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  1. But you still should be able to shred.
  2. It was in part 1 of the book. When John is looking over the pages he collected and he finds the list of questions the book owner is supposed to fill out in order to jog their memory of who they are. “At the very top of the page was a simple, clean question: What is your name? Below it, handwritten in blue ink, was the name John West. Oh, hell. That was my name. And beneath that: What was your profession before you became an Interdimensional Wizard™? That part of the page was burned, but I could make out a completely unexpected word. Cop. That awakened a vague set of memories. The academy. Wearing a uniform. Hot damn. I wasn’t a thief. I was a specialist detective in the Seattle Police Department: Anti-Cartel and Illegal Augments Division.” Excerpt From The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England Brandon Sanderson https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewBook?id=0 This material may be protected by copyright.
  3. Any ideas why John wrote that he was a cop in the back of the handbook when he actually wasn’t?
  4. I’m pretty sure the comet shaped spren is the one that Ehonai and subsequently Venli bond, namely a Reacher. So, not related to the Skybreakers. Beyond that, your conjecture does have some merit in my opinion.
  5. I’m fairly certain they also had brass. I remember in I think Bands of Mourning that it was deeply embedded in Terri’s culture because they lived in the mountains.
  6. I think your idea will work. However, just like in Dune Messiah where everyone using spice and doing tarot interfered to a great extent with Paul’s future sight, so also there is likely going to be interference from others once enough people start doing it. The more people that look at the future, (and specifically, the more people looking for the same things in the future) the less clear and the shorter sighted all future sight will become. We have precedent with Odium’s plan and Renarin’s interference in his ability to foresee the future. is that clear?
  7. The biggest problem I have with this is that Evi was burned to death. I doubt they soulcast her corpse.
  8. Back to a cloak that can keep you warm, I be there is a way to awaken the cloak to use a brass medallion and constantly tap a desired amount of warmth. But of course you could just use the medallion yourself instead of using breaths to awaken a cloak.
  9. Was last week the last chapters to be released before the book goes public?
  10. For how Edwarn’s son died, I think it’s possible that Harmony has a less inhibited kandra such as MeLaan assassinate him in some fashion in order to get Wax into the position Harmony needed him in. It’s been made clear that Sazed was very much involved in preparing Wax for his role, going so far as to use agents to directly manipulate him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also made Hinston’s death look like it was caused by a disease.
  11. Szeth also calls a parrot a parrot, not a chicken. What struck me the most is how similar young Szeth and young Kal are to each other in their desire to do things the right way and to do things perfectly. I am very interested in how their relationship will play out.
  12. It’s also important that with the others, a spren was already forming a proto-bond before ideals were spoken. With the Skybreakers, the Highspren specifically do not begin forming a bond until the “applicant” proves themself worthy.
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