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Long Game 63: The Set


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It was late at night in the city of Elendel. Though some would argue that the city never truly slept, the commissioner of the Elendel bureau of Investigations knew better. This late during a working day, the city would be quiet, and all sensible people would be asleep, preparing for another long day. She liked to think of herself of sensible as well, but unfortunately her work couldn't wait, at least not tonight.

The report had arrived only minutes ago, making it several hours late. She hoped that it contained good news, something that she could take to the senate and governor. 'Tea and medals for everyone.' She muttered, a wry smile on her lips. The moment of good humor didn't last. Just as likely, she'd have to make the report disappear and pretend the operation never happened, while at the same time arrange for letters to be send, and funeral costs for good officers to be reimbursed. With a sigh, she opened the report and started reading.


Welcome to LG 63, a game about a brave group of Elendel bureau of investigations agents infiltrating the shadowy organisation known as the Set. Or maybe it’s about the visionary organisation known as the Set trying to rid themselves of infiltration by foolish and short sighted EBI agents.

This is a semi-blackout game, which means there are rules which will not be revealed in advance. The rules of any individual’s role are revealed on their removal from the game, but some other information might not be. 

The following information is given in advance:

  • There are two factions, the ‘Elendel Bureau of Investigation Agents’ and ‘the Set’. Either faction wins by either eliminating the other faction entirely, or by reaching a position from which it would be impossible for them to lose.
  • There are no other factions involved.
  • This game consists of a 48 hour day-cycle and a 24-hour night cycle.
  • There is a Lynch during the day-cycle, with no vote minimum and ties settled by random chance.
  • Every night cycle the EBI agents can arrange for the arrest (read: ‘elimination’) of a player.
  • There are no open PM’s, but some roles might allow for the creation of PM’s.
  • The Set is organized in several specialized cells, known as subsets.

Other housekeeping info:

I'm fairly sure @Araris Valerian is my co-gm. The IM will be announced when I know who it is.

The game will start a week from now on Monday the 24th, 6PM EST.

Player list:

  1. Kynedath as Victoria Stadtt
  2. Xinoehp512 as Yarra
  3. Butt ad Venture as Esualpla Dowenger
  4. Elkanah as Ned, a pencil mustached cane wielder who is definitely neither a creep nor EBI!
  5. Coda as Catamire Dalageth
  6. Alvron as Pete Zahutt
  7. Rathmaskal
  8. Shanerockes, who doesn't know if they'll have a character yet, but we shall see
  9. The_god_king
  10. Elandera
  11. Kidpen
  12. Young Bard as Mister Bubblegum, someone with a fondness (though unfortunately not a talent) for secret names
  13. Abstrusity as Mundric Pentasum, errant purveyor of hats with a troubled past.
  14. Zillah
  15. EXPERIENCE_THE_SHARD as Drahs Xperienc(the x is silent)

spec doc

  1. StrikerEZ



Q: Will you share any other rules?

A: No.



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My first game was a blackout game. Alvron’s...

So I’ll be signing up! I’ll be.... Esualpla Dowenger, first female member of the Set. Extreme real estate investor.

Good luck to all my murderous friends! :D

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And once again, the power of puppy dog eyes reigns supreme! I mean, thanks for joining, you three! We've got enough for the minimum, so the game will start as scheduled. If you're still considering joining, please don't hesitate to speak up though, as the more the merrier!

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21 minutes ago, StrikerEZ said:

So, I’ve realized that I definitely don’t have time to play this game, so I need to go ahead and just drop out. :(

I’ll still take a spec doc link!

Awww. Ah well, good luck with whatever  made you suddenly busy!

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