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    I wrote a thing. Opinions? His hair is white as stainless pages plain, It flows ‘round glorious visage, fettered not By earthly pull nor leather thong profane, And glows, requiring he be ne’er forgot. His eyes, more wondrous blue than sky so high, Or robins’ egg, or ocean deep below Their depths surpassing any mundane sigh And as they gaze, their pull seems but to grow. This wand’rer fair has travelled near and far To bring to pass his visions dear of old In times long past when evil did not mar And good had champions many, brave, and bold. But soon his journey ends, his task complete, And finished then, his happy end to meet.
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    Y’all! I did it! I can date now, and I got my license literally less than 20 minutes ago!!!!!!! Yayyyy!
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    just made this in like 5 minutes for an English "magazine parody" assignment, and I think it's funny so I'm sharing it.
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    From the album My Stormlight Stuff

    Here’s everyone’s favorite depressed boi. I just finished reading Rhythm of War, and holy crap did I relate to this poor thing. I love Kaladin so much and I just couldn’t resist drawing him.
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    Hypothetically speaking: Ambition + Dominion = Imperialist/Conqueror + Dominion = Fanatic + Odium = THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!
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    So I'm going to try to do this. Invested: (SH inspired) Broken:
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    Actions might speak louder than words, but words often speak clearer than actions. In other words, words speak to the mind and actions speak to the heart. If you're still confused, have an example: In a relationship, it's important to both say "I love you" and show that you love them. If you have... Just words (they tell you "I love you" but don't do anything to show it): your brain thinks "well I've been told so it must be true" but your heart doesn't really feel anything. Just actions: your heart can tell that they love you, but if they don't ever tell you, your brain refuses to believe it. Both: your heart and mind are satisfied, sync together, and fill up and melt with happiness.
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    Today I walked around some houses for sale with my mom now my siblings are sad because we won't see her until like tuesday welp yay divorce
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    Okay, clearly I'm not able to keep up with Inktober this year. My work load at school isn't even that bad, but my anxiety and depression... Guys, I'm getting worse. I have entered a stage in my life where I'm honestly really worried about my mental health and it's just not okay. I want to thank all of you for your support; I feel your love and concern and it is appreciated. But concerning Inktober... I don't necessarily need a break, I just need some leeway. Don't expect me to post regularly. I will post when I can. Maybe that'll mean skipping a few days. Maybe sometimes I'll post consecutively. I don't know But I will put out art when I can. Thanks so much for your love. I love you guys right back.
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    For all theatre people: Every year, my school does the Utah Shakespeare Festival competition. We have two teams: middle school, which is 7-9 grade, and high school, which is 9-12 grade. Each team must do an ensemble scene, two duo/trio scenes, and three monologues, and have the choice to do a duo/trio dance and an ensemble dance. I'm on the high school team this year, and we chose to do a duo/trio dance but not an ensemble dance. We put everyone - even scenes and monos - in the ensemble, with non-specifically ensemble people being a part of the surprise attack choir, who sit in the back. So anyway, this year I'm part of a duo/trio scene. Pretty dang tough, I was surprised when he chose me instead of just putting me in as one of the very minor parts in the ensemble. So we've already performed, the judges have judged us, and we want to show off to the people at the school. So we're doing what we do every year, a showcase. But obviously, some people won't be able to attend. Just one this year: A secondary character with two monologues and a good bit of blocking. Obviously, our director can't put someone who was in the regular ensemble in as this secondary characters, so he needs someone from scenes/monos/dance. Dance is a no, they wouldn't be in there if they wanted to memorize lines. He already used one of the monos as Macbeth because Macbeth got COVID before we left and couldn't come. That leaves 6 scene people (both scenes were trios) and 2 monos. Guess who he sent the email to (day before the showcase) asking if someone could replace her! Me and the two monos, who are both so timid they didn't make it through the first round. So I memorized some monologues last night (which feels fast). And I'm going to learn my blocking today, about an hour before we perform. A: I feel very impressive, both because of the opinion of my coach and because of my ability to do this. B: I'm more than slightly terrified.
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    Happy Spooky Month! It's time to get Spooky Scary Skeletons stuck in your head and start planning your costume - I'm sure you're all going as Sanderson characters. Right? Right? I'm hoping to do Inktober, but a) none will be impressive, and b ) I will get behind, especially on posting. So you may get an occasional update? If I make one that I feel is impressive. And yeah, I feel suicidal occasionally, especially with divorce things. If I need help, can I come to you guys? Love y'all, Connie
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    I finally got a job! I’ll be cleaning for an old lady twice a week. She’s paying me $20 an hour which is pretty sick. I start next Saturday and I’m super excited
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    Today, a bird got trapped in our chimney. It was flapping around in the fireplace, and so obviously Mom opened the fireplace doors. The bird got out, flew around the house for quite a while(even though we had all the doors and window screens open, it kept banging into the other side of the windows), and guess who got it out? I grabbed a pair of gloves, gently picked up the bird, and carried it out of the house, where it flew away. I also bought a wooden replica of Sting.
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    I thought you guys might want to see the final versions of the posters I made to take to the airport when our missionary comes home next week! Thanks for all your help!
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    hello hoomans and fellow Kandra Have some cosmere inktober Day one: Invested Have a siri (bad art warning)
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    Hello, hello! As the last rays of the Scadr-- er, Northern Hemisphere's summer touch down upon the land, and fall's rains and mists come to conquer the land, we have a (mostly)... somber piece for you. Our patrons wanted to see Wax's breakdown from the end of Shadows of Self, and that's what we have here. August's art commission comes to you from the ever-amazing-to-work-with Eli Gardor, who not only did a fantastic job at capturing Wax and Steris, but managed to sneak a bunch of little details in the background too, for the thorough observer. See how many you can spot (See the original post on our Patreon)
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    Oh look. I'm back again. I'm a slackerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Y'all should go listen to Hank Green songs. Also I put in my two weeks for my job yesterday so hopefully in the future I'll be on here more regularly and also will no longer be failing English. Hm... I'm currently reading The Anthropocene Reviewed for a third time, The Catcher in the Rye (which I'm really liking, actually), and I still haven't finished reading Lord of Chaos even though it's been about a year and a half since I started reading it at this point, but we don't talk about that. And October (AKA national novel planning month) is coming up and that's scary. So yeahhhhhhh. I need to get back into writing more... And I need to enter more writing contests! *Tesh noises* Maybe I'll do Inktober and just do a bunch of low-quality stick figures. That could be fun. And Kaladin is doing well. He's just molting again. Y'all should read The Anthropocene Reviewed. And always remember... Sneezing is not normal. Wow I just remembered that for a while back when I first joined I'd sign off status updates by saying "May Honor be with you."
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    Oh No! Buy making szeth kill Gavilar you made him sad
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    I am restless. Unsatisfied. What I am doing to attain happiness is not working, and I am out of ideas. Generous people have offered help, but it has not been enough. The questions I have been asking are not working, and I am similarly clueless on how to proceed. What I need most of all is hope. Confidence. My very soul recoils from the thought of failing again; better to withdraw, to cut off caring, than to risk a piece of soul and watch it die. To choose happiness is not enough. At any moment, the darkness may strike. The only way to be certain of safety is to box myself off from the world; and by doing so, I push myself away from anyone who could help me. To choose risk is not an option. Do not underestimate my power to sabotage myself, to make my own self-fulfilling prophecies of failure. Better to fold than wager something you don't think you can lose. I don't have a soul mirror. I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong. I don't know if I have any hope of fixing it. I don't know how to know what to do. I don't know how to know how to know what to do. Even as I write this, I feel the doubt set in. What could this possibly do that everything else I have done has not? What more can I expect than kind, supportive words that my doubts can easily destroy? What more can I expect than apologetic concessions from those who are just as clueless as I? The answer, of course, is nothing. I cannot expect to gain anything by making this post. The only reason to do it at all is to satisfy the part of me that needs to do something, to stave off the despair of the lost for one more moment. And because I cannot expect a response that would satisfy that part of me, I must remove the possibility of disappointment. To that end, I ask of you only one thing: DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE.
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    Day 2: Broken RoW spoilers
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    From the album More Cynical Than Funny's terrible Mistborn art

    A while back I agreeded to an art trade with a friend of mine. Here is my part.
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    After listening through all fifty-six precepts of Zote, I decided to create a few truths of my own. Please don't shoot me for saying anything you don't like. These can also be found in my About Me page.
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    Poem #17 Fantasy in Shadow Chains drawn from shadows blessed by those who would dare contravene laws made real in the forges of primordial deities bind all of reality. Poison drips down and tears flesh from bone exposing awful agony for all of the world to know. Pitiful cries ascend to the heavens calling for swift spirits to descend and deliver justice for those whose forms have withered and been rendered without power. Weapons not of any describable steel or iron cleave walls once thought to be unassailable. Oceans roil in a storm that only grows in intensity as it seeks to consume everything that it can take under it's influence. From the furthest distance its winds are a cooling breeze that chases the oppressive heat that stands in opposition to its dominion. However, the depths of this maelstrom contains malice and trickery bound together in opaque glass. None seem capable of standing firm before the fires from above and the unforgiving cold. Demons twisted and rancorous sing and dance to music that if mortals could hear them they would never cease spilling tears of contrition for whatever crime brought these monsters to their gates. Blood drains slowly into the waters and boils upon the doorsteps of crumbled citadels. Languishing souls turn this way and that, but cannot escape the prison which has damned them in ways that few could ever conceive of in the darkest of nightmares. What vitality exists in this place seems to be only a dream. Inferno and ice are together shattering all of the bonds that hold existence firm in its place. One cannot wake from that for which one is already awake. Gates hold firm if you can. The chains, storm, and heat must eventually fade as all things do. When time forgets them will the cries be remembered or will they too be only imaginings in a place hidden from the vision of those who know not what they see?
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    The remaining skaa knew Steel was the last obligator spy that was hiding among them. His failed attempt to save Ven would have been damning enough, but had also come out that he was a Tineye. Hollaback Atcha, the one who had sensed Steel's powers with his own bronze, reasoned that any skaa Tineye worth his salt would have been able to spot who was carrying out the murders days ago. Or at least one of them. It didn't help Steel's case that he had been conspicuously absent from much of the group's discussions. Unfortunately, that lack of presence meant that nobody knew exactly where Steel was basing his operation out of. On the other hand, there were plenty of skaa to go around, and only a few tenement buildings close enough for Steel to have reasonably haven been staying in any of them. Stuart and Rastan waited outside the Hasting Tenement, each with a hand on a cudgel under their cloaks. It had been agreed that a pair of skaa would wait outside each of the nearby tenements in the hopes of catching Steel as he left. The two were so intent on watching the skaa in the streets that they almost disregarded the obligator approaching, accompanied by a couple members of the Luthadel garrison. Stuart nudged Rastan. "That obligator. He look familiar to you?" Rastan took a long look before replying, "Yeah, he does indeed. Smudge some ash around those eye tattoos and dirty up those robes, and I'm pretty sure that's our 'friend' Steel." Stuart glanced nervously at the soldiers. "We should go get some of the others. Those fellows are well-armed, and I don't fancy taking them with just these clubs." Rastan smiled in response. "Don't sweat it. I've got a plan, if you're willing to trust me." Stuart hesitated a moment before nodding, and then the two faced back to the road. It didn't appear that Steel recognized either of them, and he strode up to the entrance along with his escort. Just as the triad passed between the waiting skaa, Rastan burst into motion. He whipped his cudgel out and swung an overhand blow at the top of the first soldier's helmet. Not pausing to see the effects of the attack, he carried the motion through and slammed his weapon into Steel's side. Stuart was shocked still, and could only think, How is he moving that fast? The first guard toppled, his helmet crumpled like so much paper, while Steel was flung against the nearby wall and fell to the ground, motionless. The second blow was accompanied by a crack, and Rastan was left holding nothing but a short length of wood. Pivoting, the other soldier drew his sword and swung at Rastan in a single motion. Rastan's unnatural speed saved him from a sure death, but he still took a vicious wound to the gut. He collapsed to the ground, dropping the remains of the cudgel. The spray of blood was enough to jolt Stuart into motion. Imitating Rastan, he hefted his on club and swung at the head of the remaining distracted guard. *thunk* Unlike Rastan's attack, Stuart's swing barely dented the soldier's helm, although it left the man seemingly dazed. In that moment of opportunity, Stuart dove for the first guard's weapon, feeling the unfamiliar weight in his hand as he rose and turned to face his opponent. As Stuart awkwardly raised the sword, a hand reached around the soldier's leg and yanked, sending the man to the ground with a crash. Unskilled though he was, Stuart could certainly hit an immobile target. His thrust pierced the guard's breastplate and chest alike, killing the man instantly. "We need to get out of here. Already too many people watching." The voice, strong and familiar, came from behind the slain soldier. Stuart stared in shock at Rastan, who was climbing to his feet. "How... how are you not dead?" "Pewter does amazing things for one's health." Rastan smiled back through a slight grimace of pain. "But... you were a Tineye! And after that, you have me convinced you aren't an obligator either. What in the Lord Ruler's name caused you to say you were a Tineye?" He put a hand to his head. "And we all just took your word for it..." "We can talk about it later. I'll be fine, I have plenty of pewter left." Rastan gestured to a nearby alleyway, and after a moment, Stuart followed. The two headed off to the other skaa leaders to let them know that the crisis was over. Steel/Connie was a Ministry Agent Tineye Metallurgist! The Skaa have won the game! Thank you everyone for playing! I definitely had a lot of fun GMing my first game, even more that I had expected to. I'll post some more detailed thoughts on the game, the rules, and so forth later. If anyone wants to go for the Lord of the Slums award, send me your list of players and locations by rollover time Tuesday. This is open to all villagers alive by the end of the game, but please don't discuss player locations in the thread or PMs until a winner (if any) is announced. Once all that has happened, I'll edit in the master spreadsheet and elim doc. Player List: Links: Dead Doc Elim Doc Master Spreadsheet
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    To all you wonderful hobbits... Today is HOBBIT DAY!!!!! I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.
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    I was listening to RoW again and I got to the Sja-Anat chapter in the first set of interludes, and in it the enlightened mistspren says: Is it just me, or is this a dead giveaway that Sja-Anat can heal deadeyes by corrupting them? I mean, the mistspren could be speaking figuratively about Sja-Anat giving him a new viewpoint, but that is a bit of a stretch.
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    So... idea. What if after I did my normal Inktober, I took the cosmere Inktober list and did a Sanderson Inktober?
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    Hey there, hello there. If you don’t know what Inktober is at this point… uh, look it up, ‘cause I ain’t explaining it to you lol. All of these are most likely going to be from the official Inktober prompts, maybe with some other prompts. Who knows at this point? I ain’t the best at pens, so these might be a little bit sloppy/crappy lol. Anyways, here’s what I got so far, and I’ll update with a new drawing hopefully every day. Depends on if I’m busy or not. Day 1: Crystal Day 2: Suit Day 3: Vessel
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    What do you guys do when you're, like completely and utterly bored in school but you have to listen slightly so you can't read because the teacher will get annoyed? Because a lot of my classes move super slowly and I just want something to do. And I can't draw all the time. I don't have enough to draw.
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    apparently all you need to do to win a day is post status updates about how homework sucks
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    Hello, I have been rereading ROW and trying to focus on some of the Radiants with less screen time. We see that Gaz, like all of the other members of Shallan's Deserters has joined the Unseen Court and presumably bonded a Cryptic. I remembered that Brandon said that if Elokhar had been allowed to progress with his oaths he would have had to eventually admit to being a bad king. We know more about Gaz than any of the other new Lightweavers, so I tried to guess some of his Truths. I imagine his first truth (besides the oath) would be about his gambling. Admitting that an addiction is real and out of control is the first step after all. Gaz reads as a pessimist because he is always complaining and expects the worst from people, but he is one of several people to become inspired after seeing Shallan's drawing of them. I imagine another early oath might be admitting that he actually can become a better person, like in the drawing. However I think that a later oath (4th or 5th) would have to be him admitting his culpability in the deaths and mistreatment of the bridgemen. We see in WOK that he is bothered by what he is doing and in WOR when he explains it he is quick to pass the blame onto Sadeas and his superiors. This oath is the one I would be most interested in seeing on screen, either the actual swearing or a scene where he apologizes to the bridgemen and its made clear that this is part of him admitting truth. He may also have to admit to his cowardice Tib
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    She does tell Adolin about her past. Just off-screen. Rythm of War, chapter 9, Contradictions:
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    If all of you will permit me I must rant again! I'm being jerked around like some kind of marionette by two people who clearly don't care what happens to me one way or the other. They both wear false smiles and make claims of trying to go the distance so that all problems that require resolutions will be resolved. Neither of them could be bothered to check whether their words match the reality, Let me let you in on a secret. Their words become less convincing by the day. If either of them truly wanted to maker sure that things were not simply allowed to get worse then the first thing they would do is consider that I am caught between them. Forget fairness for a minute. How about you don't trap me in a hopeless situation where I will be the one who truly suffers. Frustrating is not the word. It cannot begin to describe how I'm feeling. I'm rage personified right now. That can't even do it justice. A cycle of of unending fire and icy loathing mix within me. I always rant and you are always the greatest. Thank you for listening when others don't.
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    And I'm back! Doesn't mean I still won't be busy but I've got more time. Those weeks were quite boring. Um... oh, yeah, I changed my profile picture to the Clone Season thing or whatever. Hurray. I live on my own now, so that's cool. I don't know what else to put here, but yeah. I'm a bit hungry, I guess.
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    I think I’m officially a Lurker now
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    Dragonsteel has announced that the Kings Wild Project will be selling playing cards themed after Mistborn: The Final Empire! They can be pre-ordered from the Kings Wild Project website now through the end of November, and are expected to be printed and shipped spring 2022. Editions The cards are available in two editions: The Scadrial Edition ($18): Standard version of the cards. The Gilded Allomancy Edition ($45): Cards with gilded silver edges, plus a faux leather slipcase. There are also two collector's boxes: Final Empire Collector's Box ($230): Twelve decks of Scadrial Edition cards, along with a collector's box. Cosmere Collector's Set ($270): Everything in the Final Empire Box, plus one Gilded Allomancy Edition deck. Suits: Spades: King: Lord Ruler Queen: Steel Inquisitor Jack: Koloss Diamonds: King: Sazed Queen: Tindwyl Jack: TenSoon Hearts: King: Kelsier Queen: Mare Jack: Marsh Clubs: King: Elend Queen: Vin Jack: Spook Jokers: Preservation and Ruin What do you think of the cards? Will you be buying any? Feel free to share why or why not in the comments section!
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    Status: unable to hold in girly screams
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    MR53 Cycle 3: First Blood, And Then Some [Writeup to Come] Elkanah was executed! They were Loyal Ashertmarn! [No Death Rattle Recorded] |TJ| was killed! They were Loyal Yelig-Nar! "Protected those who kill themselves. Thwarted two tap attempts Mishram is the only one who can see-anat. Stopped his face from going splat" Illwei was killed! They were a Loyal Nightspren! [No Death Rattle Recorded] Final Vote Count: Elkanah (4): |TJ|, Chantara, Illwei, Kasimir Illwei (3): Elandera, Elkanah Elandera (1): Matrim's Dice Matrim's Dice (1): Droughtbringer <- might have lost this one at some point I'll have to check. Araris Valerian (1): Tani Tani (0): Araris Valerian @Squirrelwatcher has replaced Frozen Mint! Welcome them to the game! The cycle will end on Sunday, Sept. 26th at 12:00 PM (Noon) PST. Player List:
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    You guys are giving me flashbacks Vote Count: Araris Valerian (3): Illwei, Tani, Matrim's Dice Matrim's Dice (2): Droughtbringer, Kasimir Illwei (2): Elandera, Elkanah Tani (1): Araris Valerian Also, I know I'm not the IM and I know this has been discussed somewhat in PMs, but people shouldn't feel like punching each other / make people feel like punching them / whatever. This is a forum game, mostly intended for one's enjoyment. There's no cash prize at the end. So try to enjoy
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    this staus update is an ad for my new rp. that is all.
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    It's Sep 16 and there're 16 holidays today! National Guacamole Day Anne Breadstreet Day Collect Rocks Day Get Ready Day International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer Malaysia Day Mayflower Day Mexican Independence Day National Choose Your Chocolate Day National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day National Pawpaw Day National Play-Doh Day National Stepfamily Day National Tattoo Story Day Stay Away from Seattle Day Working Parents Day
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