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  1. Dude I 100% agree with you. I need answers. WHY ARE THE MALWISH BLEACHING THEIR TOILET PAPER? Are they just advanced & fancy like that? Is this just another display of Southern Scardial being ahead of the North in terms of technology? [According to Google: "The bleaching process is what makes toilet paper soft to the touch and increases its absorbency. Unbleached paper is scratchy and doesn't do the job of drying quite like bleached paper does."]
  2. No; I genuinely think this is a Looney Tunes quote/reference. (bolded the parts above for emphasis)
  3. This distinction Brandon offers at the end is very interesting. Wonder if it has to do with Honor's investiture being tied specifically to Roshar/not extending the same way to Braize? Or if this is a perception thing, e.g. "I have done this before and believe I can do it, so I can continue to achieve it"?
  4. THANK YOU @Argent for this suggestion — I panicked in the moment (and I got two moments, honestly) and couldn't think of a damn thing EXCEPT this question. Here's the question and answer! Didn't have my phone out to film it, but I did have my boyfriend next to me. I walked away from the table and typed it down. Q from Jessica: How did Wax earn his moniker, "Dawnshot"? A from Brandon: (big smile) He was known to show up early to his duels. New York Comic Con, 10/07/22, at the Dragonsteel booth.
  5. Ah well then I'll be among my people! BUT FOR REAL I'm absolutely looking for question suggestions! Silly and serious alike! (From Shardcasts of the past, I feel like I'm remembering that Brandon is known to troll a certain fellow whenever he tries to ask a question seriously — lmao)
  6. I will be there tomorrow, Friday 10/07! Bringing my copy of Warbreaker with me. Going to Dragonsteel first thing to get my ticket for signing. If I get to meet him, WHAT SHOULD I ASK? I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY except incoherent crying sounds right now! (Bad advice welcome. ) Lastly, if you're going and attending on Saturday, ATTEND THE Q&A and tell us what happens because it's going to be crazzzzy!
  7. @Kaymyth — I'm curious as to what color your hair was during recording vs. when this aired? EDIT (I paused the ep & came back to it!) @Overlord Jebus & @LadyLameness — YES! I graduated with a BA in Philosophy for some god-awful reason (pun intended) and I've been yelling "HE'S FORCING DETERMINISM" for the last few minutes. I'm so glad you guys brought this up. This is exactly what bothers me so much about Harmony's development as a god-character over the last few hundred years. This fact is just... genuinely not ignorable to me. The whole point of determinism is that the choices we're presented with for the entirety of our lives aren't choices; they are determined; they are "fate". This is sickeningly true for Wax. Harmony is not giving Wax "choices" by intervening when he possesses future sight; he is pushing him down a path. Honing him into a weapon, forcing him to fall in love and ripping it violently away from him — as a god (whose prior existence was ALL about understanding theology), it feels like there's something very predatory about the way he uses Wax. Knowingly, fatalistically, deterministically predatory. (All of this said, I don't hate Harmony. I just don't think he is Sazed anymore. That guy is gone.)
  8. I really enjoyed the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. Set of 5 books that follow an atypical protagonist; somewhat "coming of age" vibes, with many darker elements as the books go on. And the magic system is based around color, which was cool. Exactly what comprises your Sanderson catalogue? (e.g, have you read the non-cosmere works?)
  9. Question, based on this: Do we think "The Lost Metal" is in reference to era 1 "Atium", this theoretical pure Atium, or a different metal entirely?
  10. WAIT — Do we know whether Shallan's siblings are all biologically related to both her mother AND father? (What if her siblings are all half-siblings?)
  11. I love that you're enjoying your first read-through @Amira! Who are your favorite characters / POV chapters to read? Can you believe this guy?! (I opened up my copy of WoK to reread this and experience it again!)
  12. sounds like a convenient way to avoid having your fandom wish for the untimely death of another author in the genre. /s
  13. YES x1000 to this. I want to see Wayne and the Cryptics learning from each-other.
  14. I'll be at NYCC on the Friday that Brandon's there (but unfortunately, not Thursday or Saturday). And he won't be attending Sunday. Here's how NYCC usually works: Thursday: Mostly a 'press' day; nothing really happens Friday: Autograph lines and some panels Saturday: Always has the best panels and screenings, where all the new information is dropped!! Sunday: Autograph lines and panels, but the day ends earlier NYCC prevents recording at screenings, and often panels too. The autograph lines are usually so long (hundreds/thousands of people), you can't hear anything until you're basically next in line. NYCC/Reedpop hasn't released their actual lineup of events yet. If it's anything like 2021 (an absolute cremshow), there will be some pre-registration for the most exciting and well-planned panels; mostly on Saturday. Many things won't be announced until the week, or even day of... But I think 2021 was so poorly-planned, they're trying to improve the experience. I do plan on attempting to follow Brandon's lineup / attend whatever possible on that Friday... but Saturday is when the fun stuff will really be, most likely. I'll try to post an update here whenever his schedule is released! (Edit: Here's the link for NYCC Guests in the meantime.)
  15. LOL in particular after the "was that all?" at the end! and its delivery!
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