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  2. Isn´t it weird that he doesn't remember???
  3. This was a Dalinar book so I was expecting strong focus on Dalinar and less on Kaladin, but...idk I think there definitely could have been more development of Kal. Felt Shallan got more "air-time" than Kaladin. Maybe they could have cut out some of the minor character view points and put more Kal in. Hopefully, the next book has more Kaladin (yes, I know it's someone else's flashback book but still...). I did like what we did see of him though. I notice some people (not on here I don't think) feel that there was a regression of his character, but I don't really feel that at all. Kal has always been plagued by his "must save everyone" mentality and it definitely held him back from saying the next Ideal. Having him just suddenly "get over" that problem would have felt very wrong. I look forward to seeing him develop more and eventually confront this problem in the next book. Funnily enough, I really disliked Kal when I first read WoK. And I didn't like him for some of WoR. But, well the guy eventually won me over and is now my favorite character. Guess that's why I wish there was more Kal in Oathbringer. What is interesting is that now when I re-read WoK I enjoy it much more and don't hate Kal anymore.
  4. Part one actually really made me nervous. Because to me Kaladin had started to become superman near the ends of WoR. (By that I mean when everything was bad he would swoop in and save the day) And the book literally started with Kal flying in and saving the day. I didn't want to see him become some kind of gooey hero. I was glad that we got to see him humanized like he was in the latter parts.
  5. Yes, Kal gave them to him. You are right, but a full set of shards is a whole fortune, Moash became a lighteyes with lands when he acquired them. People keep track and records of the shards, so they should at least wonder...
  6. That doesn't actually surprise me very much, given that the newly minted bridgeman units don't really have oversight from anyone other than Kaladin (who is probably the only "visible" person to the lighteyes). I don't really remember where Moash got the shards from though... Kaladin handed those to him after he got them as a reward, right?
  7. Fron Moash perspective, Kaladin betrayed Moash and chose to protect a murderous lighteyes, after he said he would give him an opening to kill the king. I wonder how nobody raised questions to the fact that bridge 4 most trusted official, the one who was carrying a full set of shard, disappeared the night of Elokhar`s attempted murder...
  8. Hah that would be awesome! But they would never have the courage to end it that way. Also instead of porgs what about the frog nuns from the Jedi Island being his minions instead?
  9. Alright, thanks.
  10. No, not at all. The last two characters introduced are entirely made up for the purpose of this story.
  11. Neat, but is Tom from an actual story?
  12. So I've just begun my third read of Mistborn era 1. The first description of Shan Elariel states that she has long black hair. But now I've come across another description which says auburn hair. So which is it?
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  14. You read my mind.
  15. With Porgs having turned out to be his evil minions all along.
  16. My only wish for Ep 9 is that it ends with Hux as the sole ruler of the galaxy.
  17. theory

    I don't know if someone mentioned it already but it said somewhere that Dalinar was the first person in hundreds of years to bond the Stormfather. So Galivar couldn't bonded the Stormfather. But other, really interesting theory. Have an upvote.
  18. This one is for @RShara Shallan plodded through the alien landscape of Shadesmar. It was difficult for her to judge exactly how long she'd been in Shadesmar, it felt like a day, but who could even say if time flowed the same in this place. Jasnah had explained that Shadesmar was a realm of the collective thoughts of sapient beings made manifest. Did that mean if enough people thought time worked differently it changed in this place? Shallan was supposed to learn the secrets of this place, it was an essential aspect of her surge of transformation. Perhaps it was the blood from one of her earliest uses of it, but the very thought of taming shadesmar filled her with dread. Storms, what were the implications of that? I think it's bad, and its thought made manifest, did I just make this place more dangerous to myself? thought Shallan. Shallan was relieved when a small campfire became visible in the distance. The sooner this expedition was over, the better. She was supposed to be a newlywed for storms sake, and this was a far cry from the comfort of her husbands bed. As she drew closer to the campfire she was able to make out an assemblage of people in animated conversation around it. It was a very odd collection of individuals. Shallan had met people from all corners of Roshar since becoming a Radiant and taking up residence with the powerful of her world, but the clothing these people wore was quite bizarre in many cases, and of a style she had not seen before. A tall blonde woman in an elegant dress of an unknown cut stepped forward confidently as Shallan approached the assemblage. "Shallan Davar I presume? Welcome, you're the last to arrive. We'll be able to get started after the introductions. I must say, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I've heard a lot about you." began the woman. "My name is Sarene. Princess Sarene actually, but then you're a Princess too now aren't you as are many of us, and I think we should dispense with the honorifics if we actually mean to get anything done here today. My colleague here is called Shai," she said, indicating a smaller, dark haired woman dressed in trousers and a loose shirt wearing spectacles. "or at least she is when she isn't pretending to be someone else. We're from Sel." continued Sarene. Shallan cast her eye over the rest of the group. Certainly a very odd group of people. Wait. Shallan recognised one of the members of the group, perhaps she hadn't noticed right away because she was feeling really quite overwhelmed. "We've met" said Shalash. "Don't even think about reaching for that sketching pad!" she continued in a no nonsense tone. Shallan immediately put any thought of doing so from her mind, there was no way she intended to confront the herald of her order of Knights Radiant. A second woman in the group drew her attention as well. There was a familiarity about her that Shallan had trouble placing. Like the others, this woman was elegantly dressed in a distinctly alien way, and as Shallan observed her she was shocked to see her hair change colour! "Welcome Shallan, my name is Siri." the woman said as she approached and embraced Shallan as though they weren't meeting for the first time. "I believe you know my sister? Tell me, is she still as full of herself as she used to be? You'll be able to tell, if she still behaves as if she has a second sword firmly lodged up her backside then she hasn't changed.". Shallan found herself smiling, this was a woman after her own heart, and her description of lady Azure wasn't far from Shallan's recollection. "This here is Shashara." she said indicating the woman standing next to her. Shashara was impossibly tall and beautiful, and her face was painted with a scowl that was almost physically painful. "Don't mind her. She's my sisters boyfriends wife who he killed. Yeah, it's confusing. Some kind of cosmeric shadowy ghosty thing. I'm not the best person to ask about that." Another woman approached Shallan and reached out to embrace her as she had seen Siri do, before seeming to change her mind mid embrace and instead try to shake Shallan's hand. The indecision didn't go well, the outcome had been that the woman had walked up to Shallan and grabbed her by the breast! The woman was clearly mortified at what she had done, and began fishing around in her handbag and pulled out a small notebook. "Oh dear." she said "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This wasn't on the list. How did that happen? What do I do? Apologise. I must apologise!" The woman looked up at Shallan, smoothed out her odd stiff backed and high necked dress and composed herself. "I apologise your highness. I'm not very good with people I'm afraid. My husband usually helps with these types of matters, but they said this was something my attributes were required for and he would just get in the way. My name is Steris, and I'm from Scadrial." An imposing woman stepped forward next, standing next to a small man with a meek expression. Odd thought Shallan. He seems to be the only man that was invited here. "Now that the introductions have been taken care of, I think it's time to move on to the business at hand. I am the Supreme Supervisor of the Silverlight Sodality for the Sensible and Sustainable Subsistence of S, and my friend here has approached us with a request." the woman said. "Go ahead Tom." "Ladiesth" began Tom. "We need to dithcusth the exthethive uthe in the cothmere of the letter sth."
  19. On this particular plot point, I do agree with you. I wouldn't want Adolin to end up reviving Maya just by being whom he is. This would completely alienate every single other Radiant character's progression which were all made of bumps and hardships. How is it Adolin gets to do the impossible just because he's nice and he talks to his Blade? This is why I am so set against potential story arcs where he somehow fills in the cracks for Maya, where he does not break, where he just gets more out of no visible effort. Maya is why I want Adolin to break down. Bad. I want him to face trials. Real trials. Not trials which get pushed away after one paragraph of exposure, but real heart-felt heart-breaking trials which compromises his abilities to be the forever "steady and strong" character. Trials which force other characters to step in for him, as he has done for them so many times. I want him to grow, to choose the path of an Edgedancer even if it isn't intuitively obvious for him, even if he's not the right choice for the order. The Blade revival story arc deserved as much. It deserved more than giving the readers the nasty feeling it is just happening because this is how good and perfect Adolin is. Adolin has tones of potential, but I can't see it wrapping up into a story arc anytime soon, not now he was shoehorned into being a Highprince. He will never have the freedom to grow now, he will never have the freedom to oppose his father, he will never have the freedom to choose for himself: his life has been decided and I can't say it is one I find interesting.
  20. First time that I can ever post a relevant WoB:
  21. I feel we have a good grasp on what the Edgedancers were about. They cared about the little guys, helping the common person while the orders did scholarly research or fought epic battles. I can imagine an edgedancer getting squires by 'adopting' orphans and the homeless and bringing them back to Urithiru with them.
  22. I wasn't going to join due to work only giving me a couple of hours a day of free time but how can I pass up a game with random lynches on ties? I can't. The Gods of Luck and Chance demand that their chosen representative attends the game. As such, sign me up as Ra.
  23. Are future quotes ok?
  24. Exactly this. Which is also why I'm so against the Maya revival plot as it stands right now. Right now it looks like this: Adolin, of course, already owns the right dead blade for his personality and, big surprise, he's already doing exactly what he needs to do to revive Maya. I hope, that there will be a few more trials for him in this plot, but seeing our current mileage, I'm not holding my breath. If he just revives Maya by being how he always is? I'd be willing to finally fully say, that Adolin is a Mary Sue. Because it would also magically fix is supposed inferiority complex. It's sad really, because Adolin - as a character - had so much potential when I first started reading him.
  25. Thanks. Figured it was a signing that hadn't been transcribed yet.
  26. I agree with this comparison in between Kaladin and Adolin. So while it is true Kaladin gets several power-ups within the story, it is clear he does suffer consequences for both his actions and his failures. Most of his narrative is orchestrated around him thinking he has failed to protect people he wanted to protect, each time he tries, he ends up falling in one wy or another and it wears down on him to the point where it drives him into inaction. Adolin has yet to experience consequences for his own failures and/or character flaw. As I said, while I do agree we could write a very convincing essay as to how Adolin is experiencing failure, it rapidly becomes a moot point as the narrative fails to make it matter. In other words, Kaladin's discomfiture matters immensely within the main narrative, but Adolin two or three sentences of mental beating up don't. He also ends the book in a position where he suffers no consequences: he no longer has to trouble himself with Sadeas as nobody cares he killed him, all of this stress wasn't enough to make him falter, if his coping mechanism is to work harder then he never reached a point where he can't physically work any harder without harming himself, if he feels small next to the Radiants then this isn't something which ultimately matters. So all in all, while it is possible the character did experience some mental consequences, they didn't matter within the existing narrative, they didn't serve for any plot purposes and they did not cause any visible prejudice to the character. Adolin marries the woman of his dreams, gets to be named Highprince and has everyone accepts he murdered Sadeas while all agreeing this would be the end of it. I also agree with this commentary. Adolin is even less fleshed out now then he was back in WoR: readers still do not know where the character stands and if I believe the easiest interpretation is the right one, it doesn't change the fact he comes across rather unscathed from his ordeal. As such whichever character flaw he has, it doesn't matter within his narrative, it isn't something he needs to work on, to get over, to improve. It is just something which is, which triggers two or three sentences of self-doubt, but pans into a great nothing in the end.
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