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    I was thinking of a character from another book I read, so calm down KYLE
  2. Lwarch


    And yes I know I spelled Vasher wrong my bad...
  3. Shouldn't the cover be Dalinar... Still pumped though.
  4. I think it all depends in Atium because if the Lord Ruler doesn't have it, then Prof could just squeeze him to death in a force field bubble. He probably does have it though, but that means so would both of my Mistborn.
  5. I have 2 mistborn and like 5 shardbearers.
  6. Oh and there is one question I just thought of that @Kplynch21 has to answer. Whose body is OreSeur in?
  7. And does anyone know of a way to move this to a different category. I just noticed that I put it in "Introduce yourself"
  8. No not yet. We have a kind of schedule and that's one of the last ones on there.
  9. Lol, we did the joke picks last and don't say that it shouldn't be a joke pick.
  10. Yes I imagine they can cut through his shields. And I'd say yes, he can heal from the wounds.
  11. So, me, my friend @Kplynch21, and one other decided to do a Sanderson character fantasy draft. Since the other kid was behind us, we limited the books we could choose from to Stormlight Archive, Reckoners, and the first Mistborn book. Please tell us who you think would win and why! We decided not to use OP characters such as Hoid. All of the characters are at the end of the book or series except Szeth, David Charleston, and Prof (Prof at the midst of book 3). Please ask any clarifying questions. Oh, and we also had two joke picks. ------------ Lwarch Kplynch21 Szeth-Son-Son-Vallano Prof (Jon Phaedrus) Rashek, the Lord Ruler Obliteration Kaladin Megan Dalinar Kelsier Marsh Cody Zane Steelheart Raoden Galladon Jasnah Kholin Meridas Amaram Adolin Kholin Lift Gavilar Kholin Storm Form Eshonai Shallan Nightwielder Moash OreSeur Torol Sadeas Regalia Dilaf Abraham Graves Mraize Mizzy Hrathen Hammond Exel David Renarin Kholin Lopen Stick Numuhukumakiaki’aialunamor Kabsal Roial The ugly crab-lizard thing
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