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  1. Happy birthday, person who shares my birthday :D

  2. Whoops. I missed by a couple days. 

    Happy Shardiversary, Lopen!

  3. As the bones of Valvoch burned reality started... bending. instead of a sleek black coffin Jaks saw a doorway with an hourglass emblem on the front. As the fire engulfing the bones turned black the door flew open, and Jaks was pulled into something that looked like a cross between a necromacer's lair and one of the most high tech laboratories in the world. Lasers powerful enough to torture inter-dimensional beings rested on grimoires reproduced by enslaved Darkhor monks, and cages full of various radiant spren with binding spells on them were guarded by seons and skyzes wearing the latest in scadralian fashion. in the centre of this whole mess a figure stood, his clothes shifting constantly, but his gravitas remaining the same. One second he was wearing a cloak darker than a starless night, the next the robes of a monk, and then ripped jeans and a t-shirt for Aluminium Zeppelin. He was hunched over a table upon which lay a figure that was... human... but not quite. It was of flesh yet every once in a while you could see the Dor erupt from a cut on its forearm, and wisps of stormlight seemed to replace the being's hair. Hanging from the ceiling was a tankard of liquid chromium that seemed to be feeding the thing through its tattoos which were a blend of glyphs and the steel alphabet and... somehow Aons? Except for the massive one on his chest, which was a Tear of Edgli. As Jaks gazed at this scene with wonder a drop of sulfuric acid landed on his boot, burning through it and causing him to let out a yelp, which broke the (currently) cloaked figure's trance and made him drop the waffle he had in his mouth. He quickly turned around and teleported over to Jaks with a swift motion that almost seemed like a step, but covered 20 metres. "My friend, you must be one of those followers I was told about on the tabloid spanreed. Kitted out with a platinum hourglass? Impressive. A true devotee of the cause. As you can see I'm currently... well I say dying but more collapsing in on myself. Too much power and all that. Currently making a successor for myself. Lovely chap, still haven't got a name for him though. Well he might choose one himself. Who am I to judge?" He chuckled as his face turned to bone for a few seconds and then back to that of a student who hadn't seen the sunlight in a few years. Or a razor. He noticed the flowers peeking out of the young man's cloak and quickly tossed them towards a little clay urn which seemed to be the only clean thing in this place. "Thanks" he muttered. "They were my daughter's favourite." He quickly snapped out of this sombre mood however and returned to his work, stitching shut the cut on his creation's forearm as he screamed something loudly in Ancient Makabaki. All Investiture stopped leaking out of the body and Lopen draped his cloak over it, where it turned into a black suit which seemed Awakened, although Death didn't require such technology for similar effects. He then touched his forehead, transferring a bit of his personality, and then dissipated a la Obi Wan Kenobi. "Almost forgot" his Cognitive Aspect said appearing next to Jaks. "Your reward." He handed Jaks a scroll and transported him to meet his family on the stunning beaches of Sel. His creation opened its eyes. "My name is... Malgorn." He took a waffle from the waffle storage unit, grabbed a few artefacts, and disappeared through a nearby alley.
  4. The actual one who popularised the Aon Tia card was me. You were the first person in canon to utilise Aon cardsbut I wasthe first one to actually use Aon Tia cards back when I was doing the whole alleyverse assemble thing. So Aon cards yes but actual credit for the Tia is upon Lopen.
  5. "16 years man. This is my daughter, Theodosia. I'm doing fine. We're thinking of getting back on to the Alleyverse scene now that I've finished training her in the art of Spiritual Realm manipulation. She's stronger than her own dad nowadays. She's so good at breaking the 4th wall... it's a sight to behold. Thee, show your uncle Mack." Theodosiasmiled and snapped her fingers as suddenly a crash sounded outside. A Delorian with Infinity stone encrusted handles appeared out of nowhere and seemed to have shattered the 4th wall. It was a Delorian made of... waffles. Truly Lopen's daughter.
  6. Lopen pulled a has organ out if thin air and hit Mack over the head with it, after which he played the jazz organ part from 'Love and Happiness' by Al Green. "Hey old friend."
  7. Warhammer 40K came after Death though.
  8. The Death Guard all fell dead, their corpses covered in frost even though it was about 20°C around them. As they died they all came to the same realisation simultaneously, as if the thought was planted in their heads. They should not have took Death's name without asking first. Copyright laws were really tight around here.
  9. A man appeared near a DIDGERIDOO table and sat down. He looked much... not older but... wiser now. Anyone who looked into his eyes instantly turned away because the wealth of knowledge in them was so great that one that stared into them would be driven mad within minutes. Last time someone had seen him was... 16 years ago now. Back then he'd appeared more intimidating, but with time he'd learned to control his powers without necessarily needing to look terrifying. If he needed to wipe out a planet or something of the sort he would need to take up his old mantle but for now he could retain his human face. A beautiful young woman appeared beside him. She had her father's eyes, but she also gave off an aura of calming magnificent power. The blood of a great man flowed in her veins, and part of the spirit of a God was attached to her spiritweb. The man walked up to the counter. It seemed to almost bow to him, acknowledging the power that stood before him. "All the waffles you have please. It's my daughter's 19th birthday, so could you please make them by secret recipe number #67? I created that one for her years ago andshe still adores them." "But sir... that was created by the late Lopen back before the great war. Who might you be?" "The late Lopen huh? I am very punctual actually."
  10. This is beautiful. I was there at the creation of this RP and I never envisioned such beauty as Alleyverse memes.
  11. Just though you might want to know of this, if/when you get back. I don't know if you really check the RP anymore. Here is Lashwan's death scene, written by Zath. Credit where it's due, he did it really well, and pretty much held true to your original post.


    Beram had only wheeled the stretcher a short distance from the Viridis Vultur when Lashwan stirred and opened his eyes.  

    "Hey, you're awake!" Beram said, surprised, still pushing the stretcher across the airfield towards the medical team.  "How you doing, Lashwan?"

    Lashwan didn't respond.  He turned his head to the side and peered dazedly through half-lidded, unfocused eyes at their surroundings.  He probably had too much Goldburst in his system right now to be fully lucid.

    "Well, don't worry, man," Beram continued. "You'll be getting some help soon, just hang in there."

    Suddenly, Lashwan's eyes snapped wide-open, and his gaze focused on something in the distance, a little to the side of where the Atlas airfield personnel were waiting for them ahead.  His mouth moved, and Beram heard him whisper, "WHAT IS THAT THING?!"  If Lashwan had been capable of shouting the words, he probably would have.

    Beram turned to see what Lashwan was looking at.  All he saw was the fence surrounding the perimeter of the airfield, and empty forest beyond.  "There's nothing there," Beram said, trying to calm him down.  "Everything's okay."

    Lashwan didn't seem to hear him.  Staring intently at something only he could see, Lashwan fumbled with the strap around his chest and then sat up.  Beram brought the stretcher to a halt with a quiet curse and moved around to the stretcher's side, intending to gently push Lashwan back down again.

    "I gotta save my friends," Lashwan muttered, and he raised his arm, palm forward.  

    "You're hallucinating, man!"  Beram shouted, worried now.  "You don't have to save anybody, there's nothing there!"  

    Lashwan's bandages began to melt, and his palm started to glow.  "Not enough power," Lashwan mumbled.  "Not enough... But... That could do... That's A LOT OF DAMAGE!"  With that last shout, the light in Lashwan's palm intensified.

    Oh, Dust it, Dust it, Dust it!  Beram thought.  He threw himself to the side and bellowed a warning, "GET DOWN!"  

    A massive blast of energy shot from Lashwan's palm and vaporized a wide swath of the airfield's perimeter fence, along with several trees that had been unfortunate enough to have grown near the edge of the airfield.  Lashwan collapsed limply back onto the stretcher.  Beram, trying to blink away the afterimage that the energy bolt had seared into his retinas, scrambled to his feet to check on Lashwan. 

    There was smoke rising from the guy's nose and mouth, and his eyes were sunken, staring lifelessly up at the sky.  Beram felt for a pulse, but he already knew that Lashwan was dead.  Beram sighed heavily and looked over at where Lashwan had aimed his attack.  Hopefully no one had been caught in that energy blast...

    Bye, Lash! We miss you.

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