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  1. Guyz is late

    And I still up

    And I had two root beers

    And many Oreos

    And I got ‘drunk’ on my own laughter with a couple of peeps (we laughed a lot)

    And it was the best evening ever

    So ya I felt like saying so

    1. Ookla the Debonair

      Ookla the Debonair


      Those nights are the best :D


  2. Haly grinned, the faintest tinge of pink touching her cheeks. “Me too, TAAron.” She glanced at the ground, unsure what to say next. “We’ll get out of this. Somehow.”
  3. “I’m ready,” Nayka volunteered. Kealie got bored, so she fiddled with a vase.
  4. Haly pelted a marshmallow at him. “I mean that if all you were was a great friend, you’d still be worth it. You gave me Lerasium, remember? And you sparred with me, and helped me get that sequin. You fought Karden. And you can burn Allomatic metals. That’s all other things.” ”You’re not going to die.” Another marshmallow hit the side of his head. “We’re not giving up, and you aren’t either, because if you do then we have no choice. Will you quit being so stubborn?”
  5. “I’ll stop when I’m dead.” Haly grabbed some chocolate from nowhere. “You don’t get what ‘worth it’ is. It’s not succeeding at everything all the time, or being perfect and incredible and amazing in every way. ‘Worth it’ means that you make the world a little better by virtue of being in it and contributing something—who you are. You’re a great friend, TAAron. That alone, even if there were nothing else; makes it worthwhile. And stop protesting, or I’ll throw marshmallows at you.”
  6. I like eating toffee. And roleplaying. And imagining plot twists in my head.
  7. “Get over it?” Haly laughed. “Get over it? Oh, you have no idea. I’m not letting you die too, and that’s final.” She summoned a giant squishy marshmallow beanbag and leaned back onto it.
  8. “Don’t do that!” Haly grabbed her head. “Do you have any idea where you are? Anything we could use?”
  9. “I…” Her hands dropped to her sides. Only ones left. “I’m sorry.” She bit her lip, searching for words, but then she processed the rest. “Hang on. You’re trapped again?”
  10. Nayka grinned. “Very appealing indeed.”
  11. Haly folded her arms and gave him her best ‘really’ look. It probably didn’t look right. “I refuse to accept that. If you don’t let us come, we’ll come on our own. We’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth. Me, and Nameless, and… Wynn.” Definitely Wynn. “Anyway, you’ll leave us with a lot more trouble if you don’t let us come.” She ate a marshmallow.
  12. Doesn’t everyone, sometimes? TPBM has no idea what the joy of Roleplaying is.
  13. I do not. Do you like fluffy pillows? Like the kind with fur?
  14. A little nervous from the yell, Haly attempted to answer the questions. “I accessed the dream realm somehow. I think this is a one time thing. I know you’re having this dream, so I assume you’re at least kinda real. And… um. I’m not endangering myself. I’m killing time until I wake up and also hopefully getting clues as to where you are and how we can get there to save you.” She watched him uncertainly.