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Introducing Myself. In This New Topic. Belatedly.


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Hello, all you Sanderfans. :)

I signed up a little while back, haven't gotten around to introducing myself until now.  Here's a bit about me:

  • I am a very picky grape-eater.  
  • I enjoy outdoor doubles volleyball.  Veeeeeery much so.
  • I have ridden bareback on an elephant.  Which was pretty cool.
  • My "impressive beard" gives me +2 dice to all defense rolls in Social and Mental Conflicts.  Until it gets too annoying for me to ignore anymore and I shave it off. :P
  • I have never been to Boston in the fall.

That'll do for now, I guess.

Not sure how often I'll be posting, but I'll probably be visiting the site fairly often.  

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Thanks for the welcome, all! :D

@Voidus Cookies? Why, don't mind if I do- wait a second. This cookie smells faintly metallic... Are those SPIKES?! :blink: Thanks, but I'll pass. ;) 

@I am Witless It was on a trip to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.  

@Rebecca Yep! Veggie Tales.  :lol:

@Archer That is actually me in the profile pic (or at least my hands).  It was a Halloween costume I put together a few years back, with some help from my dog.  ^_^  I got an old, large jacket, a few sheets, and a small table.  Hid myself under the table and sheets, got my dog to sit on my chest and poke his head out of the jacket, and got my arms in the sleeves (not necessarily in that order).  It was great, everyone who came by trick-or-treating was like, "What the...?" :lol:


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