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  1. from a WoB it looks like this will be a first half of book 5 type thing.
  2. It makes finding small details and connections easier, as they tend to get more pronounced. Elantris is probably the least important to read in detail, you can tottally skim it without missing things for later.
  3. E-IS-315k followed Schevin, his sensors had to be turned down quite dramatically in here, he didn't like that it dropped efficency significantly. His caution score had been moved up to three, he would watch for the time being.
  4. Hows that working out for you? Also Ookla the Uninteligable loses.
  5. Might I ask where your Ookla name came from this year, while I have you?
  6. That's your own fault.
  7. Ah, Ookla season looks to challenge me. @Ookla the Lad @Ookla the Lass @Ookla the Alkoo @Ookla of Anarchy and Chaos @Ookla the Enthralled @ookla the demon
  8. rammbleings of a deranged mind

    He litterally tried to kill his own bondsmith, I don't think he was fully cognisent until the end of WoR
  9. They have hairstrands, which biologically speaking is not hair the way we think of it, it's more a fiber chain.
  10. So whenever someone has two powers they from a resonance, which is kind of an extra thing you get. Lightweavers get better memory, so whne Shallan says she's taking a memory, that's what that is.
  11. When the innercab arrived E-IS-315k attached himself to the exterior port for maintenance droids.
  12. It is her resonance.
  13. There is one other possibility we haven't mentioned, The Death Rattle specifically states, dying storms, I think instead of having two storms we will end the book by having one, The Everstorm and the HIghstorm will fuse into a singular storm.
  14. They don't have hair, and are thus not mammals. Also they grow gems inside of them, that alone should kill the offspring. Peter Ahlstrom's username on Time Waster's Guide.