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  1. Both, I would like to hear more music , like get into country music, but I would also like to hear songs similar to what I like.
  2. No, I don’t have discord NHIE thought you saw a fictional character irl.
  3. Yea, that’s how I currently access the shard. NHIE listened to Justin Bieber.
  4. Babyboy Weirdest makeup product.
  5. Nope. TPBM likes anime.
  6. Granted, but a police pulled you over and have you a ticket for speeding. I wish to catch a huge fish, take pictures then let it go.
  7. Nope but I have actually been wanting to try frog legs. NHIE almost died and laughed after
  8. Nah, you lied. I have won He he he he he ha ha ha ha ha heh heh heh.
  9. There is a simple question, what should I listen to? I typically like modern pop or 70’s and 80’s rock. (especially Queen and The Beatles) Anyway, if you have any suggestions let me know, I need more music for my playlist!
  10. Hi!

    Welcome to the shard! Who is your favorite Brandon Sanderson character?
  11. Gets a punch Inserts a fridge inside of a fridge inside of a fridge inside of a fridge inside of a fridge inside of a fridge inside of a fridge inside of a fridge
  12. To my fellow sharders who have braces, do you ever just not realize the wire is poking out of the back bracket and it starts hurting one morning? Then feel the inside of your mouth (with freshly washed hands) to realize that there is a storming hole in your cheek? 

    Anyway, what have y’all been up to?

    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Getting holes in my mouth despite the fact that I got my braces off years ago.

      My oral situation is... strange.

  13. The items are, freed a chilli pepperoli depends on Hoid's trash aunt In T
  14. Items are, freed chilli peopeeli depends on Hoid's trash a