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  1. Hehe makes sense SHARDBOI COME HERE!!! @Shardwatcher01
  2. Hehe oh yeah I forgot :3 That will be so much fun :333
  3. Emma smiled at her and vanished, heading home to check on her twin girls. She'd check in on Sol in a little bit.
  4. "Then stay for a while until you know absolutely what you want and in the meanwhile I'll look into finding you a way home."
  5. Emma smiled kindly and gently rested her hand on her shoulder. "Here you won't be a burden. We'd love to have you stay and help you find your way home if that's what you still wish."
  6. Emma's smile fell, "well we're a clinic for the people with an extreme addiction to Brandon Sanderson and we're here to help them calm it to a manageable level, though recently we've expanded into helping people with more magical ailments, curses, displacements, the like."
  7. Emma shrunk down to her normal size, solidifying, and the light faded to a faint glow from her form. "May I hug you?"
  8. "I'm afraid Sol that the nearest ocean is over 1,000 kilometers away."
  9. She smiled kindly, "I am Emma, Goddess of light and protector of this clinic with my husband Calano. I don't know what happened to your ship but we'll give you shelter if you wish until you can find a way back, weary traveler."
  10. A woman with raven dark hair in a slim white dress appeared before her, "welcome to the clinic. What's your name young one?"
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