up paraphrasing a lot due to the speed of the questions, and I DEFINITELY missed some stuff. Feel free to enjoy these or fine-tune them for other articles or speculation. I'll put the Dark One spoilers in the spoiler section (27-38) I'm currently editing this post, so please bear with me! 1. Television show will still be an adaptation of the graphic novel, if Brandon gets his way. 2. Pattern’s origins are in Dark One (when it was written as a YA sort of Harry Potter book). 3. Graphic novel takes outlines from the TV show and putting in graphic novel form. The TV started to drift from the original property. Still in talks about how much it will look like the graphic novel. Sanderson is not sure how much it’ll look like the graphic novel. There’s a chance the property will be renamed and worked into something else. 4. Outline has more with Lin; graphic novel more focused on Mirandus. 5. If there is a novel, that would be the prequel. “Epic fantasy sort of novel form.” 6. Novel Outline vs Comic Outline Comic Outline: Dialogue Heavy Focused on a large number of characters . Quick moving plots . Episodes vs Parts Serialized 7. Sanderson’s five soul stamps: Recast self as a visual artist Recast as a computer programmer Very different version of self “to see what I could have been” 8. Softer magic system vs we don’t have the rules yet. We don’t have the rules, but it’s softer than Cosmere. Paul’s powers are scary to HIM and aren’t wanted. Sanderson leaned in the horror of this as opposed to the Classic Brandon System, and the story started to work better. 9. Three Seasons outlined! So expect two more graphic novels. 10. Is there a significant difference between time passing in Mirandus and Earth? Sanderson has given leeway, so unknown for now. How it works in the outline – it wouldn’t be required. When the Narrative needs a Dark One and a Destined One, one is provided. Isaac says no. Check the climax of the first volume. 11. There’s a reason Mirandus speaks English 12. There are other incantations like the Mirandus & Earth travel one. 13. Too terrible circumstances for a character? Yes, but no examples given. 14. Isaac did the map stuff. I sorta zoned out on this part. 15. Emily Sanderson did one of the maps for A Memory of Light. Mellior (sp.) Battle map? 16. White Sand Omnibus Isaac is working on this when he’s working around Rhythm of War and the Kickstarter. Adding 38 new pages of artwork at the beginning. 17. Chicken Scouts The Chromatic Chicken Scouts. Cosmere-wide organization and get Chicken Scout badges by going to Roshar. “Brave Like Chickens.” 18. Isaac LIKES the ALTA comics! He has a soft spot for the Hellboy comics. Others include Nameless City, Amulet, Five Worlds Sanderson LOVES Watchmen. Other favorites: Dr. McNinja, old school TMNT, Bone, Amulet (both he and his kids) 19. No Graphic Audio for Dark One at the moment. Separate audio adaptation, but it’d be different from the graphic novel. It’d be like a radio drama. 20. ASMR jokes abound. Isaac then noted that when Sanderson signs things, it sounds sort of like the guitar riff in Pacific Rim. 21. There will probably be a livestream on Tuesday to talk about the book. 22. Leatherbound is the furthest along for the Kickstarter. 23. Isaac’s writing time has been taken up by most other things. Worldbuilding for Darkside (Taldain). Thinking about calling it The Arcanist. Prologue to White Sand. Probably for the Omnibus. Monsters Don’t Wear Underpants Board/Lift-the-flap book. He will read it on a stream sometime. We’ll hear more about it in the next few months. 24. Cosmere storybook is an idea for the future. Kickstarter and Stormlight have sucked the air out of other projects. 25. Isaac is already working on The Alloy of Law leatherbound. 26. RoW cover It’s coming along. The color sketch has been seen. Tor will reveal it when they get it. Sanderson won’t reveal it. DARK ONE SPOILERS TIME 39. Is it possible for a Kandra to bond a spren? Rafo. Yes good question. 40. Has Odium interacted other than any shards in a meaningful way post-Ascension? RAFO 41. Unkalaki jobs are decided by birth order. Is this cultural or for other spiritual reasons? No Rocks’s circumstances are not related to that. Horneater, name of novella between books 4 & 5 42. Showing emotional or non-physical Allomancy onscreen Blue as a signifier that Allomancy is being used. Faint blue lines and flashing items. Blue veins across arms for Pewterarms Eyes flashing blue when using emotional alomancy Non-diegetic cue, and it’s a little hard. Maybe it’ll have an extra weakness and BE diegetic. 43. How did the Knights Radiant treat their transgender members? In the past the KR were WAY more progressive than currently. They would treat them as the gender the Radiant sees them self as. 44. What is the strangest place you’ve pulled inspiration from? Chicken Scouts. Pat Rothfuss’ beard magic system for charity. 45. If you could chose three aspects to have with you, what would their specialties be? Languages, a really good continuity editor (to help Karen), and a psychologist Isaac would go with fashion consultant. 46. What form is a Listener at birth? Technically Dullform but they viewed it as Childform because it’s vibrant and alive in a way Dullform isn’t. It dulls as they age. Maturity is at seven or eight – not sure about continuity. Venli is 14 in Listener years. (10 for Listener is about 16 for humans) 47. Inspiration for the Narrative It’s a balance between the magic system and a modernist take on how narrative shapes who people are. The Pattern is a major inspiration. “Stranger Than Fiction” is an inspiration. 48. Sanderson most likely WON’T write Dark One’s novelization. Due to time allocation. 49. Could a modern human and Listener have fertile children? RAFO. 50. Sanderon is an Elsecaller/Bondsmith mix. 51. The Most Powerful Sword created idea. 780 powers Most of them are useless. Sanderson wants to write this someday. Top Quotes: “Not dropping the framerates like he used to.” “I’m one of the bestselling authors in the world! I can buy a gaming PC!”
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    Seems we got some confirmation that Shardplate is made of (probably lower) spren....
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    Here's the biggest flaw in this ship; Shallan's problems stem from her father's terrifying overprotectiveness, while Kaladin is the next most overprotective character we see in the book. Even if Kaladin was protective in a healthy way, it would always bother Shallan and remind her of her father. She flips out on Adolin for talking about trying to protect her. There's no way she could be in a healthy relationship with someone who's powers and, at this point, identity are integrally twined with his need to protect everyone around him, especially those he loves.
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    Oathbringer spoiler
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    Tried to tidy up a rough sketch I did of Hoid.
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    The glowing script on the desk drawer is the epigraph from chapter 86 in WOR.
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    Wayne be like:
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    I've been a 17 Sharder for almost half the life of this fandom, but it still feels like I'm pretty new and the old guard is anyone before me! But Brandon's books and this community have dominated the last 5 years of my life. I love everything about this fandom, the people, the moderation, the variety of expertise (from linguistic to scientific) and the humour. I have a lot of amazing memories, but I'll run through my highlights, themed! Administration ARCANUM!!! For those who weren't around before Arcanum, they were days where WoB knowledge was largely contained to a few people dedicated and experienced enough to understand trawling Theoryland, TWG, forum posts and reddit. I developed by WoBfu during these dark days. The creation of Arcanum changed it all, not just making it so easy to find WoBs, but to actually hear the audio, and in some ways most importantly to allow anyone in the fandom to transcribe. The effort of transcribing events amongst a few people is formidable. Arcanum changed everything. Special thanks to @WeiryWriter and @Mestiv for making it happen, and to the other Arcanists who transcribed so much, particularly Argent and Pagerunner from memory. Being asked to be an arcanist was a real honor at the time as well, even if I've not been the best arcanist. Discord! I used to use the forums crazily, doing 30 or 40 posts a day for a year or two, until I started to have less time and realised it's really hard to keep track of the forums. And then Discord came along! Now I can drop in and out of topics, give a quick answer rather than a detailed one, and opt in and opt out of conversations easily. I do almost all my sharding on Discord now. It's great to chat with a lot of the older members who really don't use the forums at all. WoBBot!! An add-on for Arcanum, for Discord, that itself transformed the use of Arcanum to enable extremely quick call-ups of exactly the WoB you want, beautifully presented. WoBBot also has the cuuuutest emojis, if you haven't seen them, ask an Arcanist to demonstrate (they can only be called up by Arcanum staff). Big thanks to @WireSegal for this amazing feature. Shardcast!!! We get some of the most knowledgeable (and funny) sharders weekly or bi-weekly to go over WoBs, theories and quizzes. It's fantastic and a highlight of my fortnight, especially as it's expanded to include outstanding newer staff like Argent, @Jofwu, @thegatorgirl00 and Paleo (yes, they're still new staff to me, even you Argent). People First callout is to the man, and then the men, that I felt so in tune with on activity level, theorizing and personal views that we ended up somehow becoming The Hive, one of the better known memes in this community. @Calderis and I spent our formative year with the shard (he'd been an inactive member for two years) bouncing off each other, becoming obsessed with the finer details of lore and realmatics, and making each other laugh. Doesn't hurt that we have the same shardversary date, and our birthdays are two days apart. There were many early jokes about us being the same person. Then @Oversleep became so in tune with us (also a member for longer) that together we became The Hivemind (or Hive for short). Many fun times, including our annual absurdity with Ookla where we share user pics and use each other's names all month until we finally all become Ookla the Hivemind. Makes people want to kill us every year, and I love it. One day we'll do a Hivecast. Second level callout is to the great theorizers/WoBbers/fountains of knowledge, the sharders that made me realise how deep the cosmere goes and how knowledgeable one can become. All people I've had great conversations with and who got me excited in the fandom (and there are many other fantastic newer members, but these are the people that contributed to my early formative Wisdom - @Argent, @Yata, @Pagerunner, @Blightsong, @Toaster Retribution, @Steeldancer to name but a few. Final callout is to the people I've just come to really enjoy and consider an integral part of the fandom, particularly through Discord interactions. R'shara (coz of your stupid name I can't tag you as I don't know how to do an upside down R), @LadyLameness, @Otto Didact, @Kon-Tiki, @Paleo, @Botanica, @asmodeus and one of my absolute favourite people here, @Ravioli, to name just a few. Canon I finished the cosmere books just before SoS, BoM and Secret History were released. Ooooooh boy was that a time to be alive, but to be someone who wasn't a member of the fandom and simply didn't know what so many knew. It's extraordinary to reflect on the fact that there has been 1, ONE, cosmere novel release since then, Oathbringer. Yes I don't count White Sand (and i essentially consider Edgedancer part of OB). Seriously though, 1. Lord I'm looking forward to Brandon restarting non-stormlight cosmere after taking a break my entire time as a fan. The Oathbringer preview chapters. What a wonderful time to be a fan. Killed me that all the reading and discussion would go on while I was asleep, and then at work, but just wonderful times. The release of the one other Cosmere thing, Arcanum Unbounded. Those essays are just amazing. WoBs. Just...all the WoBs. Some incredible events, some incredible questions. Far too many to name. They're my bread. And a final thank you to @Chaos, @Windrunner and @WeiryWriter in particular, for their years of truly dedicated service to the fandom, Ian in WoBs, Dave in Coppermind and Eric for everything. Edit - I'll add to this one thing in two parts - I was gifted the Elantris leatherbound by a wonderful, wonderful member of the fandom, I bought the Warbreaker leatherbound coz I adore it, and was just given for my birthday all three Mistborn leatherbounds and the Way of Kings leatherbound when it comes out! Just divine.
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    Is it just me or does it feel like Syl has some form on ADD/ADHD? I wonder if that is a character trait or something which came from her experiences?
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    When you log into the Shard after a period of inactivity:
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    So, here's a thing for the convenience of everyone involved because I can already tell this is going to be a pain: It's also here, if you prefer a spreadsheet format. I don't know about anyone else but I certainly expect to use this ~every 3 minutes for most of this game so I figured I might as well share.
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    I've always thought of the Skybreakers swearing to follow a code as more of a way to remove themselves from their own selfish desires than to remove their responsibility for their actions. They see humans as fallible and so they strive to follow a code so that they can be better people. I think the fact that the current Skybreakers blindly follow the law is the result of Nale's influence more so than being what the Skybreakers are actually supposed to stand for.
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    Remember that aunt I keep talking about? The one who texts with me a lot? YKYASFW your crazy (but cool) aunt says this:
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    Edgedancer gone dark could be like Kelsier in his darkest parts of Mistborn. Slaughtering their way through the noble classes for the general way that the underclass is treated.
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    I was bored one day, so I made a bunch of memes, which I am slowly (but surely) posting. Here’s another one:
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    From the album Mistborn (Era I + II + SH)

    My brother said I make Hoid look like a stage magician rather than a jester.. I hope that's alright. I think it does kinda fit him, too.
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    With the most recent Syl interlude, we seemingly got confirmation that shardplate is made up of spren. Syl specifically refers to shardplate as being made up of lots of corpses. One of the major questions that arises from this is how the shardplate is able to regenerate from stormlight if it's made up of corpses. The following is my theory of how that happens. I believe the clue to understanding how shardplate regenerates lies in the existence of deadeyes. We know that each shardblade has a cognitive aspect whose sole purpose is to follow around the human carrying their blade. Why wouldn't shardplate have a similar cognitive aspect or aspects? I believe that shardplate has some group of cognitive beings that function similarly to the deadeyes and correspond to the various corpses in the plate. Each cognitive corpse follows around the piece of plate they correspond to. When plate is broken. the cognitive corpses continue to follow around the part of the plate they correspond to. The various spren that made up the plate, however, are Connected. Feeding stormlight to the plate essentially does two things. First, it uses the Connections between the spren to draw their cognitive aspects to the same location in the Cognitive Realm. Maybe by making the Connections between the spren temporarily stronger than the Connection with the physical piece of plate or just making them want to come get food. Once the spren are all in the same location in the Cognitive Realm, the stormlight allows the spren to use their Connection with the spren already in the Physical Realm at that location to reform there as plate. When multiple pieces get stormlight at the same time, the larger one contains more spren and therefore a stronger Connection to the group of spren as a whole. This explanation probably needs some tweaks but I think it uses what we know of how plate and blades work to create a relatively simple yet Realmatically viable answer. I'd love feedback on what others think of this theory and if they have any tweaks on how they think this could work.
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    We got the name of either Truthwatcher or Stoneward spren: peakspren.
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    no one: marsh:
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    I want to kill you, not get you to post. It's a Stab Vote (TM).
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    It was some time before Darson returned from wherever he had taken Pyria, though the young loyalist was no longer with him. The remaining few allomancers and feruchemists were still in the main room, as Darson’s hazekillers were not letting them leave. Tensions were high, as they knew that one of them must be a loyalist. All eyes turned towards Darson as he entered the room, a hazekiller shutting the door behind him. There were six of them now. Lance Neverwatch, Lahilt, TJ Shade, Lumen, Faleast, and Reginald. One of them was a loyalist. And one of them was a Kandra. Darson had been sure to keep his hazekillers in pairs of two so the Kandra could not infiltrate their ranks. “Well, I’ve got good news and bad news,” Darson said with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Fortunately, the young Pyria was able to be...persuaded into telling me that only one of you is a traitor. Unfortunately, she did not know the identity of her compatriot.” Darson watched as the six men and women before him avoided his eyes as he looked across them. All except for Lumen, the young woman who no one had been able to quite figure out during their extended stay here. Several moments seemed to pass, each one stretching on for what felt like minutes, the sweat beginning to bead on the foreheads of the people gathered in the room as they waited for Darson to speak again. Finally, Darson grew tired of their silence. “Fine,” he said, pointing to one of his hazekillers who moved towards Lahilt and grabbed him. “If you will not reveal yourself, I will simply kill each of you one by one.” The hazekiller brought a knife up to Lahilt’s throat, ready to cut his neck- “It’s me,” Lumen says, stepping away from the others. “I’m the loyalist.” The others all turned to stare at her. Darson smiled. “Thank you. Kill her.” The hazekillers all pulled their guns out to shoot her, but in the blink of an eye she was behind the hazekiller who had been holding Lahilt and shot the man in the back of the chest with his own gun. The metalborn scattered as several bullets from the hazekillers made their way through where Lumen had been just a moment ago. “Don’t let her escape!” Darson yelled. From his pocket, he pulled out a vial of steel flakes from his coat. Quickly, he popped the cork from the vial, swallowing it down, eyes peering around for Lumen, who’d flashed again and had a dagger up against the throat of another hazekiller. Darson fumbled at a coin, shot it off trying to aim at Lumen’s head, but too slow - a line of red appeared at the hazekillers throat as he collapsed and Lumen was nowhere to be seen. “She went this way!” called one of the others. Faleast rushed towards one of the corridors, and Darson followed, grabbing a few more boxings from his pocket. He looked down the corridor, and saw Lumen bolting down it, trying to find some exit. Darson smiled - even with her new abilities, there was no way he missed. Carefully, he judged the angle, feeling the coin in his hand, when he felt something go through his chest - he looked down, and saw long, silvery claws poking through his chest. He looked over at Faleast… only it wasn’t Faleast, not anymore. Slowly, Faleast’s face began to morph between faces Darson knew - Araris, Xino, Kynedath - though each one was slightly wrong, as if their features were being mixed and melded together. All of them were smiling at him. “It will be… good, to add another face to my collection,” the Kandra whispered, sliding between its many faces. Darson felt the silvery mass slowly spreading across him, over his chest, up onto his face. He tried to scream, but it entered his mouth, blocking off all sound. It swarmed over his nose, his eyes, until his entire face was covered. He couldn’t breathe, he could only feel the kandra’s slimy mass slowly… absorbing him. Darson’s lungs were fighting for air - desperately, he shot the remaining coins in his hand out through the Kandra, but if the Kandra even noticed the attack, it didn’t give a sign. His body convulsed, but gradually, his thrashing died down, as Darson faded into unconsciousness. There was a still silence for a few moments after Faleast and Darson followed Lumen down the corridor. There had been a few moments of chaos as the hazekillers’ bullets had grazed against some of the metalborn, but Reginald was fine. At least, he felt fine. He quickly checked his body for wounds, as maybe he had been hit and the adrenaline of the moment had made him not notice it. Thankfully there was no blood anywhere, so he was probably fine. Finally, after what felt like an eternity as the hazekillers tended to those who had remained in the main room, Darson returned alone from the corridor, his gun in his hand. “Lumen was waiting for us,” he said calmly. “She got Faleast, though I managed to shoot her before she could get away. Is everyone alright?” Since when has Darson ever cared about our wellbeing? Reginald thought to himself, watching the man carefully. He walked as if he were afraid, when normally even the way he walked would command the attention of the room. His eyes darted across the room, as if he were looking for ways out of the building. “We’re alright,” TJ said, slowly standing up. Lahilt and Lance had been injured, and TJ and the hazekillers were helping them. “You really got her? So this is all over?” Darson nodded, stopping a little bit away from TJ and talking to him, though Reginald was much closer to him. He studied the man, something in him telling him something was wrong. “Sorry to interrupt,” Reginald said, “but I’m curious why you appear unharmed, if you say Lumen attacked you and Faleast?” The room froze for a moment as everyone held their breath. Darson looked at Reginald for a moment before lunging at him, his hands turning to claws. Reginald leapt back, tapping pewter to gain some strength as the Kandra recovered and lunged at him again. The two struggled for just a moment, before a bullet tore through the Kandra. It quickly glanced around and saw the others rushing towards the two of them, then made a dash towards an exit, forgoing Darson’s bones as it squeezed its body through the cracks of a window. “Quickly!” Reginald said, heading back towards the corridor where the Kandra had come from. “Lumen is probably still alive! The Kandra must’ve taken its chance to try and escape during all this chaos.” The others followed him as he raced down the corridor, his eyes straining to find Lumen in the darkness. She must’ve shot out all the lights in the corridor as she’d gone through. The corridor led to a dead end. “There’s no windows,” Reginald said, “she has to be in one of these rooms. Carefully start opening each door.” They spent several minutes going through and opening every door in the corridor to no luck. Finally, they narrowed it down to one more room. They gathered around the door as Reginald carefully set his hand on the doorknob. He opened the door, bursting into the room. Lumen fired off a quick shot at him, but thankfully it hit the metal armor he had under his clothing. He stumbled backwards, hitting a hazekiller behind him as they entered the room. A coin flew from TJ’s hand towards Lumen, then suddenly veered over to the left once it got close to her. Reginald blinked and Lumen’s knife was in his side. He tapped pewter once again, grabbing onto Lumen before she could get away. She made to pull away, but Reginald would not let her go. The others froze in place as the two grappled, before Lumen kicked his knee and he fell to the ground, pulling her down with him. They rolled even farther away from the others, and for a moment they moved towards them before they once again froze in place. Reginald was pinned by Lumen, though she was struggling to maintain her control over him as she attempted to pull a knife out of her belt. Reginald managed to get a hand around her wrist and snapped it, the knife falling to the ground. He flipped her over, grabbing the knife as he did so, and quickly stabbed it into her chest. Lumen gasped up blood as she looked up at Reginald, the life fading from her eyes. “Long live,” she coughed up some more blood as her dying voice rasped out the words, “the old Elendel.” Reginald pushed the knife further into her chest and the last of her life faded from her eyes. The others began to move again, rushing towards him as he sat up. It was over. Finally, after a week of nothing but death and accusations and treachery, it was all over. The Game is Over! Congratulations to the PRE Operatives for winning the game! I'd also personally like to congratulate 2 players - @The Young Pyromancer, for convincing literally everyone in the game that you were a villager and compromising all their trust groups - that's really tricky to pull off, and if a few things had gone differently in the last 2 cycles, it could have won you the game. And secondly to @Ashbringer, who had an uphill battle after becoming Kandra much less than halfway through the game, and still managed to do really well, being one of the last 5 players to stay alive. Striker and I will probably post our respective GM Thoughts over the next few days. Docs and Links: Elim Doc Kandra Doc Spec/Dead Doc GM Spreadsheet (2 quick notes: 1 - Don't open this on your mobile, you might crash your phone. 2 - There are quite a few errors in here Striker and I couldn't be bothered fixing. To see peoples boxings each cycle, go to the boxings tab, not the main sheet, which is wrong.) Player List:
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    I'll start by thanking @Calderis who not only shared so much with me in our early days here in terms of learning the Cosmere together, but was always a friend, probably the first person I ever truly counted as a friend who I'd never met in person. So thank you Cal for being you, my Hivemate, my fellow theorizer and my friend.
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    Heyo! I decided to teach myself how to use Unity over quarantine, and after getting a grasp on the basics started working on a Mistborn video game. I decided to start simple and make a game based on Waxillium Ladrian, mostly because his powers are some of the easiest to translate to a platformer without adding any extra mechanics. Additionally, focusing on a Twinborn keeps the control scheme and HUD simple - no need to switch between metals or show a wide array of metal levels. Overall, I tried to be faithful to the physics as shown in the books, though I did make a few decisions based more on what would be fun to play than existing information on the magic. Here's a quick run-through of the tutorial level I made, showing off the Allomancy and Feruchemy. Update: You can now play the demo online here! Basics: It's a platformer. You can run, jump, and climb up ledges. You can jump through the bottom or drop through the top of yellow platforms, while blue "glass" platforms have to be shattered to pass through. There is a slight amount of simulated air resistance, but it's only really noticeable when moving very quickly or when storing weight. I originally wanted to completely remove control while in midair, forcing the player to rely on Allomancy to move around. However, we're so used to being able to nudge characters in midair that this really detracted from the enjoyment of the game. So, while there's not as much control in midair, the player can still move a bit in either direction. This also makes balancing on anchors with Allomancy a bit easier. The player is damaged when colliding with the ground or other obstacles based on the impulse of the collision. Basically, the lighter you are, the faster you have to be moving before you take damage. Feruchemy: There are three discrete levels of storing/tapping mass that the player has access to. The mass at each level is double the previous, and the rate at which mass is stored/tapped in the metalmind is dependent on linear distance from base mass: Level: | Scale: | Rate: -3 | 0.125 | +0.875 -2 | 0.250 | +0.750 -1 | 0.500 | +0.500 0 | 1.000 | +0.000 +1 | 2.000 | -1.000 +2 | 4.000 | -3.000 +3 | 8.000 | -7.000 Like Wax, the player will usually want to be constantly storing, and briefly switch to tapping when they need some extra oomph. Because of the extra air resistance, and the lower impulse on collisions, someone storing at the max rate can survive falls of an indefinite length. Being lighter also means the player can jump higher, while being heavier makes it easier to break glass panels. When changing mass, momentum is mostly conserved, but the change in velocity is decreased from what it should be to prevent some game breaking jumps and steel-pushes. Allomancy: Allomancy was probably the trickiest part to design, mostly because it's the least consistent. Artemos has talked about those issues in depth here, so I won't repeat what's already been said. My decision was to decouple the force on the metal being pushed and the force on Wax. While this completely breaks Newton's Third Law, it does allow for interactions more in line with the books. The force in either direction follows the equation A * (pm1 * pm2) / (r^2), where A is some constant, pm1/pm2 are the perceived masses of the character and the target, and r is the distance. For the force on the target, its perceived mass and the character's perceived mass are their current mass. This means that, if the character is tapping weight, their pushes are stronger and coins are shot faster. For the character, the target's perceived mass increases when it's well anchored, with the amount anchored depending on the angle between the push and the slope of the object the target is anchored against. Additionally, the character always perceives their own mass as their base mass. This means that if the character is storing weight, they can push themselves further and faster. Next Steps: If you want to poke at the code or play around with the mechanics, you can check out the current build on github. I've certainly enjoyed working on this, but I don't really have any future plans for this specific project, mostly because I want to create games that I can freely share and distribute. If I were to continue, the entire code base would probably need an overhaul, since it was written as I was still learning. I may reuse and reskin some of the Allomancy mechanics as magnet-based superpowers in a future game, because jumping around on coins is legitimately enjoyable. Enjoy!
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    Unfortunately, I'm going to have to withdraw - a text from work just came through and the next few weeks are gonna be more coarse and rough and irritating than Anakin's line about sand. I was looking forward to this game too :/ But I don't think I can juggle my commitments and GM and play a game at the same time, however low-commitment I intend to be. So I guess Kamemesir will return some other game. Cheers and have fun:
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    Been super swamped so will not be able to comment the way I would like to, but I figured I would jump on just long enough to add some context that I think is missing from this discussion. 1. Taravangian, the king himself has tried to stop these men on numerous occasions. He has spoken to the guards. Ordered them to catch these men. Unfortunately Taravangian (appearingly) does not have much power in his own city. The guards are bribed not to patrol. Whether it is from a weathy benefactor or not, remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, those men were never going to see justice legally. 2. The men surrounding Jasnah and Shallan had lethal intent. Shallan also confirmed they were no mere cut purses. The "prey" they hunted required the victims to be killed. They could not release affluent women unharmed especially when the men could be identified by the women. None of the men covered their faces. They knew if they were actually tried for their crimes, it would mean execution as per the law of the city. 3. Multiple killings have occurred there before. So these are career criminals 4. Jasnah did not kill those men to teach a lesson. Jasnah did it to help Taravangian who based on the knowledge she had on him at the time (a kindly peacemaker) she greatly respected. If anything she felt she was remiss to not use the powers of the soulcaster more to help people (her words). Shallan was ancillary. It would have taken place had Shallan existed or not. All of these points are quotable taken right from the book. Personally Jasnah does not have self defense because she went out and purposefully looked for those individuals with what amounts to a gun. However, in the circumstance she was in, given the world she is in, and given we do know what her motivations were (she said so herself), I think she was justified. But the earlier points I made were not to argue that. Please feel free to feel however you all wish. Just wanted to provide added context.
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    Knights off work - the story of Szeths luxury cruise around the Reisi Isles, sun bathing and pina colada.
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    We were painting rocks and I gave this a shot. Turned out okay! I might add he surge symbols or ideals above it. I was he only one painting who had read SA, so I had several over-my-shoulder comments, “what is that?” EDIT: Not sure why it came out sideways, sorry.
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    Hey, I want to apologize; you're right that my wording carried a hefty implication, and my thoughts clearly didn't translate to the written word properly. But it's what I wrote and it's wrong, so, do know that I am sorry. That being said, I guess the point that I *think* I was trying to make would be better made with a contemporary analogy: Colin Kaepernick's protest during the National Anthem. To a large extent, people who were against his message would argue that it's disrespectful to the flag - whether or not that is true, which I don't believe it is, it turned the discussion away from what Kap was highlighting. It's my personal feeling that in that specific situation, many were not arguing in good faith, and would have had a problem with however Kap choose to spread his message. To broaden this analogy to the current discussion, I often see people pointing out actions by a very small minority of the protestors as if that invalidates the root cause of the protest - without the first thought as to why these incidents occurred. Perhaps this isn't applicable to the Shard, but thats where I was coming from. Thanks for the reply.
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    A halloween conversation Sanderfan: Spook Person: You mean spooky right? Sanderfan: No. I mean spook. Person: I think you made a mistake. You were saying my costume was spooky correct? Sanderfan: Wasing the complimenting of your costume Person: What? Sanderfan: That's what I meant by spook
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