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  1. Lithium: Increases Sanity when you tap it, decreases when you store it. Interferes with spiritual and cognitive powers like spiritual adhesion. When burned, allows for limited force field use with a burn time similar to that of Bendalloy. This is effectively concentrating available investure in an area to produce a shardblade like shield Alithium: Stores gravitational attraction, similar to Iron, but you still have the same mass. When tapped, it can grant flight with the right trick (similar to the trick used to allow A-bronze to sense feruchemy and other investure. When burned, it allows you to disperse investure in a localized area. Can be used to dispel shardblades, lashings, empty metalminds, remove breath from an object, and destroy Aons.
  2. Basic eight metals Allomancy and Feruchemy plus double gold
  3. "Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination" This quote (and Teft's explanation for its meaning) has make me think about my actions so many times. "It lets me add two and two and get a pickle" - Wayne “Actually, [Wax] said, we came here because we needed someplace safe to think for a few hours."Ranette: "Your mansion isn't safe?"Wax: "My butler failed to poison me, then tried to shoot me, then set off an explosive in my study"Ranette: "Huh.... You need to screen these people better, Wax.”
  4. Lightsong and Sazed. Sazed is a reluctant deity, and Lightsong is a sort of deity who does not believe in his own deityness. I feel like their policies of annoying other deities and sort of non-interference would lead to great discussions. Add Jasnah in there and there you go, instant quote generator.
  5. Steel is speed, changing weight is Iron
  6. I was thinking something about 2-3 meters long, not something as long as a school bus, also, you have to factor in the force exerted by the hand on the sword grip, the pommel, and that the weight of the blade is going to be at the center of mass of the blade, not at the tip. The weight of the blade is actually distributed across the length, but lets make this easy. I had a drawing but I cant get it to work. B is the balance point, O is pommel, H is hand, M is center of force on the blade. B->M=1.5 m B->O=.5 m B->H=.2 m M=2N H= -3N O=? Moment = 0, (2*1.5)+(-3*.2)+(O*.5)=0 O=.6 N
  7. Just balance it, apply a equal moment to each end with the hand being the point of rotation. A very long and very thin blade with a short and heavy pommel.
  8. The actual order of events is 14, 19, 17, 15/16, 18, 20. The Heralds had been gone for about two thousand years before the False Desolation and The Day of Recreance. We are not exactly sure when Honor croaked, but given Dalinar's visions, it is likely that he died completely after or during The Day of Recreance.
  9. Bird poop works too. If they can figure out electricity, they can make a Ozone generator which will produce Nitric acid as a biproduct which can be used in the manufacture of nitrocellulose (smokeless powder).
  10. Arrows are not the best choice, a cannon full of grape shot is. Just keep firing until to see cracks, then use shardbows to hit the weak spots. Also, the goal is to wear out the stormlight available for self-repair, hence death by a thousand cuts (or impacts).
  11. Death by a thousand cuts. Use slings, bows, crossbows, and guns to pelt the shardbearer with a bunch of high energy projectiles until their plate either cracks or runs out of stormlight. Unless you are a shardbearer your self, the best option is to buy time and wear out the shardbearer with out getting too close. Try and pin them down so that more of the shots hit the armor.
  12. There might be a physical limit to how much material you can push through a perpendiculary at a time before something bad happens. That might be why they start developing FTL, maybe one of the perpendicularys gets shutdown for a long period of time and they have to build ships to go off world.
  13. I have a pet theory that the Ardentia will excommunicate any Ardent who becomes a Radiant. One of their main shticks is calling the Radiants evil. They begrudgingly accepted Dalinar and the rest of the Radiants but then turned on them. I think we will see this get worse as the Vorin church falls more and more into the grasp of Odium. They will either become spies, start an inquisition, or banish any Radiants they find.
  14. Given that external temporal allomancy is really just stretching and contracting spacetime, I think that you will avoid having to eat your hat.
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