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  1. Evidince: Both have healing powers, and have a no-nonsense, slightly more important boss. Theory: The Nightwatcher is actually an Unmade.
  2. Elkanah had been around the cosmere, but this place was the strangest so far. People here had strange clothing and weapons, and the rythyms were more distant. The entire city was a metal, and Evelyn didnt seem to like it. He saw a few people he knew from the bar. The guy with the gun, for example. It sounded like there was a "queen" here. He would have to check that out. He had a plate of TUBA's cookies, and he was wearing Workform. Many would just think him a slave singer probabaly.
  3. Alright. I think mine is ready
  4. I'll join, as soon as I can make a character. It takes a while because I want a good name, and I suck at naming. I also am still deciding what race/planet. edit: would an Epic who had their powers permanantly taken (like Calamity did)be okay @AonEne
  5. Thats kinda the point. But yeah. Puns!
  6. Ive seen them around, but I do pokemon cards instead. Still a kinda big investment. I had like 5 friends but they all moved and/or stopped playing. Now I just have a bunch that I every once in a while look through, sort and/or battle my siblings.
  7. I hate that. When they have to ship it from another branch. Or, worse yet, when there are over 400 holds. (I did this for enders game around... 5-6 ish years ago? It came in a few months ago. I had bought it and read it long before) Still, even 1 hold is frustrating. Especially with SA.
  8. There was a bad thunderstorm near me the other day. I said "Stormfather must be angry" and my mom and me shared a knowing look. Then I put some marbles in a basket outside. They didnt start glowing, but they were really wet. when you realize someone made spren emojis and you start using them in text messages.
  9. Elkanah was on his way back to the bar to ask if anyone knew what the card was, when suddenly everything flew outwards and came back together. What was going on? Humans minds were so weird. Must come from being stuck in a mixture of war, work, and mateforms. Crazy, the whole lot. The bar then exploded again, throwning him off his feet. He took in a bit more stormlight, and slid on his back away from the explosion. Someone had a grudge against that bar, apparently.
  10. Ark. We always have a reason for denying people entrance. I am not authorized to share the reasons, and dont know too much. All I know is the big dogs dont think that you are very trustworthy, apparently. Not my desicion.