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    mentally in my fictional universe
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    anything oher than math or chemestry

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    • that hat that jaidenanimations wore in her aroace video (i want it)

    I just rewatched the video and I can't find the hat am I blind ajakdhahdlhl 

    (Hello, nice to meet you :P

    1. mentally ill

      mentally ill

      oh yeah its at 5:31 it took me a second to find it again haha :)

  2. ooh yeah, i think i might go with something like that, thanks for the idea :))
  3. mentally ill

    stuff i made

    is it trash? yes BUT i dont care
  4. wow a very late response, im so sorry, put i just posted some art in a status update on my profile!
  5. some art i guess becuase somebody asked and i have nothing better to do 

    these all relate to one story i have in mind and are pretty bad but who cares

    also theres one storyboard in here that i did pretty quickly and its not super detailed. its mostly in my mind and not fleshed out since im not planning on seriously making anything with this story :))

    im still working on the quality of my digital art too







    ship design roughs and noncolored.jpg

    idk crew sketches that i like.jpg

  6. wowww ive gotta say, this is really beautiful!!
  7. wow i've been really inactive on my page for a while but :000 this is some really cool lore!!! i have the same problem, honestly, with plotting specific plotpoints and stuff :))
  8. ok here's how I personally go about coming up with ideas (making them polished is another story) I think Sanderson does the same thing and I got this from him lol I keep a journal and google doc and whenever I see something that even remotely inspires me, I write it down. Even if it's just something really wired, like "how the light is hitting my water glass right now" (an actual thing I have written down). I don't even try to make them coherent. Every now and again I look back at my pages and pages of notes and try and figure out how I can fit multiple things I have come up with together.
  9. oh... wow this. is. so. cool. tbh i could never create a magic system this detailed, and I wholeheartedly applaud this because did I say that this is so COOL??
  10. ok well it's like a few months later and i have a better idea of what my story looks like so here we go (also i just wanna share this with people becuase i dont know a lot of people who i can share this with face to face lol) bear in mind that all of this is constantly changing in my mind, and most of this has never been written down and like 99% of it isn't fleshed out. So in short for the setup, basically there are 5 families in this world who pass down powers that were given to them by some form of god? (honestly none of them have god level powers but idk what else to call them deities i guess) and those powers can be transferred 1 of 2 ways- either by the owner deliberately passing down the power or being killed by somebody else (so the power goes to their killer). So one family/clan who has a special power wants more power to show to other people that they are superior (this does sound a little cheesy believe me ik). That family's power is basically brainwashing or mind control. So what they end up doing is brainwashing one member of another clan/royal family that has a power (our MC, vath also she is really young and ) and having her kill most of her family so that she would come into possession of the family power. Their full plan was to kidnap her and then kill her so it would be easier to obtain the power. Welp enter in Vath's brother, Dagen, who gets her to kinda snap out of the mind control thingy and he helps them escape. So theyre on the run at this point and are stowaways on different trade ships you know as the chiche goes. They end up both getting hired by some high end thieves who do big oceans 11 sort of jobs for people . They are sailing (i dont think i mentioned but one of the common ways of transport is by treasure planet-esk ships that can sail on oceans or fly) and trying to getaway from some people who they just stole a lot of money from and have to cut across waters that have a superstition amoung sailors about them. (some people think that if you sail into those waters a sea demon will devour you or some spooky campfire story like that) the captain of the ship discards the stories and sails straight into them. Well that wasnt a great idea becuase (as it normally goes) the stories were true and everybody on the ship got eaten but for reasons i don't know yet vath and her brother survived, but at a price. They ended up getting cursed and that basically means that they are given a clue to find some treasure to set them free. If they do not find that treasure before they die, then they have to spend eternity in hell? (again names for stuff haven't been figured out yet but its like eternal slavery? its is still very unclear.) I think when normal people die they get to see people who theyve loved that have died and then they get to rest. But a pro that comes along with getting cursed is you also get a power to help you out. So i havent decided on vath's brother's power yet but i know that vath can manipulate gravity in a certain area (not make things weightless) anyways some time passes and vath works as a professional theif and pirate-for-hire and meets this girl her age who also got cursed named zara and they both help eachother out and decide to team up and enter in best friend and eventually found family trope. so i think ive written way too much and this is all mostly setup and backstory. the real plot begins a little while after Vath meets Zara. Basically, this entire story is a big mess of interesting ideas and magic systems and places i can think of. i think that this isn't as fleshed out as some of my other stories because I have written down not a lot of it and i just draw all of the characters and scenarios in it a lot because as i mentioned earlier I am an "aritst" (well not professionally but eh) also im not going to go back and do spell check cuz i spelled so much wrong lol anyways this was too long and if you made it this far then tysm and have a plesant evening
  11. wait I'm only 1 chapter in and i really like it :))
  12. 100% character stories! those are the most interesting lol (also sorry this is so late)
  13. Yeah, those kinds of characters are my favorites, not the ones who are the sugar coated relatable, just relatable.
  14. excuse me this is exactly what I asked for and i honestly didn't expect ppl to write this much but i love hearing people talk about some story or character they've made also this is a really cool setup and i would legitimately read or watch this so hard (also it appears we like the same tropes like ride or die friendships and mmm yes)
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