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  1. I always saw those two things as separate but related. We know that Hoid uses Fortune to know where he's supposed to be all the time, and sometimes its even wrong (like when he attempted to become an elantrian). Fortune, Hoid's at least, which is the only fortune we've seen so far as we haven't seen any chromium mistings. (right?) So as far as I've been able to piece together Fortune nudges the user to where he's supposed to be when he's supposed to be there. Often times Hoid has stated he doesn't really know why he is where he is or is suprised by who he meets there (Shallan when he's driving the cart in WoR). So my view on fortune is it takes your goal as seen through your spiritual self, your perfect self, and while not allowing you to actually see into the spiritual realm just gives you hints on how to get there. Glimpses into the future using the spiritual realm are normally more definite, not nudges as much as this is a possibility that could happen. Instead of verbal directions its more of a road map (albeit one that could change do to the nature of the ever changing future). The only beings that ever gain access to the Spiritual realm itself is the returned, though infrequently, and of course the shards themselves.
  2. Look at this man being friendly when disagreed with, Upvote for you my good man. We need more people like you.
  3. Head on confronting the government doesn't seem to be that big of a deal to many of the people we see in the books. Heck the roughs are filled with them. Any common criminal is someone in these books that's technically willing to confront the government. I'm pretty sure push and pull are just a couple of goons hired by suit. It could be he used them for jobs when he was a noble (speculation) or just came into contact with them since his presumed death. Either way he hired them and lent them to Miles, not conditioned, braindead, subjects of a birthing program just professional criminals/ hitmen that have loyalty to suit over miles since suit is the one giving them their paycheck. (knowing them before his faked death would just be an add on to loyalty) This is how I see it as well, they want to give it some time to have all the new gods get accustomed to their new roles (assuming you agree with the Dalinar = honor & lift = cultivation as I do) but don't want the non-god characters getting too old. Jasnah would still be a beast at 70 tho. Her style of battle and usefulness doesn't really come from being young and quick on her feet so If it was even if it was 35 years I could see it. As long as it isn't long enough for jasnah to become useless.
  4. I'm pretty sure it depends on how hemalurgically charged it is. If it's low then the shardblade slows a bit but cuts through it, making two little spikes. But if its heavily invested ie metalmind spike then it wouldn't be able to cut it
  5. I could see this if they were a double iron or something. or if you flared your metals just right. Because it pulls you towards the metal, but if you jumped off a building and did the equivalent of a half lashing would that swing you? then its just the problem with getting the release right. But if you swing and then have nothing new to pull on, you can't save yourself like a coin shot can. You swing into the air and don't have another metal skyscraper you just die. So only really useful in industrial metal cities (ie useless off world)
  6. Well I was saying it mostly as a joke but it does raise the question where does the investiture go when Chromium is used. But yeah mostly for comedic affect. I mean even if the larkin "took back" the investiture then the knight radiant wouldn't have it. It would have gone KR --> Mistborn --> Larkin. So even if It worked like that it wouldnt end with the KR getting his investiture back. But on the flip side we don't know what would happen if Chromium is used with stormlight, we know that with allomatic powers it just disappears but we don't neccessarily would do the same with all types of investiture. Now Someone's probably gonna find a WOB to make me eat my words but that's the extent of my knowledge at least
  7. I say you arm a knight radiant with a larkin so when a mistborn uses chromium you suck it right back out of him. Genius if I do say so my self
  8. For some reason I have never understood this as a shade gun, And I've read this book many times over. c r a z y But although BranSan did amazing things with swords and spears I'm excited for the next step. Haven't seen much of modern/future fantasy and even if it is set in modern day for some reason they seem to come up with excuses to use magic or swords rather than science or modern weaponry anyway
  9. replace Odium with the Joker, Ruin as the gun, and mentally deranged hoid as two face
  10. Well "Vibrance could mean full of energy and enthusiasm. Or it could mean quivering; pulsating. (both google definitions) Personally I think it'd be funny if it was just a normal place that was "quivering" or "pulsating" just everything that had color was just vibrating like mad.
  11. Does Aluminum bullets make it so you can't heal? if so then it would make sense that it would disrupte all investiture based healing but this is the first i've heard of it.
  12. This would make it easier, which is why Brandonerson didn't do it Here's a WOB answering this question
  13. So do we know anything else about shins and possible scadrial relations? or is this just a rabbit hole?
  14. Is that all he's talking about? Because I do remember that I was just caught up in the phrasing of it I guess
  15. So what?! I've personally never heard of anyones shardblade changing in anyway. The lengths are all meticulously measured and are literally stuff of legend. People would notice a change and comment on it for sure. So what did he mean by the blade sometimes does under circumstances. The only thing I can think of is the theory that Adolin is going to bond with Maya but that doesn't sound like what they're talking about. Plus this was back in 2017. Do we know answers? and if not I'm accepting of theories.
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