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  2. Why did the chicken cross the road? What type of bear is the best? and could you tell me like umm... all of TUBA's proprietary secrets?
  3. @SzethIsBadAsHell @whattheHoid Could you guys edit our OB spoilers please?
  4. I really liked Shallan at the beginning of wok, but during wor I found it sometimes really hard to read through her chapters. In OB this whole love triangle stuff was annoying but at least she chose one of them. I really hope she will get better and stay with Adolin and this part of is over.
  5. Since this thread has reappeared, I'll nominate @Parttimedragon
  6. I'm fine with whatever he writes as long as he doesn't stop. I'll buy it and read it and given bis other books I'll love it...
  7. So they made themselves a cup of coffee and ate chocolate cake.
  8. Well, I see the way that the votes are going, and I'm sticking by my team. Fifth time's the charm, let's break this frankly embarrassing mislynch streak. Amethyst Scorpion, Amber Vulture.
  9. I survived the Catacendre! Yay!
  10. Oh, good. I love it when books do that to me. Is it like the thing in OB, near the middle? If you don't know what I'm talking about, PM me.
  11. Sib sat down, eyeing the other people in the building. “So, how long will this take?” He quickly asked to everyone, as he didn’t know what the leader of this particular meeting was. “I’ve got an Archery lesson in half an hour, and then work after that, and then...” And then Sib continued, listing off his various responsibilities. So much stuff. So much stress on poor Sib...
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  13. Syen watched Kilo using only his hands and shook her head. Men, she thought, always showing off. She waited until he finished then stepped up to the rope. Carefully tying one end around her waist she adjusted her Backpack and started climbing. As usual her left arm made it diffcult, not giving her the reach she needed. She couldn't move it higher than her shoulder for so long, that she almost had forgotten how it would be with two healthy arms. Only now and then she really missed it. Like now. But she had climbed here before, had chosen this spot because it allowed her for lots of possibilities to push herself upwards and not only to pull. Whenever possible she stopped, adjusting her knot and shortening the rope, so that she wouldn't fall back to the bottom of the chasm if she missed a handhold. It took her a while to reach the top of the chasm, and definitly longer that it had taken Kilo, Essun helping her, highlighting good spots to put her feet or her hand. Afterwards she pulled the rope up, coiled it and tied it at her backpack. "You're right. I use it for more than climbing. A rope often comes in handy. Are you eady to go join the others or do you need a moment to catch your Breath? That was an impressive display of strength."
  14. We do have a sort of plan to detect if someone steals one of our accounts. But sharing the details of the plan would ruin it, so that's all I can say.
  15. no to all of the above. This character doesn't use magic/hasn't got any powers.
  16. The only one that surprised me with placement was Willshaper. The rest were as I expected. 66% - Truthwatcher 47% - Elsecaller 37% - Lightweaver 13% - Bondsmith 3% - Edgedancer 0% - Dustbringer, Skybreaker, Stoneward, Willshaper, Windrunner
  17. How did you discover Cosmere and Sanderson in general ? Favorite Sanderson book ? Favorite none-Sanderson book ? Favorite novel/series ? What's the reason for picking your username ?
  18. When you are playing the mistborn rpg with a friend who doesn't want to read any more books than mera1 written by Sanderson and you try to convince him every time that it's worth.
  19. These are apparently a thing, and I need to explore this website more. So...GO!
  20. I have a hunch there won't be other Bondsmiths. Or if there will be it will be for a short time. I think Dalinar's role might be really unique in this story sequence.
  21. @Calderis I considered that reason actually since we have seen some Radiants like Szeth/Kaladin/Shallan can literally ignore the pain of getting wounded and continue functioning despite getting stabbed, arrow in the head, hit hard, slammed etc where they know from a fact that stormlight will keep them alive but then Jasnah didn't get hit by anything. It really bothers me that somebody who isn't combat savvy didn't get hit in response by soldiers trained their entire lives that scene was acceptable if it was Szeth since the dude is extremely proficient in combat and is used to reading attack/response pattern of people cause he fights people in physical confrontation alot but not Jasnah who has spent most of her time doing scholastic chores. She didn't so much as take a spear in the gut or get hit by a blunt attack by one of them. Or even an awkward moment of struggle or some of the dead bodies hitting her. Or the weight of the shardblade being a bother. Nothing it's like she's actually Szeth who can outdo people with equal training quite easily. It didn't make sense it's like seeing an average office worker running through a squad of policemen no problem. It was the level of difficulty that she should've faced that bothered me, it shouldn't have been that smooth. Obviously a healing shardbearer beats a squad of soldiers but she isn't really somebody like Kaladin/Adolin who is practiced in the arts of war so that shouldn't have been that smooth . It was a untrained(could be trained depending on the past but still) vs people who dedicated their lives in mastering the arts of war, it shouldn't have been that easy for Jasnah. There should've been much more resistance. Anyways this is really the last time i'm gonna write a wall of text about this . Since i think i may overexplained the case why i think Jasnah was MarySue-ish more than enough amount.
  22. Hurt Conflux, Heal Sebarial Conflux - 1 David - 10 Mizzy - 10 Elend - 10 God King - 10 Gavilar - 10 Dalinar - 10 Elhokar - 9 Sebarial - 11 Raoden - 10 (The last two people had the numbers a bit messed up, I believe this is correct now.)
  23. I almost agree with you. Nathan’s POV observing Funtimes was awesome. The exception is Autumn Glass who is THE best character.
  24. New post because it's been so long. So really my choices are Amber and amethyst if I want my vote counting toward anything. I will vote Amber vulture because it gives me best chance of survival for longer, and maybe until the end I still have no idea if the "EIB agents" are on my team, or if they're tricking us. Anyway, if there is a next cycle, I don't think I will be extremely active. I'll be busy most of the time
  25. It's Rashekin! Good job!
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