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Ironsides couldn't believe her eyes at the size of the Krell attack. She was used to the Krell rarely varying from their usual numbers when attacking- just enough to be a massive irritation but never so much as to truly wipe Alta off the map. She never had understood why; she was fairly certain the Krell had the numbers to do so.

But the fleet of six ships she saw approaching made even less sense. The Krell had to know that the attack was futile. Ironsides smelled a trap, but the attack was still an attack.

She radioed into the comm link of an available flight, one of her best. "Shard Flight, I need some fighters for an unusually small skirmish. Who's in?"

Welcome to QF55: Battle of Traitors! I will be the GM for this game, and @Araris Valerian will be the IM.

Here are the rules for this game, and they're also in doc form:


General Rules:

  • Combined 24 hour cycles.
  • PMs are completely closed for the duration of the game.
  • Any given player may have a single role, but some may have none.
  • There is a majority execution each cycle, with tied votes resulting in a random decision.
  • There is an inactivity filter of two cycles in place. If any player does not post during the allotted time frame, they will be killed or replaced.



DDF Pilots: Standard village faction. The DDF Pilots win when they eliminate the Krell Commanders from their ranks.

Krell Commanders: The Krell are the eliminator faction, but their group is anything but standard.

  • There is no group doc for communication. However, each Krell knows who the others are, as well as their teammates’ roles.
  • The Krell Commanders win by outnumbering the DDF Pilots.
  • Each Krell Commander may submit two kill targets in their GM PM each cycle. If any player is listed more than once across all Krell submissions, that player is killed. If multiple players meet this criteria, the player with the most targets dies. If it is tied, it is decided by RNG. This does not count as an action. At the start of the following cycle, each Krell receives a vote count of who was selected by their teammates. In the case of only one elim remaining, they may choose and submit the kill as standard, as well as taking a role action.
  • In addition, each Krell Commander may vote on who is to ‘submit’ the kill. The Krell with the most votes is chosen. If two players have an equal number of votes, the killer is RNG’d from the two. If this player is roleblocked, the kill fails.


  • Sniper: Once per game, kill a player of your choice.
  • Scout: Once per cycle, watch to see who a player targets. This targets both the elim kill and any other action that elim might be taking.
  • Flightleader: Once per cycle, add a vote to any player.
  • IMP Superstar: Once per cycle, block a player from taking an action. This targets both the elim kill and any other action that elim might be taking.
  • Light-Lance Expert: Once per game, survive from either the execution or a kill. (Passive)

Order of Actions:

  1. IMP Superstar
  2. Flightleader
  3. Execution
  4. Krell kill
  5. Sniper
  6. Scout


Signups will end in a little over a week on Monday, August 23rd at 7:30AM, PST. The game will begin shortly afterwards with the normal rollover time of 8:00AM PST. I'll be gone camping some of the days during signups but will be back a few days before the game starts.

For flavor purposes, this game takes place in an alternate version/timeline of Detritus, before the events of Skyward. RP Characters would benefit from a Callsign.

Player List:

  1. @The Unknown Order - Maxwell Sub (Callsign: Maximum)
  2. @Lotus - S.T.A.R Radio
  3. @Devotary of Spontaneity - Velveteen (Callsign: Vandal)
  4. @Elkanah - Luke Cana (Callsign: Lemons)
  5. @Archer - Peggy Flamingo (Callsign: Pegleg)
  6. @Droughtbringer - Trey Tansten (Callsign: Fib)
  7. @Steeldancer (Callsign: Steel)
  8. @Elandera (Callsign: Bad Wolf)

Thanks :P 




  1. @xinoehp512 - Rich Hipnett
  2. @Liranil - Irelyn (Callsign: Mouse)



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This starts the same day as my semifinal game, so I'll take a spec doc pretty please


(speaking of, shameless self promo, yall should join the MU discord and spectate me in my game come monday :3)

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Signups are scheduled to end now, but I think I'll extend them until we reach 10-11 players minimum. Signups will still end at 7:30am PST and the game will still start at 8:00am PST, just now the day that happens is up in the air :P Thanks to everyone who's signed up, and sorry for the wait.

If it goes a few days with this player count I might start it anyway, but I'd really like to avoid that.

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@The Unknown Order @Lotus @Devotary of Spontaneity @Elkanah @Archer @Droughtbringer @Steeldancer @Elandera

How do you guys feel about starting it with 8 players? I'm fine to keep pushing it off, but it seems like if no one is joining now there's no reason for that to magically change. I can start it tomorrow morning on schedule if that's preferred.

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I was lowkey kind of hoping Illwei would get D1d in her semifinal game so we’d get up to 9, and while it was pretty darn close it didn’t happen soooo

What I mean to say is go Illwei, good luck Illwei, glad you get to play MU champs for longer :P This will work.

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26 minutes ago, Lotus said:

Well this will be fun since I have work all day!


3 minutes ago, Steeldancer said:

Yay it starts on the day I move in

What could possibly go wrong

I could move it back a day if you guys want xD It's fine, don't worry about it. Since the player count is so small I would like activity to not be terrible, but if you have IRL stuff that should take priority. And I'm not super worried about it either, if you can only post once or twice it's alright.

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