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Quick Fix Game 33 - Deception: Murder in the Cosmere


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Eban Naworeh looked over his tiny shop. In his 82 years serving as Silverlight's chief Oracle, he had acquired a good number of knick-knacks, trinkets, baubles, potions, relics, and other curiosities- and each one of them served an important function. He moved slowly through the shop, repositioning an item here, dusting off another there. When he was satisfied, he touched an etched panel on the wall, dimming the lights, and moved to the bedroom. 

He removed his slippers, donned his sleeping cap, and climbed under the covers. His head had scarcely hit the pillow before images and impressions flooded his mind. This was no ordinary dream- decades of service as an Oracle had taught him the difference between regular dreams and visions. This one came mostly in the form of emotions and flashes of color. 

Animosity and malicious intentions. 

A concocted plot. 

Indistinct silhouettes, moving against a bright background. 

Surprise and shock. 

The color crimson. 

A flash of pain. 


Eban's eyes snapped open. He sat up in bed and shook his head, trying to make sense of the images and sensations still rattling around inside his skull, but they refused to take shape. Of one thing, however, Eban was certain:

Somewhere, somehow, somebody had just been murdered. And they had to find and catch the murderer before it was too late. 


Welcome to QF33 - Deception, Murder in the Cosmere!

This game is a little bit different from your regular SE game. Okay, it's very different. It is based on the game “Deception: Murder in Hong Kong” by Grey Fox Games, but with a Cosmere-flare. The gist of it is this:

Somewhere within the Cosmere, a grisly murder has taken place. You and your fellow Investigators arrive at the scene of the crime to discover that the Assassin has left important clues. From among the suspicious objects scattered around, you must deduce the “Methods of Murder” and identify the “Key Evidence” in order to catch and convict the killer.

As if solving a murder wasn’t tricky enough, this one is complicated by the fact that one of your fellow Investigators is the Assassin! While the Oracle gives the Investigators clues on what to look for, the Assassin attempts to sow confusion and doubt in order to cover their dark deed. Furthermore, the Assassin may have one or more Co-conspirators trying to cover their escape, but the Investigators may find aid in the form of a Witness who can identify the criminals and help bring them to Justice!

The full rules for this game can be found here. Please read through them thoroughly, as again this is different from anything else we have done in SE, and if anything is unclear please ask questions!

While sign ups are open I will be making a spreadsheet that will be used to run the game and will be open to the public. When it's ready I will edit the link in here, but in the meantime here is a link to the spreadsheet with all the "cards" and "tiles" that will be used in the game


Sign-ups are now open, and will run until the countdown timer below runs down. 


Quick Links:

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Player List

  1. @Herowannabe - Eban Naworeh - Oracle/GM
  2. Steeldancer - Squid of Steel
  3. A Joe In the Bush - Various Divide
  4. Droughtbringer - In
  5. Devotary of Spontaneity - Fourth of the Twilight
  6. MetaTerminal - Selksi
  7. Rathmaskal - Larry
  8. Elandera - Oyh
  9. Wiritos - <name pending>
  10. Madagasar - Mad
  11. Snipexe - Snip
  12. Araris Valerian - Aralis
  13. Kidpen - <Name Pending>
  14. Phattemer - Bobby Tables
  15. Paranoid King - John "Not-A-Murderer-At-All" Smith
  16. I think I am here - Itiah VII
  17. Randuir - Tezed
  18. Cadmium Compounder - Rettih Chnip
  19. Bort - May Bebort
  20. Arinian - Niar


Pinch Hitters

  1. Xinoehp512


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Just now, MetaTerminal said:

I am a new to this forum, but I have decent experience with Mafia (perhaps 6 or so games, and having spectated a few more). I’d like to join this one - would that be advisable?

Sure, welcome aboard! This game probably won’t be quite as heavy or involved as most of your usual Sanderson Elimination games, so it’s a good one to join in that sense. However, be aware that this games uses a different format from your normal SE/Mafia game, so it will be new and different (for you and for everyone else). ;)

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5 hours ago, randuir said:

This game seems to be right up my alley, but I'm too buys irl to do two games at once.

FWIW I expect the time commitment required for this game to be fairly light. There are no PMs, a max of 3 cycles, and less analysis required than usual. However, if you’re still hesitant to commit right now, maybe I could persuade you to sign up as a pinch hitter?

57 minutes ago, wiritos said:

Yep, thank you.

I would like to Enter


Welcome aboard! :)

34 minutes ago, Jondesu said:

I wouldn't be able to participate enough to do this justice, but I'm intrigued.  Are you planning to have a spec doc?

I wasn’t planning on a spec doc, because, well, IMO if you have enough time to watch and comment on this game then you have enough time to play it. ;) Or at least sign up as a possible pinch hitter.

Plus there are no player-deaths, so nobody would be joining it after the game begins. 

Still, if enough people want a spec doc (say... at least 3) then I’ll make one. :)

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I'll sign up as a Pinch hitter this time. And if there's a spec doc, I'll take that too. It's just that I'm super busy with full time school (that started this week) and full time work.

If you end up needing a pinch hitter, My name will be Rettih Chnip

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Hello future enemies. I'm Mad, former Oracle who had to leave the force city in disgrace after beating a suspect with his own leg. He was an acrobat. It didn't hurt him nearly as much as he claimed in court. Now I wander from town to town solving mysteries with Scarry, my trust cadaver-sniffing pig. He's also good at sniffing through trash, which is useful when I don't have much to eat. Mystery solving doesn't pay much these days.

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6 minutes ago, Araris Valerian said:

This sounds like a lot of fun, if there is still room then I'll sign up as Aralis.

Yep! I'm not planning on capping the number of players, but if I feel like it's getting too big then maybe we can split into two groups or something. 

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