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  1. Pretty sure tidal locks don't work the way you imagine them doing here. If something is tidal locked to a different body it means their rotation around their own axis has a specific ratio to their rotation around the body they're orbiting (1:1 for the moon, iirc, but I think a couple others are possible too?). They still keep orbiting. What you're talking about for option 1 is placing the moon at the Scandrial-Sun L1 Lagrange point, but this point isn't actually stable, so the moon will start to drift with time. Tidal locking the planet to the sun is going to give you a world where one end is basically frozen, one is heat-blasted into a desert, and any potential habital zone would be somewhere around the twilight zone, which I suspect might not be all that habitable anyway, since the temperature differentials would likely cause some pretty bad storms.
  2. To be fair, this could probably be fixed with gold medallions. That said, having part of your soul stolen probably still hurts a ton, and will probably result in some serious mental trauma even if the soul is fixed.
  3. They also fall off hard in-universe. Neither lightweavers or Truthwatchers are frontline combatants, they're support troops, focusing on healing, supply and infiltration, not straight combat. For Stonewards, yeah, not much info. That said, we have already seen one of their main ability in action, if on different orders, so we can form a decent image. My issue isn't the fact that stuff is brought up we're not quite certain about, like what the most common uses of Tension are, my issue is that for some reason there's a straight jump to "this order can theoretically create nukes."
  4. Unsure, but I do want to point that Bondsmithing has always been weird in general, and seems to have basically been designed to do strange things when necessary. That said, to me the argument of "Honor's rules don't apply anymore" feels like a really flimsy reasoning to give a certain order an ability where it is specifically stated in the Arcanum they don't possess it. That said, to me the basic concept of "no limits of in-world knowledge" feels like a really bad limit anyway, since most of things we bring up becomes conjecture on what abilities can do, with no actual confirmation that it's possible. In that case, we can just say that since each Surge is basically an in-universe fundamental force, Radiants can accomplish basically anything they want as long as they have enough Stormlight.
  5. I'd say that in this case it's likely not Honor actively preventing things, but something deliberately made inherit in the magic system. Also, if we're going with what a magic system could do in theory, Soulcasters should get access to stuff like antimatter, fissile materials and nerve gas, while Windrunners could go into space and drop meteorites on the planet.
  6. Actually, the Arcanum specifically notes that Honor placed restrictions on their Axi manipulation specifically to prevent any radiants from setting off nuclear explosions. Microkinesis and potentially pre-Roshar humans could set off nukes, modern Surgebinding can't.
  7. Which circumstances are we working with? Wide open fields, army battles, urban environments, trying to find and kill a specific target? Different Radiants excel in different circumstances, and have abilities tuned to those. For example, you mention Bondsmiths, but how good are they in combat? They generally don't get access to really combat-focused powers, nor do they have shards. They're powerful, but they're generally likely to be more useful in support roles, not in direct combat. At the same time, for urban combat, Lightweavers would fight through completely different means than a Dustbringer, Stoneward or Elsecaller. All of the later three would murder a lightweaver in an open confrontation, but a skilled Lightweaver would never get in an open confrontation, but would just disguise themselves as a civilian and stab them in the back. Meanwhile, the Skybreakers and Windrunners would do poorly in this environment, since their primary focus is flight. Meanwhile, put all of these in an open field, and things change completely. The issue is that each order of the Knights has a specific task in a war. And even the ones who focus on direct combat focus on different aspects of combat. It would be like asking if a WWII torpedo boat would be weaker or stronger than a T34 tank. It doesn't matter, because they do completely different things. Most orders would have trouble catching a Windrunner, but what would the Windrunner do against the Stoneward, Elsecaller, Lightweaver, and Willshaper who build their own fortified bunkers? The most they could do would be flying in and fighting them on the ground, in the area the other is strong. If you want a direct answer to the question though, I'd say the Skybreaker and Windrunner have a battle between themselves, the survivor waits until everyone on the ground is dead, kills whoever survived with a surprise divebomb attack, lands to celebrate their victory, and then gets ganked by the Lightweaver who everyone thought had died at the start. The Elsecaller never participated, since they were smart enough to nope out of there into Shadesmer.
  8. It really depends. It likely wouldn't be able to add new abilities, but the form your body is healed towards can be influenced, not just by blocking certain injuries from getting healed. For example, a trans person would find their body slowly changing to conform to their gender identity, because that's their mental self image, and what the healing would move their body towards. Someone could in theory even use self-hypnosis to alter their cognitive image to utilize Investure healing to alter their appearance.
  9. To be honest, the biology of Rosharan species is kind of weird anyway. Most species seem to have six limbs, for one thing, (while Chasmfiends seem to have a lot more), but the sapient species, specifically the Siah Aimians and the Singers, both only have 4 limbs. This to me hints that the sapient species on Roshar might not be there through natural evolution, or at least had their biology altered, given that, based on real-world examples, species tend to be pretty far apart if they evolved different limb counts. If the Siah Aimians and Singers did have their biology tampered with, or were created by Adonalsium, it wouldn't be that strange for them to have genetics compatible with humans, given that humans iirc were created by Adonalsium as well.
  10. True, but at the same time, it has been shown that backsliding far enough is enough to essentially kill the spren, even if returning to your oaths can revive them later on. It might not permanently sever the bond, but it can put the spren in at least a pseudo-dead state.
  11. I'm not entirely certain you need to break your oaths by actively stating something, which feels rather weird. At most, I suspect it finalizes a breaking, creating a point of no return. I think that stating your breaking an oath is important more because of the Intent behind it, and how it formalizes your thoughts on it. At the same time, it's good to also keep in mind that, even if Lightweaver Truths are harder to break than Oaths, what Shallan did probably would do the trick anyway. Unlike Oaths, which seem to revolve around realizing what you need to do or become, Thruths seem to revolve around realizing who you are, and seeing yourself clearly. Shallan, on the other hand, essentially repressed her memories. Stating the opposite of a truth wouldn't break it, in my opinion, since, at least if it comes from your own feelings, it'd still be a truth about yourself. What Shallan actually did, and what I feel likely plays a bigger role, is the rejection of truths. She actively repressed her memories, the truth about herself. She hid inside a lie. I suspect that this was the real issue. While what she said might have played a role, I expect it wouldn't be because it happens to deny her truths, but because it states an intent she doesn't want the bond anymore, and that she doesn't want to face reality. She consciously rejected her Spren and the bond, actively saying she didn't want it anymore, and thus, she didn't have it anymore.
  12. Given this WoB I suspect that Connection is an exception which can influence outside things, in some way: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/356/#e10524
  13. Pretty sure a Lerasium spike steals passive abilities, stuff like strength, senses, mental ability, as well as probably the more magical passive stuff, like what the shapeshifters in Stormlight can do. So burning is very likely much better, since using it as a spike can give you a boost to a specific ability, while burning it makes you into a Mistborn. (To be honest, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Lerasium is more useful for burning than Hemalurgy, it'd be weird if Preservation's own metal was a gamebreaker in the magic system directly opposed to his)
  14. This might also be because pushes still go both ways, and trying to push on something heavy from a different point of the body would put pressure on that body-part. Doing so with a bullet might not be that big a deal, but heavier lifting you'd want to do from your center of mass, to deal with opposing force better.
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