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    Number 7 finally done! This honestly sat for a while until I decided I was satisfied enough to just go ahead and upload it. This one depicts a windrunner locked in aerial combat with a fused in the skies over Urithiru. When I thought about how I would lay this one out, I remembered how surgebinders using gravitation to fly aren't flying so much as changing the force of gravity acting on them to fall in a different direction. I drew the figures as if "down" for them was actually sideways since in reality, that is how it would feel to the windrunner driving his boot into the stomach of his fused adversary. This one was tons of fun, but also tons of work to draw and I am glad to have it finished.
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    None of them speak with the same sounds beginning each word?! Why, what wicked witches with wintry wherewithal! Even enemies endorse excellent entertainment! These thickheaded theatrics throw them through the thrasher.
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    I'm finally done with the blanket.
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    Hello everyone! I just joined the forum and I thought I'd share an image I made a little while ago of Kaladin leaping across a chasm at the end of WoK! Thank you!
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    Sooo, I have wondered for a while which character is the Cosmere Chuck Norris. And I have reached the conclusion that it can only be Taln. After all, he is... well, Taln. But we obviously need to write down all his incredible facts: I’ll start: *The Oathpact was really between Honor and Taln. The other Heralds were only there because Taln didnt want more than one Honorblade. *Nohadon is Talns pen name. *Taln once tried tossing a chasmfiend to see how far it would go. Its impact on a nearby planet caused the Cataclysm of Ashyn. *Honor was Talns hype-man. *Taln knows everything about Vax. *Taln doesnt like rain, and decided to spend five minutes to build a small shed to stay in while the Highstorms passed. Humans found it and named it Urithiru. *Taln once got hit by lightning in a storm. He hit the lightning in return, and the storm got so traumatized that it needed two weeks vacation every year. This how the Weeping was created. Anyone else who has Taln facts?
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    Thank you both for your kind words! The skyeel is one of my favorite cosmere creatures, so I am glad it came out good. I'm sick today and was prompted on the 17s discord to draw Marasi snuggled up with some cocoa I've been playing around with journaling and scrapbooking along with art, so I am filling this sketchbook with different book characters and other fanart. Other fandoms are going to be posted about on instagram, but I'll continue posting the cosmere ones here
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    I think the term "racist" is a little difficult in this case because it has - understandably - a very negative connotation. But there are different "levels" of racism of course. Hitler was racist. That's obvious. Washington and Jefferson were racist. They owned slaves and believed black people to be inferior - but they were at least very uncomfortable about it. Not nearly enough to justify slave ownership of course, but, still, they were rather harmless in comparison to Hitler. And finally there are the Jews in Nazi-Germany. When you are a Jew in the 1930s, you really dislike the Germans of course, for very understandable reasons. Technically that means they are racist - but because that term is very negative, saying "The Jews in Nazi-Germany were racist" is a statement that leaves a really bad taste in your mouth. In Kaladin's case, there definitely is a sort of prejudice, but whether it is racist or classist or neither is hard to tell. Generally, the lighteyes subjugate the darkeyes via economic and political means, they occupy all the priviliged and prestigious positions etc. Furthermore, Kaladin's prejudices are confirmed all the time - after all, Dalinar is the only one who appears to have some minimum of tolerance towards darkeyes. I think Kaladin definitely doesn't believe Lighteyes to be inferior in any way - he expects them to be amoral bastards, not to be stupid and inherently bad in any way. It's the old nature-vs-nurture-argument. Kaladin knows Lighteyes are raised with a sense of superiority, that they are accustomed to having power and that is why they act the way they do. His prejudice is a result of his experiences, so I don't think that he believes in an inherent untrustworthiness of Lighteyes since birth. He hates Lighteyes because they - like Laral and Roshone - think they are better than him and his fellow darkeyes. Is the hatred of a community due to an attitude or an ideology that has become the predominant worldview among members of that community synonymous with racism, if said community happens to be united by racial aspects? I am once again going to do the Nazi comparison here (the cheapest of all argumentative techniques, I know...). If, say, a Russian or a Polish during WW2 says: "The Germans want to take over Europe, they are evil", then that is - technically - a prejudice. "The Germans" were, after all, a very heterogeneous group, just barely similiar enough to be called "a people". Politically, they had been divided, and there were countless Germans who supported the Nazis due to economical reforms, their good immage, a desire for less conflict in domestic politics, their hard stance against the Versailles treaty et cetera. Almost no one saw the Holocaust or the attempt to conquer Europe coming - they should have, and, when it happened, they mostly went along with it. But there were a lot of Germans who didn't want the war or the mass executions. Saying "Germans want to conquer Europe/slaughter the Slavs and Jews/started the war, and therefore are evil" is wrong, because on an individual level, the majority of Germans were against those things. However, as a community, "the German People" if seen as a united entity, definitely did start the war and went through with the Holocaust. Many individuals in Germany were often against the war as individuals but not to the point where they would have actually shared their doubts or attempt to change things on a societal level. There's a thin, but existing, line between (correctly) saying "the Germans wanted the war" and (incorrectly and possibly racistically) saying: "All Germans wanted the war", just like there's a difference between saying "the Americans voted for Trump" and saying "Every American voted for Trump" or between "Children love clowns" and saying "All children love clowns". I would therefore not say that a dislike of a group, based on experiences, is racist, simply because some individuals are glossed over. Kaladin is prejudiced, but not racist as he, first of all, doesn't think of all lighteyes as inherently bad (see below) The Lighteyes have their own community. They share morals, values and social conventions that make them an own separate part of the society of Roshar. Even if individual members of the Lighteyes-caste are against the prejudice against darkeyes, the predominant belief of most lighteyes is, that they are superior to them. Kaladin is against the Lighteyes, because this group as a whole is almost unanimously keeping up the caste system and the oppression of the darkeyes. If you asked Dalinar what the perfect society would be like, he might answer that he would abandon the caste system maybe, but currently he sees it as an issue that is just not that important. If you asked them about darkeye-lighteye-equality, some lighteyes, like Dalinar, wouldn't say: "Darkeyes equals? Never!" nor would he say "We have to immediately destroy the caste hierarchy!". Instead their answer would be something like: "I guess it's something that's maybe a bit unfair. Sometime, someone should probably change it a little." The classism and that kind of ignorance from its non-racist members are why the lighteye-community as a whole, if you want to see it as one single entity, is still opressing the darkeyes' equality. So the lighteyes are a community, united by racial traits, in which there is a dominant belief that they are superior to darkeyes and more worthy of political and economical power; in short, they are racist. They either have, or tolerate, a racist and classist ideology. Racism is defined as a hatred of a person or a group that is not based on their personality, but on their ethnicity. Kaladin does not hate the lighteyes because of their ethnicity, but because of the lighteyes' belief that they are better than darkeyes. That is an ideology that is wide-spread across the lighteyes and, in fact, supported either directly (ew, darkeyes, how gross) or indirectly (now is not the time to discuss equality) by every lighteyes we have ever seen. And ideology and personality are closely intertwined (if somebody tells you he's a nazi, for example, you probably have a pretty good idea of what his personality is like). Therefore you could say that Kaladin indirectly judges Lighteyes by their personality, their attitudes and ignorance in particular - attitudes which are rooted in the lighteye's upbringing and their culture. He is possibly prejudiced when he immediately assumes that every lighteyes he meets shares their caste's sense of superiority - but, once again, so far, he has been almost always correct. Furthermore, while Kaladin says that all lighteyes automatically have that kind of attitude, he is able to recognise that he's wrong. Dalinar, Adolin, Shallan and possibly even Elhokar were able to prove him wrong. Really dedicated racists cannot be proven wrong. A White Supremacist will go on claiming that black people are inherently less intelligent. When you show him a black person with a PhD he will not even say: "Well, I guess there are exceptions" (- which of course still wouldn't be much better). He will instead go on to keep making his claims and ignore all evidence that he's wrong. Kaladin clearly isn't like that.
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    Ironeyes Marsh. If this takes place in Northern Scadrial, imagine the look on people's faces as Death himself struts down the catwalk. Also, Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king absolutely destroy the competition in a beauty pageant.
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    I...just want to point out that people don’t choose to have depression. Kaladin didn’t wake up one day and go “I can either be happy or be sad - welp I guess the answer is obvious” and decide he wanted to be depressed. It’s a medical condition. And while you do have to make actual, conscious effort toward happiness during heavily depressive states, sometimes that leads to very little, or only subtle effects can be outwardly seen. It’s exhausting to make an effort to be happy when your brain chemicals are coded against you and all you want to do is just lay there, thinking yourself deeper into the black hole, or even worse just lay there and feel nothing. I commend Kaladin for every time he did the opposite of what this meme says. ...Rereading this, I hope it doesn’t come off as aggressive to you because that’s not my intent. I realize that this was just intended as a fun, quick joke, and now here I come plopping a paragraph of mental health discussion on top But I feel that this is important.
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    Art by me. @/Cephandrius on Twitter.
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    Spoiler Warning: I use information from all three stormlight books along with a tiny bit from the mistborn series So, I put part of this theory on another thread, but since then I've thought more about it and refined it a bit. In short, Radiants form a "proto-plate" by a combination of their surgebinding and their secondary spren. Bondsmiths then take this and forge it into true Shardplate. So to get deeper into my theory, it was sparked by a quote from one of Dalinar's visons. Oathbringer page 352 "I think something might be wrong with my armor!" Dalinar shouted to him "I can't make my helm retract!" In response, the other Radiant made his vanish. Dalinar caught sight of a puff of Light or mist. Beneath the helm, the man had dark skin and curly black hair. His eyes glowed blue "Retract your helm?" he shouted "You haven't summoned your armor yet; you had to dismiss it so I could Lash you" Oh, Dalinar thought. "I mean earlier. It wouldn't vanish when I wanted it to" "Talk to Harkaylain then, or to your spren" The Windrunner frowned. "Will this be a problem for our mission?" Now the thing that is interesting about this quote is that Dalinar is referred to go to someone else for help with his plate. Many people suggest that plate is a bond with the lesser spren of a given order. For example, windspren for windrunners, gloryspren for Bondsmiths, etc. As interesting a theory as this is, and I don't think it's too far off the mark, it doesn't make sense given the above quote. If the bond a radiant had to their plate was just between them and the spren why would they need someone else's help to fix it? I believe that the man mentioned in the quote, Harkaylain, was a Bondsmith. To take a step back, I don't think Bondsmiths just magically whip plate out of the air. If they could do that, why not give regular people plate as well? I think that before a Radiant can get true Shardplate, they must make what I will dub "proto-plate." This proto-plate would be armor that was made out of a combination of that radiant's particular secondary spren and surges. We have seen something similar to this already on Shallan. Once a radiant had enough control over their proto-plate they could take it to a Bondsmith and create their full plate. So, here's where I think we start to see the literal result of the name Bondsmith. I think these Radiants had the ability to create bonds between people and spren. Now, we've seen Dalinar reach all the way between realms and bring them together, but we also know this is a new ability. I believe that the Bondsmiths of the past could do something similar, but on a much smaller scale. Bondsmiths could take the essence of the lesser spren, which exists mostly in the cognitive realm, and combine it with the Radiant's surges, which comes from their use of investiture, which is from the spiritual realm, and combines them and brings them into the physical realm to create plate. Now, a couple of other things that could help this theory make more sense. One of the major differences between modern plate and shards is the ability to dismiss them. Modern blades can be dismissed just like those the radiants had, but plate can't. I think this is because the plate is more tightly linked to their spiritual signature. As we know, shardblades are dead radiant spren. Now, while these spren have been bonded in the past, they are distinct beings, likely with their own spiritual signature. This means it's not that far off for them to be able to recreate a smaller version of that bond with people, even when their dead. If I'm correct the major difference with Radiant plate is that it contains some of the radiant's investiture. Now we have seen from feruchemy that when investiture comes from a certain person it is permanently linked to them and cannot be used by others. This could explain how no one has found a way to dismiss modern shardplate. They can use the physical item, much like you could wear a feruchemist's bracelet, but they can't actually utilize the underlying abilities. Another idea that I think makes this more likely is the fact that Modern shardplate is seen to be really similar across the board. We even see Dalinar use the gauntlet from Adolin's suit in TWoK. Now, if each order made their plate a different way, or just by their surges and lesser spren, it would seem plate should look very different depending on the order it came from. I propose that the reason they look the same is because they are made of the same material. When you really get down to it spren are just collections of Honor and Cultivations power given sapience. In this way all lesser spren are the same substance, just in different shapes. I would relate this to metal ingots used in forging. Each type of spren is a type of ingot. They are all made of the same material, say iron, but some are circular, others are squares etc. When the Bondsmith forges them together with the radiant's power the shape they were in before doesn't matter, only the material. Since all spren are effectively the same material, it makes sense that all plate would look extremely similar, regardless of the order it came from. I know this is a lot of theorizing, but given the lack of actual information we have on these topics i figured I'd at least give it a shot. I'll be the first to admit I'm no master realmatic scholar so if you have thoughts/ideas on why this would/wouldn't be correct or tweaks that need to be made let me know.
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    Mraize is actually the chicken. He moves between human carriers to keep tabs on all of the factions. He just scratches their faces up really bad so they all look the same.
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    The gay male protagonist. Bane of mainstream literature. But things are better now™. *sigh* LGBT literature is still very much- actually hold that thought. The existence of that term alone shows the problem: that LGBT literature is a separate thing from straight literature. We rarely have fantasy, mystery or sci-fi whose main character happens to be gay, we have gay fiction which happens to have a fantasy, mystery or sci-fi setting, rarely. Mostly it's just romance. Written by women. *sigh* It's mostly erotica, basically not even aimed at the same gender. There are gay authors: Adam Silvera, TJ Klune, Will Walton, Benjamin Alire Sáenz,... well-known LGBT authors. Special thanks to Richard Morgan who finally wrote a non-romance with a gay male character as the main protagonist. Also Robin Hobb. Gay characters are almost never the main protagonist in the mainstream literature. Gay literature is still a niche genre and generally not taken to be a part of mainstream literature. When gay characters do appear in the mainstream and they're not badly written, they're usually secondary characters or at most, the deuteragonist. These authors are then treated like the bastion of LGBT literature and everyone else would remember their example for the next ten years as completion of the required dosage of gayness they can handle on their reading list. They will then cite these books everytime some poor sod mentions we need more representation, "wasn't that one book from 5 years ago with that one gay character (who probably dies later on) enough?" And these authors too, even after all this time, are in the minority compared to those who simply ignore that gay people exist. These are the books most likely to have a lot of romantic subplots. Love triangles, ahoy! "But we need romance in our books!" "Why do we need to have a gay character?" "what does it add to the character?" Female gay characters are, of course, fine. I mean there's also less gay female characters because it's not as daring and "female lead" is still something that can be used to sort books but at least people aren't directly opposed to them. Gay male characters on the other hand are an insult and a threat to masculinity everywhere *long exhale* So we have Ranette and Drehy filling the quota of gay characters in the Cosmere and they're tertiary characters. So far, we have maybe-promises from the author regarding gay characters in the future. On a completely unrelated note, how many love triangles have we had in the Cosmere so far again? This post is my anger and this post is my logic: Also check out this comment by @The Awakened Salad which addresses the question of why a character would "need" to be gay:
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    We're starting to accrue bits and pieces of Stormlight Four. Here's what we've got so far. (Fair warning, nothing has gone through continuity editing yet, so everything in the readings is subject to change, of course.) March 30th, 2019. Planet ComicCon. A chapter about Lirin. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/386/#e12628 May 15th, 2019. Bonn, Germany. A rewritten version of the Lirin chapter. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/388/#e12676 July 20th, 2019. Video reading at SDCC. A scene with Venli. https://www.tor.com/2019/07/20/sdcc-brandon-sanderson-stormlight-archive-4-excerpt/ August 31st, 2019. DragonCon. Part of the prologue, from Navani's viewpoint. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/394/#e12852 October 15th, 2019. ICON. More of the prologue. https://clyp.it/lidyohcy November 26, 2019. Newsletter exclusive fiction. Stormlight Four excerpt. November 26, 2019. Starsight Release Party. Eshonai flashback, very rough in continuity. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/402/#e13303 December 10, 2019. Amazon released the publisher's summary. (This is the out-of-universe summary, not the back-cover in-universe text.) February 15, 2020. LTUE, Provo, Utah. Brandon read an interlude from Lift. No known recording. Summarized here: https://www.reddit.com/r/brandonsanderson/comments/f7xms1/ltue_2020_reading/fignyf2/ Brandon's also been regularly releasing lengthy update posts. I'll summarize the goodies from each of them: January 2nd, 2019. Discussing outlining in broad terms. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/absjnj/stormlight_book_four_update_1/ February 6th, 2019. Update on outline progress. Tentative title revealed: The Rhythm of War. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/anttqr/stormlight_book_four_update_2/ April 16th, 2019. Introduces the concept of plot "Arcs," which focus on relatively isolated groups of characters. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/bdzor2/stormlight_book_four_update_3/ June 20th, 2019. Part One (of five) written. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/c30ijp/stormlight_book_four_update_4/ August 26th, 2019. Arc Two written. Graphic of which Arc fits in with which Part. (https://i.imgur.com/tcE4p4Q.png). Flashbacks may switch from Eshonai to Venli. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/cvvs75/stormlight_book_4_update_5/ November 6, 2019. Purely a writing speed update, no juicy bits. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/du30gp/stormlight_book_four_update_6/ January 10, 2020. Book's done. Brandon might take a break from revisions to write a Rysn novella dealing with Aimia. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/emxhgo/stormlight_book_four_update_7/ And then, we've got various miscellaneous tidbits. January 5th, 2018. One-year gap between Book Three and Book Four. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/315-general-reddit-2018/#e8979 September 19th, 2019. Wit will have a cooler epilogue than usual. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/360-legion-release-party/#e10802 August 28th, 2019. 90% confidence on Rhythm of War title. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/379-general-reddit-2019/#e12847 September 9, 2019. Kaladin and Jasnah will share a scene: https://twitter.com/BrandSanderson/status/1171220837103362049 September 26, 2019. Flashbacks will be a mix of Venli and Eshonai. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/380/#e12961 and https://wob.coppermind.net/events/380/#e12962 October 15, 2019. We'll learn more about how fabrials work. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/395/#e13408 October 18, 2019. We will get pictures of all Radiant spren except Bondsmiths. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/397/#e13108 and https://wob.coppermind.net/events/398/#e13249 October 18, 2019. Potentially more Azure. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/397/#e13137 October 26, 2019. Two more fashion pieces for the art. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/398/#e13250 January 10, 2020. Rysn interlude hasn't been written yet. Content will depend on whether or not her novella gets written. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/406/#e13578 January 25, 2020. During a YouTube Livestream, a first look at a Taln art piece in the style of OB's four Heralds. It may go in Stormlight Four, it may not. https://imgur.com/a/Dl7G3PA I will endeavor to keep this up to date as new information or additional excerpts come out. If there’s something new, or anything important I’ve missed, please feel free to ping me.
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    I think some people are missing the impact that strong representation can have. Representation (of any group, not just the LGBT community) isn’t just about spreading awareness to others, although that is a large part of it. Representation is also about giving people in said group a voice. A role model, someone to look up to. Someone who tells them they’re not broken. I cannot tell you how validating and wonderful that feels in words. To finally have someone that’s like you, who sees you, who understands you. Ranette and Drehy are tertiary characters. They barely have any screentime, and what we know about their characters is very limited. That’s it. We never see them interact with their partner, or do anything that would make the audience assume they’re not straight. The books have to outright tell us they’re gay, or we wouldn’t have picked up on it. And maybe for some, that’s fine, but for that little boy still hiding who he is, seeing a gay character just be shoved aside probably won’t feel all that great. It’ll send the message that he’s not as important. And I’m not at all saying this was Brandon’s intention. I don’t believe he’d purposely do that. But it does happen, intentional or not, and I think that Brandon has a responsibility to do better. So maybe Honorless is pushing for more representation not just because he feels the need to “make everything gay”, but because he knows the importance and impact that representation can have. Shoving the only two LGBT characters onto the sidelines doesn’t help, and it can just make those within the community feel ostracised.
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    In WoK, when Shallan and Kabsal were talking about Voidbringers, Kabsal said this: Ten Divine Attributes? But from the table of Essences, aren't there twenty Divine Attributes? I think it's reasonable to conclude that the twenty attributes in the table of Essences were derived from ten more general attributes, and that those ten are what Kabsal was referring to. This means we can group the twenty attributes into pairs, merge those pairs, then come up with the actual Ten Divine Attributes. So, how do we do that? There are several interesting possibilities. One is to try and merge the Primary and Secondary Attributes of each Essence: I will let someone else attempt that. I personally couldn't find a way to merge such pairs as "resolute and builder", "learned and giving", "just and confident", etc., but then English isn't my native language. Another option is to merge the Primary Attribute of an Essence to the Secondary Attribute of the previous Essence: This has the added benefit of potentially mapping each unified Divine Attribute to a Surge, thereby connecting the table of Essences to the Knights Radiant chart: Once again, I will let someone else attempt that. I tried to do it a few years ago, pre-WoR, but I wasn't super successful. What I ended up doing recently is slightly different but still connected to that second option. Yes, I still think that the Attributes can be mapped to the Surges, but this time I ignored the Primary and Secondary labels for the purpose of this exercise. (For what it's worth, there must be a point in marking an Attribute "Primary", but I'm choosing to ignore it for now as irrelevant.) So with all that said, here's my attempt: Adhesion: Devotion Pious: devotion to gods Protecting: devotion to the weak When you're devoted to something, you stick to it no matter what (or at least till the devotion is no longer there). Gravitation: Authority Leading: being followed Just: to follow a moral code People gravitate towards authority, people or belief systems that they can follow to get the answers or the direction they seek. Division: Independence Confident: free from doubt Brave: free from fear The Division Surge removes the stuff that binds things, thereby "releasing" them from a sort of "imprisonment" or "slavery" of bonds. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the circumstance and the perspective. Just like how being free from doubt and fear can be good or bad. Abrasion: Attention Obedient: attention to rules/commands Loving: attention towards fellow man You tend to spend more time with people or things that you pay attention to or demand more of your attention, like a shoe experiencing more traction on a rough surface. But sometimes too much demand for your attention can wear away any interest you have, and your attention slips. If you don't pay attention to something, it might slip past you without you noticing, like something sliding quickly on oiled ground. Progression: Aid Healing: aiding the sick Giving: aiding the needy The Progression Surge is an aid to natural processes like the growth of living things or the healing of wounds, in that it makes those processes go faster, i.e. progress more. Illumination: Intellect Creative: productive intellect Learned: well-educated The intellect refers to the thing that supposedly allows us to know stuff, to understand, and to be creative. Enlightenment is what happens when you finally comprehend something. It is a concept directly related to the intellect, and is a word connoting light. Understanding brings illumination, and through it one sees. Transformation: Truth Honest: truthful Wise: able to discern truth The Surge of Transformation manipulates the truth about an object, changing its essence. Transportation: Stability Careful: avoiding error Resolute: unwavering in one's decisions The Surge of Transportation manipulates either the spatial or the realmatic stability of objects, allowing either teleportation or realmatic transition. Cohesion: Ingenuity Builder: assembles parts into a whole Resourceful: makes clever solutions Ingenuity means both cleverness and inventiveness. It is the ability to combine things into something useful and innovative. The Cohesion Surge allows the ingenuity of the user to manifest in any chosen material by shaping it to reflect his ideas, creating a cohesive structure built for a certain purpose. Tension: Responsibility Dependable: takes responsibility for assigned tasks Guiding: sets an example for others Responsibility can cause tension when the things you need to do and the things you'd rather do become opposite pulling forces. Your obligations, the oaths you've sworn, and the people who look up at you can all cause this tension. The key is to allow this tension to stretch you enough to make you stronger, but not stretch you past your breaking point. Mapping the Attributes to the Surges like this has another benefit: It allows us to rearrange both the Attributes and the Surges at the same time. In this framework, moving an Attribute moves the corresponding Surge, and vice versa. Why am I interested in moving things around? Well, I first thought about it several years ago when we learned that Illumination was connected to Pulp and Blood; I felt Illumination seemed more thematically connected to Spark and Lucentia. At the time, I tried "fixing" that with an alternative chart, but mostly failed. The idea of rearrangement came back to me a couple of months ago when I re-discovered a Way of Kings annotation showing that Brandon apparently experimented with various Knights Radiant chart versions. Here is one of his experiments from 2003: Notice how the Surges had different names back then (Division=Decay, Illumination=Energy, etc.), and different positions, and some probably were replaced with something else entirely in later drafts (like Awakening, maybe). Anyway, I was trying to work on a theory about the Dawnshards being of Cultivation around the same time last year. Seeing this previous iteration of the Knight Radiant chart, it suddenly occurred to me that a Cultivation magic system might have Surges and Attributes just like Honor's system, but changed somehow. And that's how I came up with the Elevations and Callings of Dawnshards theory.
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    So, to give a bit of backstory, I walked away from Oathbringer just kind of subconsciously assuming that the Aimians weren't native to Roshar. Strongly enough that it caught me off guard when I found out that some people hadn't been assuming that. So I've decided that laying out of my case might be beneficial. And then maybe somebody who believes they are native will lay out a case for the opposite position. But without further ado: 1. Aimia as a biome. So what is Aimia is, in essence, is a landmass far to the west of Roshar that's very isolated from the rest of the continent and as a bunch of animals that aren't seen anywhere else. Which is a description that reminds me a lot of the other far western Rosharan country. Now, this might be the totally natural consequence of the island being isolated- it might be the Australia of Roshar, but if there was a second sizeable wave of refugees, one from a world whose Biome was dramatically different from both Rosharan and Ashyn, surely that island would be where they'd set them up. And the special case study here are the Larkins. They seem to be a pretty hardy animal, with Chiri-chiri surviving just fine in both Thaylen city and the Reshi sea. But they're still heavily associated with Aimia- and rare enough outside of it that it's assumed that they went extinct with the Scouring. Not sure what's going on there- less likely Ashyn animals have spread to the rest of the Continent, but it's gonna be interesting to watch what happens as Chiri-chiri grow. And it's notable to me that Larkins don't seem to have any obvious relatives among Rosharan fauna- being able to use Stormlight as a food source is a pretty useful adaptation on Roshar; one you wouldn't think would be confined to a single species. Unless, of course, it's not a trait that evolved on Roshar. 2. Siah Aimians So I feel pretty confident about these guys not being native. At the very least, we can say with confidence that the writer of the Elia Stele wasn't aware of them, since they share may of the 'Alien' traits that seemed so strange in the humans. And nor do they feel Ashynite to me; for the record- I feel like the Natan people having Aimian blood would be less notable if they'd all just mixed together immediately after arriving on Roshar. And now's probably a good time to mention that Aimian is a distinct language family from the rest of Roshar, which is further supporting evidence. And, more vaguely and subjectively, they just don't feel like any other lifeform on Roshar. 3. The Sleepless Now, we know that the Sleepless are Cosmere-aware, and that there are Sleepless on other Planets, and Brandon's mentioned that Hordelings are bred to look like Cremlings so they can blend in on Roshar, which paint a pretty clear picture to me when taken together. But it's the last point I'd like to focus in on; the Hordelings are bred to look like Cremlings. This is project that doesn't appear to have been entirely successful; Hordelings are consistently described as being 'weird' or 'oddly-coloured'. Although Rosharans categorize them under the broad umbrella of 'Cremling', they're visibly an unusual species of Cremling. Despite thousands of years of trying to blend in, they still don't look entirely right. Which is odd; insects tend to be pretty good at pretending to be a different kind of insect. This implies to me that they're not relatives of 'true' cremlings in any way; that without the thousands of years selective breeding they wouldn't look even vaguely similar. I mean, the Sleepless don't immediately ping as non-Natives like the Siah do, but I feel reasonably confident that that's because they're making more of conscious effort to blend in with the natives- that they'd be just as if not more visibly alien if they weren't trying to hide. And, as final note, I'd like to point out that the magical effects we've seen on Roshar fall into two broad categories- interaction with Spren, and direct Shardic intervention. And, in fact, Jasnah would probably argue that those are basically the same thing; that Shards are effectively just the most powerful spren in existence. The only exception is when Aimia comes up; both sapient races and the Larkin are magical in ways that don't seem to fit into that paradigm. Aimia just feels like a place where the normal rules don't apply. Which, of course, is exactly how it would feel if it was full of alien magics.
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    Whether you celebrate this holiday today or tomorrow, I love you all! Free hugs and candy and baby animals! There are also free hugs and candy and baby animals for anyone who does have a romantic partner! <3 EVERYONE IS AMAZING, ENE WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND E>
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    I want to provide an interpretation of what Autonomy is about, and/or how Bavadin may be interpreting it. These are the events that are most associated with Autonomy - some more concretely than others. Bavadin-Autonomy had some light role to play in the story of White Sand - source Taldain entered into a long period of isolation because of Autonomy - sourced from the AU essay, where Khriss says "Autonomy’s policy of isolationism in recent times (in direct contrast to her interference with other planets, I might add) has prevented travel to and from Taldain for many, many years." Autonomy is potentially the one attacking Scadrial - speculated from source Patji is an avatar of Autonomy - source There are worshipped pantheons out there where every member is Autonomy. - source It's hard to come up with a coherent nature from these disparate elements. But I think we have enough to start making guesses. The Isolation of Taldain - Why? The easiest place to begin is point #2: Autonomy caused Taldain to enter into a millennia long period of isolation, during which the planet was cut off from the outside in almost every way. So we can ask this - Why would Autonomy have needed to do this? If indeed this was a decision made consciously, then what would've happened if Autonomy hadn't done this? What about Taldain required it to be isolated from the greater Cosmere, even as Autonomy was itself looking outward in seeking out places to seed Avatars? Was it done to keep someone/something in, or to keep someone/something out? The only thing we really know about Taldain is that it was technologically further ahead than any of the other planets in the cosmere, and that it was on track to become the first planet to get to space. source. Then, in this intervening period of isolation, Taldain got "frozen." And here we can speculate. Technological progress is exponential, so the farther ahead someone is, the faster they progress. A consequence of not isolating Taldain then, is that it gets unfettered access to space, including the capability to get to other planets with civilisation on them, like Sel, Ashyn, First of the Sun, and whatever the other Shards/Shardworlds/worlds are out there. And because of human nature, we can probably guess how well this would've gone for any of those other civilisations. Imagine what happens when a space age civilization - unopposed in any way - manages to land on First of the Sun a thousand years before the events of Sixth of the Dusk. Before Patji the Avatar was there, and when the natives were even less advanced. Subjugation and conquest and exploitation is a very likely result. The loss of Autonomy of some peoples in the Cosmere is a very likely result. Autonomy in White Sand That thought gives us a good starting point in trying to intuit what Autonomy is all about. With that context, the next place which will give us any idea is this: Autonomy, through the Sand Lord, kicked off the events of White Sand. And it makes so much sense. At the beginning of the story, the Diem under Lord Mastrell Praxton, is a dominating entity, over all the other professions. It's elitist, arrogant, and aloof. With that simple command, Autonomy allows events to unfold in such a way that the old Diem is destroyed, and people like Kenton and Khriss, and Ais (who are all very strong-willed and independent, and have a lot of self-agency but are also otherwise repressed in their natural environments) are enabled and given space to shine, and bring a certain balance to the world. Kenton's actions directly cause the Diem to start acting on an equal footing with the others, by creating situations where he either removes the Diem's advantage over someone else, like he does with the Merchant Guild's debt, or by offering to work with others, as opposed to over or under others, like he does with the Mason's Guild. Notice how Autonomy doesn't balance things herself in this. She doesn't take away others' capability to act, others' Agency, others' Autonomy. For example, she doesn't tell the traitor how to go about attacking the Diem, or even compel him to do so. She just tells him to. To accept to do this, and to then plan, and go and actually do it, are all things the Traitor himself does. She doesn't take decisions for him or force/control him. She just creates certain circumstances around certain people, and leaves it to the individuals to make their own decisions and come to their own solutions. She only puts the right people in the right positions, and then they act to restore Autonomy. Maybe other arguments can also be made. You get Autonomy, and you get Autonomy, everybody gets Autonomy! There is a little bit of a problem in being the very force of Autonomy in the Universe - you have to choose what Autonomy is, to you. And you can approach this question from many directions. From the perspective of resolution, you have to ask - whose Autonomy do I represent? Do I represent the Autonomy of a person? A state? A nation? A continent? A planet? All life, everywhere? Should one person be completely autonomous, or should I try and work for optimum autonomy of state, at the cost of individual Autonomies? Do I go down to the absolute tiniest level, and represent the Autonomy of every individual quanta of investiture/matter/energy in the Cosmere? Because if so, the existence of anything and everything is impinging on it. Molecules impinge on the Autonomy of the individual atom, by binding them. Let's say I represent the Autonomy of every individual person in the cosmere. If so, should I try and come up with a perfect system where every individual is perfectly Autonomous? If I do manage to come up with such a system, and I go about imposing this everywhere, am I not taking away the ability to choose one's own definition of Autonomy, by giving them mine? And I'm only really skimming the surface with these question, and very quickly at that. But I think Bavadin came up with a beautiful solution to such... conundrums. What I think Bavadin is doing, in seeding Avatars across the Cosmere, is letting others choose their own take on Autonomy. Bavadin will then go and give life to their culture, their expression of Autonomy, and it will be instilled with their beliefs and act in their interest. Take Patji, for example. The island Patji was always revered by the people of First of the Sun. They associated with it a personality, one stemming from their own beliefs of what a greater god should be like. Autonomy, then, came along and gave it life. Patji's beliefs and personality, in this case, will be mostly what the people of First of the Sun gave him, and his task would to guard and represent their Autonomy, their way of life, their culture and civilisation. And you can see this, in Sixth of the Dusk. Patji the island communicates with and channels Sixth onto a path that teaches him what The Ones Above really want and represent. And he does this in a way very inline with the personality associated to him by Sixth's people. He doesn't tell Sixth what to do when he leaves. He doesn't tell Sixth what he should be doing. He doesn't tell Sixthwhat the one's above are trying to do either. Sixth has to figure out the answer himself. Sixth, then, chooses the life he wants to live afterwards. Patji never controls him, nor does he compel him beyond putting him in particular situations. Patji fights, in that story, for the Autonomy of the people of First of the Sun, but without impinging on their own Autonomy to do so. Each Avatar of Autonomy, then, could potentially be meant to represent the Autonomy of a separate group of people - sometime this can be a civilisation, sometimes a culture, whatever has similar beliefs. The Sand Lord is likely an early manifestation of the Autonomy of Dayside Taldain, just as Patji represents the Autonomy of the Drominad System. It would be interesting to see whose Autonomy Trell represents. An easy answer is likely the Autonomy of Scadrial, but who knows? Harmony, you egg! Imagine you just ascended to Godhood along with 15 of your other compatriots, and you became the very force of Autonomy in the Cosmere. But you're new to the power, and you don't have much experience being a god yet, and you're excited to play god, so you go off and create your own little utopia. Over time, you become more and more compelled by your power to care about autonomy as a concept, and as you get more experienced as a God, you begin to understand the consequences of your own actions. Seeing firsthand what your own people could do, you now understand the consequences of technology and progress, and you have begun to grasp at the importance of cultures meeting each other on an equal footing so that they can all maintain their own Autonomy. You barely managed to check your own people, and correct for your earlier mistakes. So you start looking outward, and towards the far future. You are Autonomy, and you want all peoples with their own origin to be Autonomous. So maybe you help Odium take care of Dominion, who was God's own Conquest, before it became a danger to the Autonomy of others. And now you look outward, finding other civilisations and seeding with them an expression of their own Autonomy. In your searches, you run across this weird planet that two of your compatriots created. They call it Scadrial. Maybe they came to you, asking if you want to seed your own worship there. However you found it, you keep an eye on those two and their merry little planet. You find out about their deal, where one would get to destroy the planet, and you become less concerned. You see that Preservation sacrificed his own mind, and for all you can tell, it was in vain, and Ruin will win, and get to destroy Scadrial eventually anyway, before it gets to be trouble. You check in periodically anyway, and see that it's been frozen too, by a sliver of Preservation. So you're not that concerned. Then one day, the slow draining of Preservation's mind allows a freed Ruin to finally choke him to true death. But then, surprisingly Ruin dies without destroying Scadrial. And now Scadrial has a new, much more powerful god, one in which the destructiveness of Ruin is paired with the now proven Futuresight of Preservation. A god, who is just as inexperienced as you once were, but with double the range and a ton of emotional weightage. A god who, in his inexperience, and ironically, with good intentions and the want to improve things from how they were in a harsh, technologically frozen and repressed world, gives his people a fertile valley to grow and develop in, and progress quickly. A god who has no idea of there even being life out there when he does this, and is not experienced enough to have any idea of the consequences of this action of his on other civilisations in the future, at all. Someone who just shattered your careful plans with the single act of giving his people conditions to grow fast, and one who is actively, and from your perspective recklessly, promoting growth. So you scramble to stop this as fast as possible, in the only way you can act anymore, after 10,000 years of being compelled to be Autonomy, and after millennia in which you've been splitting off parts of yourself for the betterment of all. You decide to go to war. Conclusion In the end, I think Autonomy has learnt to take the long view of things. It is looking forward to the time when all the different cultures and peoples, all the different "children of Adonalsium" intermingle, and is trying to push the Cosmere towards a future where all peoples interact with each other on an equal footing, and are able to maintain their own identity and Autonomy. Any one culture or God that has the potential to become a problem to this future, Autonomy wants gone. So... yeah. What do you guys think?
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    You know you are a Sanderfan: When your roommate frequently hears you sleep talk in keteks.
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    Some incorrect quotes (SA spoilers):
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    I could also have gone for a pun on lameness, but I didn’t want to come off as rude
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    Stormlight Four is quickly approaching; it might feel like it's nine months away (because, technically, it is), but before you know it, it'll be October and you'll be frantically trying to cram in a reread. Tor will be doing their big marketing push, and the forums will be exploding with new members. In advance of this surge of popularity for Stormlight, I was thinking we should make a resource to help new members begin the deep dive into the lore that many of us take for granted. Arcanum can be intimidating; there are almost 13,000 WoBs so far, but most of them aren't Stormlight, many are old news that's since been revealed in the books, and others just aren't important. Let's put our heads together and build a list of the ones that will be the most essential or the most important for those looking at WoBs for the first time. Here are my three criteria: Impactful. These should be WoBs that all Stormlight readers will care about. Niche WoBs about linguistics might be some of my favorites, but most people won't care, so let's not include those on the list. Relevant. Stormlight only; no spoilers for the greater Cosmere or for other series. (Well, except maybe Warbreaker, but let's cross that bridge if we come to it.) Substantial. No RAFOs! Or at least, nothing that's just a RAFO; if Brandon says RAFO but gives info anyways, that could be fair game. Yes, it means the list won't have anything about Unity, one of the biggest outstanding questions from book three, since that's been all RAFOs. Oh, well; let's make sure we're getting WoBs with actual information in them. Here are a few to start us off: Flashback Characters The Hidden Ending Cultivationlight And with that, I turn it over to the rest of you. What WoBs do you think are the most impactful, relevant, and substantial for someone who's new to the deep end of Stormlight theories?
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    Jezrien is dead. Jezrien was a king before he became a herald. He was a “Windrunner” before there were Windrunners. Leadership is the Windrunner Secondary Divine Attribute. Kaladin is a Windrunner who leads the Windrunners. That makes Kaladin the “leader of leaders.” I believe he may ultimately replace Jezrien and become King of Alethkar: “He must pick it up, the fallen title! The tower, the crown, and the spear!” [WoK Chapter 53 Epigraph (italics added).] Kaladin sympathizes with the Singers and wants to protect everyone including them. SLA’s narrative IMO points to a human-Singer treaty and a strifeless Roshar. (Unite them – one of many meanings.) I won’t speculate how or when that happens or what happens to Rayse/Odium and the Fused. But to me, human-Singer rapprochement is inevitable. I believe Kaladin will be at the forefront of that truce. Kal wants to stop the killing. He sees the war from both sides. The “Singer Bridge Four” (Moash, Khen, and their group) respects Kal, as does Rlain. I believe Venli will also respect him, especially when she learns he was the human strong enough to wound Eshonai. After Rayse/Odium’s defeat, Kaladin may be the only person both sides trust to lead the reconstruction. What of Dalinar, you say? Dalinar by then may have fully ascended. If he remains a Bondsmith, his Divine Attributes are pious/guiding. A Bondsmith provides moral direction, not political leadership. And Jasnah? If my musings turn out true, Jasnah will die or maybe abdicate to go off somewhere with Hoid. I can’t imagine Kaladin happy in a political role. It’s hard to imagine him happy at all. But he may feel compelled to rule if necessary to protect everyone immediately post-war. Kaladin may follow Jezrien’s footsteps as both “Windrunner” and king: King Kaladin the Peace-Blessed! It could happen.
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    We all know that Odium is the bad guy, terrifying in visage and in power. The Shard killer, spren shudder in fear at the mention of his name. But it wasn't until Oathbringer that we found out how he operates. He and his minions always encourage people to give up their pain, to let go, to give in to the void as if dumping water into a well. Well it has become apparent to me that the Heralds knew their ancient enemy, for in the creation of the Knights Radiant orders they gave their followers the perfect words to fight against the void. Every Knight or perspective Knight speaks the words of the first Ideal. Even though the words can and are interpreted differently for every individual their primary purpose is fighting against the very tactic Odium uses. Give in and embrace the end? Life before Death. Give me your pain? Strength before Weakness. It's not your fault? You were doing only what comes naturally to you? Journey before Destination. The very words codified in the First Ideal are a block to Odium's entire recruiting strategy. This is something I only realized in retrospect, perhaps because we got the ideals before we even knew what those Ideals guarded against. Thoughts?
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    Trell's Last Roadtrip: The real explanation for why this mysterious entity is involved in Scadrial; they're about to settle down and start a career but wanted to tour the Cosmere and get wild one last time. They probably don't even remember the whole thing with Paalm or working with the Set due to how much Horneater White they'd brought along from the previous leg of the trip.
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    I'm surprised that there has been no mention from Odium about Hoid being on Roshar as we know there is a pre-shattering relationship there Endowment seemed to know from the letters that he was on planet but Harmony seemed unable to detect him This has had me thinking about what Brandon said about the big scene in book 4 that he's envisioned from the start and i think this could be our first direct interaction between Hoid and a shard since its gotta be coming up and seems like the thing Brandon would cultivate over a long period Thoughts?
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    Final Voidus backstory for this arc The Professor felt his muscles strain as he struggled to keep from being torn apart, felt the tension permeate every part of his being as he struggled to maintain his existence against the crushing pressure of the void that surrounded him. His jaw creaked as it clenched in determination and his gaze did not move at all from Voidus' face above him. He stared at that face and summoned every last bit of concentration he could, all of his anger and hatred of the man who claimed to be a god. The man who would destroy the universe if he wasn't stopped. The man who would destroy the Professor's wife and daughter. While feeling as though he were being simultaneously crushed and torn to pieces, the Professor struggled back to his feet. He hissed out a breath between clenched teeth as he rose from his knee, leg shaking under the pressure before firming and allowing him to stand at his full height once more, matching Voidus' gaze with his own. It was more power than he'd ever felt before, orders of magnitude beyond what he'd used to disintegrate objects. With both he and Voidus pulling so much on the void, the concept of existence itself seemed a very precarious thing. As though with just a little more strain they could obliterate even that, and reduce this universe and all others to nonexistence once more. Voidus' expression remained flat, but a small droplet of sweat slowly beaded on his forehead before beginning to trickle down. God or not, it did not seem to be as easy for him to end this as he had claimed. He was straining too, perhaps not as hard or desperately as the Professor but it was not a one-sided contest. The Professor latched onto that thought, dredged up even more hatred for Voidus to fuel his focus, his will to deny Voidus' existence in this world. He recalled Voidus' smiling expression as he'd ignored the mother of his child. Remembered the way he had stretched that hand out towards Laurelai to annihilate her and the son that she was holding. Remembered his words when he had threatened to destroy the Professor's wife and child in the same way. "I hate you." The Professor hissed, not sure if he was reminding himself or trying to distract Voidus' concentration. Voidus blinked in response, but said nothing. A vein at his temple began to bulge and his jaw was beginning to clench in the same way as the Professors as he slowly lost ground. More sweat flowed down his brow until his dark hair was as sweat drenched as the pale golden hair of the Professor. The two stood facing one another, breathing heavily. Their gazes flickering as they invisibly struggled back and forth to gain an upper hand in their conflict. "The end has already started." Voidus whispered. "Do what you want but you can't stop it, they will die. Your world will be unmade. Even I couldn't prevent that now. Everything that is in this universe, anything that is even Connected to it will vanish." The Professor faltered, just for an instant, the slightest breaking of the stare off that the two had been engaged in. But Voidus saw the gap and exploited it, watching the Professor begin to shake under the pressure once again as Voidus gained the upper hand. "-that-" A faint whisper emanated from the Professor, tension began to leave his body. His jaw loosened, his shoulders drooped. The condescending smile returned as Voidusstared at the Professor, a touch of respect that he had made it this far, but Voidus had never doubted who would be the victor of this conflict. He prepared a final surge, one more pull on the void to destroy the Professor entirely, but he hesitated a moment before releasing it. Curiosity overcoming him as he wondered what the Professor had said. The Professors eyes locked with Voidus' once more, but there was none of the defeat that Voidus expected in them. He wasn't straining anymore, but Voidus was still unable to overpower him. "Then that Connection." The Professor said. "What binds them to this universe, I'll destroy that too." Voidus' final expression was one of surprise, before the void reduced him to nothing and he vanished without a trace. ---------------------------------------------------- Laurelai stared at the place where the two men had vanished, her dad and someone else she didn't know. She had wanted to ask who he was but the darkness had scared her as her auntie Laurelai, the woman with the same name as her had vanished along with her friend. She didn't know where they had gone, but the darkness scared her. it scared her even more when it surrounded her dad as well. The room had begun making strange sounds, creaking and cracking sounds as everything began to break apart. Laurelai had run to her mother crying, seeking some comfort. But her mother seemed just as scared as Laurelai was. She had scared at the sphere of darkness that the two had been engulfed in with a hand over her mouth, eyes roaming in search of something, some way to help. Finally she had picked Laurelai up, holding her close and stroking her hair. Laurelai had held her back, nestling her face in her mothers collarbone. The sounds in the room suddenly stopped, and when Laurelai noticed, she looked up, turning around and casting fearful eyes at the spot where the sphere of darkness had been. But the sphere had vanished, leaving one figure to collapse to the ground from within it, just barely managing to catch themselves with their hands. Laurelai's mother ran towards the figure, throwing her arm around Laurelai's father. She pulled both of them in closely, and Laurelai threw her arms around them both as well, sitting there quietly for a moment and trying to understand what had happened. "Almost nothing left." Her father had whispered, looking at them both with a mixture of relief and terrible sadness. "I don't know if I can." The creaking resumed in a sudden burst, the entire building groaning in protest and on the verge of collapse. The timber boards began vanishing one by one, disappearing into pockets of darkness that had begun opening up all around them. Laurelai screamed again, clinging tightly to both of her parents. "Her!" Laurelai's mother screamed. "You know what to do, we talked about this." Laurelai looked up with a tear streaked face into the exhausted and mournful eyes of her father. Tears began spilling out of his eyes as well as he placed one hand against her head, a hand wreathed in darkness. "I'm sorry." The Professor whispered as his daughter vanished. He collapsed to the ground, eyes struggling to stay open. He had meant to promise something to her, what had it been? Everything was blurry, difficult to focus on. He could only make out one face, framed in blonde ringlets and looking down at him. His wife smiled at him, whispered something that he could no longer hear, and then vanished into the darkness. It was difficult to think, difficult to even summon the effort to try. But he would have time later, the empty void within his chest assured him that now he would always have time. The rest of the world collapsed around him, leaving him floating in the darkness. As he floated without direction even the sun and the stars were slowly consumed, one by one, until all that remained was an empty universe. He drifted through it aimlessly, with no way to note the passage of time. Was it a thousand years? Or only a day? He struggled to remember. Struggled to remember anything other than the endless void that surrounded him. People, places, names. Time erased everything from memory. Or at least, almost everything. He remembered a promise. A promise and two names. He turned one of the names over in his mind, was it his? Had it always been? It seemed fitting at least, for some reason he could no longer recall. But he could recall the promise. Voidus had to get his daughter Laurelai back.
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    From the album Mistborn Art

    If you can't tell, I love kandra. This was based on the pun that is Paalm's name and the fact that Scadrial has the same plants and animals as earth. Because of this, I need Bleeder to eat and become a tree
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    El has a writeup started, but is at D&D right now, and she should post it separately to get the upvotes she deserves once she’s done. Voting has concluded! The winners of the three non-Sanderson passes you have voted for are Emerald Falcon/Arraenae, Magenta Albatross/StrikerEZ, and Violet Axolotl/Burnt Spaghetti. Final Player List: 1. Amber Vulture: Jashi, Stormwarden Devotary of Spontaneity 2. Amethyst Scorpion: Jesh, Lost Axehound Elandera 3. Chartreuse Penguin: Taladir, Gambler Mailliw73 4. Coral Swan: Germaine, Scholar Sart 5. Cream Tuatara: Dfyan, Scholar Haelbarde 6. Emerald Falcon: Sein, Inquisitive Arraenae 7. Indigo Weasel: Adhom Inem, Ardent Straw 8. Ivory Dragonfly: Krask, Conspiracy Theorist Hemalurgic Headshot 9. Magenta Albatross: Jonan Wikim, Lost Axehound (Gren) StrikerEZ 10. Mauve Crocodile: Sernes, Paranoid Scout Araris Valerian 11. Mint Heron: Sam, Once a Darkeyes Coda 12. Onyx Flamingo: Kir, Kleptomaniac Scout Dalinar Kholin 13. Opal Lion: Tnaidar, Scout xinoehp512 14. Pearl Chameleon: Purrl, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend Rathmaskal 15. Plum Rhinoceros: Logalog, Scholar _Stick_ 16. Quartz Zebra: Arauna Khadal, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend Lumgol 17. Saffron Iguana: Merinira, Scout DeTess 18. Sage Kangaroo: Gilglin, Ardent (Devotary of the Mind) Snipexe 19. Salmon Meerkat: Cadamum, Ghostblood Recruit Cadmium Compounder 20. Scarlet Octopus: Max Mercury, Past Lives A Joe in the Bush 21. Sunburst Toucan: Tafud, Slightly Crazy STINK/Kasimir 22. Taupe Gecko: Brana, Scholar Young Bard 23. Turqoise Gorilla: Bomer, Gambler Elkanah 24. Violet Axolotl: Adi, Anxious Burnt Spaghetti Please sign out of your anonymous accounts, and use your regular ones to post in here. The mods will be going through and resetting all the passwords throughout this week. Thank you once again to everyone for playing. This was among my favourite games to GM; part of that was certainly thanks to the invaluable help of @Elbereth, whose beautiful spreadsheet made GM errors next to impossible (though she still couldn’t make it idiot-proof enough for me ), and who was a tremendous help early in the game when I was too busy drowning in relatives to deal with crises like moderator anon accounts. But this game was great mostly thanks to all of you, who took our trolling in stride and took the writeups and prompting El and I gave you and turned them into wonderful RP of your own. I’ll make an acknowledgements and reflection post later in the week about all of that and more, but right now I need to go to bed, and in any case you all deserve a chance to talk to each other as yourselves. Oh, and for those of you who caught the whitetext and captions earlier, yes, the aftermath writeup is based roughly on the 1812 Overture. Or at least it will be once El puts the final piece into the puzzle. Right now it’s only reflective of about the first 11 minutes.
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    ...maybe you should, I dunno, finish the first book before you criticize what you perceive as poor writing or plot holes, or express disbelief that there are more books?
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    The 10 orders doing homework Windrunner: Does homework on time, fulfills the minimum requirements. Reminds everyone else to study and lets anyone work with them during class. Skybreaker: Shows work on every problem, cannot even fathom the idea of copying, lectures everyone on the long-term effects of cheating and plagiarism. Dustbringer: Their assignments can usually be found crumpled at the bottom of their backpack, but they're creative about finding other places (like the washing machine or a bonfire). Edgedancer: Does homework on the car ride to their sport practice. Uses sticky notes to remember what to do. Occasionally shares answers and provides emotional support. Truthwatcher: Prefers to work alone, likes to finish homework in class. Sometimes has panic/anxiety attacks the night before a test. Lightweaver: Doodles during the class notes, procrastinates, and uses Google to "check" their answers. They like to compare work with someone else, mostly the Willshaper. Elsecaller: Studies obsessively, overthinks every question, creates cheat sheets. When pressed for answers, they only give hints. Willshaper: Listens to music when they do decide to start. The rest of the time they procrastinate and try to compare answers, usually with the Lightweaver. Stoneward: Always does homework in a certain order, keeps a calendar, submits all assignments on time. They guard their answers like the last (spike-free, obviously) cookie. Bondsmith: Helps others when done with their own homework, prefers not to work alone and asks the other orders to join their study group. They do not approve of cheating, but try to avoid arguments.
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    I always thought the Cognitive Realm was cool. The use of the Platonic idea of the Ideal Realm (separated into two Realms: the Cognitive realm of the mind and the Spiritual realm of the ideal/perfect objects & beings) in fantasy was awesome! I was also very sad that we won't get to see something like a character's own personal pocket dimension. The Cognitive Realm seemed like the perfect candidate for hosting pocket realities: it is the realm of the mind, space is malleable here being shaped by collective belief & perception. I thought that the fortress of the Ire would be as close as it gets Then I realized we have seen this: 1) Stormfather's imagined place, where he took Dalinar, which he was very defensive about explaining saying that "it is no place!" before explaining that he imagined it and explaining the nature of the Cognitive Realm and the objects in it 2) the visions sent by Honor, I didn't realize it was a real (ish?) place, simply imagining it taking place within Dalinar's mind. Then I remembered that: A ) Dalinar shared these "visions" with other people B ) Odium broke into one I imagine it's very Investiture-intensive to create a pocket world, given the characters who've shown the ability to do so. I wonder if any Investiture system we've seen can be used to do this
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    Hi, everyone. I did a thing in my art class and it has strong Dark Alley Vibes. Sorry the picture is so awful, my chrombook's camera sucks and we didn't have much time.
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    The exact nature of his bonds are not known. He is bound by the powers of Honor and Cultivation according to the Stormfather in OB CH. 38 and the holder of Honor's power (or it's remnants) has the ability to release Odium, according to Odium in OB Ch. 57. On Braize We have a WoB that says he is trapped on Braize and it's where the Heralds and Fused would go when they died during the Desolations. This is because of the Oathpact made between Honor and The Heralds ( OB Ch. 38). The Stormfather says it is inspired by how Honor and Cultivation bound Odium, but they are two separate bindings. It's never stated that actual spren of Odium, like Ulim or the red stormspren, are bound along with The Fused, but it seems like they were. Ulim says "I am the one who escaped" to Venli in OB I-3. In the text, usually in the letters to Hoid from Frost and non-Rosharan Shards, he is referred to as not being able to leave the system that he's in. They don't refer to him being trapped on Braize specifically, but again Brandon said that he is stuck on Braize at a signing. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/172/#e8560 Everstorm "He won't remain bound by this, the enemy. He'll find a way around it you know he will." Kalak WoK Prelude. I don't think Odium could manifest directly on Roshar before the Everstorm was brought over at the end of WoR. He does it all the time in OB, but only when the Everstorm is directly over someone. Venli was instructed to leave her windows open during the storm and Mr. T had to open the window before Odium could appear to him. The Everstorm also is now where the Fused go when they die instead of back to Braize. Odium has found his way around the Oathpact. What Does Winning Look Like? We don't know what his win condition is, absent Dalinar letting him go. Will killing Cultivation do it? If so why would Honor alone agreeing to release him be enough? At this point he's been in the system for so many thousands of years he would be heavily invested in the system. The more investiture that's in Roshar's physical and cognitive realms, the less he has to wield against other Shards outside of Roshar. Even if he was released from what originally bound him in the system, he would likely need to destroy existing life on Roshar to free up that investiture. Honor's final Vision that shows the surface of Roshar being obliterated might be extremely literal. Odium's Army On Roshar Odium has a few sets of forces that can act on his behalf on the planet Roshar: The Unmade - ancient spren who remain on Roshar in between Desolations. They don't go back to Braize and get stuck. Brandon has said that usually this is how Odium has influenced people on Roshar, through the Unmade. In Oathbringer Odium says he has been speaking to Dalinar even longer than he has been speaking to Amaram and he means "speaking" through the Thrill they are influenced by in combat. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/107/#e1375 Golden Spren - Odium loves white-gold, some of his Spren like the one Kaladin talks to when he is with the Singers early in OB, appear as white-gold humanoids with Shin eyes (when Odium appears he has Shin eyes). When Odium directly uses his investiture it is often are often white-gold. The white-gold dagger used on Jezrien, the white gold power streaming behind him when he summons the Thrill to Thaylen Field. The molten gold realm Mr. T and Odium talk in at the end of OB. His human manifestation wears white and gold. His Singer manifestation when Venli looks at him at Thaylen Field has marbeled gold and white skin. The Void - He loves gold, but I'd argue his shard color is black/violet or "stygian blue" which is an impossible color. Voidlight that the Fused use to do magic is this color. The flame at the core of his being that Dalinar sees in this color and when he looks into the human forms eyes he sees this color inside. Notice on the chart halfway down this page that you can see stygian blue if you stare at bright yellow for a while then look at black. White-Gold is the fatigue template for his true power. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impossible_color Passion - As KR makes a progression of oaths to access magic through Honor & Cultivation, Odium's forces seem to have to give their pain, passion, strong emotions to him in order to access magic through Odium. He isn't Passion, he takes it from others. The Fused - Cognitive Shadows of ancient Singers killed by humans in the humans conquest of Roshar. They are able to possess the bodies of living Singers and some can possess stone creating Thunderclasts. This constant bonding of new bodies or "bodies" has torn up their cognitive aspects, causing insanity in some. Red/Black Spren - Odium likes to conserve his investiture. He co-opts existing spren and they appear red, like the storm spren. The Unmade we've seen are all either red or black. Black investiture often means a bunch of different investiture mixed together, sometimes called corrupted.
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    Oh, Brandon Heart of Iron and the sequel by Ashley Poston. They’ve got four main characters/two couples, one’s straight and one’s gay. There are also gay/lesbian background couples. Besides that, the books are great in general, I recommend them to all of you. Yep, this is annoying. Beyond even just wanting a guy choosing between two girls - because that does sometimes stray uncomfortably close to actual historical prejudices - what about throwing a nonbinary person into the equation? What about making the love triangle about something other than sexual attraction? What about giving polyamory some love, pun intended? There’s just so much that could be changed here. I haven’t been very involved in the Harry Potter fandom, but from what I’ve seen, most of the kickback against that was because JKR did it entirely to jump on the representation bandwagon without having to do any work. There’s a lot of evidence for this, and most people (including me) are angry at her for that, rather than for him being gay. I’d love him to be gay, but as it is I can’t believe he actually is because she never bothered to write it into canon...not even when she had chances to after her announcement. I agree with most people in that we desperately need representation, but not if that representation is being written solely to be representation. Or if you’re doing that, then at least don’t make it their entire character. Okay, there’s a ton to work through here, so I’ve numbered it according to paragraphs. A lot of it I didn’t include, either because it was irrelevant or because it left me literally speechless. Haha what? You’re looking at the cosmere and all the literal hundreds of characters in it, almost all of whom have either shown a distinct preference for hetero relationships whether or not they are in one themselves, and you’re saying there are only a dozen or so relationships? What? I’m just genuinely confused here. You’d call him a man. Or, in this case since you’re using his gender identity as a part of the discussion, a trans or transgender man. I don’t think anyone really uses the term transsexual anymore. (Side note, trans people don’t ‘become’ the other gender. They simply are the other gender. Not all of them know it from the start, and that’s okay.) That doesn’t count and will never count as representation. You can headcanon someone all you like, I encourage it in fact, but it’s not representation until there’s confirmation by the author either on the page or off. Preferably on, for obvious reasons. Saying “oh, any of these people could be gay, why don’t you just assume that” is an excuse meant to satisfy people. Whether you intended it or not, it comes off as trying to push the real issues away and placate people with scraps, and that doesn’t work. I think you’re overestimating how hard it is to do that. Wouldn’t be too difficult for Brandon to slip something in about a couple getting sneered at on the streets, or someone during the investigation of the church in SOS to note that there’s a gay couple in there, that’s a bit surprising for a Surviorist church, or any number of lines that could be quickly placed. Maybe that kid from the mob Wax scattered could say something derisive about it along with other Pathian tenets. Easy. See, that’s not good. It’s not as bad as hatred and homophobia, but indifference can lead into that type of thing very quickly. I’m not asking that you jump up and excitedly join a cause or anything, but not caring can often be just as bad as being homophobic. If more people actively cared about more things, the state of the world would be better. The reason why LGBTQIA+ rights are still being discussed is because there are many people in this world who don’t acknowledge them or who actively work against them. I’m glad you recognize that we have rights, but not everyone does. Are you talking about a gay couple adopting a kid? Like, is there something else to ‘gay adoptions’? I don’t understand how that is possibly a problem. Do you have something against adopting kids? Gay culture is 100% a thing, just like American culture or black culture or like...literally any group ever lol. You put a bunch of people together with something in common and you have a culture based around that. It shocks me that I even have to explain this to people - but yes, there is very much a gay culture. And a culture for everything else. That’s what culture is. There’s a lot more to know and I doubt your aunt knows all of it. I’m not incredibly up-to-date on even American LGBTQ+ history, much less other countries, and same goes for the current happenings. Nor am I an expert in certain aspects of sexuality or gender. It’s a topic just like anything else, and I don’t expect everyone in the world to learn about everything - I’m certainly not going to - but there is absolutely more to know. There is need here. The lack of LGBTQ+ rep in books shows that. See 5. Also, who in the world said anything about intimacy? If you mean physical, nobody’s talking about that. But intimacy can also be romantic or platonic, and if you don’t have a problem with those when straight cis people engage in them, you shouldn’t for anyone else either. (Also that just really doesn’t have much to do with the argument at all, from what I’ve seen.) I get that this is a joke, but...really? You wrote don’t trust the mentally ill in your signature and decided that was perfectly fine? I can see where you’re coming from, but this excuse simply doesn’t work because of one thing: the internet. Brandon’s talked before about how he looked at atheist forums to be able to write Jasnah. If at any point in time he ever wants to read writings from, talk to, offer a rough draft of a character to, or otherwise engage with anyone of any sexual or gender orientation, all he has to do is some internet searching (it’s not even difficult, and you pretty much always have options). If he wants more beta readers who are gay, there’s nothing stopping him but himself. YES, SALAD, EXACTLY THIS. You put it so well. A+++. Yes hello I have heard the words of my headcanon and I have arrived You said the first thing you thought was “oh, come on” when a gay character flirted with you. That kinda sorta counts as a problem... If you’re absolutely convinced, then why is there a need for evidence? What even is the debate here? Why would a couple deciding to adopt someone be subject to this based on something mostly unrelated to raising a child? You wanting statistics shows distrust and disbelief. Again, you may not mean to convey that, but you do. Unrelated to the topic, but is English your first language? If so, could you perhaps follow the Shard’s rule about using good grammar? It can get confusing. If it’s not your first language, don’t worry about it. Hello, it’s nice to meet you! My sexuality is not my only defining trait, but it is an important one to me. As another person who’s part of the LDS church and who used to be a homophobe but isn’t one anymore, I have nothing against Brandon. I do hold him to his word; he said he would write LGBTQ+ main characters, that he wanted to, and I cheer that on. HOLY CRAP, THIS THREAD GETS BIGGER FAST. I’m just over here trying to write this one post and I’ve been ninjaed like a dozen times
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    I’ve been ninja’d multiple times, but I’ve spent a lot of time on this, so I’ll post it anyways. Here’s my perception of the ideological differences between Windrunners and Skybreakers. At the beginning of their oaths, Windrunners are focused purely on protecting others. People’s well-being and safety are what matter above all else, even if they don’t deserve it in the Windrunner’s opinion. This is a huge difference between the Skybreakers and the Windrunners. Notice that the Windrunner’s don’t care about fairness, whether or not somebody deserves to be saved. Their ideology is that everyone is worth saving, including their enemies. Reconciling this belief with the belief that some people need to be opposed and fought against is a core part of their journey. Another part of a Windrunners journey is learning how to let others fend for themselves and let go of some of the responsibility they feel for everyone. The Skybreakers, meanwhile, focus on justice, which to them means punishing those who’ve done wrong in order to protect those who are innocent. Unlike the Windrunners, they don’t believe everyone deserves protection. There are those who do harm, and they must be stopped in order to protect those who are innocent. Skybreakers begin with the ideology that the law is to be upheld above all else. Much like Nale, novice Skybreakers generally follow the law because they don’t trust in their own ability to determine what is right and wrong, and how severely different crimes must be punished. So, they look towards an external code, or law. Much of their journey is centered around becoming confident in their own ability to discern right and wrong and mete out justice. The 5th ideal, after all, is “I am the law.”
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    Kaladin Opens Wal-Mart In the style of Steven King and several other authors, Brandon Sanderson finally runs out of ideas and has his characters cross over into the real world to meet a fictional version of himself. The character "Brandon Sanderson" meets Kaladin and they decide to open up a new Wal-Mart in an unreached corner of rural Utah. This results in the 10 year gap as Brandon and Kaladin are busy minding their store and working their way up the corporate ladder of the Wal-Mart corporation.
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    Hear me out: what if you had the dystopian evil government and the main character goes off and joins a resistance group. And then it turns out that the resistance psychologically conditioned him/her and the government is either doing some not great things, but still keeping the world together or making mistakes while overall putting out good effort or genuinely just good and fighting the problems they supposedly cause, and the rebellion is actually what needs to be defeated, because they’re trying to bring down the actual social structure that keeps the world from anarchy. I mean, sometimes I worry about people joining terrorist groups of whatever country they live in because alllll the books do it and just...governments are flawed, okay, but if we overthrew them, in most cases things are gonna get way worse. The situation won’t improve. You just took down society and now you have to rebuild and deal with everything the gov. was. (Which can also be done well - hello, Mistborn - but only really if the ones in charge are evil or if the protagonists realize what they did was wrong.) Also, give me a character who, rather than being defiant in a situation that they shouldn’t be, does the sensible thing and caves. Let a starving character break and take the food offered by their captor. Let a character who’s been conditioned to expect pain at fighting back actually stop fighting back, and quickly. Let characters be human! Hm, maybe I should stop ranting about stuff before people start to think I hate all literature
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    Nightblood was created because Taln needed a razor. Taln let the desolation start because he was bored of chasing ghosts. Taln made the thrill a pacifist. Taln once fought Kaladin to a standstill in a grumpiness contest. Adonalsium is Taln's cognitive aspect. It shattered when people realized it was too weak. (Minor Alcatraz spoilers)
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    You might speculate that he knows how to use Connection. In fact that may be the reason he is using an Aviar.
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    Who is this person and why are they time traveling THE SHARD DIDN’T EVEN EXIST AT THAT POINT?!?!
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    @Elsecaller_17.5 I am with you on this one. I think that Adolin is very much on his way to reviving Maya and I think it will result in him having some kind of, as you put it, pseudo- radiancy. I really don’t see why people are so negative towards this idea. I think it makes perfect sense and the bond will be different enough, unique enough to warrant an interesting read. I have said this before on other threads, I think the problems that honor’s side face are big enough that they can use all the radiants and pseudo-radiants that they can get. While due to his skills, Adolin is not entirely useless but he is not of much use against odium’s forces! But if he get even a squire level access to stormlight, imagine what all he can accomplish. I do not agree with this. I don’t think this holds true any longer. I think when you kill someone and begins to think that you have failed your father, that is a beginning of cracks in your soul. When your bedrock around which you had centred your entire ethical framework- Dalinar, is shaken, like it will be once Adolin learns about his mother and what really happened in Rathalas, I think it is going to create cracks in his soul. Already we see that he has broken a little, he has begun to self doubt, question his usefulness etc there are plenty of arguments we can make to suggest that he is broken enough. Besides, we have Lopen as an example of how a broken soul is not always necessary. Also I think someone who is less broken than the norms, might have better chances of filling the gaps in the broken soul of a deadeye spren and reviving them. In short, I am all for Adolin reviving maya and gaining some form of Radiancy. But I want him to be different from normal radiants.
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    The ten orders in Kindergarten Windrunner: Is always on the swingset pretending to fly. Took the blame for the missing sandwiches so the Willshaper wouldn’t get in trouble. Dustbringer: Runs with scissors and kicked sand into another kid’s face. Brought matches to show-and-tell once. Edgedancer: Consoles that kid and invites them to play with them. Is the best at tag and has never forgotten to wash their hands before lunch. Skybreaker: Tells on the Dustbringer immediately. Always colors inside the lines. Complains that the Windrunner has been on the swingset for too long and that it’s their turn now. Truthwatcher: Knows about all the little mischief all the other kids get up to but is cool and doesn’t tell on them. Knows how to calm the Dustbringer down. Willshaper: Has to be told not to eat dirt but has a collection of the coolest sticks and acorns. Found a birds nest in one of the trees. Always tracks mud inside. Lightweaver: All of their drawings make it on to the fridge. Has an imaginary friend. Always wins at hide and seek. Elsecaller: Can count the farthest and they can already sort of spell their name. Good friends with the Truthwatcher. Stoneward: Very well behaved, plays with their favorite toy truck every single day. Bondsmith: Is the kindergarten teacher who has to make sure everyone gets along.
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