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  1. Hey happy birthday dude! Hope you have a great one!


    I cannot wait until you come back, you quark beast. You're a great person!!!

  3. Atikskrakkaitak took the small metal disk, and calmly entered his shuttle. Just in case, he set up a program that would return the shuttle to his main ship before the docking pass expired.
  4. "He shifted forward. Even the most powerful Dragons cannot travel backwards in time. Think of it as him sleeping, only not aging in that sleep." Atikskrakkaitak turned to Uen. "You are very lucky the Dragons did not notice you. They like to study Timebenders." "My people would welcome allies, as we are but one system. Strictly speaking, the home of my race was folded into the Dragon's empire long ago, but my homeworld is an independent colony system. We have interstellar capabilities, through use of Spacebending, but are fewer in number than most systems in our sector. We have been expecting something like this, though. "
  5. "It is never that simple." "Neither did I. I was just here doing reconnaissance for personal reasons."
  6. Atikskrakkaitak nodded at Paprika's statement. "I thought so. I can function as a representative of my race, as soon as I put through some paperwork to the heads of my system. Presumably, as diplomats, Ghost and Amaranthine are certified to function as representatives of their races."
  7. Atikskrakkaitak sighed. "Alfakyn, you are overestimating your capabilities. Even if everyone in the room was well equipped and prepared, the Dragons would have won any fight." His eyes focused on the three entities standing before him, the Wraith, Elf, and Human. "I have access to a decent amount of knowledge about most of the species with this sector, and any fight and subjugation will not be pretty. There is, however, another option. A coalition of species/races working together would be far more powerful than any other option."
  8. Just before Atikskrakkaitak made his exit, the dragons finished and began to leave. Of course it is bad. It will also be dangerous. He stiffened as he sensed a warp of the Energy nearby. Not just any energy but time shaping. I have to go now, if the dragons find what I just sensed we could be in BIG trouble. Changing course, he headed towards the anomaly, eventually catching glimpse of a confused looking human.
  9. As soon as the meeting is ended, we should meet at my shuttle. Come as soon as you can. With that final bit of Thoughtspeak, Atikskrakkaitak strode out of the room, leaving the Dragons and the chaos behind.
  10. "Well, that is... unfortunate." The system in which he was born was here, then. The home planet of his species was outside, but his system would have to participate in the war. And yet... the Dragon had said that forty-niner of the systems were expected to be subjugated. And he was sure he had heard about collectives of species before that joined the empire. We need to talk. He Thoughtspoke to Ghost, Paprika, and Amaranthine. @PyroPhile @Channelknight Fadran @Justice_Magician
  11. Atikskrakkaitak watched and listened to the Elf, dumbfounded. She was brave. Or possibly drunk. Or a cat. But he had to ask. "Is system Altark-gorna-reaak within this sector?" @Channelknight Fadran
  12. Atikskrakkaitak's eyes widened. So this was what the Culling War. One to rule them all, so to say. His home planet was in another sector, but this was still horrible news. Well, he hoped it was in a different sector.
  13. Atikskrakkaitak watched warily. He had no clue as to why they had let him into the meeting, but it was useful.
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