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How to get rich on Scadrial

Channelknight Fadran

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12 hours ago, Elsecaller_17.5 said:

But seriously does everyone else think aluminum blocking emotional allomancy is a tin foil hat joke?

Per Brandon, he didn't set out to make that joke but once he realized that he'd unintentionally set up functioning tinfoil hats, he went with the joke.


Questioner (paraphrased)

I caught that reference. [in reference to tinfoil hats blocking emotional allomancy] 

Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased)

I built aluminum to do all sorts of funky things to all the powers, and I actually hadn’t made the connection of tinfoil hats until after I’d built it in, and I was writing it in Alloy of Law, years after I built it in, saying “Wait a minute! I just put tinfoil hats in the book!” (laughter) So I actually built that without thinking that there would be a joke to that.

West Jordan signing (Dec. 15, 2011)


Was it a deliberate move on your part to make it such that on Scadrial, people who wear aluminum foil hats actually are safe from mind control?

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah, yeah that was a big inside joke. *laughter* When I realized it would work, I had to put it in. *pause* I’m doing some fun things. The gun thing is another one I’m very fond of.

Shadows of Self San Jose signing (Oct. 9, 2015)


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4 hours ago, The Hero of Masks said:

*Wayne sees an aluminum gun & "trades" it for a waffle*

Why a waffle you ask well, that is simple.

Its.  A.  Waffle.



Not as good as a pancake. Especially if it is imaginary. I think that would be a more fair trade.

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