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  1. It's not heat that is transferred, it's investiture, but because there is a planet in between the star and the core of Canticle, it provides a resistance, heating Canticle's surface as a result. Investiture is energy. And I've got an example of two inanimate objects transferring heat - the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. But this doesn't apply to Canticle's core, it's too invested, it's in a higher energy state. True, I forgot about this part, like when the Cinder King was drawing investiture from people. Intent is a part of every single Invested Art in Cosmere. Just because people need intent, doesn't mean the planet that was somewhat created needs it as well. Sure, but not every machine needs to be Awakened. You don't need to put sentience everywhere. The planet doesn't do much for now, it just draws some energy in and stores it. It's no more complicated than a giant battery. Not a lot of thinking is needed to achieve that. Your line of reasoning is good and valid, however there is no way to prove or disprove it for now. We know nothing about this structure so everything is possible.
  2. No Windrunner was sent with them to Lasting Integrity. The Oathpact won't achieve that. The Oathpact only made them more insane. Their insanity is caused by how long they have lived for and by centuries of torture they've withstood. The Oathpact won't fix them - Taln is still bound to the Oathpact and now he is the most broken of them all. My prediction is simple - the duel won't happen, Taravangian will outsmart Dalinar and force him to break the terms of the Contest. Szeth and Kaladin will bond a little, Kaladin will help with Szeth's mental health, but they will ultimately fail to get Ishar's help. Shallan and Adolin will go after BAM instead of returning to Urithiru.
  3. Why? Dalinar has his duel, he has his peace no matter the outcome of the duel, there is no need for Oathpact to be remade. Moreover the Oathpact won't work anymore because Fused don't return to Braize, they are reborn in the Everstorm bypassing the Oathpact completely. The idea of restoring the Oathpact is useless with the Contest of Champions in 10 days, it was useless even before that. The Oathpact was already proven to be unreliable and only a temporary solution - it can't stop Desolations, it can only delay them for some time. And that's all without mentioning the horrific cost that Heralds have to pay for it - endless torture breaking their souls and minds. The Oathpact is a dead end.
  4. That's not how Allomantic electrum works - it just shows you YOUR future, while Atium shows you the future of others. Anytime you can see the future, you can react to it, thus you can change the future and react to it changing it again and again and again - this means someone with Atium looking at you will see all those different shadows showing them all different paths you can take. That's what A-electrum does, it just allows you to see the future and that alone disrupts the future sight of others. You look into the future by using Fortune and looking into the Spiritual Realm - that's what both Atium (in its pure and alloyed version) and Electrum does. However, Allomantic gold shows you your past (or alternative present), and it likely works via the same mechanism - by drawing Fortune and looking into the Spiritual Realm. That's why I think silver is unrelated to what's happening with electrum, because other metals without it can do more or less the same thing - peer into the Spiritual Realm. Feruchemists tapping Fortune from chromium would also counter A-Atium by splitting their shadows - this is not unique to electrum, it's just a general rule of future sight. HoA ch 3: While silver is Allomantically inert, it can still be steelpushed despite its disruptive properties. I highly doubt you can alloy silver with any of 16 base metals, it doesn't really make sense, silver is not a god metal like Atium is (which can be alloyed with all 16 base metals and produce different effects). If that would work in this way it would mean that electrum is NOT a real pair for gold and there exists another metal that should be paired for gold - this was already disproven because Sazed gave Scadians tables for Metallic Arts with metals unknown to them and they contain electrum as one of the base 16 metals. I'm sure Brandon would not want to make another blender like he did with Atium retcon, and hid from us that electrum doesn't belong where it do.
  5. Since this is the case, spilling blood in a Coppercloud and later leaving the area should be fine. The same goes for fire; lighting the fire is what causes Shades to become enraged, and there are even people who sell previously lit flames, if I recall correctly. Then maybe it would be safer.
  6. Well, not really. Shades move in random directions, they would still pass near you without sensing you are there. Spilling blood in the Forest would be fine as long as it happened inside the Coppercloud, but once you start moving away from the crime scene they would sense even the tiniest drop of blood on grass and every Shade around you would get enraged, racing to the spot and then just running around the area in fury - that would be very dangerous to you, they may just randomly pass through you in their rage, not knowing that you are there. If you don't respect the Forests of Hell, it will kill you - that's the number one rule. Just follow the Simple Rules.
  7. Time to dig up some dirt, huh? It's a bit embarrassing. It was years ago, probably shortly after WoR release. I think I read every main Cosmere book by that point, starting with the Mistborn series, Elantris, Wabreaker and ending with SA. I just finished reading WoR and I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT NIGHTBLOOD WAS THERE... yeah, I was dumb. I read everything, I read Warbreaker and it still didn’t get to me that it's all connected. The worst thing was that I recognized that the sword looks and talks just like Nightblood, but I still ignored this thinking it was just some cool easter egg or something weird like that. Instead I was "theorizing" Nightblood was Odium’s evil version of Shardblades - it talks like a spren, it looks like a Shardblade, it leaks blackness like you would expect it from something evil and it even talks about destruction and evil - it fits! It told the exact same line Nigthblood said in Warbreaker almost word to word? Naaaah, that's just an easter egg, nothing else. Could you imagine such different worlds being connected in the same universe?? Impossible! A few weeks had passed and I was still living with the ending of WoR. So I reread some fragments of the finale, including Szeth's resurrection. And I missed it again... But this time I was really intrigued by that sword and I thought that there must be some fan wiki about Sanderson, which might contain more information. That's how I found the Coppermind (I think) and I started reading about Szeth. You can imagine my utter shock, when I read Nightblood's name on the Szeth's page. A whole new world just opened in front of my very eyes. I kept reading, being shocked by Vasher, Hoid, Felt, Shards, Cosmere and everything. I read the Coppermind for a whole week and then I had to reread everything, while looking for all those things I'd missed earlier. It was life changing. For my excuse, I had a tendency to lifelessly read books at night till the sun rises. Or I was/am just dumb.
  8. They aren't kinetic investiture, only innate, you won't hear them with A-Bronze. Only maybe when they attacked someone causing withering, that might be a slight kinetic investiture happening. Not really useful. Life Sense would pick them up 100%. A-copper would probably hide you from them. It can hide you from Life Sense. It would even hide everyone and everything in the Copperclouded area.
  9. You should read it even earlier, at least before Oathbringer, if not even before the Way of King. There are two people appearing briefly from Elantris - in WoR it's Galladon as Grump in the Purelake interlude I-1, in OB it's Riino, the Elantrian who was put into the Shardpool by Raoden&co, appears as Rii Oracle in the lighthouse scene, OB ch 97. But in RoW the most important thing is the appearance of a Seon, Ala - that's the communication cube given to Shallan by Mraize, it's a Selish Seon, RoW ch 115: Moreover there are some Elantris related tech appearing here and there and some mention of Ire, Selish worldhopping organization. Quite major parts are also hidden in SA letters, references to the death of Aona and Skai, Vessels of Devotion and Dominion Splintered by Odium. This is important but in Elantris there is not much that would tell you they are dead, so it's not that clear reference. Overall, even including those two Selish worldhoppers who are very easy to miss, it's just some little references, more like easter eggs than something big that you really need to read Elantris before. Elantris however introduces you to concepts like Intent, which are important to RoW, but also present and understandable in RoW. Only the Seon is important to be recognized - but I would say even this can be gotten from reading Elantris after RoW without missing anything. She appears just by the end of RoW from which you can immediately jump to Elantris and realize what a Seon is. But in general Elantris is often recommended as a good start for Cosmere. @Treamayne has a good reading order recommendation starting with Elantris iirc.
  10. It was. There was a mountain where the Tower stands but it was reshaped to accommodate the Sibling. I doubt they made the Tower, left it standing for centuries and then the Sibling manifested - the mountain was reshaped specifically for the project to create Urithiru for the Spren. So the Sibling would manifest very shortly after the Tower was created. Plus during Nohadon's times the Oathgates were already working. Spren of Oathgates call the Sibling as their parent, which means the Tower was already fully functional. Nohadon might have been a proto-Bondsmith (it was said he was a special Surgebinder among them). Chronologically Nohadon most likely lived before the 6th Epoch (#SayTheWords are documented during this Epoch, Radiants are already established and well known) - each Epoch is a period in between two Desolations, there were at least 15 but no more than 50 Desolations, and the 8th Epoch lasted for at least 367 years (WoK ch 19 Starfalls vision). Add to this that early Desolations were separated by hundreds of years, you get that the Sibling existed for a very long time. RoW ch 83:
  11. The theory is wild but it is nicely put and well argumented, I like it. However it's just impossible. Why? Yelig-Nar. He doesn't just kill his host, he consumes them entirely with their soul, just like Nightblood does. This is a permanent death, something that even a Herald bound to an Oathpact would not be able to survive. And this is something that other Heralds feel painfully well. None before Jezrien died, sensed another Herald dying. This is enough to conclude that Aesudan was not a Herald. OB ch 118: @coolsnow7 Please avoid double posting, it's against Shard's policy. Just edit your previous post instead - click the 3 dot menu in the top right corner of your post and choose the "edit" option:
  12. You don't really need the Nahel Bond for that. The Sibling is physically manifested as the entire Urithiru without the Nahel Bond, the same goes for Oathgates, which are physical manifestations of two Oathgate sprens, or Soulcasters or other ancient Fabrials. The Bond isn't needed. Fabrials were made by convincing spren to manifest physically. But Kelsier would have problems with that. He would need to get pulled into the Physical Realm somehow and he lacks proper Connection to it. He would need to do something else to do that. So in the case of Kelsier the Bond would be helpful to achieve that, but this would prevent his bonded partner from leaving Scadrial. Truthfully there is one question we haven't considered - can a Cognitive Shadow even manifest as a god metal in the first place, or are they just too human to do that? Sure their soul is made out of raw investiture, they are somewhat comparable to spren, but their soul remembers being alive, being a person - that might be enough to prevent you from manifesting as a god metal. I've found only one WoB about this, which is RAFO:
  13. Please avoid double posting, it's against forum policy. It's better to edit your previous post - click the 3 dot menu in the top right corner of your post and choose the "edit" option. Here are some other tips for you, courtesy of @Treamayne: That can work, but that wouldn't be a Nahel Bond, that would be more like, Yumi spoilers: It would work in the same way. It's basically a very, very strong Connection with something very heavily invested that can't leave the system. Seons also have troubles leaving Sel, it takes some extra, unknown measures to achieve that (we've seen them on different planets with their "owners"), but this is just as hard for them as it is for spren and Cognitive Shadows.
  14. Not really. We know Urithiru existed during Nohadon's times - and that was mostly likely before the Radiant Orders were even established. The Stormfather is very old, predating Honor's death (it changed him, before that he was like a child, less aware) and maybe even predating Honor's arrival to Roshar (Highstorms predate even the Shattering). You can theoretically argue that the current Stormfather is only around 2000 years old and that would mean he is the youngest of them all. We know nothing about Nightwatcher's creation. OB ch 113:
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