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who in the cosmere do we simp for?

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Let's just make a list of people in the Cosmere we simp for.

I can't be the only one-

I'll start:

  • veil
  • jasnah
  • vivenna
  • marasi
  • kaladin (you know he was going to be on here)
  • fine the kholin boys
  • vin
  • queen fen
  • venli

please feel free to add on.

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Elend (oh my god, I love me a book nerd) 



You asked so there you go.

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If by simping we mean "I simp for how well designed this character is conceptually" then my list is Sazed, Vasher, Breeze, Vivenna, Dalinar, Leshwy, Silence, Rysn, Jasnah.

If by simping we mean "outside of literary technique, this character's personality resonates with me and I'd want to be friends in real life" then my list is Jasnah.

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I mean I guess, that is the most straightforward reading, but you can use it metaphorically in the sense of "oh I'm gushing over how good this Ferrari model looks". But I answered with both meanings to be on topic (so in the strict sense of "I'd date them IRL" it's Jasnah).

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On 1/14/2022 at 2:41 PM, #1 Taln Fan said:


Thats it.

Username checks out.

Shallan looks like my type, but I get very annoyed by conversation that is more interested in being clever/sarcastic than earnest/sincere.

I like Steris a lot.. but Raboniel intrigues me as well..

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I have quite the list…. Many of them have already been mentioned.




•maybe Wax?



I haven’t really had any crushes on the female protagonists mostly because I haven’t really had a crush on any of them.

Steris is pretty great though…..

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• Marasi (she's so frikin adorable)

• Jasnah (ok name one person who doesn't simp for jasnah I DARE YOU and no i don't care that you can name more than one person be quiet)

• Vivenna (i know some people don't like her, but i fr don't get why)

• Veil (self-explanatory. She's Veil.)


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