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  1. Do you all just ever have a day where you can't stop crying because you miss someone who is gone?

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    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      *hugs tighter*

    3. SmilingPanda19


      *engulfs them all in a hug*

    4. Weaver of Lies

      Weaver of Lies

      Once. But many sad days.

      *hugs all*

  2. "Uhm, here let me try this." She touched the cord and plucked it like a string and suddenly Haly was gone, sent crashing into TAAron. @The Aspiring Archivist
  3. "I-oh! You have a connection to him it's bright white." She blinked, "I couldn't before hmmm, fascinating..."
  4. She nodded, "I-i think so? I haven't kept as close an eye on events in the clinic now that I've been taking care of the twins with Calano."
  5. Emma appeared infront of her with a smile on her face. "Haly!" She squealed excitedly.

    1. Lego Mistborn

      Lego Mistborn

      Yes it is.

      1 & 2 combined are available for on $15, less than each individual game. I might have to get it.

    2. Exotic Almond

      Exotic Almond

      I love that game! It gives me such joy to scream at my teammates during sleepovers at 1:00 am

  7. Happy birthday!!!!

    1. Cinnamon


      I hope you had a happy my birthday!! :P Thank you Wizzy, you’re awesome.

  8. @The Halcyon Girl gorgeous dragon Goddess and the lovely Lady Halcyon
  9. Who are your favorite character(s) from Wings of fire? And what is your favorite type of dragon from wings of fire? And would you be an animus if you could?
  10. Favorite person? (Is hard I know sorry in advance ) Favorite couple to tease? Favorite person to tease?
  11. Yay!! They taste better as actual lasagna though
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