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SpanReads: Shadows of Self - Cosmere Implications


This week on SpanReads, we are discussing the cosmere implications of Shadows of Self, and ah, there's quite a bit of them!

This episode, we have Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose), Jessie (Lady Lameness), Ian (Weiry), Rosemary (Kaymyth), and Ben (Overlord Jebus)!

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Thumbnail art is the Polish cover by Dominik Broniek: https://coppermind.net/wiki/File:Wax_Marasi_Dominik.jpg

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@Kaymyth — I'm curious as to what color your hair was during recording vs. when this aired?

EDIT (I paused the ep & came back to it!)

@Overlord Jebus & @LadyLamenessYES! I graduated with a BA in Philosophy for some god-awful reason (pun intended) and I've been yelling "HE'S FORCING DETERMINISM" for the last few minutes. I'm so glad you guys brought this up.

This is exactly what bothers me so much about Harmony's development as a god-character over the last few hundred years. 

This fact is just... genuinely not ignorable to me. The whole point of determinism is that the choices we're presented with for the entirety of our lives aren't choices; they are determined; they are "fate". This is sickeningly true for Wax. Harmony is not giving Wax "choices" by intervening when he possesses future sight; he is pushing him down a path. Honing him into a weapon, forcing him to fall in love and ripping it violently away from him — as a god (whose prior existence was ALL about understanding theology), it feels like there's something very predatory about the way he uses Wax. Knowingly, fatalistically, deterministically predatory. 

(All of this said, I don't hate Harmony. I just don't think he is Sazed anymore. That guy is gone.)

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2 hours ago, sugjesstive said:


@Kaymyth — I'm curious as to what color your hair was during recording vs. when this aired?

It's pink right now. And I just got a fresh cut to start a transition for a cosplay in spring.

You get a nice arc of my hair development in the Diceborn episodes. :D

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When visiting the university Wayne says that disease is harder to heal. 
Could viruses have their own Intent that work against the investiture healing him?

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