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  1. Edgedancers + Windrunners make an amazing search and rescue team.
  2. Most aren't it seems, the ones that grant the Forms of Power are not sapient. As for why spren like Yxli and Ullim are able to retain their minds in the Physical Realm on their own, I really don't have a guess beyond "Odium made them that way."
  3. I want the revival to be a culmination of a character arc for Adolin involving his relationship with Dalinar and his society. We've seen him trying to be what other people think he should be, I want him to discover what he wants to be. I also don't want Dalinar's bondsmith powers to get involved because I want it to be fundamentally Adolin's show, not Dalinar's. Let Adolin have his own arc.
  4. What about Kalarin and Venlirin (invented the second ship name off the top of my head)?
  5. Yeah they are not "dead" in the relevant sense. They are also made of pure Investiture so you can't really affect them with other investiture like Awakening very easily anyway.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of that song.
  7. We don't have a WoB about which Ideal Maya's radiant was at no.
  8. I imagine he will stick around for the rest of the current arc given the fact that he seems interested in seeing Odium defeated. After that
  9. I'm guessing end of the month, but that's a guess (obviously).
  10. yeah I don't think it's going to be an issue for Hoid. There's a reasonably good chance he already knows the trick.
  11. the Honorblades are significantly less stormlight-efficent. also, stealing one would be very attention grabbing. He probably doesn't want to deal with the Stone Shamans and the possibility that Odium would either directly notice the the3ft or notice the reactions and track him down from that.
  12. I think he'll have to swear the Oaths to revive her fully and I expect them to end up with a basically normal Nahel bond by the end despite the unusual formation. I also think Hoid was looking specifically for Lightweaving to fill in the shortcomings in his Yolish Lightweaving. and wouldn't be motivated to bond with more spren. Also I don't expect reviving dead blades to ever be common or easy.
  13. Looks pretty explicit to me that it's any cut. So no, you're actually just wrong.
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