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  1. Happy birthday, Bejarden! I hope you’re doing well 

  2. I see a minor issue with this: The Herald that dies, dies most likely at night. Since that's when Szeth does his assassination. Shallan says in reference to her mother in WoR, "Our mother was murdered, that night Jushu held me." (WoR 563) Which I would say, seems to imply the mother was not killed at night . of course it isn't certain the mother didn't die at night, and that is why I think it is only a minor problem.
  3. hey Bejardin, have not seen you in a while, how's it been? 

    1. Bejarden


      I'm doing fine, the Shards been pretty quite so I haven't been on as much. I'll probably be on more when Lost Metal comes out


  4. Not to be dragged into a long argument, but I've never really seen a lot of indication that Gandalf is powerful in a melee sense. I know he has a ton of other powers being a Maia and a ring-bearer, but he never fights a lot, (I guess he fights the Balrog but what exactly did he do to beat it is what I don't know) Dumbledore on the other hand ,and I'm talking about in his prime, was known as an extremely powerful Wizard. Ans with the looseness of the Potterwolrd magic system Dumbledore is as strong as he needs to be to beat Gandalf
  5. I would think that Thaidakar is involved with the Set or one of his people are involved in his stead. He is subtly influencing their actions towards his goals. This doesn't mean that their endgame is his endgame but in the Sets path to victory lies Kelsier goal. I also think he is doing the same thing with the Ghostbloods
  6. Which is the reason that in the epilogue TOdium is trying to find out who the Champion will be
  7. Brandon is a beast at writing! Quick question @LewsTherinTelescope… Have you always been a Mod or did this happen within the last month?
  8. Well I’ll continue the trend and say someone else can go!
  9. Same here, but I don’t reply as quick since I’ve been spending less and less time on the Shard since it really started to slow down
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