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  2. Yes. A Splinter is a chunk of a shards power that has never been human. It does not have to be sentient, but we have seen them almost every world with a Shard present. Seons/Skaze (or more specifically the symbols that are their focal points), the Divine Breath in returned, Spren and the Honorblades. All splinters.
  3. It's a pleasure to be welcomed back with so much warmth looking forward to playing with you as well! And everyone else, of course Edit: It seems that makes 14. A couple more people and Len should be able to get this show on the road
  4. I personally do not understand why some readers are adamant in jumping into those discussions to state how meaninglessly minor Adolin is. I find it especially disturbing to have the discussions and character analysis be reduced as "whims of a bunch of readers which has nothing to do with the actual narrative". I even find it insulting as I personally always took care to craft my analysis based on textual and WoB evidence: I believe other readers are attempting at doing the same. Hence, to state pages and pages of analysis is worthless because they are wasted onto an obviously very insignificantly minor character they can't be anything else than pure fabrication is just ill-placed thoughts. Here is a list of characters currently being more minor than Adolin into the existing narrative: Jasnah, Renarin, Lift, Szeth, anyone within Bridge 4. Yet, I do not believe I have ever read any other reader jump in and say they care so little about those characters, they are so meaningless, anything canonically happening around them is bond to be boring and not worth any page time. However, on a pure narrative point of view, they all are much more minor characters than Adolin with much less characterization and page time. I thus strongly disagree Adolin is nothing more than an ensemble darkhorse. To be an ensemble darkhorse, a character needs to be minor which Adolin isn't. For instance, after WoK/WoR, Renarin was an ensemble darkhorse because he was a very minor character having gotten very little characterization which become very popular within a given percentage of the fandom. Adolin fails the first criteria which is to be "minor". Now, let's go see who this overrated TvTropes site is saying actually is an ensemble darkhorse: Hot Pie. Bronn, Hodor, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, Finnick, Glorfindel.. Yeah. A bunch of characters having no viewpoints, no narrative, nothing distinctive happening to them, very little participation into the main narrative. Totally the same as Adolin. Adolin and Hot Pie: similar character with similar impact into the narrative. This being said, everyone is entitled not to care about a given character or another, but I do not understand the need to purposefully diminish Adolin's importance to the narrative. Solid gold analysis? There isn't one listed acknowledged ensemble darkhorse which even comes close to Adolin in terms of importance, relevance and scope of narrative.
  5. I have no idea why this made me laugh so much
  6. Aren't all the Honorblades splinters? Stormfather describes them (or Jezrien's at least) as being "made directly from Honor's Soul".
  7. I don't think so. It seems to be the "thing" nowadays to try and make more homosexual characters in books, movies etc and fans that try to make heterosexual characters gay. That being said I not attacking you or anyone that chooses a alternative lifestyle. I simply believe you are trying to make facts fit into a theory that holds no water. Thank you for your post...I thought it was interesting and I am sure many will agree with your assessment.
  8. this absolutely works as an arc as-is, however if you wanted to tie it up a little bit more, having So make the decision regarding stay-or-go to town would do it, I think. There is a bit of a logic jump and jumble around searching for moms = never be an alchemist. I think this might be partially because filial obligations aren't as high a priority in Western cultures as they are elsewhere in the world. I have a fair idea what you're basing some of this on, so maybe playing up the importance of So's obligations to moms would help sort some of it out for a Western audience. And/Or maybe make more of a straight line between "comes into town looking like a slasher movie refugee" and "will definitely be arrested, detained and thoroughly interrogated for days by royal inquisitors, likely until moms decides to reappear, whenever THAT will be (but it will def be after the fair)." From a Western standpoint, this line of reasoning is a good reason to ditch moms entirely, but So uses it as (at least part of ) a reason *to* search for her. It makes sense from a certain perspective, but I think it needs to be spelled out a little bit more clearly, however you decide to do it.
  9. I... just don't have a lot to say about these, sorry. Like @kais, I think that this story is suffering from the small word limit and weeklong breaks between sections, and that it would benefit from a beta read all together or in larger sections. Unfortunately, I don't feel a lot of tension or desire to know why these people were killed or why K was attacked. My thoughts when reading it tend to be in the vein of "well I started it, so I should finish it." Partially, it's lack of empathy with Ma, and a lack of a real grasp on why things are so dire for all of the players. It's also trying to remember which names go with what species, who's who and all that across the week of downtime. Part of the balancing act with mysteries is making the solution something the reader feels like they could have figured out for themselves without either making the solution too obvious, or too random. Unfortunately, for me, this feels very random right now. Again, I think part of it is that I haven't read any of the other works in this universe, so I am likely missing key background, and that there is a gap between submissions wherein I forget just about everything. But also, right now, facts just seem to pop up when they are needed and I don't feel like they are growing or building from what I've read before. I enjoy pieces of the sections I read each week -- the interactions with the religious couple were very good! -- but I feel like the shape of the ongoing mystery lacks cohesion, and the pursuit of a solution lacks tension.
  10. @lopens_cousin all Nahel Spren are splinters. Splinters are chunks of investiture that have gained sentience/sapience (in most cases). The Stormfather is a massive Splinter of Honor, but after Tanavast's death, his Cognitive Shadow and the Stormfather merged. So he is not one or the other, he is both. All Nahel Spren are some mixture of the investiture of both Honor and Cultivation. Some existed before, some after Honor's splintering, but how many are a direct result of that splintering is unknown.
  11. Oh, hey, I've heard of BIONICLE. Followed it from the second comic, joined the online community during the Voya Nui era. I spent some time working on BS01 (lost all my edits in the big '07 crash, but a good chunk of the Kanohi pages format was mine) and BZP (got myself one of the first Key to Nongu awards for piecing together info on Icarax from the Mahri serials). Every so often, I pull out my reboot fabric idea and noodle around with it a bit. Favorite Kanohi has gotta be the Miru. (Don't be fooled by the profile pic. The Kakama fits my username better, but Lewa's always been my top Toa.)
  12. @Orlok Tsubodai Do you have any advice you could give me?
  13. I didn't notice much of a problem with the dialogue. Yes, it is mostly action sentences taking the weight of identifying the speaker, but there's nothing inherently wrong with that. If it bothers you, then my suggestions from your last submission, to add dialogue tags and try to put them in different locations in the spoken text, would also be my suggestions for a solution here as well. For the rest of it I had a difficult time getting into this story. Story-wise, I agree with @kais, and I found it very much like a great many things I have seen before. When stories play as closely to genre tropes as this one does, the interest comes from seeing how the author takes those tropes and archetypes and makes something new out of something familiar. How does the author differentiate their characters and plot from all the others using the same archetypes? How is the author turning the work from just another Trope X tale into something uniquely their own? Martha Wells is one of my current favorite authors and her latest novella series, Murderbot Diaries, is is using the "sentient robot gains control of itself and kills everyone" trope in unique ways that I love. I've linked to an excerpt of the first chapter there because in the first couple paragraphs it manages to establish personality, motivation, trope, and unique trope iteration in a great, engaging way. She is writing in first person, which lends itself to the kind of casual tone the novella has, but even absent that, I think it's a good example of what is meant by suggestions to make a character have personality, or be unique, or to "have a hook." From a technical standpoint, I noticed number of spelling and grammar errors, and a fair amount of homophones as well. For a first draft this isn't uncommon, so I'm not going to comment on them beyond this. They do however affect my ability to lose myself in the work a bit. I can tell you have a real passion for military-style stories, and your familiarity with the subject matter really shines through! I, personally, need more human elements in a work to become caught up in it, however. The world looks interesting, and I enjoy both political- and military-style adventures, but I'm just not engaging much with it yet.
  14. Let me preface this by saying that overall you made some good points in your post about how Adolin grew up with some circumstances that are objectively traumatizing. Losing a parent at a young age is traumatizing. Having a parent with an addiction would in most cases lead to some damage in the parent-child relationship at a minimum, and so on. But I'm honestly not seeing the part I quoted above in the text. I just didn't at all get the sense that Dalinar "constantly diminished him, criticized him, demolished his every efforts to please him." Can you give some examples from the text that led you to this? Even in the flashbacks, I think we saw that Dalinar was arguably distant at times from his sons (more so Renarin than Adolin I would say, because he seemed to have a hard time connecting emotionally with Renarin). We certainly saw Dalinar do some monstrous things on the battlefield, etc but that was not with his children around. We do see one instance where Adolin has to deal with his father drunk, when he is nearly 17 and Dalinar yells at him to get out (that seems to be the worst moment we see on the page). Up to the point where Adolin is about 12, nearly 13, right before Evi's death, they seem to have a good relationship. We see them interacting, Dalinar teaching Adolin and Adolin not wanting to leave Dalinar. After Evi's death there are some big time skips, but in those chapters we see that Dalinar struggles a little more with being a father to Adolin because he reminds him of Evi, but he still tells Adolin he is proud of him. There is a chapter when Adolin is 18 (shortly before Dalinar goes to the Nightwatcher) and he admits he has been a poor father the last few years (Adolin contradicts him) and Dalinar again tells him how proud he is of Adolin. His thoughts tell us more, that he honestly admires the man that he sees Adolin to be. So there is friction in their relationship after Evi's death, but there is love underneath. Certainly by the time we see them in WoK, we see nothing but admiration and pride from Dalinar towards Adolin. He genuinely believes that Adolin is a better man than him. The only thing that finally seems to cause some doubt about this is finding out that Adolin killed Sadeas. I'm not sure how it can be argued that there are impossible standards for Adolin to live up to, because he seems to be living up to Dalinar's standards, again with the possible exception of murdering their political enemy. I'm not going to get into comparisons with the childhoods of other characters because that gets into trying to rank or compare trauma and pain and that's just impossible. Everyone experiences events differently and there's no need to downplay one character's experiences to make a case for another. I will however say a little bit about Shallan because there are some things that have been downplayed about her experience that I think miss the boat entirely. Saying that she grew up as a rich lighteyes is really irrelevant. Money is not really what provides any comfort; security does that. In Shallan's case having money (for a time) meant nothing because her place in Veden society was not secure and there was intense fear of being displaced. The other thing pointed out is that she was treated as her father's favorite, and this is argued to be something that would lighten the burden of her childhood, but this couldn't be more wrong. Being treated as a favorite added to her trauma, because she had to see her brothers constantly be abused while she was protected and she carried intense guilt for that. It is very analogous to the way Kaladin feels about always living when the ones he tries to protect are killed. She actually says this to Kaladin when they are in the chasms. Finally, to try to bring this back around to the original topic of this thread, if Adolin is struggling with pain from his childhood we really don't see it, and more importantly he doesn't share that with Shallan. Shallan we know struggles intensely with the pain of her childhood and she doesn't share that with Adolin. In fact she scrupulously hides it from him because she doesn't want him to see how broken she is. Of the characters we have seen her interact with since leaving her home, only Kaladin and Wit (and Pattern) know the Shallan she hides from the rest of the world. The marriage of Shallan and Adolin is built on so many lies of omission that it is hard for me to see how that leads to a happy future for them (not at least without some serious reckoning to come).
  15. 'Let's see what you've got', Archer requested as he strode up to the counter. His stomach grumbled, but he resisted the urge to try one of the samples just yet.
  16. Thank you
  17. They're being called the Shifting Colors now, or at least that is what has been implied.
  18. Not sure if I’m committed to it yet or not but I pulled out Fitz 1 by Hobb and have reread up to ch 3. Fitz 7-9 ought to all be out in pb soon but I need to reread 1-6.
  19. Hemalurgic Headshot is probably right. I should put more thought into my vote, and analyze some other people before just throwing votes on people because I’m tired and lazy. That helps nobody. Although you are my number one suspicion right now, HH, and if after analysis I haven’t found anyone to suspect my vote will return to you. Ruin blew up Braize. I was initially a little surprised. However, after consideration, a few things stood out to me: 1) Ruin could probably just worldhop to a planet during the Day, blow it up, and then return to Silverlight. And do this, every single cycle, until all planets are destroyed. Doing this lets him blow up worlds with impunity, as he can just choose to land at Silverlight and not mysteriously appear in a doc at night. I advise that players use their action tomorrow morning to hop to another world, just so we can monitor Ruin as he goes about his swath of destruction, and catch him hopping during the day turn. 2) Straw suggested blowing up Braize. Whether this is Ruin!Straw, or simply someone who followed his advice, or someone trying to frame him, we should be cognizant of the fact that Straw suggested this first. 3) I’m not giving up my Khriss!Ruin theory. I see Khriss blowing up Braize as a serious possibility as part of a plan to monopolize kill actions. Second, we now have a lot of Shards loose. Good news: most are probably village right now. Bad news is that they won’t be purely village for long. As such, I suggest any villagers holding Shards either do a swap with Pyromancer, a confirmed Shardholder, to avoid letting the Intent control you, or simply let the Intent control you but still work with the village along with your secondary win condition. Wish I had time to do player analysis. Unfortunately, I don’t. But maybe I will later tonight. I’ll just end by saying that I strongly oppose leaving any Shards in containment, as it’d essentially be a free Shard for the Elims.
  20. Please remember to add [OB] before your topic title in the Oathbringer spoiler board in the future. Very interesting! I'm not any kind of authority on how accurate Kaladin's experience is to gay men, but I appreciate you sharing your experiences with it. I think it's a great read; I love the take!
  21. I’m not sure that all the spren capable of forming the Nahel bond are splinters of honor. In fact, I’m not sure that any of them are actually splinters. Could the Storm Father be something other than a splinter? Like a cognitive shadow? Might be more clear when we see what is up with the other two spren associated with Bondsmiths. The only spren that I could sort of see being splinters of Honor, other than the Storm Father, are the Honorspren... but, as mentioned, they existed before Honor splintered... and, like most of the nahel spren, are manifestations of ideas, not splinters. So, It doesn’t seem like the spren actually NEED a shard or splinter to exist, and it also doesn’t seem like anything about the spren changed since Honor splintered. I haven’t thought enough about Dalinar’s Unity Moment... but, in general, are splinters physical(ish) things? Did Dalinar acquire anything that could be a splinter? I kind of thought that he was able to unite the realms because of his connection with the Storm Father. And what would have to happen, or what would the conditions be for Unity to be a new shard?
  22. Now, starting this off, I'm writing this out of personal experiences with stuff like compulsory heterosexuality and things. Something that was really prevalent throughout the books and especially OB was how much I related to Kaladin's experiences with romance. Some very stick-out experiences include the almost unnatural utterances of being romantically involved with women. When he was musing over Syl always being with him (Paraphrase: "He thought about Syl floating over him as he procreated with a woman"), which is obviously a very real concern, but at the same time just feels out of place when he thinks it. There is also the flashbacks to Tarah. These ones felt the most relatable to me, as I had an ex-girlfriend who I felt the exact same way about as Kaladin describes Tarah. The "nontraditional" beauty, seeing her personality more than her physical looks, feeling a moral obligation to loving her but not willing to uphend anything to be with her (in my case: I broke up with my Tarah after a month of not interacting with her). I considered myself attracted to her despite not feeling traditional attraction, if only because I thought she had a cute personality. His compulsory attraction to Shallan also fits into experiences I have had (though not as definitive as Tarah). Being comfortable with a girl, so feeling an almost obligation to be "in love" with her, despite not having the attachment infatuation has, and then realizing it was just a strong platonic comfort you felt with them (and a familial feeling). Him not even being upset at seeing Shallan with Adolin, and even being satisfied he didn't have to pursue her strengthens it. If anyone has anymore thoughts on this, I'd like to hear them!
  23. I see that you are still set on seeing me die. However, I had already answered most of your argument previously. I didn't play D1 well. Yes, my posts were not helpful and I was generally a hypocrite. I confess to that. Is that basis to lynch someone on? Unfortunately, I feel like you are playing as you would if you were village. Though Pyro did bring up the possibility that you are a convert, which is definitely plausible, I will agree with Rand right now that you are probably not a convert. That's all I have for now.
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  25. There's always another secret.
  26. Very cool!! Thumbs up @JemmaMYoung ! This is exactly how I imagined the Fused looking!!
  27. 24, obviously
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