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    Two weeks ago, we started an anonymous poll where we asked you, the users, to judge us, the mods! Now that two weeks have passed, we have pored over the results to discover the answers to what are clearly the most pressing questions we could have - who's the people's favourite moderator? Who's the most terrifying? And what did anonymous user #78 have for breakfast the day they filled out the poll? (it was a turkey sandwich, apparently) All in all, 146 users have given us their answers over the course of fourteen days that the poll was up - assuming we didn't have anyone answering the poll multiple times. Two people have decided to leave their polls blank for some reason, so: here are 17th Shard's opinions on the staff as represented by 144 people. Quality of moderation on the Shard The first three questions were focused on general opinion on the staff: in short, are we doing a good job? Well, in your opinion, it seems that we are! A 1 here meant we were doing terribly; a 5 meant very good. Almost 70% of you gave us the top marks when it comes to general moderation on the Shard, while no-one said we're horrible at it - nice! There were, of course, responders who believe we could do a better job of it - this is valuable for us to know and we will work to improve and hopefully raise these responses in the next poll! In this question, 1 indicated that the mods are too harsh; 9, that we are too lax. As perhaps could've been expected, it seems you find us to be on the harsher side of things; only twelve people answered on the lax side of the poll, while almost half believe we have attained the happy middle ground. Here, 1 indicated that the mods are too scary to approach, while 5 meant that you felt you could be casual with the mods. It seems like almost a quarter of you are at least somewhat wary of mod interactions, which is probably tied to the prior result naming us somewhat harsh. This is something we can improve on in the future. The People's Mod and the Scariest Mod The next two questions were mostly fuelled by our curiosity: who do you think is the most approachable mod? Who do you find the scariest to talk to? When it comes to question number 1, the race for the top rank was close, but the results were clear: in Excel, because Google Forms wouldn't let me sort the answers The People's Mod award goes to Ene! Rasarr (it is I!) comes in second place (thank you, thank you), while trailing close behind are Argent, Overlord Jebus and LadyLameness. While the race for the most approachable mod was somewhat close, especially in the first few days, you folks never hesitated when it came to the scariest one. Yep! The Scariest Mod award goes to Chaos by a landslide. No less than 53% of the responders found him to be the most fearsome; the next mods (Argent, Grey, LadyLameness and Ene) trail far, far behind. Conversely, the Least Scary Mod award goes to Paleo, Mestiv and FelCandy, whom no responder found scary. I would also like to shout out the anon who found Argent to be both the most scary and the most approachable of the mods, and another anon who thought the same of Chaos. I do not understand how this works, but I respect you. Preferred ways of contacting the mods Our next question concerned itself with how you would go about contacting the mods, and I'm happy to see that most of you would not shy away from contacting us in some way, should the need arise. Only 7 of you found us too fearsome to summon (I must wonder if it's the same 7 who found us too scary, though I admit I did not look into that). I will say, there is nothing to fear! If you have any issue with something happening on the forums or on the Discord server, do not hesitate to contact us! If you don't want to speak to the specific mods directly, the forum's report and Discord's @Staff ping will summon any mod currently online, and we will absolutely not begrudge you for using it. The open questions Questions 7 and 8 were open text fields, letting you folks tell us what you think in plain English. We will not be inserting a full list of them here - first of all, it doesn't graph well, second, some of those answers might be used to guess who the speaker was. For question 7 ("Is there something you particularly like or dislike about 17th Shard's moderation, or think we could do better?"), the answers were roughly half praise and critique. While the former was very nice to hear, the latter in particular is extremely useful to us; we will strive to improve on the points you have raised. Question 8 was a bit more freeform ("Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?"), and so were the answers. The bulk of it was outpouring of love and affection for the mods, which we are very grateful for, as it feeds our egos quite well indeed. There were several more serious issues raised, and we will be looking at them in the future. There were also comments of other nature, such as: culinary advice (I'm not a fan of pickles myself, but I'm sure someone will make use of it) "Today I had a good day" (good to hear! Hopefully, you had more good days since) "Hi" (and hello to you as well!) "I used to be addicted to soap, but I'm clean now." (good for you, buddy, good for you) A picture of a cat (aww) There was also an assumption that we are all beta readers, which I feel needs to be clarified: no. At least half of us (myself included) are not part of Brandon's writing process - and the part of the staff that are beta or gamma readers are absolutely forbidden from telling us anything. We do not have any knowledge you don't have. The Shard's Favourite Mod Now that I've talked your ear off, let's get to the real question, and the one that inspired this poll in the first place: who is the Shard's favourite staff member? The answer is clear: you have no idea. On a less facetious note, ignoring the "all or none" answers, the Favourite Mod crown goes to Argent! In the second place we have Ene, while the third is shared between Rasarr and Chaos, followed by Lady Lameness. So, there you have it - a look into the minds of the Shard members. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who responded, and doubly so the people who praised and critiqued us. Knowing what you feel we're doing right and wrong is extremely helpful, and we promise we will try to learn from what you've told us. And if you've missed the poll, or feel like we should need more data - do not worry. We definitely intend to run it again in the future, both to see if we're improving and to hear more of your honest thoughts.
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    Hi!!! It's my Shardiversary! Guess that means I get to tell a bunch of awesome people how much I love them! (Yes, it's numbered, but they are in no particular order. Except Fadran. He's eleventh, of course.) 1: @Vapor!!!! Happy birthday, you fabulous human!!!!!!!! Ain't it cool that my Shardiversary is on your birthday? Makes it easy for me to draw more attention to your awesomeness. EVERYONE BETTER WISH VAPOR A HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ SHE'S THE ABSOLUTE BESTEST AND SO WE GOTTA CELEBRATE THE DAY SHE CAME INTO THE WORLD BECAUSE SHE'S SO SCUDDING EPIC OKAY? OKAY. *HUGE BIRTHDAY HUGSSS* 2: @Mist!! I seriously have so much respect for you, you are SO COOL and amazing and you may or may not intimidate me a lot sometimes because you're SO FREAKING AWESOME 3: @Condensation!! Hi Connie!!!! You were one of my very first friends here and you're still one of my absolute best friends!!!! I love RPing and chatting with you! 4: @theTruthshaper!!! Truthie, I'm sure you know this, but I FREAKING LOVE YOU! Thanks for chatting with me from across the world when I'd stay up all night on the Shard after I first joined! You're seriously one of my favorite humans and bestest frens EVER 5: @Darkfinder!!! My other late-night, across the world fren!! You are so incredible and I seriously love you so scudding much!!!! 6: @Dannex!! Yet another late-night fren, but not quite across the world. Thanks for obsessing over Tuck Everlasting wth me :). Also, you'll always be Danex to me, no matter how many Ns you add to your username. I don't like those extra Ns... 7: @revelryintheart YOU ARE SO SCUDDING TALENTED IN SO MANY WAYS your drawing of Queen is absolutely one of my favorite arts OF ALL TIME and also you have an INCREDIBLE voice. Also thanks for obsessing over Daddy Long Legs with me :). 8: @Hentient why the scud were we not good friends sooner?? You are seriously so amazing and gorgeous and talented and you have a PHENOMENAL voice and I love you :). 9: @Doomstick Hi stick. How ya doin'? Good? Good. That's good. 10: @Emi hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! I love you so so much! Your doodles are THE CUTEST THINGS EVER and I seriously love every second I spend chatting with you! *hugsssssssssss!* 11: @Channelknight Fadran there is SO MUCH I appreciate about you that I don't think you know. You are seriously my bestest fren EVER and honestly the main reason I didn't let myself not come back to the Shard. Sure, the RPing is great and I definitely wanted to keep doing that, but it was probably you that I missed the most. Is this getting too cheesy? Probably. I don't care. More people that I absolutely love and am SO grateful for include, but are not limited to: @Nathrangking, @Zephrun's Imperium, @xinoehp512, @Scarletfox, @Spren of Kindness, @Flying, @JesterLavorre, @AFtermath (dunno your name on the Shard...or if you're actually on the Shard...), @Shard of Reading, @Mystic Syn, @Matrim's Dice, @LukeWasTaken, @AmazingGoob, @Spock, @MetaTerminal, @Knight of Iron, @The Awakened Salad, @Tesh (Thanks for screaming Hunchback songs with me), @AonEne, @Ed Venture (same as Affie...), @More Cynical Than Funny, @FriarFritz, @Truthless of Shinovar, @Rosharan A.C., @Chasmgoat, @Chinkoln, @Ghanderflaffle, and @Lunamor I probably forgot a lot of people and that makes me feel terrible. If you expected to be mentioned but you weren't, you probably were supposed to be mentioned and I'm a terrible idiot person. I think it's very fitting that I happened to join the Shard on Independence Day cuz this place helped give me freedom. I was not exactly living my best life in quarantine and I was missing human interaction a lot, so it was incredible to find this fansite and find new amazing friends to talk to. So, thanks, guys!! Love you all! (Also I won't see any responses until tomorrow because I gotta disappear immediately after I post this.)
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    From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Commissioned piece. Crossover description: Hoid from the Cosmere and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings performing dragon fireworks show, with Kaladin, Syl, the Dog, Frodo and Bilbo watching. It's really an unexpected crossover but fun to draw!
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    Hi! Welcome to my big, fat Gavilar post. Given that we're finally going to get his POV in the SA5 Prologue, and the proliferating theories that Gavilar survived as a CS or will be Odium's champion, I went on a deep dive through the SA books trying to get as full a picture as I could of Gavilar Kholin. The result is the beast below, which is broken into four parts. Part One part goes through some notable points on Gavilar's journey from the beginning of his campaign to conquer Alethkar to the couple of years before his death. Part Two includes some theorizing about when Gavilar received the visions, when he started to change and plan, and who or what might have been influencing him. The theories aren't groundbreaking, but I think they are at least pretty-well supported. Part Three is a sort of oral history running through what various characters have said about who Gavilar was, how he changed, and what he was up to. Part Four wraps things up and poses some continuing questions. Looking forward to hearing others' thoughts. PART ONE: THE JOURNEY So I wanted to just begin with a few notable backstory tidbits, showing the start of Gavilar's journey through to his eventful final years, so that we can establish a sort of baseline to see how he changed later. 1141 - OB 11: In one of our earliest scenes with Gavilar - the first battle at the Rift - we see him already asking some fairly big questions and expressing a desire for a stable, lasting kingdom 1143 - OB 19: During the feast where we first meet Evi, Gavilar continues asking why they are at war and wonders at the reasons why past empires failed; also mentions for the first time the Codes of War and the idea that Alethkar once meant something 1150 - OB 36: Still banging that drum of a unified Alethkar, but questioning the use of force as a means to achieve it: "We can’t have a show of force being our only method of maintaining unity, or Elhokar will spend his entire life putting out fires after I’m gone. We need people to start thinking of Alethkar as a unified kingdom, not separate regions always looking for an advantage against one another.” Later 1150 - OB 49: Gavilar can't let Dalinar have even 10 minutes of happiness over the birth of Adolin before telling him he's sending him to Herdaz and Jah Keved for more fighting; here are a few other notable bits from this chapter, including Gavilar's first mention of the importance of "words": First mention of others calling Gavilar weak: "Tanalan is raising an army and settling into his fortifications. Worse, I think the other highprinces are encouraging him. They want to see how I handle this.” He sneered. “There’s talk I’ve grown soft over the years.” More talk about the greatness of old Alethkar, but now also mentioning the Knights Radiant: “Do you ever wonder about the time when this kingdom was truly great, Dalinar?” Gavilar asked. “When people looked to the Alethi. Then kings sought their advice. When we were … Radiant.” In response to Dalinar's fears about being a bloodthirsty animal, Gavilar says "You are what the Almighty made you" (yikes, this sounds like Odium talking to Moash) Gavilar also suggests that he "might have something that will help" but does not elaborate; Dalinar is skeptical: “Bah. I’ve tried living a quiet life. I can’t live through endless politics, like you can. I need more than just words!” Speaking of "words": “Words are important,’ Gavilar said. “Much more than you give them credit for being.” “Perhaps,” Dalinar said. “But if they were all-powerful, you wouldn’t need my sword, would you?” “Perhaps. I can’t help feeling words would be enough, if only I knew the right ones to say.” 1151-1163: Giant gaping hole in what was going on with Gavilar because our flashback character, Dalinar, is out on campaign this whole time, with only infrequent visits back to Kholinar, none of which we see 1163 - OB 66: Gavilar contacts Dalinar via spanreed, and in between congratulating him on becoming a tactical genius and informing him that he's gotta go back to the Rift, he drops this little tantalizing line: "I have important revelations of my own I would like to share." This brings us up to the events that really set the plot in motion - the hunting expedition during which they encounter the listeners, Gavilar's secretive experimentation and plans, changes in Gavilar in his final months/years, and eventually his assassination. So here's where the theorizing starts and I go into a little greater depth. PART TWO: SOME TAKEAWAYS/THEORIES ABOUT WHEN GAVILAR STARTED MESSING WITH THINGS AND WHO/WHAT WAS INFLUENCING HIM 1. The changes in Gavilar's personality/behavior started before he encountered the listeners Maybe others already knew this, but I was uncertain before doing this deep dive as to when the changes in Gavilar's behavior began. I found two passages that suggest he was starting to act strangely before the hunting expedition where they encountered the listeners. WoK 28: Also, and somewhat more intriguing, OB 66: Looking at these two passages, along with the earlier line from Gavilar about having "important revelations" of his own to share, it seems likely to me that Gavilar probably started receiving the visions from the Stormfather well before he left on the hunting trip. There's also the line from the RoW prologue where Gavilar notes that bringing "them" (likely spheres) back and forth from Braize "was impossible only a few short years ago." This suggests that Gavilar may have already been working on movement between Braize and Roshar as early as 1165. Just how far back Gavilar started seeing the visions and experimenting with Light, I'm not sure. I mean, dude was obsessed with "uniting" all the way back when he and Dalinar got started on conquering Alethkar. He talked about the Alethi Codes of War as early as 1143 and was musing about the importance of "words" as early as 1150. All we know from WoB is that Gavilar was on the Bondsmith path longer than Dalinar (although Gavilar never bonded the SF). 2. Still, Gavilar was intrigued by the listeners and we now have a clearer picture of what it was that so intrigued him Overall, I was a little underwhelmed by the flashbacks in RoW. But several of them stood out as being pretty juicy. One of those is Ch. 48 where we get Eshonai's viewpoint capturing precisely when Gavilar became truly interested in the listeners. Back in WoK, Shallan and Jasnah had noted discrepancies in records of when and why Gavilar had become interested. Here's Jasnah's undertext from Gavilar's account, from WoK 36: That more or less tracks with Eshonai's view. She noted that Gavilar was erratic and that Initially he just wanted to know where he could hunt a greatshell. But the scholars were interested But then, when Eshonai leads the humans from their encampment in the forest out onto the Shattered Plains, a series of things happen that change Gavilar's tune. The first actually occurs a little before the above quote. Axindweth asks Eshonai some questions about how she sees spren and is intrigued to learn that Eshonai appears to see the reality of spren, or closer to it. She then asks about windspren that act like humans, change shapes, and play tricks and Eshonai says she's seen spren like that. Axindweth next asks about spren who speak and call people by name, but Eshonai thinks that's silly. Axindweth was clearly asking about Radiant spren. We don't see it on screen, but this conversation took place before Axindweth fell out of favor with Gavilar so it's a safe bet that she shared what she learned about how the listeners see spren with Gavilar. Then, we get a quick succession of things: Axindweth and Gavilar catch a glimpse of Eshonai's hunting knife "with beautiful metal that had lines in it, and a carved hilt of majestic detail" Eshonai explains that the knife had been handed down for generations; Axindweth suggests to Gavilar that it may date all the way back to the False Desolation; Before they can interrogate Eshonai any further about the knife, a freaking chasmfiend shows up; Eshonai's just like: nbd, it doesn't seem angry The chasmfiend moves along without causing any problems, but all the humans are still freaked out; everyone except Gavilar who seems "unperturbed" Gavilar goes right back to studying and asking about the knife; Eshonai explains that her great-grandparents found them in the ruins; At the mention of ruins Gavilar looked up sharply and asked if she was referring to the ten cities on the edge of the SP that another guide had mentioned Eshonai mentally curses Klade for mentioning the ten cities; she decides not to reveal that the knife came from the ruins at the center of the plains; she says she mention ruins of cities that he ancestors built; Gavilar asks how she knows about events from so long ago; asks whether they have records Eshonai explains that they have songs So, it seems that the things that piqued Gavilar's interest were: ancient weapons, ruins on the Shattered Plains, and songs about the Knight Radiant and other ancient lore. 3. Gavilar was probably already pretty far along with his grand plans by the time he encountered the listeners; also a certain Worldhopper is super suspicious There are a few interesting things to point out here. One is that it doesn't really seem like Gavilar's scholars and scribes had to explain much to him to get him interested in the listeners, as was suggested by the accounts that Jasnah had read and referenced in her undertext. He clearly had some pre-existing knowledge that caused his sudden interest. Another thing I wanted to highlight is Axindweth's mention of the False Desolation. I've been wondering for a while now how Gavilar came to know about the imprisonment of BAM. We saw in the WoR Prologue that he clearly knew about it by the night of his assassination, because he talked about how humans had captured "an ancient, crucial spren." But this information wasn't contained in the visons from the Stormfather, and Gavilar wouldn't have had access to the Urithiru gem archive. So he must have learned about it from somewhere/someone else. Kalak is one possible source of this information. Perhaps he shared information about BAM with Gavilar as part of the experimentation that Gavilar was doing with moving Lights between worlds. We know Kalak hoped this might lead to a way for him to get off Roshar, so he may have been willing to share information with Gavilar. I kinda doubt Nale would have been jazzed about that though. Axindweth is the only other source I can think of, and given this scene, it seems likely that she is in fact the source. She mentions the False Desoalation, an event which even Jasnah refers to as a pseudohistorical legend early on in OB. Gavilar doesn't bat an eye when Axindweth mentions it though; doesn't stop and ask what the False Desolation was. He knows what it was, which means he probably knows how it ended. This all makes it seem increasingly likely that Axindweth was the one guiding Gavilar's experimentation and grand plans. Eshonai thought she might be oncemates with Gavilar because of how often she spoke with him. And Axindweth wasn't outed and shunned by Gavilar until shortly before his assassination. By that point she'd already set things in motion by getting Ulim to Venli. Speaking of getting Ulim to Venli, that seems like another point in favor of Gavilar having already begun experimenting with the movement of Light (and maybe other things) between Braize and Roshar before he set out on the hunting expedition. I'm more or less convinced that the whole reason that Ulim was able to make the jump and end up in the gem on Roshar was because Gavilar's experiments created a connection that allowed him through. Just how Axindweth, a Feruchemist Terriswoman, came to be an agent of Odium is anyone's guess. But it does seem consistent with Odium's long game of co-opting warped human notions of honor, for her to have gotten close to Gavilar and subtly nudged him toward experimentation and plans that seemed consistent with the exhortations from the visons to "unite them" and refound the Knights Radiant, but were actually furthering Odium's agenda. The only hiccup with this line of thinking about Axindweth is something Ulim says to Venli in RoW 86: But, I mean, Gavilar clearly had been working with Axindweth at some point and she seems to be an agent of Odium. It could be that Ulim simply didn't know the full scope of Axindweth's part in Odium's plan. Or maybe he's just flat out lying to Venli here. Wouldn't surprise me. PART THREE: DESCRIPTONS OF GAVILAR AND HOW HE CHANGED TOWARD THE END Consider this a kind of oral history about Gavilar featuring quotes about him that didn't fit in anywhere above. I've grouped these by speaker, and sometimes topic. Mraize (as told to Shallan) King Gavilar’s efforts to rekindle the Desolations are likely the true reason he was assassinated. Though there were many in the palace that night who had reason to see him dead. (OB 40) Re: the Sons of Honor The old king of Alethkar – the Blackthorn’s brother, Gavilar Kholin – was a driving force in their expansion. (OB 40) Gavilar had led them along, used their resources – and their hearts – to further his own goals. (RoW 4) On what Gavilar wanted: “Immortality, in part. He thought he could become like the Heralds. In his quest, he discovered a secret. He had Voidlight before the Everstorm – he carried it from Braize, the place you call Damnation. He was testing the movement of Light between worlds. (RoW 13) Dalinar On deferring to Gavilar: “I didn’t think about it much,” Dalinar said. “When I did … yes, I was frustrated. But it was Gavilar. You know how he was. The force of will, that air of natural entitlement. It always seemed to surprise him when someone denied him or when the world itself didn’t do as he wished. He didn’t force me to defer – it was simply how life was.” (WoK 64) On trying to understand what Gavilar saw in The Way of Kings: Alethkar was a light, once, he thought. That’s what Gavilar’s book claims, that’s what the visions are showing me. Nohadon was king of Alethkar, so long ago. In the time before the Heralds left. Dalinar felt as if he could almost see it. The secret. The thing that had made Gavilar so excited in the months before his death. If Dalinar could just stretch a little farther, he’d make it out. See the pattern in the lives of men. And finally know. (WoK 24) On changes at the end and final words “ ‘Brother, follow the Codes tonight. There is something strange upon the winds.’ That’s what he said to me, the last thing he told me just before we began the treaty-signing celebration.” (WoK 15) “He’s the one who first showed [the Codes] to me. He found them as a relic of old Alethkar, back when we’d first been united. He began following them shortly before he died.” Dalinar grew hesitant. “Those were odd days, son. Jasnah and I weren’t sure what to think of the changes in Gavilar." (WoK 15) “It’s a quote,” Dalinar said. “From an ancient book called The Way of Kings. Gavilar favored readings from the volume near the end of his life – he spoke to me of it often." (WoK 15) He found himself remembering a day when he stood with his brother beside the Impossible Falls of Kholinar. Things are different, now, Dalinar, Gavilar had said. I see now, in ways I never did before. I wish I could show you what I mean. It had been three days before his death. (WoK 26) Warning Eshonai: “His interest could benefit you, but it could have an equal cost. Do not be so quick to share your stormshelter with men you just barely met. Don’t offend, but also don’t be too quick to bend. Any new recruit needs to learn both lessons. In this case, I’d suggest politeness – but care. Do not let him back you into a corner. He will respect you if you stand up for yourselves. And whatever you do, don’t give him any reason to decides he wants what you have.” (RoW 57) Noting Gavilar's frequent absences in later years: Things had been going better lately. Dalinar had started controlling his vices; he’d confined his drinking to monthly trips away from Kholinar, visiting outer cities. He said the trips were to let Elhokar practice ruling without Dalinar looking over his shoulder, as Gavilar had been spending more and more time abroad. (OB 105) Jasnah Gavilar, who would speak with such quiet intensity that you wanted to lean in and listen, to catch every word and implication. He was a handsome man, unlike his brother, with a beard that outlined his strong jaw rather than covering it. He had a personal magnetism and intensity that Jasnah felt no biographer had yet managed to convey. (WoR Prologue) On the Parshendi: “The longer he remained in the Unclaimed Hills, the more fascinated by the Parshendi he became.” (WoK 45) "just before leaving to return to Alethkar, my father suddenly began talking fervently of the need for an agreement.” (WoK 36) Changes toward the end "When he returned, I was encouraged by his interest; we spent many evenings talking about his discoveries. It was one of the few times when I felt I really connected with my father.” (WoK 45) “You are coming to see how my father’s personality changed during those months, and that means you are digging deeply. Believe it or not, few others have caught the discrepancy you just did – though many do note his later changes, once he returned to Kholinar.” (WoK 45) Navani Beyond that, there was an air of … distortion around Gavilar. Nothing supernatural or nonsensical. It was just that … well, you accepted that Gavilar could do whatever he wanted, in defiance of any tradition or logic. For him, it would work out. It always did. (RoW Prologue) She might be the things he said, but he was no more than a backwater thug with too much luck and a knack for fooling good men into following him. (RoW Prologue) All Gavilar cared about was his legacy. He wanted to be known as a great king, a great leader. That drive had always pushed him, but it was growing into something else lately. He kept asking: Would he be remembered as Alethkar’s greatest king? Could he compete with his ancestors, men such as the Sunmaker? (RoW Prologue) Their arguments grew worse and worse. She knew he was not this man, the one he showed her lately. He wasn’t like this when he spoke to Dalinar, or to Sadeas, or even – usually – to Jasnah. (RoW Prologue) What she didn’t feel was grief. His death was meaningful, but it didn’t mean anything to her. Other than perhaps a way for her children to never have to learn what he’d become. (RoW Prologue) During Gavilar’s last days, he had gone strange. Few knew how dark he’d grown, but they had seen the eccentricity. Jasnah had written about that, of course. (OB 104) Gavilar was not the man everyone thought him to be. I was fond of him, but he –” (WoK 61) “Gavilar is dead,” Navani said, resting her head back against his chest. “ I was never unfaithful while he lived, though the Stormfather knows I had ample reason. (WoK 61) Jasnah loved secrets. Navani was more wary of them. Secrets had turned Gavilar into … whatever it was he’d been at the end. (RoW 9) Sometimes she missed him. At least the man he had once been, when they’d all schemed together as youths, planning to conquer the world. That was the face he’d continued to show most everyone else after he’d started to change. (RoW 65) Sadeas “That book ruined Gavilar." (WoK 26) To Dalinar after betraying him: "Gavilar died because of his weakness. I wanted to attack the Parshendi from the start, conquer them. He insisted on a treaty, which led to his death. Now you’re starting to act just like him. Those same ideas, the same ways of speaking. Through you they begin to infect Elhokar. He dresses like you. He talks of the Codes to me, and of how perhaps we should enforce them through all the warcamps. He’s beginning to think of retreating.” (WoK 69) Elhokar (all from his conversation with Dalinar in WoK 18) “You sound like him, you know,” Elhokar said, turning back to look eastward again. “Near the end. When he began to act … erratically.” “this is much like how he was. Talking about an end to war, fascinated by the Lost Radiants, insisting everyone follow the Codes…” “He grew weak at the end,” Elhokar said. “Everyone knows it “My father started refusing duels, near the end." Ialai (to Shallan on what Gavilar was after) “Ah, nebulous ‘power.’ No, it is more specific than that. Most of the Sons of Honor simply wanted their gods back, but Gavilar saw more. He saw entire worlds…” Aesudan (all from her conversation w/Elhokar & Kaladin in OB 84) “Oh Elhokar,” the queen was saying. “You were ever so oblivious. Your father had grand plans, but you … all you ever wanted to do was sit in his shadow. It was for the best that you went off to play war.” “I continued your father’s work! I found the secret, Elhokar. Spren, ancient spren. You can bond with them!” “Have you seen my Radiants?” Aesudan asked. She grinned. “The Queen’s Guard? I’ve done what your father could not. Oh, he found one of the ancient spren, but he could never discover how to bond it. But I, I have solved the riddle.” Nale (RoW 77) “So, Gavilar’s plan is working. The fool. He will destroy us all.” Nale sneered, a sudden and unexpected burst of emotion. “That foolish idiot of a man. He lures us with promises, then breaks them by seeking that which I told him was forbidden! Yes. I heard it tonight. The proof I need. I know. I know….” Finally, Gavilar, in his own words (limited to lines where he at least hints at what he's up to) To Navani in the RoW Prologue “I deal in secrets you could not handle, Navani. If you knew the scope of what I’ve begun…” “Greatness will define me, Navani. No mediocre effort by someone like Dalinar or my son could undermine that – and I personally doubt Elhokar could rise to even mediocre.” "Write whatever you want about me. Say it, shout it, proclaim it. I will outlive your accusations, and my legacy will persist. I have discovered the entrance to the realm of gods and legends, and once I join them, my kingdom will never end. I will never end.” To Eshonai in the WoR Prologue “Our enslaved parshmen were once like you. Then we somehow robbed them of their ability to undergo the transformation. We did it by capturing a spren. An ancient, crucial spren.” He looked at her, green eyes alight. “I’ve seen how that can be reversed. A new storm that will bring the Heralds out of hiding. A new war.” “The old Words must be spoken again.” "My people need to be united, and I need an empire that won’t simply turn to infighting once I am gone.” “I seek for an end to something that we never finished. My people were Radiant once, and your people – the parshmen – were vibrant. Who is served by this drab world where my people fight each other in endless squabbles, without light to guide them, and your people are as good as corpses?” To Taravangian (according to Taravangian) Just as the Diagram instructed, Taravangian was king of Jah Keved. He had taken the first major step toward unifying the world, as Gavilar had insisted would need to happen if they were to survive.That was, at least, what the visions had proclaimed. Visions Gavilar had confided in him six years ago, the night of the Alethi king’s death. Gavilar had seen visions of the Almighty, who was also now dead, and of a coming storm. To Szeth in the WoK Prologue “I … expected you … to come” “You can tell … Thaidakar … that he’s too late…” “Then who …? Restares? Sadeas? I never thought …” “The Parshendi? That makes no sense.” Gavilar coughed, hand quivering, reaching toward his chest and fumbling at a pocket. He pulled out a small crystalline sphere tied to a chain. “You must take this. They must not get it.” He seemed dazed. “Tell … tell my brother … he must find the most important words a man can say…” PART FOUR: WRAPPING THINGS UP; REMAINING QUESTIONS Phew. That ... got away from me. Thanks for sticking around if you're still reading. In the course of doing this deep dive, I think I've convinced myself that Gavilar began receiving the visions from the Stormfather, and probably started experimenting with moving Light, before he went on the expedition where he encountered the Listeners (which was in early-ish 1166). Pulling off the transfer of Voidlight doesn't really seem like the kind of thing that would be easy, so it probably took a while for him to figure it out, which also weighs in favor of it starting earlier rather than later. My best guess is that Gavilar started receiving the visons some time not too long before the spanreed message to Dalinar in OB 66. I'm guessing the visions were the source of the "important revelations" he mentioned. It seems weird that he would receive them that early and be on the Bondsmith path longer than Dalinar, but never form a bond. But maybe something was standing in the way. Maybe something like ... Axindweth? Speaking of Axindweth, I'm also fairly certain that she was a major driving force in Gavilar's planning. Some big questions that remain for me: What the heck did Aesudan mean when she said that Gavilar "found one of the ancient spren?" I know that before RoW came out, lots of people thought that either the sphere he gave Eshonai or the one he gave Szeth housed an Unmade. That clearly wasn't the case. Did he really find an Unmade? If so, which one and where the heck is it now? (best guess is Yelig-nar I suppose) Also, what's up with the blue marbles that replaced Gavilar's eyes before he was Soulcast? I've gone back through all the Prologues, and neither of his eyes were damaged. Why did the Soulcaster refer to his eyes as the only part of him that was true? That scene, coupled with Gavilar's line to Dalinar three days before his death (Things are different, now, Dalinar, Gavilar had said. I see now, in ways I never did before. I wish I could show you what I mean) really has me thinking about the "two blind men" stuff and wondering if Gavilar will end up being one of them. And the biggie: Did he really die? If he did, was he Invested enough that he was able to stick around as a cognitive shadow? If so, which Shard's Investiture was it? And where is he now? Gah! Can't believe we have to wait until 2023 to get some answers.
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    here's another thing i forgot to post hehe Eshonai with charcoals
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    Hello again everyone! It’s been a little while since we last showed you art, so let’s remedy that. Tied for 5th place in our June poll, with 11% of all votes, was the seon box from Rhythm of War. We chose a friend of our site (and a patron), Connor Chamberlain (Instagram), and he delivered - plus, he threw in a fancy soul-harvesting dagger in there as well. Go give him your love!
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    I’m at the beach right now. Yesterday we made a turtle. Today we made an otter. (I know it’s not perfect, but otters aren’t NOT easy to shape out of sand) Otters will rule the world someday!!!!
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    I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
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    I know, it’s been a while, but I’m back!
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    I guess I should probably rant about the best week of my life. Friday, July 9th. I'm incredibly hyped as we yeet everything into the trunk of a tiny car and hit the road. We drive for nine hours to get to Provo, Utah. Saturday, July 10th. BEST. DAY. EVER. I get to meet my Queen, @DancingQueen, and we hang out all hecking day. Or, well... a modest portion of it. I saw her Newsies production which was an absolute bop. We also may or may not have decided that we had true love that day. Sunday, July 11th. I go to chuch with the water clan (@Vapor and @Condensation, @Mist wasn't there) and @Zephrun's Imperium. I'll also have you know that I had the best Young Women's meeting of my life then. After that I hung out at the Clan's house for the whole day with them and Star. We got up to all kinds of shenanigans BUT MOSTLY CUDDLES. Monday, July 12th. It's the first day of the writing camp, and I MET MY @Tesh!! We became besties right off the bat and hung out. There was also this other kid who was pretty cool I thought. Tuesday, July 13th. It's day two and we find out that this other kid was secretly @Tani THE WHOLE TIME. So she joined our Sharder duo to make it a trio and bam, an eternal friendship was born! Wednesday, July 14th - Friday, July 23rd. I guess it'd probably be annoying if I listed everything amazing that happened (there was an awful lot) but here're some highlights: I met a bunch of Sharders on Wednesday and Thursday, including my Queen (again), the Clan (with Mist this time), Star (also again), @Doomstick (much tall), @AonEne (much intimidate), and @FriarFritz (much mullet). But that's THE LAST TIME I'LL SEE THEM FOR A LONG TIME which makes me sad There's this cool new author around that some of you may have heard of: Christian McKay Heidicker. He visited our camp and talked about writing and he was the funniest freaking guy ever. He was also super friendly and some of my friends and I kinda hung out with him later. Read his stuff! My gaggle of guys were the bestest crew I could've asked for that week. We were just a bunch of nerds at a writing camp and it was awesome. Our group name was "Mostly Men" (my suggestion), and it became a running joke throughout the week. I BUSTED 100K WORDS ON ICONAR COLLECTIVE!!! Saturday, July 24th. This was the last I saw of my group, the Sharders, and the best week of my life. That wasn't to say that the ride home wasn't eventful (our tire pressure warning light malfunctioned and a cop pulled us over for speeding), but it was certainly a bittersweet last few hours. I miss the place already. So... yeah. That's what happened. Don't die! ~ Fadran
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    I make art and then forget to post it here lol So have a Siri I did a bit ago
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    100 days won! Thank you all very much
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    Hey. I'm returning... I guess (I was Chasmgoat, but I don't like goats so I changed, my name is based of the greek teumessian fox)
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    Savia was growing very, very afraid. There were a lot less people in the castle than there had been just a few days ago. And not because anyone got to leave the castle. She was growing increasingly certain that something would happen to her. But that wouldn't stop her from walking around the castle at night. She wanted to be able to help if someone needed it, or at the very least be able to get someone to help. And it seemed like she would have her chance for that tonight. She heard the sounds of blades clashing come from down the hall. She quietly ran towards the sound, and then peeked her head around the corner. There was a Yiga soldier fighting Linkov, that silly elf that wouldn't stop shouting his name. And...Essen? Shen? Eshe. The lady that didn't talk much. Savia thought she was just another bystander to all of these events, and yet she was holding her own almost as much as Linkov was. Savia couldn't help but watch as the three people fought. Linkov and Eshe were surprisingly good. Savia wouldn't have expected that out of them, but, well, she had learned recently that she wasn't very good at having realistic expectations. Everything changed once the Yiga scored a hit on Eshe. The Yiga's sword went straight through her stomach. Savia barely held in a gasp. But...what? Goddess Hylia, Savia thought. What is she? Eshe should've fallen dead to the ground after the Yiga stabbed her straight through, but she was still standing. And not only that, her form was...changing, and she didn't even look human anymore. Something slithered off the bones of the body, and squeezed it's way through a hole in the way. No one moved for a moment as they processed what had just happened. The Yiga was the first to start thinking again. He drove his sword through Linkov's chest while he was distracted, and then began to run away as Linkov died on the floor. Savia was once again reminded of why she was in the halls of Hyrule Castle. She left to find someone to help, maybe see if Linkov was still alive. The light of the sun rising shone through the windows of the hallway, the form of Goddess Hylia herself becoming bathed in golden light in front of two dead bodies.   Archer has been killed! They were a Hyrulean Sheikah! Random Bystander has been removed by the inactivity filter! They were a Hyrulean! There will be a removal during this Day turn. There is no vote minimum (though no one is removed if no one votes), and tied votes result in a random tied player getting removed. @kaylakrue This is an inactivity filter warning. If you do not post this turn, you will be removed from the game or replaced by a pinch hitter. This turn will end at 9:30 am CDT on Tuesday, July 6th. Player List: PMs will be sent out shortly, if they haven't been already.
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    I logged on this morning to only a few notifications. I quickly cleared them out and went to go eat breakfast. Then, after breakfast, I checked to see if anybody else had bothered to summon me or rep a post or anything. Well, uhh... WHAT THE SCUD, UNIVERSE?
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    WoR spoilers…
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    It was a quiet night as Beedle prepared for the coming battle. Kohga had been revealed in the castle, and it was only a matter of time before he came for Beedle. Beedle placed the last pot with an item outside the last door. He would make sure people got their items this night, at least. Kazs was with him still, as foolish as that was considering what was about to happen. There was a loud crash from nearby, and Kazs jumped. Beedle simply stood up straighter, finally taking off his massive, beetle shaped backpack. He stretched, flexing his muscles. Surely someone who could carry such an enormous backpack must be totally ripped, right? Kohga came around the corner, magic swirling around him as he summoned floating balls of metal with spikes covering them. Kazs began strumming on his ukulele, as Beedle had requested. There would be an epic ballad composed for this fight, if Beedle had anything to say about it. "So," Beedle said, flexing his muscles, "you've finally come for me, Kohga? Was wondering how long it'd take you." "I've come to kill you, yes I have. It is through the power of my ancestors that I will defeat you and cripple the economy of this castle in the process." "Not if I have anything to say about it." Beedle charged at Kohga and Kohga began launching the spike balls at him. Beedle timed his dodges to the beats of the song that Kazs was still strumming away on his ukulele. One of the balls came very close to hitting Beedle in the face, but he tilted his head back and watched it sail over him, time seeming to slow down for just a moment. Kohga screamed, then created much bigger spike balls, getting them ready to throw at Beedle. But it was too late, as Beedle was already within Kohga's range. Beedle jumped over the magic shield Kohga had created, and began punching at Kohga. Kohga managed to avoid a few of them, making sure to keep the spikes away from himself, but he could not avoid all of them. And so, he began to fight back, punching Beedle as well. Beedle was skilled, but even his added strength from carrying his beetle backpack around all the time was not quite enough to help against a trained assassin. He found himself, being pressed back, closer and closer to the magic shield that Kohga had left up. Kohga grinned at Beedle. "What are you going to do? You're cornered! And..." His grin got wider, and he launched the rest of his spike balls past Beedle. "I think you missed, Kohga. And now it's time for-" The music stopped, and then Beedle understood. He quickly turned around, his heart racing, but he knew what he would see before he saw it. Kazs was dead, his ukulele broken to pieces as well. Beedle should've sent him away, should've told him to run, he should've- There was a knife sticking through Beedle's chest. "Never turn your back on your enemy." Kohga whispered into his ear as Beedle slumped to the ground, his life fading away. Kohga ran through the halls of Hyrule castle, keeping to the shadows. He'd blown his cover and had killed two people, but it was fine. Everything was fine. Everything was going according to plan. He just had to find someone he could kill and disguise himself as, and he'd be okay. Everything would be okay. He turned around a corner to see a shadowed figure in the middle of the hallway. Perfect! Kohga thought. Now I just gotta sneak up on them.... The figure turned around, pulling out a sword and brandishing it at Kohga. That wasn't just any sword though, it was the Master Sword. Oh no, Kohga thought. He hardly even had a chance to get any words about before Link began fighting him in earnest. He was trying his hardest to avoid the swings of the skilled young knight. But in the end, Link was better than Kohga, and Kohga knew that. He began to panic, frantically summoning spike balls and throwing them around everywhere. Link was just skillfully dodging each and every one of them. I know what to do! Kohga thought. I'll just disappear! Kohga went to make himself disappear, putting up a shield between himself and Link, but Link simply slid under the shield and reached up and stabbed Kohga through the chest. The Yiga had lost their leader. Kasimir has been killed! They were a Hyrulean Beedle! Illwei has been killed! They were Master Kohga! There will be a removal during this Day turn. There is no vote minimum (though no one is removed if no one votes), and tied votes result in a random tied player getting removed. In addition, Beedle's shop is now unfortunately closed. Player List: This turn will end at 8:30 am CDT, on Sunday, June 27th. Please note that this is an hour earlier than last time, as I have work starting early that day and need to leave at our normal rollover time. PMs will be sent out shortly, if they haven't been already.
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    @Argent, I hope you don’t mind that I am using this. If you don’t want me to, I will remove it
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    We've definitely seen in RoW that the Surge of Adhesion is the Surge most closely aligned with Honor, which is why Kaladin could still use it in Urithiru. And there's a lot of speculation that Progression is Cultivation's True Surge in the same way, which would explain why Lift could use her Lifelight to bind it in Urithiru. But what of the third god? If there is a Surge specially tied to Honor and a Surge specially tied to Cultivation, then logically there should also be a Surge specially tied to Odium. And of the ten Surges, I think Division is the one that most aligns with Odium. Odium is fundamentally a force that turns men against each other, that divides them where Honor would unite them. It is a fundementally destructive force, and Division is the most destructive of all the Surges. And note that the highspren and ashspren, the two truespren races who bind Division, are also the only spren races to have members who work with Odium willingly, without first being corrupted by Sja-Anat's touch. Thoughts?
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    Friends, this week we have a treat for you! Nozomi Matsuoka (Instagram, DeviantArt) might not have the largest of Cosmere fanart portfolios, but the quality of her work speaks for itself. You might have seen the commissions she’s done for Argent (Jasnah, because of course he is going to commission a Jasnah, but also this excellent Maya from a critical Rhythm of War scene), and this time we wanted to see what painterly wonders she will come up with if we gave her what was arguably the most challenging June commission - the gems and spheres from Roshar. We had high hopes for her, and she easily exceeded them in a pair of illustrations - one showing a myriad of gems and spheres carelessly spilled over a desk that might be Navani’s (which you can see below); and one that shows off a lot of the intricate details of each denomination, plus a few different types of Light... You can check that one out over on our public Patreon post, along with all the other artwork we've commissioned thus far!
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    There is one thing to clear up first. 1. There is a misconception that heralds know when another herald dies. This is true for a "true" death, but in the prelude to the Way of Kings, Kelek does not know which of the heralds have died in the final battle. Instead, he goes to meet at a predetermined meeting place. Jezrian tells him who had survived, and Kelek had no idea that Taln didn't make it. As well, Kelek realizes the others must be alive because he notices their blades are stuck in the ground and that those blades would have disappeared on their own. If another herald died, the remaining heralds on Roshar would not know (at least for some time). ---- Weird Questions: 1) What broke Taln? He is crazy and insensate for 4000 years and then one day he says "No thank you". Many of us can't figure out what could have broke Taln. Edit: WOB that Taln did not break 2) Why was the Davar family so connected to secret societies despite being a Vaden house of little note? They have connections to the Ghostbloods and the Ghostbloods have handed them a confirmed soulcaster AND possibly a Seon box. Why? 3) Why did the cryptic go to Shallan as a child? Lift was chosen due to her strange connection to Cultivation, but why Shallan? And why twice? Connected to that, why is an dark influence attacking the Davar family? Why is Heleran given a shardblade and brought into the skybreakers? 4) Why was Shallan's mother so quick to try and kill "one of them". 5) What is Shallan's last secret. There is still something horrible in Shallan's past, and this has something to do with a Seon box and whatever Radiant was created to protect Shallan from. What is worse than killing testament? 6) Shallan says her father put the sword into the safe. That was Testament. If Testament was trapped in the safe, how did Shallan go talk to Testament in the garden to unbond her? Shallan literally knows Testament is not her mother's soul, so why does Shallan believe something to patently false? Shallan does lie to herself, but this seems more inaccurate than an outright lie? And why does Shallan see a glowing light coming from the box? We have seen other glowing lights (Dawnshard and Dalinar hearing TwoK), so is she just mad, or did she really see something? Whatever it is, it does not make sense that Shallan thinks Testament is trapped in the safe if Shallan went and yelled at Testament after her mother was killed. ---- It All Put Together - A Timeline 1) Chararach settled in the Davar estate in rural Jah Kaved. Chanarach is involved in several of the secret societies of Roshar just like most of the other heralds we have seen. Chanarach eventually has a daughter and names that daughter after her friend Shalash (Shallan says she was named after Shalash). Chanarach commands a fair bit of influence and even has a Seon to communicate off world. It is unclear who knows who Chanarach is, but as she did settle in a rural area it is likely Chana's identity is not common knowledge even within secret societies (similar to Restares and Amaram). 2) Chanarach learns of the theory that a return of surgebinders will bring about a desolation. Chararach is completely terrified of returning to Braize and supports the culling of nascent surgebinding. 3) The Cryptics find out that one of the heralds has children or they discover a weird child who stands-out and is similar to the child of a Returned. The Cryptics send a delegation to investigate (WOB confirms heralds can have children though maybe it is difficult). At the same time, an unmade is drawn to the family. Testament begins to bond Shallan similar to what happened with Lift. Shallan eventually discovers what her mother is by playing with a Seon box at the Davar estate. The unmade's influence increases in an attempt to get the Herald to go insane and potentially get herself killed by Lin Devar or Shallan. EDIT: WOB that non-returned Cognative Shadows have had children 4a) Shallan is discovered to be a surge binder by her mother. Her mother, fearing a return to Braize, refers to Shallan as "one of them". Note that Chanarach does not seem surprised that surgebinders are real. Chanarach has an absolute PTSD breakdown and attacks her daughter. Lin, who likely knew, steps in and Shallan is able to kill her mother in self defence. 4b) Lin Devar takes something and locks it away in the safe. We are told this is the Shardblade and Shallan's mother's soul. 4 c) Shallan goes to the garden to scream at Testament and break her bond AFTER Testament is supposedly locked away in the safe. This timeline does not make sense even if we believe Testament could escape the safe. Why does Shallan believe her spren was trapped but also then in the garden? And how is Testament-blade = her mother's soul? There isn't a connection there logically. 5) Shallan realized what she has done and perhaps even realized that she has sent her mother back to damnation. She pretends that her mother's soul is trapped in the box so she does not have to remember that her mother has been sent to hell. Shallan goes to Testament and breaks her bond. It is possible Testament told her more here as well. Shallan then begins to repress everything since Shallan has, in her mind, done the most evil act in history. "The world ended, and Shallan was to blame. - Words of Radiance, Chapter 10. Mentioned by @honorblades 6) Lin Devar begins to be corrupted even more by the influence of the unmade after its attention has been withdrawn from Chanarach. Lin also wrestles with killing a herald-wife to save his daughter. He beings to protect Shallan at all costs. Davar family hell ensues. The ghostbloods continue to cultivate the family. The Ghostbloods may not believe a herald could be killed by Lin or may not know she was a Herald. The Cryptics stay with Shallan as they don't blame her for what happened. They are still curious about what Shallan is and are researching what happens to a bonded-deadeye to its original radiant. 7) Chanarach returns to Braize. The other heralds do not know that that has happened as they cannot detect the pain-bond while on Roshar. 8) Chanarach is eventually found on Braize. Chanarach decides to immediately give up and return to Roshar (or something else Odium promises). 9) Shallan, with no bond, goes to Middlefest. Wit's magic or memory allow him to detect that there is something very strange about Shallan. Wit somehow knows what Shallan fights "is not truly natural" and encourages her to make a path for the light. It is unclear what Wit saw, but he knew more than the fact she was a surgebinder (even though she's actually a deadeye-binder at the time). 10) Taln returns to Roshar completely insane and without breaking. What happens to Chanarach is unknown. All assume Taln broke. 11) Radiant is created from memories of Shallan's mother. Radiant dresses in the same blue and red warrior outfit as the Herald Chanarach in artworks. Radiant is Shallan's repressed memories of who her mother was. 12) Shallan is forced to confront what happened with Testament, and Radiant begins to see that she must help Shallan deal with her final truth. Shallan knows she killed a herald and that she sent her mother to damnation - possibly ending the world and starting the final desolation. --- -- Here is a description of Radiant: “She [Radiant] had chosen to wear her vakama; the traditional Vaden’s warrior clothing. It was similar to the Alethi takama but the skirt was pleeted instead of straight. She wore a loose matching coat with a tight vest and shirt beneath. The bright clothing features vibrant blues embroidered over reds with gold woven between and it had trim on the skirt” Here is Chanarach:
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    Kyson led his knights through the halls of the castle, gathering anyone who was still in the castle. By Link’s orders, they were supposed to bring everyone together and figure out once and for all who the Yiga are. They didn’t have much time to waste, with the Calamity coming so soon. It took most of the day to successfully corral everyone into the throne room. No one really wanted to be cooped up into one room altogether. Even Kyson was worried about it. Things could go south really quickly once the Yiga revealed themselves. But this was their best bet at finding the last of the Yiga before the Calamity came and it was too late. Kyson and his men stood at the edges of the room, by the doors in case anyone tried to leave. Kyson was half tempted to leave the throne room himself, but he was bound by duty. He had to do this. Link still hadn’t revealed himself from his latest disguise yet. The plan was to reveal himself at the last minute and draw the attention of the Yiga and then ambush them. Before the real Link could reveal himself, Linebeck, a salesman who had been unlucky enough to end up in the castle before the lockdown, stood up and said, “I am Link! I have gathered you all here today so we can finally root out the Yiga from amongst ourselves and-” He didn’t have a chance to finish as Jamut Whitemane, probably the most clueless man in all of Hyrule, pulled out the Master Sword and levelled it at Linebeck. Linebeck just smiled, and all hell broke loose. Half the gathered crowd, even a few of the knights, and Linebeck himself puffed away and revealed Yiga soldiers.They charged towards Link, cutting through regular civilians to get to him. “Get to Link!” Kyson yelled, his sword already drawn as he was running to help Link. “Keep them off of him!” One of his former knights, now revealed to be a Yiga, stood in Kyson’s way, sword moving for his stomach. Kyson dodged, rolling on the marbled floor of the throne room. He stood, puffing, and sprinted through the chaos, looking for the flash of the Master Sword. There he stood. Link, holding the sword high, surrounded by Yiga. Kyson swung in a wide arc, catching the side of a footsoldier and sending him careening to the side, screaming. He puffed away in a flash of smoke. Link fought beautifully, despite how outnumbered he was. Linebeck was gone now, replaced by a hulking Yiga with a huge, double handed sword that cleaved through the air itself. Link dodged this sword expertly, but other Yiga closed in, pressing him closer and closer. Kyson shouted, carving his way through the footsoldiers. Where had they all come from? They had appeared so suddenly, so perfectly, as if they knew all along this would be how it ended. One of his knights fell next to him, dead. Another fell nearby, sightless eyes staring upward, blood dripping from his mouth. Kyson grit his teeth and pushed forward. Link fought, he stumbled, he bled. Even the holder of the Master Sword himself could only stand against an army alone for so long. And he fell. Kyson watched, just as he reached the front of the army. The windcleaver sword caught Link in the stomach. The Yiga yanked it out, dripping blood. Bright red blood. The hero’s blood. Expressionless, Link collapsed just as Kyson ran his sword through the murderer. The Yiga puffed away, leaving behind so many dead bodies. Kyson had never seen a dead Yiga before. They always fled before death, but… The floor was littered with Yiga bodies. Had… had he done that? No time for thoughts. Kyson fell to his knees next to Link, shouting hoarsely for help. The young knight bled from a wound that had carved cleanly through his abdomen, eyes closed, breathing slow. Goddess, had he always looked so young? The facial disguise gone but clothes remaining, he just looked like a young merchant boy. Just a teenager. Oh Hylia, they had rested the fate of the world on the shoulders of a kid. Kyson clutched Link to his chest. Healers and scientists came. They pried Kyson off the boy, checking the wound, checking his pulse. He was dying, there was no saving him, the wounds were too extensive. They had to find a way to fit him in the Shrine of Resurrection with Zelda. Kyson heard their words, washing over him as he knelt on the floor. The healers took Link’s body away, leaving him covered in the young boy’s blood. He didn’t move, didn’t speak. He just stared at the pool of one hero’s blood on the floor, surrounded by the dead bodies of false ones. They had failed.   Savia’s hands sat uselessly in her lap. She couldn’t bring herself to do anything. What was the point? Light streamed through her bedroom window in Hateno, though it did little to ease her anxiety. She had fled the castle amid the chaos and trekked all the way home, avoiding monsters and stopping at stables for food and rest. Carriages didn’t run anymore. Too many monster raids. She could hear her mother’s worried voice float up from downstairs, discussing hurriedly with her father. They were debating fleeing Hateno, going even further east or south. Perhaps that would protect them, her mother said. Fort Hateno was good defense, her father insisted. No need to flee. Nothing would be good enough defense, Savia’s mind whispered. They had failed. So thoroughly and utterly failed. Zelda was locked away in the Shrine of Resurrection, with still more months to go until she was healed. Link was dead. The Hyrule Castle scientists were attempting to figure out how to put two people in there before it was too late, but Savia had heard it in their voices. She knew. They had failed. Perhaps she would’ve been better off joining the Yiga after all, she thought bitterly. At least in that case she would’ve had a chance to save her family. In the corner, her little sister played with her dolls, oblivious to their looming destruction. So innocent, a soft smile on her face. “I have you now, evil man!” With her favorite doll, she ‘slayed’ a ragged old one and held up her favorite triumphantly. Savia squeezed her eyes shut. Oh Hylia, why have you abandoned us? She stood, unable to bear the sight of her sister any longer. She braced herself on the window ledge and looked out on the fields. Somewhere, far in the distance, Hyrule Castle loomed, filled with chaos and panic. They would certainly release evacuation orders soon for all nearby villages, but it wouldn’t be enough. Savia had heard talk of the Calamity’s near-infinite power. They were doomed. She looked down at her hands, white knuckled on the windowsill. Hands that had held the dying as they bled out, hands that had accused the innocent, hands that had once been callused from brooms and farming rather than the knife she gripped so tightly at her waist. “You can’t have us, Calamity!” Her little sister declared. “I, Eshen, Hero of Hyrule, will defeat you!” Savia stalked out of the room, leaving her sister alone with her dolls. Down the stairs, around the corner, to the kitchen where her parents argued. They’d sent her away while they debated, still thinking her the innocent young farmer girl that had left for Hyrule castle so many months before. Did they realize how much these hands had hurt? “Savia,” her mother jumped, noticing her arrival. “You should go back up to your room, dear.” Savia shook her head, expression hardened. “We have to join them.” Her father blinked. “What?” “We have to join them. The Yiga.” Her mother glanced at her father, then laughed nervously. “Oh, honey, you do like to joke.” Savia scowled. “I am not joking. The Calamity is too powerful, I heard all of the talk of it in the castle. I saw all the death at the hands of the Yiga.” She glanced out the kitchen window, looking east. “There will be no fleeing. We will never be far enough away.” “You can’t know that--” “And we can’t know that we’ll survive,” Savia interrupted her father. “There is only one hope for our family. For Eshen.” She held their gazes, chin up, defiant. No longer was she the innocent young girl that had never faced danger. In those final weeks in the castle, Savia had witnessed death, had fled chaos and held knives to throats. And she could do it again, if it meant saving her family. Slowly, slowly, her parents nodded. “We… will think on it.” Her father said. Good enough. Savia stalked away, out the front door to sit in the fields. Long grass waved around her, blanketing her and blocking out sound. What would she do if her parents didn’t agree? If they decided to flee, securing their certain doom? Would she go with them? Would she secure her own fate so certainly? No. If her parents decided to flee, Savia would not. She would take Eshen from them and head west. To the Yiga. To join them. Her last hope. Her only chance to save her sister. They had failed. But at least Savia could live. Alvron has been removed! They were Link! Alvron (3): Steeldancer, Mist, quillinthestars Steeldancer (0): Alvron Player List: The Yiga have won! Congratulations to @Illwei @purplewhiteandgold @kaylakrue @Steeldancer @DrakeMarshall and @Araris Valerian! The Calamity is imminent. Docs and stuff! Dead Doc Elim Doc GM Spreadsheet I'm sure Striker and I will add our GM thoughts later. His wrist is just sprained, and I need a coffee.    
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    Kyson stood at attention, flanking the grand hall with his fellow knights. Or, what remained of them, as some had died in the bloodbath the day before, and others had fled amidst the chaos. He suppressed yet another sigh at thinking about it. No use dwelling. Put it away, move on. That's what he did. That's how you became a good knight. Hopefully tonight would be uneventful. After the chaos of the fight, he couldn't imagine even more chaos. It seemed unfair. Of course, Hylia didn't care about fairness. Kyson squeezed his eyes shut as a continuous shout from the next hall over grew louder as the messenger ran. He stumbled into the grand hall, shouting, blubbering, face white as a sheet."B-body in the hall! Body in the hall! Oh goddess Hylia above, oh three golden, oh--" his face drained of all color, and he collapsed forward, unconscious. Kyson sighed and stalked out of the grand hall, flanked by his fellow knights. The body wasn't too far from the grand hall, tucked into a corner. But as he approached it, Kyson's hair stood on end. There was no blood. Certainly, the person was dead, whoever they were, but the distinct absence of blood made his skin crawl. Had someone moved the body and dumped it here? With a sigh, he knelt to observe it. There was something supremely inhuman about the way it looked. Not a drop of blood to be found, limbs bent in weird ways but not as if broken, rather as if they just functioned that way. A single stab wound in the chest was the only injury he could find. Kyson shuddered. What in the world? He stood and, once again flanked by his fellow knights, left the body in the hall, guarded by some others, to go report it to the proper authorities.   Ashbinger has been kill! They were a Hyrulean Postman. There will be a removal during this Day turn. There is no vote minimum (though no one is removed if no one votes), and tied votes result in a random tied player getting removed. This turn will end at 9:30 am CDT on Sunday, July 18th. Player List: PMs should be sent out already.
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    Well of ascension
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    It’s but a few days until JordanCon, and with a lot of the Staff going, we thought the time was right to treat you to another one of our June art commissions. We’ve been fans of Elisgardor’s art (Instagram, Twitter), and have wanted to commission her for an illustration (i.e. Argent has been itching to get his greedy grubby grabby hands on some of her art), but she’s been busy… until recently. When we approached her with the list of winners, she immediately gravitated towards the idea of painting Vindication on a backdrop that looks like her blueprints, and friends, she blew our socks off! Not only was her artwork incredible and timely, she was also a joy to work with, so make sure you press all the Internet buttons on her socials. We’ll have a lot of behind the scenes and progress shots from this commission for all of our patrons too, so you have that to look forward to! If you want to get a better look at the blueprint itself, or if you want to get in on the action of choosing what we commission, check out our Patreon!
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    Why you shouldn't try to Soulcast missiles.
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    Hi everyone! Eric here. When we originally launched our Patreon, we designed it primarily as a tip jar. Well, after a lot of brainstorming, that is changing today, with new, actual tiers of rewards for you all. We also have some new patron goals, which we'll describe at the end of this post. Couple of quick things to note: None of your current benefits at the $1 tier are going away, there are just newer things for some higher levels! If you want access to a new tier you will need to change to it manually (sorry!). We can’t change your tiers in the background so if you’re currently supporting, for example, with $5 through the current "Hoid’s Tip Jar" you will need to change your contribution to be the $5 tier to access the new perks. The current "Hoid’s Tip Jar" is just going to be renamed so you won’t need to change anything if you’re happy to access just the $1 tier! If you already contribute $5 in the old, single tier, and you switch to the new $5 tier, you will not be charged more. Now without further adieu, let’s get to the exciting stuff, the new tiers! The $1s Above This has the same benefits as you have currently, which are: Patron designation on the forums and Discord Special patron forum and special Discord channel Shardcast outtakes and advance video access on some videos Ability to vote in art polls and suggest options for future polls The $5 Scholars All of the benefits above, as well as: Voting on when upcoming Shardcast topics come out. Generally, we have a set of a few topics we will record next in mind. With this reward, we will put out a poll every few months with those topics to determine which order we post these podcasts. This way we can prioritize what we are doing for you. This could also mean we have some podcasts recorded and we want to determine when we should put these out. (Note, all people, patrons or not, can always suggest Shardcast topics, and that won't change. We do have a pretty big list of ideas, though!) Monthly informal chat with Shardcast panelists on a Discord voice channel. Streams are great and we want to continue doing them regularly, but interacting with you in chat only goes so far. These informal chats will have several of us in a $5 and above patron-only Discord voice/video channel and we can hang out for a while. Quarterly Q&As with questions from you, livestreamed for patrons, with VODs publicly going to YouTube. Different from normal streams, these would be primarily focused on answering your questions, rather than chatting. Quarterly livestreamed actual Shardcast episodes. Finally see the boring stuff we cut away in editing! Honestly, many of you have asked for this, so we can definitely do this and show you how it is mostly not very exciting. Not every episode is a good fit for streaming, so we will start by guaranteeing it quarterly, but we may do more. Recordings are basically always on the weekends, around 10am or 11am Pacific. The $10 Heralds You're crazy awesome for supporting at this level (and hopefully not crazy from millennia of torture). This has all of the benefits from $1 and $5, as well as: Who's That Cosmere Character Priority Queue. Sending in WTCCs is very popular, and that's awesome. Slight problem: there's over 200 things in the queue, and we are very behind on it, which is not really a good experience for you. We will increase the WTCCs we generally play at the end of an episode to three, two from the regular queue, and a third from the new priority queue. We weren't sure exactly which tier ($5 or $10) to put this, and we are putting this in the $10 tier so the priority queue doesn't get too backlogged. After all, if we get a hundred things here, this isn't much of an advantage. Patrons at this tier can submit things via a Google form. You won't be able to submit more than one of these per month. Your name immortalized at the end of Shardcasts and videos. Ruin can never change it! When you are in this tier, your name will be included at the end of videos we create around that time period, thanking you for your support, immortalized in that video forever. Your name and a short blurb saying you're a kick-ass patron on 17th Shard's About page. For the duration you're in this tier, your name will be displayed in a section on our About page with your Patreon name and, if you submit a Google form, you can include a short blurb which will be displayed there as well. Have any ideas on other tier rewards we could do? Maybe eventually we could do a $16 or $17 tier. Let us know, and let us know how you like these new tiers! As always, you are awesome for any support you give. It means a lot. New Patreon Goals! Since we hit our $500 goal, we didn't really know what our next plan was for 17S and content. Now we have some ideas for new goals! $750 / month: Buying more fancy cameras for more Shardcasters! On Shardcast itself, we don't exactly need super fancy cameras, since it's compressed through the internet and captured on a small part of a screen. But for solo videos, no webcam can match the video quality of a nicer camera. These can range from $500 to $1000 (and, well, much higher as well, but we don't need a $7000 camera). With this goal, we will start buying some nice cameras for more Shardcasters so it is possible they can make nice solo videos. $1000 / month: Doubling the Coppermind art poll budget! With this, we will either commission two Coppermind art pieces per month, or one higher budget art piece. For example, this would enable us to sometimes hire more expensive, professional illustrators. Thanks for reading this! If you wanted to back us, you can find our Patreon below: Patreon
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    @xinoehp512 @Vapor @Channelknight [email protected] @Doomstick @The Ward's Guard @AonEne and Venture, but it's not letting me tag him. *shrug* Here's all your beautiful faces! Yes, I did these all in one day. I'm now burnt out.
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    I think the primary point that needs to be made at this juncture is that Shallan burying her trauma actually is "sucking it up and moving on." That's what it looks like. That's why sucking it up doesn't work: actually processing trauma involves months, if not years, of work and in 99.9%* of cases, requires the guidance of a therapist in order to make progress. It's just not something a person -- let alone the Earth-equivalent of an 18-19-year-old (my gods, she's young enough to be my kid) -- can do on their own. And in a world that doesn't even know how to treat mental health problems, there are no therapists for Shallan to go to. And given the level of trauma she's sustained, even with help it wouldn't be an easy road. Shallan is, in a manner of speaking, trapped in the lies her own mind tells her. She lacks the necessary perspective to even understand how to properly process her trauma. She needs help to dig her way out, but she doesn't know help is even possible, let alone who to ask for it. Can it be frustrating to read? Sure, and it's completely reasonable to get a little uncomfortable during her passages. But is it really fair to judge a teenager for failing to fix herself when even an experienced therapist would likely need years to help her untangle it all? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no. It is not. And as frustrating as it can be for some people to read her POV sections, I invite you to take a moment and try and empathize with her, because living in that kind of brainspace is much, much more difficult than reading about it. *I'm one of the 0.1% of people who managed to muddle my way through on my own. It wasn't easy, and was only possible because I have an abnormally high level of self-awareness and ability to analyze myself. And it took years. I didn't really reach a reasonable level of functioning until I hit about 30, and I'm still not completely 100%. I'm finally getting some support for the ADHD and executive functioning disorder. The OCD is never going away; I just have my tics under enough control that I'm able to mask them well enough that it's rare for anyone to notice them.
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    I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
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    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! Today was a truly magical day; I got to meet @The Ward's Guard for the first time and I have to say, he is truly an angel and I love him so much. (We are, by the way, an item, in case anyone didn’t know)
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    Happy American Independence Day! Let's keep making this country a better place, like we know it can be I know I joke about it being a dumpster fire, and yeah it kinda is, but it's doing a bunch of things right, too, and we can keep striving for freedom, equality, safety, and happiness! Go blast off some Lightwoven fireworks and party, ya crazy kids! But keep goldminds and Stormlight on hand. You can get hurt out there if you're not careful
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    (This is in the Rhythm of War board rather than the Cosmere or Mistborn boards because it touches on RoW reveals to elaborate on a few of its points, and the spoiler policy does not allow RoW outside of these boards, even tagged.) (0.) TL;DR I believe that the "atium" we know in Mistborn Era 1 is actually an alloy of Ruin's true godmetal and electrum, as it potentially provides an answer to multiple oddities with the metal (though this does raise several questions of its own). I further speculate that the abilities of Ruin's pure metal may relate to transcending the Realms, and could perhaps be used in some manner to allow properly transitioning (the former part with more evidence than the latter, which is entirely a guess on my part). (This theory has been proposed before, I'm aware, but I feel that the threads I have found on it don't really delve into all of the evidence for it, and in some cases predate certain things such as the Hemalurgic table and several WoBs that I believe provide further evidence. So I'm fine resurrecting the debate.) (Also, as always, this is probably kind of roughly-written because I wrote it in fits and starts over several days and was too lazy for more than a cursory proofread. So let me know if anything is inconsistent or confusing.) (1.) What's odd about atium? (2.) That raises some new questions... (3.) What does Ruin's pure metal do, then? (I.) References
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    Ayyyy! Happy Fourth! The following is a transcription of the Declaration of Independence.
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    Savia hadn't been in employment of Hyrule Castle's maid staff for long before the lockdown. Training had only finished just two weeks before King Rhoam sounded the alarm and shut them all inside, preventing anyone from getting in or out. Sure, Savia didn't get out much, but being forcefully locked up was a lot different than choosing not to leave. She found herself missing the local market and all it's wares. What she would give to buy some fresh, homegrown fruit for herself, or some delicious milk from the local ranch. And she especially missed sending letters home to her family in Hateno. All letters out of the castle had been suspended. Only communication within. Savia sighed. It would be okay. The King would find those nasty Yiga imposters and oust them, and surely the champions and Princess Zelda would be able to keep them all safe for the time being. Savia had never met the famed Divine Beast pilots, but she'd heard stories of their impressive abilities. She didn't feel unsafe in these halls. However, rounding the corner, broom clutched in hand, Savia saw something... unbelievable. That Jobz man, the one who claimed to have invented apples, Hylia above, stood in the center of the hall, arguing in hushed tones with... a hat. A talking, green hat. Savia stumbled back, broom clattering to the floor. The noise caught the attention of the arguing party, who whipped their heads--er, or entire hat body--to face her. Savia lifted on shaking finger to point at the hat. "Y-Yiga." The hat's eyes--goddess, it had eyes!--widened. "No, no no no, I'm not a Yiga!" Savia clambered back, snatching her broom up and holding it out like a weapon. "Stay back!" She'd heard tales of the Yiga's impressive abilities of deception and disguise. Could they even disguise themselves as inanimate objects? It didn't seem too far fetched at this point. Savia's heart pounded in here ears. Oh Hylia, oh Hylia, she was face to face with an assassin. She ran. "Hey, wait, listen!" She didn't listen. Savia ran until she slammed nearly face first into a guard, dropping her broom yet again in her rush. "Y-Yiga!" She panted, coughing. "Yiga in the castle! Disguised as a hat!" The guard's eyes widened, and he sounded the alarm. Soon enough, the halls flooded with people searching for the Yiga hat, but to no avail. The hat seemed to have disappeared entirely, leaving behind only Steve Jobz, the man seen arguing with the hat. What if... was there even a hat? Am I crazy? What if Jobz was the Yiga? It seemed everyone else had the same thought, because guards dragged the Jobz man into the main hall and tossed him on the floor. "I swear, I'm no Yiga! Listen to me!" King Rhoam looked down on him with distaste. "Conspiring in the hallway, I've been told. Disguising yourself, are you?" Jobz shook his head frantically, eyes wide and face pale. King Rhoam did not budge. He looked at a guard. "Take him away." The guards dragged Jobz away screaming. _Stick_ has been removed! They were a Hyrulean! Stick (4): Ashbringer, Steeldancer, purplewhiteandgold, Tani Drake (4): Matrim's Dice, Archer, Devotary, TJ Szeth_Pancakes (2): DrakeMarshall, WhiffleWaffles Ashbringer (1): Araris Valerian Steeldancer (1): Jondesu TJ (1): Stick Tani (1): Alvron @Azmine_king @Random Bystander this is an inactivity filter warning. If you don't post this turn, you will be removed or replaced by a pinch hitter. Player List: This turn will end at 9:30 am CDT on Monday, June 28th. This marks rollover returning to the normal time unless future circumstances crop up and make us change it again. PMs will be sent out shortly if they haven't already.
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    Whooooooooo, I just passed Driver’s Ed!
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