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    It’s a list that never ends
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    Not knowing what it was
    They’ll continue reading it forever just because
    It’s the list that never ends

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  1. Recruiting for another Hunger Games impartial moderator; lmk if you’re interested 

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    2. The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      The Paradoxical Phenomenon

      It is not a big decision. Like I’m what way is it a big decision? We have three branches of government to hold up th nation, and also so no one has to much power, right?

      But they aren’t my games, and from experience I know questioning isn’t the way to deal with control freaks

    3. SmilingPanda19


      I am not a control freak.

      I would prefer you just agree to wait. I am not telling you no. I am telling you to be patient. Please respect my decision. Thank you. 

    4. Edema Rue

      Edema Rue

      Sorry if it seemed like I was giving you approval, I was definitely too vague about that, and I apologize for acting like it was set in stone.


       I know questioning isn’t the way to deal with control freaks

      One thing to be noted, though: if you're making comments like this, that doesn't put you in very good light as an IM. We're thinking about it, but...as is, it's looking like this may be implemented later rather than sooner, especially since we haven't really had issues that would need this yet (as I mentioned).

      ...Anyway, not to monologue, but thank you for your suggestion and we'll see if it becomes needed. (This isn't a definite no, the same way earlier wasn't a definite yes. Just to avoid further confusion :))

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