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The lost Temple

Maddie The Survivor

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4 hours ago, HaileyTheWindrunner said:

yaaaaaa what ever u wantttt.


Aight then.

Adrastos Leucos was sitting in his studio apartment, finishing the initial sketch with his graphite pencil. He ran his free hand through his raven black hair, pushing it back from out of his eyes, and then grabbed his charcoal pencil and started to fill in whatever details he left out with his graphite pencil. He wanted to work as fast as he could, keeping the mental image in his head. He stooped over his sketch paper, being careful with the lines he used with the charcoal pencil. Adrastos knew that if he didn't work on this now, he would forget the face and person that he had seen in his mind's eye. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he forgot one face.

He let his hand to the work, putting the image onto the paper. He filled in the lines with a long-ish face, making the details soft about this girl's features. A pointed nose came next, making it exactly to detail with what memory of the image he saw. As he sketched the outlines of the braids for her hair, he reached out to the side. He didn't give a glance as the eraser shuddered, then fly to his open hand. Snatching it clean from the air, Adrastos used it carefully to erase the graphite lines he made then place it next to the paper. He didn't know why he placed the eraser so far away from his work station, but he was glad that he was able to snatch it without a second thought.

Earrings came next; although he couldn't tell exactly what they were of. He made a guess as he drew two dangling earrings without too much detail, adding some highlights to them every here and there. Now that he was focusing on the finer details, he started to work on her clothes and the folds in them. He knew that she wore dark clothing most of the time, but he didn't know why. He gave her a beanie, shading it in to give it a little bit of color despite the lack of color with the rest of the drawing. He didn't know why he did these sorts of things, all he was doing in drawing her before he forgot. You shouldn't forget a person like that, even if they might be from their imagination.

His brow furrowed in concentration as he leaned back in his chair, looking at the creation he had made. Eyeless, but it was someone. He knew that it was someone, but she might just be a part of his imagination like all of the people he ended up drawing. As much as he wanted to finish the eyes, he always saved them for last. The eyes made the person, giving life to them.

"What to do about your silver eyes," he said, the memory of the eyes coming back clearly.

Even if he tried, he could never forget those eyes. They were so beautiful that he knew that he at least needed to sketch them. He knew, however, that he only had one shot at this before he forgot completely. The eyes made the person who they are and what emotions they conveyed to the people they interact with. That was why he left them last, until he knew for sure what he was going to recreate.

Adrastos stretched, then looked at the time. It's just about dinner time, he thought, standing up from his chair. He stretched again, loosening his tight joints from sitting for too long. He sighed, knowing that there was nothing in the fridge for him and that he needed to go out and get something for him to eat. It was better than starving to death. He walked over to the door, waving his hand towards him. Instantly, his dark coat and keys floated towards him as he snatched them from the air. Adrastos slipped into his coat and pocketed his keys, walking out the door, but stopping to look back at the drawing.

He nodded in respect towards the drawing, though deep inside he felt like it would be a long time before he could get those eyes down. Adrastos then closed the door, locked it, then walked down to the streets.

As he walked, Adrasros kept his gaze to the ground. It was best to keep himself unknown in the city. No one needed to know about his powers, it would only lead to disaster. Yet when he looked up, he saw figures flying in some direction. He frowned, something inside him telling him that it wouldn't be worth it. For once, he didn't listen to that voice, and quietly followed the group. He hopped over fences, using his air manipulation to jump the larger fences when others weren't looking. He was practically flying when he hopped over fence after fence, keeping his distance from the group but also keeping them in sight as he followed.

Adrastos stopped a little ways from the group, hiding behind a wall as he watched them, considering whether or not he should go up to them. If they notice me, he thought, then I will go and introduce myself. So, he sat there, watching them but waiting to see what they will do.

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3 minutes ago, Exotwo said:

Ryl clearly saw someone trying to hide behind a wall. figures. Ryl always knew you'd lose IQ when you grew. "you? behind that wall? wall?"

Adrastos froze, then tilted his head back and forth. He was never the best at hiding, especially not with young children. He walked out from behind the wall, hands in the air. "I assume you're talking about me?" he said in his deep voice.

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1 minute ago, Mystic Syn said:

Recognition appeared in his eyes when he saw Glissando, his eyebrows even raised. The recognition was smothered by closing his eyes and giving a laugh. "Yes, hello there. Couldn't help but see you fly by. What are you running from?"

"Running from? Nothing. Running to? Here."

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1 minute ago, Condensation said:

"Well, me neither. Why'd you follow us?"

"One does not normally see people flying in the sky on a regular basis," he said, cocking his head at her. "Unless they are running from something or they are fearless on showing what powers they have."

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Just now, Mystic Syn said:

"One does not normally see people flying in the sky on a regular basis," he said, cocking his head at her. "Unless they are running from something or they are fearless on showing what powers they have."

"So? Why didn't you just... let it go like everyone else who must have seen it?"

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Just now, Condensation said:

"Huh... all right. Well, I don't have an interesting story. I don't know about them."

"Everyone has a story," he said, studying her, the recognition coming back into his eyes. "You might not know it yet though."

2 minutes ago, Exotwo said:

"Not everyone" Ryl really hated being ignored. "They making a cult or something"

"I will laugh if they make a cult."

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17 hours ago, xinoehp512 said:

Asnest the Quetzalcoatl hissed with dismay. Once more, his prey had evaded him. He would face no end of ridicule from the other Quetzalcoatls for this.

Gukotz gave Asnest a look laden with disappointment.

"Nothing?" he asked, almost pleading for Asnest to contradict the statement.

Meekly, Asnest proffered his empty claws. He stared at the ground, unable to meet the aged serpent's eyes. 

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3 hours ago, Condensation said:

"You don't know?" Glissando let out a little huff of irritation and sat down on the wall.

"It's not that I don't know," he said, scratching the back of his head with a blush. "It's just that... you look exactly like who I was drawing not ten minutes earlier. Even down to the color of your eyes."

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