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  2. Well, it helped that Paalm didn't really want to hurt him... we don't know how the things would have gone if she had been serious. And also, Wayne was forewarned that he was dealing with a Steel Ferring. But bodyguards trying to protect somebody from a hired assassin wouldn't necessarily have such luxury. Which is why F-Steel needs to be limited, lest it become unstoppable as compounding becomes easier due to the medallions. IMHO, increased likelihood of severe injury, even death, when operating at higher speeds, as well as the rising difficulty of timely thinking and reactions should prevent human compounders from replicating Paalm's stunts. Insanely? I prefer to believe that Paalm used her victim's metalminds, filled over the years, rather than managed to store so much speed during the 2 weeks that she had the spike before the massacre, but criminals can prep for months between heists. If humans can replicate Paalm's performance, then the opportunity to have months of leisure between jobs would be all it would require for a Steel Ferring to become an unstoppable thief or assassin reliably pulling off big scores. Train a couple of hours a day, store speed at the highest rate possible for the rest of it while reading or planning or whatever, since your mind is not affected.
  3. 1. How long would it be? Originally one book, then two, but eventually three (Brandon writing Memory of Light reference) 2. How many times would God become Incarnate? Until seventy times seven 3. What would the magic systems be? Each time one follows a part of the Law of Moses +1 Attack and Defense. Sin=-1 Attack and Defense 4. Would Ruin manipulate the prophecies? Prophecies are tricky thing...they would be fulfilled in a unexpected way. 5. Would Jesus be a woman who became transgender? Whatever he chooses it would involve a elaborate back story that is revealed in flashbacks
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  7. Ivory winced as he returned to his normal form. This one had been incredibly close. Securing the germ had been relatively easy. Whether by luck or design, one of the traders on board the ship had indeed carried a suitable gem, and with desolation staring at them from the palace's collation, the trader had been quite willing to part with it, provided Ivory promised he'd return the gem as soon as the unmade had been dealt with. No, what had made this difficult where the non-sentient Spren. Why can't humans just remain calm, composed and unhurt in situations like this? Don't they know how dangerous they make Shadesmar whenever they fly into a big panic like this? On his rush back, several of the more predatory Spren had leapt at him, and it was only the momentary distraction caused by Yelig-Nar striking that he'd been able to make it back to the feast-hall with all his limbs attached.
  8. I'm pretty excited to see the rearrangement of social structures over all of Roshar. We are seeing the first signs already. The loss of parshmen has Alethi reduced to work that used to be considered beneath slavery, like carrying water. Female shardbearers are popping up and gaining power, especially Jasnah. Human cities are submitting to the singers willingly. ITS GONNA BE WILD
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  10. Is it possible that we will see hemalurgy being used in roshar? imagine someone like Mr T learning of this magic and using it to further the direction of the diagram?
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  13. Max strided forward. He’d taken up a defensive position before, and luckily the shockhammer wasn’t too heavy in his armoured hands. Taking another stride, he saw the glove fly towards him and batted it away, holding up his hammer for a swing. The dragon chalkling crawled up his leg but Max was ready. He’d taken his Riot off of Atticus and focused it on the chalkling. Fear. Terror. It got a few scratches on Max, but luckily nothing fatal as it started to back off. Max kept the Riot, refocusing another one on Ambrosia. He was using up way too much Nicrosil, making the Zinc far more powerful than it needed to be, but after Atticus, this much emotional Allomancy felt good. Addictive. One more step forward, andax tried to get Ambrosia in a hold, swinging his hammer. Hopefully it would hit her.
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  15. Brandon is Christian, so... The exact same thing.
  16. It appears the spren would not react well. Whether that would sever the bond if they could deal with it, who knows, but sounds like its both possible and a dangerous idea. With something as small as an earring, maybe it'll be manageable.
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  18. Calderis gave a superb description of the difference (I'll forgive his reprehensible laziness in letting autocorrect do 'your' instead so I'll just add a couple of things. Bear in mind that while soulcasting is more powerful it is more limited. You can soulcast something into a physical thing. But forgery is so ninja. Its even plausible to turn someone into an elantrian or allomancer with it. And as Cal said, forgery is actually high investiture magic, the Sel ones are because of how much the Dor is trying to burst into the physical realm. Which makes sense, it should take a lot of investiture to rewrite Connection so comprehensively. As Cal said that's why it needs to be plausible. Contrast with soulcasting where you are changing the spiritual aspect but (in my view) that can be interfered with by the cognitive aspect resistingthat change (which is why soulcasting can be done by brute force or with less investiture and more convincing). I don't think this commonality can be exploited it just reflects cosmere realities- two magics rewriting the spiritual and needing to work within the limitations the cognitive can put on that.
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  20. Out of universe I think the explanation is very easy: 10 is too much, too complex. In-universe, the same might actually hold true. 10 steps is a lot of progression to make, and it would make every step that much less meaningful. So instead, we divide exactly by two, and get 5 instead, a number that is still related to 10.
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  22. Not a pattern exactly, but everything else magic-related reflects the number 10, so having the Oaths and only the Oaths reflect the number's not a pattern, but it is a break in a pattern, and requires some sort of explanation. (I mean, the explanation could just be that Brandon couldn't think of more than 4 Oaths for each Order, but that seems a little bit like a cop-out. Both as an explanation and as an instance of world-building.) This could be, but then the very WoB you quoted goes on to say that Braize is 9-centric. It seems a bit weird to suppose that the entire Rosharan system is 10-centric (10 gas giants, 10 surges, etc.) except for the one planet where Odium hangs out, unless Odium himself is the cause of this difference.
  23. Brandon might just blow everything out of the water by making 'Excisors' do something completely different from anything. Or it might have something to do with a particular WoB. Lemme find it.
  25. Chaos is what it is. Pure chaos.
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