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  1. So um... I was been dating another sharder, he was the one that got me to join the shard. But... I'm here now because was.
  2. I finished the hobbit hole embroidery project! Do you think I could live with the Treebeard and the other Ents in this? I think it would be perfect.
  3. Hobbit hole embroidery update!

    I finished it y'all. I attached it to a pair of overalls that have lots of my other projects on 'em. 

    This is what I will ride for Rohan in. 

    Screenshot 2023-07-25 153943.png

    Screenshot 2023-07-25 154014.png

    1. Morningtide


      That's so good looking!!

    2. Glashard
  4. I have now seen the Barbie movie twice....

    I do not regret this decision, it is full of funny moments that deserve more laughs. 

    I can and will watch it again if anyone asks. I highly recommend seeing it. 

  5. I thought y'all would appreciate my latest embroidery project. It's not quite finished but soon it will be a patch. (P.S. Coolest thread ever!)
  6. For all of my Tolkien Fans, I've been embroidering this for the last few weeks. It's not quite finished yet, but in the end it will be a patch for my Senior overalls. I'll try to update when its complete.

    Screenshot 2023-07-08 095412.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DoomslugLuna


      Yep! I am Calano's partner!

    3. That1Cellist


      That’s beautiful. As a Tolkien fan and art enjoyer, I’m really glad you shared your talents.

    4. Morningtide


      That's so cool!

  7. Yay! It's been a year since I joined the Shard!

    (look @CalanoCorvus I remembered to do the thing!)  

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CalanoCorvus


      yes babe you did remember!!

      very proud!

      happy shardiversary!!!! here’s to more glorious years on this chaotic site.

    3. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Happy shardiversity Luna!! ^_^

    4. Cash67


      You made it!! Here’s to many more years of the both of you being on the Shard

  8. There is a small bookstore in a tiny town in northern Oregon, just north of Portland. They used to sold homemade vanilla candles as well as candles that smelled like whatever fruit was currently in season there. So just imagine Ancient book smell mixed with warm apple and vanilla. They unfortunately closed down during the pandemic. So now that smell only exists in my memories, and to me that makes it even more precious.
  9. Bro, I wish my ward did talent shows! That sounds like so much fun. Hope you have fun!
  10. you're quite popular, it seems

    1. CalanoCorvus


      She is quite popular isn't she?

      She's fun like that :3

  11. HAppY BirthDAy!!!!

    here is a cake




    1. CalanoCorvus


      hey she made me a doomslug cake for my bday last year :D

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