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    From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Happy New Year, folks! Let's get hyped about Stormlight 4!
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    Finally finished shading these guys. Featuring Lord Hesho, a bodyguard, and some other sketches, including a senator asking how to vote.
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    Hello SE, and congratulations on somehow surviving another year of murders and bloodshed. Welcome to Anniversary Game 6/Anonymous Game 7: We Shall All Be Changed. Before discussing the game itself, however, I have several important announcements to make on behalf of the moderating team, and would encourage all of you to fully read through them. The first and most pressing matter is that of the moderation team itself. Unfortunately for all of us, both @Orlok Tsubodai and @Alvron have felt that their schedules no longer permit them to serve as effective moderators for the subforum, and have decided to step down. Needless to say, this is very saddening, as both have given years of service to SE and its community, helping to shape it into a better place, and both the logic and clarity of Orlok and the (sometimes lurking) activity of Alv will be missed on the moderating team and the subforum. We wish them the best of luck as they dedicate themselves to their respective pursuits, and hope that they will find the time to occasionally sneak back into a game or two. Their replacements on the moderating team will be @Elbereth, the other GM for this game, and @Devotary of Spontaneity, and I am confident that both will be excellent additions who will help Wilson and I tremendously in the coming years. El brings with her a wealth of experience in conflict resolution and a veteran perspective as two other long-time players depart, and Devotary’s keen sense of balance and impartiality will also be welcome in game balance review and our thankfully infrequent moderation. With changes in the moderation team, our game balance committee is also undergoing a shift in membership. We are pleased to welcome both @Amanuensis and @STINK back into the committee, and to receive @Elandera, @Araris Valerian, and @Sart as its new members who will be helping with game review. The committee will also be taking on responsibilities such as keeping the GM spreadsheet updated, revising the rules and Lexicon to reflect a post-AG2 understanding of SE, and giving additional feedback in the Art of Game Creation thread—undertakings which moderation has historically wished to be able to do, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. With the revitalised committee, however, we hope to see these changes finally be made. The final significant alteration to SE policy is with respect to the SE Discord server established by @A Joe in the Bush and currently owned by @little wilson. While the Discord has been incredibly successful on its own merits, its well-being and the casual community fostered there have come at the expense of the subforum’s health and the activity of socialising institutions such as spectator and dead docs, PMs, and the games themselves, which have experienced a falling-off in activity recently. Therefore, to stem community migration to the server, we are officially divorcing it from the subforum—it will be removed from the General Rules thread, the #game_creation channel will be archived to incentivise participation in the largely defunct Art of Game Creation thread, and we ask that you not invite new members to the Discord, but instead encourage them to remain in the subforum and use the games and docs for social interaction. With these changes, we hope to revitalise the SE community and bring personal discussion and RP back into the games. It might surprise you, but you are allowed to talk about your life or begin off topic discussions in docs and PMs, and doing so actually helps both the community and the games. That should be it for sweeping structural changes, so onto a couple of smaller points. First, the variety of GMs in the spreadsheet for upcoming games is depressingly low, and we’d love to see more people creating and running games. With the reinvigorated committee and mod team, there are plenty of people eager to help out if you have a game idea you’re looking to refine, including El and I, and we’ll get you signed up on whichever list you’d like. (And once it comes to actually GMing, there are plenty of experienced players happy to help you co-GM.) So please contact us if you have any ideas you’d like to see run. Second, we’re implementing automatic spectator lists, which you can sign up for to be immediately PMed a spec doc for any game you’re not participating in, hopefully further incentivising people to contribute to spec docs. Finally, after a break during AG5, we are back to handing out non-Sanderson game passes, and will be distributing 3 or 4 after the game to worthy recipients. We won’t be revealing exact criteria, but worthy players are likely to be active, thoughtful and sensible players who foster discussion and community within the games. Just a thought. /announcements Oh no! Although Dalinar Kholin has successfully re-founded the Knights Radiant upon the formerly lost city of Urithiru, there looks to be an insurgent faction of the new Knights sympathetic to ODIUM, the Lord of Hate. While you’re aware of their existence, a small group of cornered individuals with mystical powers and incentive to kill...well, that can be a dangerous thing. Besides, should the Knights fall, who will guard Roshar when the Final Desolation begins in earnest? Factions: Roles: Cosmetic Roles (please read before signing up): Housekeeping: Each Day turn will be 48 hours long, with a simple no-vote-minimum lynch. The player receiving the most votes at the end of the Day turn will be killed; should there be a tie, a random player from among those lynched will die. Each Night turn will be 24 hours long, allowing the various factions and Radiants to submit orders. An inactivity filter of two cycles will be enforced. This is subject to change based on player count. To reiterate, PMs are open so long as an Edgedancer is alive. Please remember to include both @Elbereth and myself in any PMs made. Rollover will occur at 4 AM EST (-4:00 UTC) and may be posted by either El or myself. Due to writeups and the need to send PMs, this will typically take about an hour. Please be patient and bear in mind that there are likely thirty of you to keep tabs on. This game is a completely anonymous game. Please sign up by PMing both @Elbereth and myself with the title “AG6 Signup Request: [Your Name Here]” and include your chosen character and Cosmetic Role (details above) in the PM. Do not tell anyone whether or not you are playing the game. This both makes identity-guessing more fun and ensures the integrity of any voting we may do at the end of the game for non-Sanderson passes. If you wish to spectate, please PM us in a similar manner, and do not reveal that you are doing so. To facilitate anonymity, this thread will be locked, and we urge any discussion about rules changes to be made in the Q&A/Meta Discussion thread. At the start of the game, you will be issued an anonymous account. There are a number of rules associated with the use of an Anonymous Account. Please follow them carefully. Given the potential for abuse of Anonymous Accounts, any rule breaking using the accounts will be dealt with harshly. 1) Do not change the password of the anonymous account you are issued. Wilson (the IM), El and I will have access to all anonymous accounts for the duration of the game. 2) Do not use the anonymous accounts to PM any non-anonymous account, other than the accounts of the GMs. Please do not use your normal accounts to PM anonymous accounts. 3) Once again, do not tell any other player or individual associated with SE whether you are playing or not playing the Anonymous Game. Player identities will be revealed after the game, not on the death of their avatar. Players must not reveal their own identity after their death, until the end of the game, including in the dead/spec doc. Players wishing to spectate rather than play should PM El and myself for a link to the spectator doc. Questions and rules clarifications should be submitted in your sign up PMs, and will be posted by myself in the signups thread. 4) Do not change anything cosmetic about the accounts, including member title, username, signature, and avatar. Good luck to all, and we hope to get this thing started in about a week. Quick Links:
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    From the album Stormlight Art

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    Shallan and Jasnah in Way of Kings:
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    Next: Truths and Secrets; Of Watching and Taking Moelach and the Silent Gatherers have some interesting parallels and relationships to what we know of the Edgedancers. Parallel 1: By Inversion of Ideals Lift gives us two of the Edgedancer Ideals: 2. I will remember those who have been forgotten. 3. I will listen to those who have been ignored. This is who Taravangian says the silent gatherers kill, to get Death Rattles: Parallel 2: By Inversion of Attributes Edgedancer attributes: Loving, Healing Inference - Edgedancer Radiants usually serve as Healers, backed by having access to Growth and Regrowth by means of Progression. Their two known ideals make it seem like they care for those that don’t have anyone else to look after - to them, the ignored and the forgotten are an opportunity to help make things better. Relevant Epigraph: Inverted attributes: Apathetic, Killing (not sure about this, because the Silent Gatherers are also supposed to be Healers in their own right) The Silent Gatherers are literally Healers in a hospital, who kill apathetically because those deaths might give them more Death Rattles. From a certain perspective, one could say that for them, the ignored and the forgotten are an opportunity - people who can be safely killed to get more Death Rattles. Parallel 3: By Surges Edgedancer surges: Abrasion + Progression. What about Moelach and his effects backs this? I’m basing my answer to this question entirely on specific interpretations of certain quotes. These are informed interpretations, but it does mean I could be way off. First, here is a quote by the Stormfather: This is relevant, because this introduces the idea of “the movement of time” being a “fundamental force” on the Double Eye, alongside “pressure” and “gravitation.” However, "pressure" and "gravitation" are accounted for on the list of the known 10 Surges. This implies that some other surge fundamentally represents this "movement of time" But which one? Here's a definition of the word Progression, from Merriam Webster: 1 a: sequence of numbers in which each term is related to its predecessor by a uniform law 2 a: the action or process of progressing : ADVANCE b: a continuous and connected series : SEQUENCE 3 a: succession of musical tones or chords b: the movement of musical parts in harmony c: SEQUENCE sense 2c A quick google search brings up this, presumably from Oxford Dictionary: noun: the process of developing or moving gradually towards a more advanced state. • a succession; a series music • a passage or movement from one note or chord to another. math • short for arithmetic progression, geometric progression, or harmonic progression. astrology • a predictive technique in which the daily movement of the planets, starting from the day of birth, represents a year in the subject's life. So, yes. This could be very easily interpreted as the movement of time. Linear time can be interpreted as a progression, or a sequence... a string of moments, each moment coming after the previous one and leading to the next. Or call it a continous line, whichever works for your imagination. But time... progresses, it keeps on ticking. It moves on, marches forward. Constantly. Forward movement along such a progression of time can explain what little we know of Growth. In the absence of true backward time travel, Regrowth can be explained as a form of backward movement of time - going back to a previous state/moment, to before you were wounded. Now, in practice and effect, this can get a little wonky, because of how this actually takes place by looking at ideals and such, but even then, this interpretation holds semantically. The second surge of relevance is Abrasion. From the Merriam Webster website, this is the definition of Abrasion: 1 a: a wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction b: Irritation 2: an abraded area of the skin or mucous membrane A quick google search brings up this, likely from Oxford Dictionary: noun: the process of scraping or wearing something away. • an area damaged by scraping or wearing away. With these interpretations of Abrasion and Progression in mind, read what Jezrien has to say about Moelach:
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    Wow thank you all for your comments, I super appreciate it! Really brought a smile to my face when I read all the kind words. Makes me want to do more cosmere art. Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day and a Merry Axemas to you all!
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    Realistic Supernatural Warfare Ideally, I would like to see how supernatural warfare works and how this effects things like tactics, strategy, supply-lines, goals, etc. I want to be shocked by Dalinar's military genius, horrified by Odium's countermove, and surprised when both plans fall apart. Really, the moment I'm looking for is the moment I got from the previous books where I go "OH, of course, that's how a magical war would go, why didn't I anticipate [exciting strategy/maneuver/important goal] before?!" Maps! Detailed explanations of battle strategy. How does the world adjust to technological warfare? Is it like WWI, when strategy was forced to change dramatically? Kaladin with Oroden (and Jasnah with Gavinor) I freely confess I am a sucker for family relationships in stories, particularly older brother/younger brother stories. Oroden and Gavinor are probably too young for too much to happen, but I do hope to see some touching scenes! Fabrial Science How does it work? What will we learn? What experiments will our main characters perform? I'm really looking forward to seeing some Sanderson-level ingenuity here. Can Radiant-spren work Fabrials? Do they have different effects? Ecological wonders I always look forward to the scenes in each book where new plants/animals and ecologies appear. The full aliveness of Roshar and all its wonders, as well as Shallan's drawings, are what made me fall in love with the Stormlight Archives and I want to see more! -- lots, lots more. I'm hoping to see more life cycles explained in this story. I have a feeling that there are some major, important ecological patterns that we haven't learned about. (Why don't we know what chasm fiends become when they pupate? Why was the ecological devastation of Aimia so important? Are there any animals with more complicated gemheart functions, like Singers? Does Roshar have an equivalent to the cat? In a world that's mostly water, what do the oceanic ecosystems look like?! What is crem, actually? Readers demand detailed answers to these important questions! Khriss I'd like to see her randomly and mysteriously walk in on Hoid, just to see him splutter in confusion for once. A Spren Being Born How precisely does this work? How do new "species" of spren emerge? More concretely, I would like to see if it's possible to cross two different types of spren. Do spren fall in love? Specifically, I would like to know if it's okay to vicariously continue my desire for a Kaladin-Shallan relationship by shipping Pattern and Syl. More on Chemoarish or Dai-Gonarthis I'm hoping to be horrifically surprised at an unfortunate moment. Adolin and Shallan having a marital spat (and making up) I don't buy the happy ever after in book three, so I'm anticipating problems that make people conclude the relationship is doomed, only for Adolin and Shallan to decide to work things out rather than just giving up. I want a twist up of the typical romance pattern. I'm hoping for a tale of two people realizing they ran into a marriage too quickly and screwed it up, but rather than divorcing, decide to try to make it work even though they aren't perfect for each other. Something going terribly right for Odium This is the fourth book in a five book arc; if he doesn't have things go his way at the end of this one, I will consider it a bit of a let-down. Ideally, I would like to end the book with my hopes brutally crushed, wondering how it is even possible for the heroes to survive the latest disaster. The more terrible, the better. The Annihilation of a City Ideally, I would like to see magic unleashed at a terrible scale, making the events of the Recreance seem more credible. (I'd prefer we had time to explore the city and get to now it's inhabitants first, so it will hurt more.) Jasnah Scheming I want to be impressed by Jasnah's cunning and clever plotting and see her out-maneuver everyone else in both politics and academics. New Forms for the Singers; Deeper Insight into the Rhythms Since this is a Singer book, I'm hoping to find out more about their culture, particularly their biology and history. Epic Rosharan Mythology Amazing myths; epic tales of wonder, with a hint of mystery -- preferably something from the Singers, or the Horneaters. I really love epic poetry and I think the Singers have to have some good poem-songs, so I'm hoping for something amazing. Renarin Point of View Chapters I don't know what to make of Renarin; he gets so little voice compared to the other characters that he's mostly a mystery to me. I don't understand his motivations or desires at all and I want to know more. Now that the big reveal has happened, hopefully he will become a bigger focus. I would very much like to see him make a critical academic discovery about fabrials that everyone else overlooks completely. On a side note, I want to hear more from Glys too... he doesn't have any personality yet. King Lunamor Rock the First You cannot make cryptic hints about a king uniting the peaks and not have it happen. Rock is the obvious choice! Long live King Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor. More Kaladin, Bridge Four, and Syl I hope Kaladin continues to have a critical role in the plot and that we see him continue to grow. I'm hoping to see him adjusting from "Captain" to general in the war, being forced to take on more responsibility. I also hope to see him save someone important to him in this book. Have Venli move from unlikable to loved protagonist This one is critical. Currently, Venli is at 0.75 Moashes on my unlikability scale. She betrayed her people and her sister and was a prideful and shortsighted fool. I didn't even look for any redeeming features in her, because I didn't really expect her to be a main character. I hope by the end of the book that I will grow to like her as a person and she will move to at least 0.4 Kaladins. I hope to see her choices as a tragedy and less as a betrayal. I hope to see some touching moments between Venli, Eshonai, and their mother (and father?). I do want to see some heroism, and, since her order is focused on exploration, some amazing adventures. The Dawning Realization that the Twist was Oh so Obvious... and I Missed It...Again Otherwise, I would be forced to conclude that I have accidentally picked up a book by some other author.
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    Alien page for the Varvax! To the bottom right are designs for Winzek and the Cleaning Lady, and some interaction shots of the Krell in their exo-suits. I heard some feedback that the exo-suits might not be completely accurate, so... my bad!
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    So ... this is it then. Storms!
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    I read Elantris after Mistborn 1 trilogy, so curious, I divided by 16. It's 42.
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    My Secret Santa this year listed Mistborn as one of their favorite books. Being a huge fan of the Cosmere (and also a chemist!), I chemically burned a piece of wood using ammonium chloride and heat! The letters are the giftees initial. It took me a long time to get the right concentration and viscosity, but I think it turned out alright.
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    I think the reason why so many dislike Shallan is that we get to follow her through her every struggle without seeing what she will become yet. It's always painful to struggle when you have the kind of background, disorders and at the same time responsibilities as she has. At the age of 17. If we had to go through everything that Dalinar did as a young man, through three huge books before we got to learn how all his struggles ended up in a complex, powerful and wise leader, we would have hated him as well. I just love how Sanderson forces us to live through some of the pain his characters have to go through, feeling the awkwardness, uncertainty, stupid choices and even how they at times are influenced by evil forces. And he often tells their story seen through unreliable eyes. Even Shallan's point of view is unreliable. She is a very harsh judge of herself. I think that Wit is the most reliable judge of her character. He is also a lightweaver, and understands the mind of an artist. Also, he is able to let her see her worth. For the first time. In the chapter "The girl who stood up". Shallan is the one who is subtly pushing everybody around her to become better persons, even though they don't realize it themselves. Even most readers fail to recognize her huge impact on the morale of the protagonists, and even on some of the villains that she fails to save. She does it through her art, or her "Lies" as more Honor influenced persons will call them. But she does not lie. She changes reality, just like good art sometimes does. I find it extremely interesting how she influences so many people and helps them become better persons. She even tries to influence Kaladin by pushing on his self centredness (if that is a word). I don't think she can help it, it is in her nature to be a mirror, one people can see themselves in, for better of for worse. Often, she lets them see a glorified version, like Elhokar, Bluth, Gaz or Vatha. Because they need it to see that they can change to the better. Kaladin does not need to see a glorified version of himself. He needs to see that he is extremely self centered, and that is causing a whole lot of trouble for him. Yes, he is a protector, and he is a very good person. But his self centeredness is in my opinion what is holding him back from swearing his next ideal. And Shallan is the only one who is instinctly seeing that, and trying to poke him out of it. She actually manages a little bit while in the chasms. He then sometimes shows a tiny little bit of self irony, which would be very healthy for him if he had managed to continue. It would in fact also help him when his depression tries to crush him. In order to change, one must first see that the image one has of oneself might be wrong. And that it is possible to change. Shallan is a powerful catalyst, and she is not aware of it herself. And we, as readers, only get her story told by her, which is not very reliable. Because her image of herself is wrong. She needs another lightweaver to see it. Wit. Here is a list of other characters Shallan influences for the better, and possibly saves: Adolin : gets to value his self more, and stops seeing himself as just a fop and a ladies man, but as a person with wits, heart and wisdom. Jasnah: is forced to see the world in a less absolute way. This might help her becoming more relaxed and obtain a little more inner peace. Tvlakv: He is still a jerk, but he became a more decent jerk for a short time at least. Who knows, perhaps it had some permanent effects? Bluth: Bluth actually redeemed himself before he died, because of Shallan's influence. Her "slaves": She saved them from slavery, and employed them, with the intent of helping them to become free men if they wish to. Vatha: He was a harsh leader of a deserter gang, possibly rapist and murderer, and she influences him to become a knight radiant. Gaz: He used to be a mean jerk, now he is trying all his best to be a good guy. Vatha's other gang members: A gang of strange low status weirdos that she never gives up. I wonder what they will become? Hopefully her squires. Artists may seem a bit weird to others. VERY weird to many, it seems. The members of Tyn's caravan: Well, she basically saves their lives. She literally saves lives all the time, and it is seldom appreciated by readers. I find it so strange. Her brothers: She saves their positions, their lives and their sanity on several occations. Often by subtly making them realize their own potential. Elhokar: He holds her drawing of him in his hand when he finally gets around to try to swear his first ideal. Kaladin never agreed to try to help Elhokar to become a better person, even when he was asked. Inadvertently he did anyway, by telling Elhokar that he was a bad king. Honesty was perhaps what the king first needed. But then he needed some inspiration. He got it from the artist. Kaladin: She saves Kaladin's life many times, often literally, but she also takes away some of his darkness when he his depressed, just like his brother the lightweaver also did. And she tries to poke him out of his self centered vicious circle, although it seems to not work. At least not yet. I must say that I very much look forward to see what Shallan will end up as, Might be awesome. And then we will have lived through the whole mess of becoming awesome. Because it always is a mess becoming larger than life.
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    In Words of Radiance page 71 Jasnah and Shallan discuss exactly this, and Jasnah says exactly how she would view the situation (I have posted this so many times I have the scene practically memorized) "You're so sure he isn't real" Shallan said "The Almighty" "I have no more proof of him than I do of the Thaylen Passions, Nu Ralik of the Purelake, or any other religion" "And the Heralds? You don't think they existed?" "I don't know" Jasnah said "There are many things in this world that I don't understand. For example, there is some slight proof that both the Stormfather and the Almighty are real creatures - simply powerful spren, such as the Nightwatcher" "Then he would be real" "I never claimed he was not" Jasnah said "I merely claimed that I do not accept him as God, nor do I feel any inclination to worship him." Personally I do not understand the need of Jasnah being proven or disproved. Sanderson has said repeatedly that he intends the existence of an all mighty deity to always be a question so people like Dalinar (theist), Jasnah (atheist), and Kaladin (agnostic) can all co-exist, discuss and be equally right.
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    There is a Stormlight 4 hopes thread, so I decided to make a Stormlight 4 fears thread. The question is simple: what don't you want to see in Stormlight four? I will start with three things: 1. Kaladin failing to say the fourth ideal again, and being killed while struggling to say the words. 2. Moash killing members of bridge four. 3. Love triangles of any kind.
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    It's interesting to me that the Rysn Novella is apparently a higher priority to him than the Rock one. Like Aimia is real interesting and I'd love to learn more about, but I don't see it being as directly relevant to current storyline as Rock and the Horneater Peaks, and thus I would think that one would be the priority. Which suggests that maybe I'm wrong about Aimia not being directly relevant to RoW's storyline, which is exciting in it's own way.
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    Guys. It’s been a year. An entire year since my friend finally convinced me to join Discord and then, feeling a little crazy, I decided to join the Shard too. Best. Decision. Ever. I would not be who I am right now had it not been for this glorious little community. My identity has gotten a whole lot stronger because of my time here. AND SO HAS MY ART. I know I’ve said this a ton, but I would not be as good of an artist had not joined the Shard. You guys inspire me to keep drawing and it is insane how much better I’ve gotten since I joined. Seriously insane. Like, Astral kind of insane. I really hoped I would have had my Sharders drawings ready to post today… but y’all know I’m terrible at deadlines. (Stick, I’m so sorry I haven’t drawn Dalinar. In all honesty, it’ll probably never happen. ) So I’m sorry. I will get it posted eventually though, I promise. However, I do have something really cool for you. 115. That’s how many posts to the Gallery I have. AGH!!! You guys, that is crazy! I have posted more art than any other user on the Shard. And I’ve only been here for a year! I’ve drawn the faces of several of my favorite RP characters to celebrate!! The reason why I’m able to do these a lot faster than the Sharder faces is because I actually know what I’m drawing and I don’t have to make up a new face every time. You will notice two new faces on here though; Granite is between Astral and Sophie and Rose is on the far left of the third row. I had a lot of fun working on this project. I drew five of the faces today, actually. It was so hard to draw Tom, ‘cause by that point I was just done with all of it. Anyway, enjoy! And onto the next section of this massive post. (sorry, not sorry ) Even though I’ve never really met any of you guys in person, I feel like I could spend a whole day with any of you and feel right at home because you are seriously the best. I don’t have near enough time to cover all of you, but here I go pointing fingers and throwing love all over the place. First of all, @xinoehp512. I seriously don’t think anything I have to say will ever fully express just how much I love you and your marvelous ability to imagine. I swear you live on three different planets at once. It’s amazing and I can only dream of having that level of immense creativity. I want to give you and every single one of your characters a hug. Especially Tom. Tom is the best. But seriously, I live for your posts on CBST. You make it come to life in such a beautiful way. It is truly wonderful to write with you. I can never thank you enough for your stories; they make the impossible seem simple, the grey seem colorful, and reality seem far away. That’s something I really need sometimes. Good ol’ @BringerofShadows! I’ve said it so many times, so many ways, but straight up, Heather is awesome. It’s so crazy to me that she went from being one of Star’s main adversaries to her dear friend, daughter in all but blood. You have a very unique and spunky personality and I truly enjoy talking with you. And @Butt Ad Venture! I’m sure you already know what you mean to me, but it has been a joy to get to know you. You are a wonderful friend and sometimes you are the only thing that keeps me sane. I don’t know what I’d do without you. To the whole CBST crew though, cheers to making a wonderful story. You are among my favorite people ever and I love each of you so STORMING MUCH!!!! Speaking of CBST (kinda) what would Star be without @Jaywalk? I know you aren’t officially a part of CBST (but you should be) but your hand in the stories of Star, Astral, Sophie, and Max are quite invaluable and Jay’s own vein of plot is quite touching to me. It’s so cool to see your own personality hidden in the facets of your characters and the way you write. Keep being nerdy, keep being awesome. I love you! @Lunamor!!!! You joined the day after I did and we’ve been neck and neck for posts and upvotes ever since. Your wit and energy are nearly unmatched and your impact on the Forum Games section is legendary. You make everything and everyone around you bright and happy and that is truly a gift to be proud of. @AonEne, you have such a sweet spirit. I remember when I first joined, you were like this super popular cool person and I was honestly kind of scared of you, but now that seems absolutely ridiculous because you are so incredibly understanding of literally everything which I’m sure any other Sharder would agree with. @DoomStick you are such an easygoing, creative and fun person. All your hobbies are so cool - I wish I could fence and cook and the bass is like the coolest instrument ever. And seriously, to each and every one reading this, you are all amazing. Thanks for a great year! Looking forward to another one.
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    Happy 2020! Had to start the year with some Cosmere art. Skyeel! I had no idea how to use these colors on *black* watercolor paper, so it came out really chalky and streaky. I kind of like the effect though, because of the interesting contrast. Cotman Lemon Yellow Hue and Phthalo blue, m. Graham titanium hwhite opaque, Fine Tec limited edition dark teal, Reminisce white gel pen, Stonehenge black cold press cotton watercolor paper There is a little video clip showing the iridescent watercolor on my instagram.
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    (Spoiler because this ended up being pretty long)
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    On the fourth day of Christmas The AG gave to me Four hours of sleep Three vote counts Two NPC deaths And a penguin in a pool of blood Brightness Kareana, Captain and Radiant, surveyed the scouts trickling in a few at a time and worried. She kept track of the numbers in her head - almost everyone was back, now, thank the Almighty. She’d spent the entire afternoon pacing and wondering how many would end up returning at all. This had been a simple scouting mission, to get the proto-Radiants to make ties and work as a team in preparation for more difficult tasks. When she put the group together, she hadn’t anticipated any issues - she hadn’t even brought more than a few guards, since twenty-odd Radiants was quite the force in itself and the Highprinces hadn’t the troops to spare. She’d sent for more, but they’d take a while to get here even if politicking didn’t tie them up, and she wasn’t sure they’d even be useful. It had been a simple scouting mission, and then there had been three deaths in the span of a day and a half. Two Sympathisers already known and taken care of, but... there might be more. She didn’t know how many more. And given Locke’s death, she knew this was probably just the beginning unless they were found, and fast. Mentally, she again thanked whoever had killed Naihar, much as she hated to be grateful for any death. Had he not died, had the killings just started without warning... well. At least this way they had some chance. If they were very, very careful. She sipped her steaming soup, frowning over at Brana. The girl was shell-shocked, clearly - and though it wasn’t quite as obvious, she suspected Purrl or Merinira might be too. Taladir, well... she glanced over at the fire where Taladir was telling his tall tales. Taladir was coping just fine, it seemed. Taladir sat near the small cooking fire, telling his tale - with a few grandiose touches, of course. “And then I told ‘er I wasn’t scared of no Odium whatever, come at me!” There were suitably awed gasps, from all but... one man was frowning and squinting at him. “Oi, what’s your problem?” Taladir challenged. The man narrowed his eyes. “I happen to know,” he said as if imparting a great secret, “that the area in which you were scouting is continually filled with the most noxious fumes, poisoned air rising from the depths of the city to take us all. It hasn’t reached here yet, but when it does, oh, when it does...” Taladir blinked. “Uh... what kinda fumes? I didn’t smell nothin’.” “The most vile kind! For they cause fever-dreams in the brain, hallucinations, of whatever you most want to see. Something the city makes to try in its twisted way to keep its citizens happy, of course. And so you saw what you most wanted - Arauna, Odious and dead.” “But... we brought her back here,” Taladir said. “Still dead. And we all saw that blast of dark magic, not just me!” “Bah,” the man scoffed, but was cut short by a few boos. “None of your nonsense tonight, Krask!” someone else called out. “Taladir, go on, we want to hear your story! What happened next?” Taladir grinned, back on familiar ground. “Well, you see, next that girl’s eyes just widen in fear, and she turns to run - she’s heard of me, scared to even face me...” Later that night, Taladir ran into Krask as he was heading to the latrine. Literally - the man bumped into him, clearly paying no attention to his surroundings, and Taladir could hear him... counting, under his breath? He didn’t even stop looking up at the ceiling when Taladir ran into him, either. “Hey, what’s your problem?” Taladir said. Krask jumped and looked at him. “What? Don’t go startling me like that! I was trying to check whether the number of ceiling rings was perfect, and you interrupted me. Now I’ll have to start all over again!” “You didn’t believe that Arauna was a Sympathiser. You thought I was breathing some kind of gas. What’s your problem?” Taladir repeated, ignoring the man’s nonsense. “Oh, I believe she was a Sympathiser,” Krask replied. “As for the rest...” he looked around, as if to make sure no one was looking, then leaned closer. “I’ll tell you, but not here. Too many listening walls.” Taladir rolled his eyes. “Fine.” It wasn’t like he couldn’t take the spindly man in a fight if it came to that, and he doubted it would. Krask was just a bit... off his rocker. Besides, what was life without a bit of a risk? Krask led him into a nearby corridor, then around a few sharp turns, looking nervously right and left each time he did so. Finally, they came to a stop in what looked like a perfectly ordinary stretch of hallway to Taladir. Krask knocked on one wall, then the other, listening afterwards each time, then nodded in satisfaction. Even so, he beckoned Taladir especially close and was nearly whispering when he spoke. “You see, I know she was a Sympathiser, I just don’t believe she died. She couldn’t have - she’s out there somehow, she faked her own death and is just waiting to come back and kill you when you’re least expecting it!” “...Nah, she’s really dead,” Taladir responded after a moment. “I saw her bleed out and everything, and her corpse is even in the camp for you to look at.” Krask squinted. “I don’t believe you. Noxious fumes, remember? But... just in case you are right... I guess I might as well do the job myself.” “What?” Taladir asked. His only answer was Krask whipping out a knife, impossibly fast, and driving it up into his chest, where it slipped underneath his ribcage to hit his heart. The man smiled in response. “Don’t worry! You’ll have a fantastic life, I’m sure - the Tranquiline Halls even have chickens!” What. With Taladir dead, Krask felt it was high time to investigate the rumours he’d heard from various credible sources about a spren which lived at the heart of Urithiru. The ceiling rings confirmed it, if that fool hadn’t messed up his count—it coincided precisely with the floor he’d need to start his search on, and if he was right, the lift system on the thirty-eighth floor was an excellent starting point for quickly getting to the heart of the tower. When he arrived and found that the lift itself had disappeared, Krask knew it was no coincidence. It was simply to dissuade the faint of heart. He got to work with a vengeance. He set his sack at the top of the lift, trusting that nobody would be on watch in this remote section of the abandoned city to see anything incriminating in it—however, he would have to be quick to make it back to the meeting point by dawn, even if there weren’t typically nighttime sentinels in this area—the walls could be telling Kareana of his whereabouts any minute. Quickly tying a support system around himself with the rope from his bag, and fastening it securely to the column above the shaft of the lift, he jumped off into darkness, feeling himself fall and be caught in a buoyant net by the rope tied around him. The rope was tight, but still allowed him movement, and hadn’t cut his circulation either. Krask grinned—an almost perfect beginning. He slowly felt his way down the shaft, which ran the closest to the center of the tower as he could find. If the spren wouldn’t kill him on the spot, it would be here that he would make his great discovery. Imagine Odium’s pleasure at delivering a spren of that size into his hands! His special knowledge would finally be validated, and those fellow Sympathisers of his who mocked him behind his back for his supposed insanity would learn their lesson. As he descended, he could almost fancy he saw a faint light towards the bottom of the shaft, barely a speck, but there nonetheless. The spren was there! His hands worked faster on the rope. He had to reach it before daybreak, or all his work would ruined. A sudden gust of fire and wind came from high above, roaring down the shaft at high speed. I knew those storming walls were out to get me! Krask thought, with a healthy degree of indignation. Further thoughts of the walls or the spren were driven out of his head as the front end of the fiery blast struck his rope at full force. Krask watched in horror as the threads were burned away in an instant, the pressure on his body being relieved as he fell freely into the empty shaft below the lift, gravity working strongly enough that the odd storm of fire and dust failed to catch him before he was hurled into oblivion. Glancing down and seeing nothing but darkness and that pinprick of light growing ever larger, Krask reasoned it would be a very long fall and an even shorter landing on top of a hostile deity, and resigned himself to his fate. Perhaps the spren had got the better of him in the end, but the Mother’s work would be completed by those who survived him. Let the Lord of Chaos rule, he prayed, and opened his eyes. The pinprick of light...was a square? And it was rapidly growing, too. Krask flew out of the shaft into open air, striking bottom in the peaks of the mountains below the tower city as the first sunlight stretched over the horizon, and the third servant of Odium in Urithiru was no more. A particularly curving and uneven section of passageways on the thirty-seventh floor forced Nolan to his hands and knees after falling for the third time on an uneven ledge of rock or a sharp turn which left some area of the floor four feet lower than its surroundings. Among the designs the ancient Radiants had used in the city’s construction, this was one of the most baffling to him—there was no reason for these inconsistencies in an area which they would be using. Unless, of course, you put Skybreakers and Windrunners on this level, who use Lashings to get everywhere. Then the joke’s on an invading army—like you. The wry thought put a smile on his lips, which was quickly erased upon remembering the corpses of Naihar and Locke. Regardless of one’s loyalty to Odium, the city was dangerous, and though he was not a one-man army, that didn’t mean he shouldn’t be careful on these scouting trips. He had no desire to see his throat slit in the middle of a more important mission, and if that meant crawling on his belly to get around while he was mapping the area for Brightness Kareana, so be it. Footsteps—normal footsteps—echoed in the passage above him. Nolan froze, then quickly rolled to one side of the wall, hoping he had been as quiet as possible in doing so. He was supposed to be the only scout in this section of the city for the day! Perhaps someone had gone to fetch him? But it was too early in the day for that, if his stomach wasn’t lying to him; he’d not even felt the need for lunch yet. Swallowing, he chanced a glance up the passageway, and came face to face with a grinning Radler. Relief flooded him. “Thank Adonalsium!” Nolan cried, springing to his feet and embracing his partner. “I’m not sure how in the Almighty’s tenth name you got back here, but I thought I was getting killed. You should really stop doing that to me.” The silly grin was still pasted on Radler’s face as he replied. “Well, it was your decision to crawl like a slug through here so you couldn’t tell a hawk from a handsaw in the distance, though you’re correct about it being a storming impossible job to get over here. It took me the better part of two days to find you, so let’s walk. The path evens out ahead, and I may have found something important.” “For...Domand?” Nolan replied uneasily, and received a grim nod. “One of his fancies, or something actually important?” Radler’s face had definitely lost its grin. “The latter. Come on, you’ll see.” Without further comment he strode up the passageway, his Stormlight illuminating the way ahead, and casting strange shapes into the wall—red and purple marbled veins. Nolan frowned. They had been green further back in the passage, no? He swung his light around, and felt, rather than saw, a shadowy dot flit by him on his right as he did so. Was he going insane? Peering, he saw the veins behind him bleeding to a blotched violet or stark crimson, the green receding rapidly. Something was definitely wrong now. He spun back around to call to Radler, who was about twenty paces ahead of him, when he glanced backwards and saw the same shadowy material coalesce into a figure wielding a knife, and a host of its fellow shadows emerge from the twisted walls. With a yell, he began to sprint up the passageway, away from his assailant, when he felt an impact in the small of his back. Pain flared, then was abruptly cut off; instead, a torpor seized his muscles, and he fell onto the stone floor for the fourth time that day. Dimly, he could see Radler wielding Stormlight ahead, the other shadowy figures retreating, or being torn apart by rays of light. Or was that another light he saw? He was so tired. It would be so much easier if he just drifted off to sleep. A short rest...that sounded excellent. The din of conflict in his ears receded, and Nolan, scholar, Bondsmith, and Worldhopper, dozed off for the last time. Chartreuse Penguin (Taladir) was a Loyal Knight Radiant Worldhopper! Ivory Dragonfly (Krask) was a Odium Sympathiser Worldhopper! Nolan was a Loyal Knight Radiant Bondsmith! Edgedancer Messages “You are sneaky, little bird. The reptiles are scaly and the frogs are slimy. Kill Odium, my friends.” “GREETINGS CITIZENS I AM THE STORMFATHER AND I HAVE AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR YOU %96C6 2C6 D64C6ED :? E9:D 82>6] z:== E96 v|D]” Day 2 has begun! It will last 46 hours, until 4 AM Eastern Standard Time (or Fifth Mean Time, if you prefer) on 31 December 2019. PMs are open. There is a lynch today with no vote minimum to kill. Please thank and/or upvote El did her help with the writeup. (She did Taladir’s death.) Player List Amber Vulture: Jashi, Stormwarden 2. Amethyst Scorpion: Jesh, Lost Axehound 3. Chartreuse Penguin: Taladir, Gambler Radiant Worldhopper 4. Coral Swan: Germaine, Scholar 5. Cream Tuatara: Dfyan, Scholar 6. Emerald Falcon: Sein, Inquisitive 7. Indigo Weasel: Adhom Inem, Ardent 8. Ivory Dragonfly: Krask, Conspiracy Theorist Sympathiser Worldhopper 9. Magenta Albatross: Jonan Wikim, Lost Axehound (Gren) 10. Mauve Crocodile: Sernes, Paranoid Scout 11. Mint Heron: Sam, Once a Darkeyes 12. Onyx Flamingo: Kir, Kleptomaniac Scout 13. Opal Lion: Tnaidar, Scout 14. Pearl Chameleon: Purrl, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend 15. Plum Rhinoceros: Logalog, Scholar 16. Quartz Zebra: Arauna Khadal, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend Sympathiser Worldhopper 17. Saffron Iguana: Merinira, Scout 18. Sage Kangaroo: Gilglin, Ardent (Devotary of the Mind) 19. Salmon Meerkat: Cadamum, Ghostblood Recruit 20. Scarlet Octopus: Max Mercury, Past Lives 21. Sunburst Toucan: Tafud, Slightly Crazy 22. Taupe Gecko: Brana, Scholar 23. Turqoise Gorilla: Bomer, Gambler 24. Violet Axolotl: Adi, Anxious
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    Sounds like maybe you're burning out? Did you just binge the Cosmere? My advice to you is to take a break and read something light and relaxing, whatever you feel will best get you to unwind. Take as much time as you need to, but definitely give Oathbringer another shot once you feel like it. Don't let anyone pressure you into reading at a pace that is wrong for you, as the old adage goes, 'journey before destination'. Good luck and may your passion for stormlight rekindle!
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    I know she isnt supposed to have eyes but its too cute to draw that widdle face! I just pretend she has the face but the features don't actually work, they're just cute-factor. So I got a wacom intuos pro tablet for Christmas and this is my first cosmere doodle with it. Vin sitting in her window sill, enjoying the ashfall like the edgelord she is. This 2020 I plan on focusing a lot on learning digital art and getting better at this medium. (I won't give up on traditional art, though, I promise. I still have a bunch of sketches I need to upload, too!) Also thanks everyone, for the instagram follows! I post all my art there, cosmere and non-cosmere, fanart and studies. I appreciate your support and kind words. I hope you all have a lovely New Year!
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    Cycle 1 “Oy, someone’s stole my knife!” The burly, bald-headed man with tattoos marking from the top of his spine, up and over his head and down to his chin, his belt with every imaginable weapon, and muscles more deadly than any one of them made for a menacing sight as he stood in the back of the open van and looked around at his companions for an answer. “Maybe yeh sat on it and it went up to ‘ide from yeh.” The rest of the group chuckled at this response, obviously used to the big man’s complaints. “You makin fun of me Dodger?” The large man leaned down over the man who’d made the snide remark. Dodger glanced up to look him in the face. “I can’t tell if yeh don’ know I was, Bran, er if yehr just tryin to intimidate me. Either way it’s not goin’ to work so just sit down. You’ve got like 5 knives and you’d best keep better watch of ‘em when we get to the city. More pickpockets there than among yer team.” Bran snarled at him, but sat down with a huff. Miranda covered a smile from the passenger seat in the front of the van as she felt beneath her vest at the cold steel she’d pilfered. She still had her careful fingers that had kept her alive all these years. “Shut up, all of you. We’re nearly there.” The driver flipped off the headlights and a massive dark silhouette loomed in the distance before them. They were getting close to the city. Miranda swallowed. She’d have to have more than this blade to keep her alive on her mission to find an epic. She’d need some nerves of steel as well. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to cycle 1! This cycle will end in 48 hours at 1 PM CST on the 21st of December Rule update! In order to increase game activity some new rules have been added and the game changed slightly. You can find the new rules here ! Good luck! Player List: The Black Market:
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    Lord Hesho and a member of his constituency

    © Brent Donoho

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    How about Chaotic Awesome? As evidence: For bonus points, the word is morality-neutral since 'Awesome' in its original meaning described something that inspires wonder or terror. Either can work for Kelsier depending on what he's doing and who's describing it.
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    The recent Horneater Shardcast talks about how Horneaters could have gemhearts. I'm fairly certain Rock has a gemheart and a spren inside it. It is the simplest explanation for his unusual characteristics. We know other mammals like horses have been come to Roshar and a group of them split off developing the ability to bond spren which make them MUCH bigger and stronger than a normal horse. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Ryshadium We don't know if Ryshadium have gemhearts or if they are bonding spren a different way. Rock is incredibly strong. He swings the trunk of a tree at Kaladin during a sparing session. An entire log. How had Rock lifted that thing? ... "Didn't stop you from throwing a tree at my head." WoR Ch. 12 He uses Sadeas' Shardbow without the aid of Shardplate at the end of OB. He can also see spren when most people can't. This implies he has some connection to the cognitive realm. I think having a spren in his gemheart. Not all horneaters can see spren and they aren't all as strong as Rock. This difference may be because not all horneaters have gemhearts, they are distantly descended from a mix of Singers and humans they may not all get that trait. Or maybe horneaters all have one, but the knowledge of how to intentionally bond with a spren has been lost, so most just don't get a spren. Rock may have gotten one by accident. I also think the Horneater caste system based on order of birth makes more sense if, long ago, the Horneaters could change forms. Cook son died? Well have the son that's in Warrior Form shift into Baking Form or whatever. Jobs are not assigned by aptitude because they used to be able to change their aptitude greatly via spren-enabled Forms.
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    Moash to continue breathing. Hoid to swear truths off screen.
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    I’d spoiler these for length, but I’m not sure I can in this format, sorry.
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    We know after OB that Iri decided to side with Odium despite the fact that it used to be one of the Silver Kingdoms and a staunch part of the anti-Odium alliance in the past. However, in Odium's negotiations with Taravangian it became obvious that he is very reluctant to promise safety to human countries in return for their cooperation. My guess is that this is because of the pre-existing deal between Odium and the Fused, which promised them Roshar (but not specified the condition it is going to be in). So, what could he have promised to the Iriali leaders? IMHO, help with moving to their next "Land" and escaping the Final Desolation. After all, that's what we learned about the Iriali from Ym's Interlude back in WoR: The Iriali have been stuck on Roshar for thousands of years and it would make sense that they made the same calculation as Taravangian - that this latest conflict with Odium couldn't be won, and decided that it was finally time for their people to head for the Fifth Land. Why Scadrial? Scadrial is convenient because it has a perpendicularity, yet is mostly empty just 3 or so centuries after the Catacendre - and even before that, most of it was uninhibitable. Now it is largely suited to human habitation, but it would take the Scadrians a long time to build up numbers and spred to fill it. It is also clearly to Odium's advantage to help the Iriali move there. This gambit already worked for him on Roshar, after all. What is more and what makes Scadrians such a threat to whoever is behind the red-eyed "faceless immortals" and to Odium, unless they are one and the same, is that the planet and the people are special because they were created by only the 2 Shards now being combined in Harmony. Other Shards have no purchase there, no beachhead, and Scadrians are extensions of Harmony to the degree not shared by the people and planets created by Adonalsium and later taken over by the Shards, which still have the investiture of all of the 16 in them. By introducing Iriali people to Scadrial, Odium would disrupt this situation and get a foot in the door, so to speak. This snippet from the State of Sanderson may or may not be connected: "I consider Wax and Wayne’s final book to be imperative to finish before I start Stormlight Five." given that it would make sense for the Iriali to leave during a Willshaper book and for W&W folks to possibly run into them either a few years after or in the process of their arrival on-world (in case of time dilation during interstellar travel through the Cognitive), in "The Last Metal".
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    Hey everyone, I'm sorry for the delay. I've been dealing with some irl stuff the past several days but I'll get the game ready today. It'll either start tonight or tomorrow. But I will get it ready today to go up for one or the other.
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    I was rereading OB and in the end Odium meets Taravangian and they make a deal in which the Diagram will work for Odium and in return Odium will spare anyone born in Kharbranth, their spouse and the city itself. I think this deal will be very important in the resolution of the first arc. 1 - There's the popular theory that Mr. T is a plant by Cultivation, i think the diagram was Cultivation way to bind Odium to an agreement which he, as a shard, has to follow as long as Taravangian keeps his word. 2 - This deal makes Odium ineffective against someone who was born in Kharbranth or their spouse. So i was trying to find some important character that was born in Kharbranth and was not Taravangian until i found one Hesina, Kaladin's mom. 3 - We know Hesina is not from Hearthstone and from some conversations in WoK we can assume she was born in a city, we also know Lirin lived in Kharbranth from a long time. So we can assumed they met there. 4 - We don't know when they returned to Hearthstone, i didn't find anything saying that Kaladin birth was in Hearthstone. And we know one of Kaladin grandparents is lighteyes, perhaps they were the ones who named him when they were still in Kharbranth. So in conclusion Cultivation plan was to force Odium to compromise with Taravangian, so that she could give an advantage to Kaladin, which might be Honor's champion.
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    Thanks for the inspiration Sorana Raphael and Sloane talking by the fireplace:
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    Ah I get it, it's kinda like on Amazon where they suggest they buy things similar to the thing you're looking at. "Spren have also considered bonding this human, would you like to add it to your cart?"
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    Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
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    He made a comment in the replies about Rock’s story: ”It would still need to be written. There wasn't room for it in book four, and it wouldn't really fit thematically anyway. If I don't manage to do it as a novella between four and five, I think I can make it fit in five thematically, so we'll put it there” Edit: I really wanted Rock’s story in the Horneater peaks. I respect his decision, but I’ll miss it
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    Am I the only person on this forum that WANTS Adolin to become an Edgedancer?
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    So I'm not sure if this is the right sub forum to post this. There will be some spoilers about the Rosharan System. SO DONT READ AHEAD IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS. Anyway. I think I found a depiction of the immigration from Ashyn to Roshar. It's one of the illustrations in Oathbringer. When you start "Part 1" there will be a map of the "Locations of the Ten Oathgates" On the bottom half of the illustration, it depicts people running through a portal -of sorts-away from fire. The place they flee to is full of Soil, grass and from the looks of it, Spren. We know that Ashyn is nicknamed "the burning planet" because of whatever happened there. Shinovar is the only place on Roshar that has soil grass like we do. I think it has to be it. What do you guys think?
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    Let’s see... 1. I don’t want Shallan and Adolin’s relationship to be smooth sailing. I’m really hoping for some conflict there. 2. I really, really want Adolin’s/Renarin’s reaction to Dalinar’s book to be dived into. I don’t want it to happen like the repercussions of Adolin murdering Sadeas, which was quickly brushed aside. I’m not criticizing that arc, but I don’t want it to happen again in this particular case. 3. I don’t want to not see more Ghostbloods. Please Shallan, interact with them more, and tell Jasnah about them! I’m really hoping to see her relationship with Jasnah grow more than it did in OB.
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    Hmmmm... things I don’t want to see. Shallan turns into a stack of pancakes and the team has to try and turn her back before Lift tries to eat her. Ok, serious answers. Adolin becoming an edgedancer. I’m all in favor of him resurrecting Maya, but I really want him to stay as a normal person. I think that in between all of the crazily-powerful radiants we need just one non-magical person perspective. Aaaaaand that’s all I can think of right now. I try not to think too much about what’s going to happen, because I’ve had experiences in the past where I’ve not enjoyed a perfectly good story because I initially expected something different.
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    Thanks to this WoB We know that Spensa best fits in with other Dustbringers. From the gem archives and the in world WoR book we know that Dustbringers share many qualities with her. Chief among these qualities is an outward persona of reckless dangerous intensity. A "nice house lets burn it down for kicks" mentality that is easily apparent in Spensa when we first meet her as a seven year who wants to blow things up. Interestingly Dustbringers contrast this with a softer side of deep and devoted love and compassion to those that they chose to give their loyalty to. Jerkface is surprised that Spensa is actually the huggy type. Based on one of my older theories radiant oaths (with the exception of Lightweavers) follow a pattern. The first ideal is constant, the second is about service, the third is about fairness, the fourth is about trust and the fifth is about the ultimate goal. Spensa goes through character development that reflects some of this in both books. In Skyward as a child she wants to fly in order to prove to herself and her fellows that she is not a coward. The only qualities she really demonstrates at this point is an impressive amount of aggression, bravery, and unyielding willpower. Spensa at this point is forceful enough to get what she wants but what she wants is ultimately selfish. When she wins the training exercise against Jerkface it is for herself not for anyone else. Similarly the thing that holds her back (her fear of hurting others) is still ultimately selfish. She does not want to be the one to kill one of her friends but based on the way the DDF takes losses her friends are all doomed even without her. The pivotal moment for her is when she admits that she is going to die but states that she will win anyway(by saving them). As such I think the second ideal of a Dustbringer is "I will fight for others not for myself." However Spensa is not done here she has saved everyone but she has more to do. Her next move is to save to get answers. Instead holding a grudge against the DDF(and spesifically Ironsides) who have treated her extremely poorly she recognizes that these people need her and that she can't help them until she knows more. As such I think the third ideal for Dustbringers is "I will not turn my back on those who need me no matter who they are or what they have done." ===Starsight spoilers start here=== Starsight provides some excellent information on the fourth ideal. It is in fact a consistent theme. Everyone deserves a chance to be treated as human. Initially Spensa does not trust Culla because of the way he smiles. However she eventually overcomes her initially apprehension and lets her guard down around him giving him a chance to prove that he deserves her trust and loyalty. This is the fourth ideal. "I will allow anyone a chance to prove that they deserve my loyalty." I think it is telling that Malata does not have her armor. The ultimate goal of a Dustbringer is to create a world in which people are loyal to each other. Juggling competing loyalties is also likely a problem for this order(you have to give everyone a chance). I think the final ideal of a Dustbringer is "I will respect all loyalties no matter who is involved." If I am judging right this will be the end of Spensa's arc. She will have to except that some humans are going to be loyal to the superiority and that she herself will have to kill those people.
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    Edgedancers are the order of Vedel Herald of surgeons. On earth physicians of all kinds swear the Hippocratic oath. Thanks to Lift we know the first three oaths an Edgedancer swears. They are as follows. The first ideal is the same for all Radiants. I do not think it needs discussion. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. The second ideal however is interesting. I will remember those who have been forgotten. This is quite similar to a passage of the Hippocratic oath. "I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being" the passage is a reminder that as we work to solve the problems of humans as apposed to our own problems or the problems themselves. Many charities or governmental programs actually do this for example confusing a growing economy with better overall prosperity. An Edgedancer's job is to look at real individuals and try to solve their problems at an individual level. I will listen to those who have been ignored. This is quite similar to "I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug" an admonition that sometimes just listening is the best thing you can do when you want to solve somone's problems. This is also how an Edgedancer remains fair, by listening to all no matter how crazy or foolish(Nale). Unfortunately this is where our direct knowledge of Edgedancer oaths no longer sustains us. However the Oath still has more lines. For the fourth oath I think this line is the most important. "I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know." As the person who you go to when you need advice or have a problem Edgedancers more then almost any order probably accrue a large number of dirty secrets. To remain trustworthy and to be trusted by others an Edgedancer must be able to keep confidentiality. So replace patients with a more general term and you are good to go for oath four. Oath five is somewhat more illusory. The Hippocratic oath has many more lines but not all are really appropriate. "May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help." Might seem good but honestly it does not really make sense in a way that seems like a commitment the way the others are. Oath five should be about the ultimate goal of an Edgedancer and that goal is to forestall suffering. " I will prevent disease(suffering) whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure." Fits this perfectly.
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    Well, I mean, you haven't exactly come to the right place if you want unbiased opinions. You're come to a place full of people who are biased in favour of Oathbringer who will try to convince you to keep reading. But in my personal biased opinion, Oathbringer is the best book Brandon's ever written. I can at the very least assure you that you will view both Dalinar and Shallan very differently by the end of the book. Also, going off the one thing I definitely know you'd like, I can tell you there's a chapter from Rock's point of view later on. So maybe at least push through until then?
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    Haha! Well Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, 17th Shard! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!
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