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  1. Thank you, it is a picture of a magnamalo personifying it's cat side as it is just a big cat in MHR (Monster Hunter Rise).
  2. Thank you. I now get to inadvertently oppress my own people. Edit: Dang it now I get to die many time a day.
  3. Granted. You will forever have a cat rubbing your leg. I need to post all books I have read in my about me. I wish to have the superpower to have the power from any books I have read. Over 100 fantasy books at least
  4. I went from a majorly oppressed civilization to a slightly lesser oppressed population.
  5. Well I have already read all of them and am eagerly awaiting Stellarlune and I don't mind rereads. Only 8.5 books that will only be a week and I can read the next book in a day unless it is 2,000+ pages. Granted. Brandon Sanderson is becoming a clown. I wish to be Alex Taylor (the wizard).
  6. Who let Emulaton have dominium again! *Gets stuck by lighting*
  7. "Who ever is now running the establishment I have come for permanent residency with an allowance for ocasional forarys into other forums." The Wizard looked up from his phone and wondered why everyone was on fire.
  8. Granted. The theatre catches a bigger fire than the globe theatre. I wish for the triforce to be real.
  9. His name is indeed Bornhold Their goal is to mostly about converting other nations to the Light as they see it. They use armies, persuasion, and other methods to convert countries. They mostly kill anyone they think is against the Light. Think of darkfriends like the red scare or the salem witch hunts as they will accuse basically anyone of being a dark friend. Also the Commanders plan is to unite the nations against the Dragon Reborn as he thinks he is a false Dragon.
  10. Who let Magnamalo out again! *house explodes in distance*
  11. Now I can finally post here. Our youth group went to the temple on Saturday and aparently the temple was double booked.
  12. Thank you, when I was lurking I saw that this community seems like a really fun loving and nice group of people and I am glad to be here.
  13. I really liked Rhythm of War though I like all of Brandon Sanderson's book and have read them all including the Wot books.
  14. I first found out about the coppermind and just found about the 17th shard late april and just now made an account.
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