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The lost Temple

Maddie The Survivor

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Rylan (not rlyan from RA)

Looks: kay. not really concerned with this, as I suck at this part, but here are something important;

Age: 11

gender: male

Personality: Pre-mature, so acts a lot like a child. 

Powers: To make a bubble of slowed down time. the longer the focus, the larger area the time bubble affects. the appearance of the bubble is a deep blue dome that is transparent. 

Backstory: you'll see posibly

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Name: Jackson

Looks: Black hair, Pale green eyes. Looks similar to Ella. 
personality: Quiet (unlike Ella) Really smart and really good at fighting 

powers: Flying, Ice, gifting (some of powers)

Backstory: same as Ella

age: 19 I think

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