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The Ten Orders: How They do Everyday Things

little wheel

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The Dustbringer destroys the phone, the Bondsmith unites the parts of the phone back together, the Edgedancer removes friction between the Lightweaver's hand and the phone and then seizes it from them, and the Willshaper turns the ground underneath the Edgedancer's feet to liquid and then seizes the phone from them.

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Windrunner: looks up common dangers in the prospective vacation destination and creates a plan to protect everyone from them.

Skybreaker: Memorizes the law of the land, including long-forgotten bylaws that even the locals have forgotten about.

Dustbringer: Probably breaks half the equipment in the guise of "stress testing"

Edgedancer: does extensive research on local culture and customs.

Truthwatcher: Some esoteric nonsense I don't know.

Lightweaver: Creates illusionary maps to plan itinerary.

Elsecaller: Meticulously plans out the most efficient and logical schedule, which gets ignored by everyone else.

Willshaper: Probably responsible for the whole idea. Wants to do EVERYTHING conceivable.

Stoneward: Flatly refused to go.

Bondsmith:  Tries to settle all the arguments.

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If the orders wanted to build Ikea furniture

Windrunners: Try to adhere the parts together and get upset when some got hurt while using it

Skybreakers: Would read every part of the manual and follow it to the letter

Dustbringer: Would try to put it together get fed up and break every piece

Edgedancer: Would remember the part that are forgotten and put it together

Truthwatcher : Would see the Edgedancer put it together and do nothing

Lightweaver: Would try to turn the completed furniture into a campfire

Elsecaller: Would soulcast a better quality piece of furniture

Willshaper: Would ignore the instructions and try to put it together by themself

Stoneward: Would urge the dustbringer to be patient and try to figure out the instructions.

Bondsmith: Would unite the pieces of the furniture.

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May I use some of this for a Knights Radiant quiz?? :D

Crediting, of course...

PS: Mhh never mind. I thought about making a KR quiz for someone who hasn't read the books yet. If you have read them, ist isn't half as good.

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The orders when watching their favorite sports team play

Windrunner: "How dare you foul him he is clearly the victim! These refs were bribed!"

Skybreaker: "Player 15 fouled another player in the last 30 seconds. Therefore as stated in rule 27 they must be ejected"

Dustbringers: Anytime any one of their players do anything "WHOO! LET'S GO!" While waving their lucky foam finger.

Edgedancers: "At least 3 players haven't had a chance to play yet. I don't care if we have to replace our best players, just do it."

Truthwatcher: Silently mutters the best plays each player should do

Lightweavers: Makes illusions to confuse the other team

Elsecallers: "OK we're in the lead, the best course of action is to play defensively and not allow our opponents to score"

Willshapers: "OK we're down buy 3 points. Let's do some crazy hail Mary and hope it works out"

Stonewards: Still stands there but is now wearing 2 jerseys hats and has foam fingers on both hands

Bondsmith: whenever a fight breaks out "Guys guys come on. It's just a game. Isn't the point of this to bring us together and have a friendly competition?

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How the orders take a test:

Windrunner: Allows other to cheat to protect them

Lightweaver: Creates an Illusion of doing work while copying the answers from the person next to them.

Dustbringer: Destroys the test.

Willshaper: Skips the test and goes on an adventure.

Elsecaller: Uses soulcasting to transform the test into one bearing the correct answers.

Bondsmith: Uses spiritual adhesion to learn the answers from the teacher prior to the test.

Skybreaker: Takes the test and informs on the cheater.

Edgedancer: Remembers all of those forgotten answers.

Truthwatcher: sees the future answers to the test.

Stonewards: Are dependable and allow others to copy their answers.

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Windrunners: Oh my god, family! Is anyone hurt? Who’s not here and why, did they get hurt? Can I go help them?

Skybreakers: Everyone get in an orderly line, so we can take a proper picture! I saw those bunny ears, Eric! You shall pay!

Dustbringers: *knocks everyone over in haste to get to the food*

Edgedancers: *finds the person in the corner* Hey there, you feeling left out? Well, let me CHEER you up!

Truthwatchers: *sits in corner reading nervously*

Lightweavers: Yes, eat the cake! *everyone passes out because of drug said Lightweaver put in cake*

Elsecallers: Everyone, check out this latest thing I made! No, don’t ignore me! 

Willshapers: Guys, this is a picture of me in NYC, Beijing, London... etc. etc.

Stoneward: I stand. I am strong. Against the tide of people I stand.

Bondsmith: Family pictures!

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How the Orders ended up in detention

Windrunners: Defending the bullied from the bully by hitting the bully. 

Skybreakers: Didn't end up in detention but everybody hates him/her for some reason.

Dustbringers: Hitting somebody cause why not.

Edgedancers: Keeps vandalizing about some ideas so that people don't forget.

Truthwatchers: For spacing out in middle of the class.

Lightweavers: For doodling in the middle of the class.

Elsecallers: Letting the class copy his/her answers

Willshapers: Skipping classes and getting caught trying to skip classes.

Stoneward: For being unbelievably stubborn even when it comes to teachers/faculty.

Bondsmith: Creating a gang

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How the orders play a game of Baseball:

Windrunner: Refuses to slide so as to protect others.

Dustbringers: Throws at the batters heads.

Lightweaver: Lightweaves a single into a double.

Truthwatcher: steals signs from the other team.

Stoneward: Always swings on the 3 and 2 count.

Skybreaker: reports the truthwatchers to the umpire.

Bondsmith: Learns the rules by touching the umpire.

Edgedancer: Slides through the pitcher's legs during the rundown.

Elsecaller: Elsecalls home from first base.

Willshapers: Get lost on the way to the game.

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