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  1. Do you know that it's illegal to steal one's dragon?
  2. It doesn't matter if it has, we can do it again if it has What a wonderful phrase!
  3. Happy birthday sis!! 

    The prologue is awesome btw <333

    1. SmilingPanda19



  4. Amazing pfp Eddie :D ❤️

    1. Weaver of Lies
    2. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Heehee, thanks!

      ...I learned last night exactly why Romeo and Juliet fell in love at a masquerade ball. Masks are so much fun :D 

  5. Agree with Lightweaver this is amazing and not what I expected and you need more rep for it :3
  6. A flicker of uncertainty sparked behind her eyes and she quickly smothered it. "I believe it is child. If you're not on the top then everyone will just trample over you."
  7. She rested her hand on her shoulder comfortingly. "Don't worry child soon you will. We'll help you be strong enough that no one will ever hurt you again."
  8. She stroked Rosalind's hair thinking. "Hmmm perhaps it's time you spent a day as my servant under Rosalind."
  9. She raises her hand from her hair, a secret command allowing her to speak her mind. Her eyes hardened, "I thought I taught you better, but I guess not."
  10. Happy birthday dearest Haly 😊 <333

    1. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      ...Wizzy be nice, no soap operas -_^

    2. The Wandering Wizard
  11. Ahna's eyes hardened, "they're not innocent. Their parents would have raised them to do the same to us as their entertainment," she spat.
  12. Emma looks outside and quickly ushers her inside, shutting the door behind her. "Why do you say that," she purrs, stroking Ahna's hair. "You know that saying such things might make you a tribute, right?" @Edema Rue @SmilingPanda19
  13. Quiet murmuring and giggling could be heard from inside and the door was locked. @SmilingPanda19
  14. *hugs tightly* I'm still here if you need to talk to someone
  15. Happy birthday!!!

    Stick also says happy birthday too since she currently can't herself :)

    1. The cheeseman

      The cheeseman

      Thanks Wizzie! Tell Stick I say thanks as well :)

  16. *throws chocolate chip muffins*

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      Not fair. I want muffins too.

    3. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      *tosses muffins at you too*

    4. That1Cellist


      Oh good. Yummy!

      The muffins should be pumpkin muffins also.

      Why am I typing in monotone.

  17. Favorite dragon breath weapon? Favorite dragon magic? (Can be something you made up of course )
  18. Chivalry is very very good to have as pretty much all girls I know greatly appreciate it
  19. A lover incorporating a item that means a lot to them both into a item for a proposal.
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