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  1. Kismet looks at Sleeper, “you have been granted a second chance at life. This one,” he says gesturing at Abalador, “has given more than you can ever know to bring you back. Don’t waste his sacrifice.” With that Kismet ripples, shadows consuming his form. And he vanishes from the room.
  2. Kismet nods, raising his hand. Shadows pour from him, shifting and swirling in a dark mass. Deep purple ribbons twist throughout giving the illusion of shape to the formless mass. A small pinprick of light glows from deep within the mass, growing rapidly to fill the shadows with light. Both seem to swirl together in harmony, neither snuffing out the other. Then with a flash of light, the shadows disappear leaving a cloud of mist. Slowly the mist dissipates revealing a figure, kneeling where the light once shone
  3. “Such a sacrifice would be more than sufficient, speak the name of the deceased.”
  4. “Perhaps, but to reverse death would require a great cost. What can you offer?”
  5. Kismet nods his head in acknowledgment, “Darkness has gone on another rampage. While some,” he says gesturing at Moni, “are unwilling, you know what must be done.”
  6. ninja’d The figure turns to Abalador, “I am called Kismet, and I was sent to find you.”
  7. A cloud of smoke swirls into existence revealing a figure draped in shadows. Tendrils of liquid night twisting about them. A voice, resonating with deep echos, emanates from the figure, “Perhaps it is time for your story to end.”
  8. Actually, languages are a type of sandwich. I am currently very hungry.
  9. Ok, so here’s how to make mayonnaise and salmon ice cream. I’ll do it. But only if you throw in a zebra.
  10. Yeah, I first joined when I was in college back in 2017. Was a lot more active back then. I don’t have as much free time as I did but I still get on every now and then.
  11. What’s up, been a long time since I last posted here. But I got a new poem to share. My inspiration was old folk songs and fables of mysterious creatures and strange happenings. My goal was to capture that eerie feeling. I’d love any feedback. It’s titled “The Wanderin’ Man” Do not call the Wanderin’ Man Whose footsteps ever roam. And if you come across his path Don’t invite him to your home. Do not call the Wanderin’ Man Whose voice is soft and sure And do not answer his beckoning call When he comes knocking at your door Do not call the Wanderin’ Man Even when you are lost For though he may know the way He charges a dreadful cost. Do not call the Wanderin’ Man Don’t listen to his cries He’ll draw you in with a quiet voice And claim his awful prize.
  12. Same, I think the last time I visited was over a year ago,
  13. Of course not, it’s ABC. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.
  14. I don’t know about them, but I always prefer weird things.
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