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  1. I would concur with this. Brandon has given no factual information in his answer. With it being the last unknown Shard as well, I could see the bar being higher for what is added to the page to stop speculation occurring.
  2. That sounds fine to me. I think this might actually be going too broad at this point. There may end up being more divergence between how the technology’s work than is currently clear and it’ll be easier to combine things later once we have more information than separate them out. (Turns out you can’t edit in a quote easily to a existing post on mobile so I’m just putting this separately) If we don’t have other Scadrian Airship’s I don’t think we need to do this. Having something reflective of the information we currently have is going to be a better user experience than trying to predict what we may get in the future. Calling it Scadrian may also be confusing because it gives the impression that the page contains information for all of Scadrial and not just a single culture. I can imagine people getting confused and thinking there’s something missing.
  3. We have this page which may be the last unknown Shard. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Survival_Shard It doesn’t look like there is a currently a Grand Apparatus page though that’s likely due to how new the information is. Pages do get made for things mentioned outside of books prior to them being canonized in text but the pages need to be very worded very careful to avoid speculation. Hope that helps!
  4. I think a general page is a good idea at this point - we have three distinct crafts now, I think, between Daal’s and the two from Bands. Having a page that collects them and any other information that exists would be a good idea, agreed. Though if it is going to be a general page about the different crafts, ‘warship’ would not be the best wording as Allik’s small craft doesn’t appear to be one. Something more generalized like ‘’Malwish aircrafts’ would be better suited.
  5. The issue with ‘Malwish Airship’ is that it’s too generic. That could refer to any ship and if anything evokes a general page not a specific one. In cases where we don’t have a canonical name we want something that is specific to the situation at hand - no one is going to realistically search for ‘Admiral Daal’s warship’ or ‘Malwish airship’ but one of these is clear from the get go of what is being talked about. There’s been no issues raised with ‘Admiral Daal’s warship’ amongst the staff so this works for the title. Do note that because it is not an official title, ‘warship’ should not be capitalized in the page title. If/when we get an actual name, the page can always be moved to something canonical, but otherwise this works best with the information we currently have at the moment. Also apologies for the delay and thank you for poking me for an update.
  6. Just a note that believe we have done this in the past (given some things pages and collected other one one page). I think this is also a very viable solution.
  7. - I think it would be good to keep the Southern Scadrian page even if it’s just a landing page - that’s likely a term that people will search and if other things are split off into their own pages, then this would be a good way to easily access all the associated pages. - I think a Malwish Consortium page would be useful — if I remember correctly we get quite a bit of information about it? - In terms of the different Southern Scadrian nations, I don’t think we need to make pages for all of these nations. Making individual pages for the nations that we have significant information on would be useful I think (eg Malwish and Hunters) and then the rest can have sections on another page (I would say the Southern Scadrian page would be good for this). The Malwish and Hunters could still be included on the page but just as summaries with a ‘See More’ slapped under the title.
  8. I would agree on this having a page. For the name I’m thinking simply ‘Admiral Daal’s ship’ or ‘Admiral Daal’s warship’? For unnamed pages, there’s often quite a bit of discussion amongst staff to try and find something that is easiest to find - let me know if you have any suggestions and I can feed them back to the staff to discuss.
  9. With there being so little information on the other kingdoms it would be better to just add this to the Nalthis page for now. Kuth and Huth also have pages of their own so it would probably be best to leave them as is. In general, we try to avoid pages that are really short/have very little informatino, particularly if the information can be added elsewhere. There’s also the problem of unofficial naming - it makes these pages particularly difficult to find because the average user isn’t going to know to search for these terms. Maybe one day we’ll get Nightblood and have more information in these places But for now, it would be better to add any information you’ve found to the Nalthis page. I had a quick look and there’s a small reference to them under Geography and Ecology that could be fleshed out if you’ve found more information.
  10. Posting here is enough. Not sure if this is a discrepancy (eg. 500 planes vs 300 planes) or if the wording is just confusing (eg. 500 planes and 300 pilots) I imagine it’s the latter? The ambiguity of ‘fighters’ and ‘starfighters’ being used to refer to both the craft and the piloted plane throughout the book makes it a bit confusing here.
  11. A strong reminder that the 17th Shard endeavors to provide a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, race, or religion. Stating that you do not fall in line with these values is, at best, something that makes you untrustworthy to the staff and we will question whether to allow you to continue to be a part of this community, and at worst, will be an outright ban. We do not tolerate harassment of members in any form and stating that you are someone who aligns yourself with discrimination is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The code of conduct can be found here.
  12. Unfortunately I do still need to ask you to move to a different platform - it is really appreciated the measures you’re putting in but past experience has shown that people ignore every warning or clue put in place then get upset, hence why we have this policy. It also causes confusion if some people are allowed to put up spoilers (even if it’s just on user pages) and others aren’t.
  13. What page is it you’re working on? Only the book pages are allowed on the Coppermind before release and anything else needs to be done elsewhere (Google doc, Word etc.).
  14. I've put a temporary lock on that I.P so he can't do anything else tonight - with Cloudfare the I.P's get randomized so we can't actually block them long term as they can end up being assigned to actual users who then can't access their accounts anymore (this happened to me once!)
  15. Thanks for the heads up, it should be dealt with now. Really appreciate the speedy contact
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