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The lost Temple

Maddie The Survivor

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Is this good or nah? If so, I can make my entrance; if not, I can make some edits.

Name: Adrastos “Adras” Leucos 

Looks: He has dark blue eyes that seem to grow deeper whenever the light hits them. His shortish raven black hair is always pushed out of his face in some way. He stands at six feet, and even shows confidence as he stands. He wears battered jeans with a dark coat to go with it. 

Personality: He seems distant at first, but grows to be someone that you would enjoy to have around. He keeps an optimistic attitude when near other people, but he can go ‘deep’ when he's with the people he cares about the most. He has a ‘daredevil’ type of attitude to go along with that optimistic attitude.

Powers: Telekinesis (basically the Force for all you kids at home) and Caelikinesis (air manipulation, or an Airbender for you kids at home).

Backstory: He basically lived a normal childhood –– going to school at a normal level, having normal friends, and all that –– till one fateful day when he found out about his powers. It happened to be in front of his friends, but they were generally very supportive and accepting of what his powers are. He’s mostly grown out of contact with those friends, now that he’s moved away from his family. Ever since that day, he never used his powers in the public, but he often used them in small and simple ways.


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