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  1. Yeah, at least for Plot Events. There's an endgame scene involving a weapon skin that shows up for Plot Reasons even if you didn't do the bonding event to unlock it for at-will usage.
  2. Based on this WoB, the former seems to be the most likely case. When you show up in the Cognitive if you're not prepared or you don't have help on the other side, you get quickly shredded by the Dor plasma storm and get to find out what the Beyond is faster than you normally would. That said, the Svrakiss are probably going to become relevant down the line so we'll find out what's up with them at some point. Brandon has of course RAFO'd questions concerning them, including whether they're a type of Cognitive Shadow.
  3. Yes, with a caveat: We have some other related WoBs that confirm that trying to steal a Nahel Bond is tricky because the spren is sapient, that the process requires some non-standard methods and by way of comparison to stealing an Aviar bond it sounds like you'd need multiple spikes, one for the Radiant and one for the spren..
  4. You'd want F-Nicrosil for that. My assumption is that it would look something like how Honorblade-granted Surgebinding works, where you need a lot more stormlight to use the powers and if healing is part of the package, it wouldn't be as effective either. Connection can do a lot of things but we don't have a good grasp of the mechanics of F-Duralumin yet. We know it can be used to hack Connection to a region (allowing you to speak local languages) thanks to BoM and its description in the Ars Arcanum talks about awareness of others and the ability to quickly form relationships, which suggests that's as far as the Terris people have been able to figure things out at the time Khriss is writing. One thing we know F-Duralumin can potentially do in relation to Surgebinding is manipulate Connection in such a way that you could become a Squire for multiple Radiant orders at the same time, but it wouldn't be the easiest way to accomplish that.
  5. Brandon has said a kandra could maybe mimic the appearance of a singer but couldn't bond a spren or take a form of power. There's an older WoB where he said a kandra can't reproduce the carapace but he may have changed his mind on that.
  6. Nale is a Fifth Ideal Skybreaker and appears normal, and we know that while no mortals have attained it recently it's happened before. I think if reaching that level made you look like Marvel's Eternity, somebody would have noticed and mentioned it by now.
  7. Storing stormlight in metal is described as being hard. You can hide Breath in metal without needing to Awaken it but you don't need a metalmind for that because it's an inherent property of how BioChroma works. Aons aren't themselves a kind of Investiture you can store, instead they serve the same purpose that metal does on Scadrial in that it tells the Dor what you want the Investiture to do, except that AonDor is much more like computer programming while the allomantic metals are more like a program you run. We do know you could potentially use feruchemy to give an Elantrian access to the Dor while far from the city (via Connection, which is F-Duralumin not F-Nicrosil) but it would involve jumping through hoops, you'd need to already be an Elantrian for that to work and Brandon says that would be the harder way to do it.
  8. This makes me wonder whether Ral-na's transitioning due to the influence of the Nahal Bond/Stormlight healing had any effect on their spren's identified gender and how someone in that position fits into the statistical prevalence of bonding to a spren identifying as the opposite gender. Would the 'opposite identity' in this case tend to be that of the Radiant's body at the time of the bond forming, or their identified gender?
  9. The closest thing we have to an on-point WoB is that Hoid can heal the Spiritual damage caused by Hemalurgy, with the side note that Weird Things could happen with Hoid and Hemalurgy.
  10. I was going to edit my post but you responded first so I did have one thought, which is that they could be regionally rare in the same way that concentrationspren are supposed to be uncommon in Alethkar.and Shallan mentions never having seen logicspren in WoK but they appear common in Azir. Since we know the latter are one of the types that make Plate, perhaps relative rarity isn't necessarily a problem?
  11. Maybe the Skybreakers have been hogging them all for the past few thousand years and that's why they're so rare. Selfish chulls... Okay, that's actually a good point and one I don't have a real answer for.
  12. My general assumption is that the singers always could have formed Nahel Bonds but they didn't historically because those didn't exist until after the wars had started (and hence the 'betrayal' that Leshwi mentions) given that we know bonding only happened due to spren mimicking what they saw Honor do with the Heralds. So everything before the cycle of Desolations began is kind of a moot point because there were no Nahel Bonds, and we also have the WoB that while Adonalsium was around he'd set limits on what spren could do which includes No Mating Surgebinding. The 'broth and meat' comparison also suggests that even when bonding is an option, humans simply provide more benefits to the spren half of the bond so they would be preferred in general. Hemalurgy works like all the other Metallic Arts, in that each metal does something specific. The same iron spikes used to make koloss can also be used to make the kandra Blessing of Potency and you could give an H-Iron spike to a human without transforming them into something else. The difference with Inquisitors is that they tend to get different spikes that are specifically used to grant allomancy and sometimes feruchemy. So it's less 'different mechanics for X and Y' and more how the one mechanic is being used. A closer example to what we see on Roshar might be the way that the Fused manipulate the same Surges that Radiants do, but they apply them in slightly different ways. They're similar enough that Szeth is able to counter the Fused equivalent of Abrasion using his own training with that power and Windrunners in general are able to grasp how the Shanay-im work because their Gravitation works on the same basic principles.
  13. Brandon has said that you can't steal multiple powers from the same person, or at least nobody knows how to do it. He's also said that nobody knows how to non-fatally steal anything via hemalurgy (and they'd be worse than a drab due to soul damage) barring the edge case of stealing from a gold compounder who could theoretically repair the soul damage and be used as a hemalurgic donor multiple times. Per Brandon, the rule is that the larger part of the body regrows the rest and if you happened to be split into perfectly equal pieces it would be random which one the soul claims dibs on and regrows from. Presumably Shardplate functions differently because it's not composed of a single spiritweb, though having more of the original armor to work with does give an advantage if there are competing attempts.
  14. This has come up a few times before. Logicspren are confirmed for the Elsecallers and Creationspren for the Lightweavers. Brandon has said that while we can't figure it out for all the Orders yet, he's made a few of them pretty obvious and it's the sort of thing we should be able to eventually work out on our own with the hints he's given or will give us. We see Gloryspren swarm around Dalinar when he's being especially awesome so that could be the Bondsmith one, but who knows there? We know Bondsmiths don't have Blades but we don't know if they don't generally get Plate as well, and we don't know if one bonded to the Sibling or Nightwatcher necessarily would attract the same sort of spren as one bonded to the Stormfather. Thematically, Flamespren would make sense for the Dustbringers, Lifespren for Edgedancers (or Hungerspren for Lift... ) and based on some similarities to Highspren I'm thinking that Starspren are the ones who make Skybreaker Plate.
  15. I actually asked Brandon this at my first signing and while I didn't think to record his exact words, he said that Breaths don't noticeably 'leak' once you accumulate enough. There's still probably some degradation in the same way that an individual Breath gets less vibrant, but not to the point that it measurably impacts the aggregate strength.
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