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  1. I'm leaving for the Grand Canyon, and I'll probably be back saturday night/sunday morning. I'll be on the shard a lot less frequently, so if it takes a while for me to respond, that's where I am. I'll try to read everything, but who knows?

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    2. Inklingspren


      That's what cool about the shard, we completely ignore anything that would give us prejudice against anyone, and make more friends because of it.

    3. AxeliustheGreat


      Yay, woo. I doubt Archer would even speak to me in real life if he met me, because I'm so much younger than him.

    4. Apollyon


      Recently turned 16. I'm 6'8", weigh 275 lbs., and have biceps that are about 32" in circumference. Totally...

  2. The song was Mary had a little knife.
  3. Maybe we should give this Sudoiv a chance. He seems to be really committed to us...
  4. The cookies didn't like Narnia. There were too little people to conquer.
  5. But, teaming up with the powers of Shardic Kung Fu and Fartomancy, Butt and Notti overcame the gang. Then they went back to fighting.
  6. oh, well... then I'm not really sure what to say. good luck with it if it isn't over already.
  7. Oh, good catch. Sandwich. Dunno why I put a T in there.
  8. Granted. It's a kuckle sandwitch. I wish for a lifetime supply of Macaroni and Cheese
  9. The world was Reckoners Earth. nice job bit.
  10. Both of you, that really sucks. People can be really inconsiderate and rude. Best way I have found to deal with both of these types is a: calmly and rationally explain what is wrong. Try not to force all the blame onto them, even if they are responsible for all of that. B: ignore them, though in both cases, that won't really work. Draginon, I would go around, showing the person why everything is where it is and who requested what, if it hasn't been resolved. Sorana, male supremicists are really ignorant and rude. Ignore him, and if he tries to do something because "you can't cause you're a girl." Calmly do the thing, and if he protests, say something along the lines of "even if you can do it better, it doesn't hurt to let me at least try." For the ignorance of emails... I don't really know.
  11. YOU FOOLS. I lost as well but do I really need to say this? also, lemme tag some random people. @Blessing of Potency @I Am Witless @Ashspren @BitBitio @AxeliustheGreat @BringerofShadows
  12. Butt decided to give Barry the worst noogie ever.
  13. As hemalurgic beavers started appearing, Rilu decided he had had enough. He Elsecalled to te Cognitive realm back to TUBA to report the happenings at the ball.