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Who is the best character?


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Was just about to say that Duskshard. It's very sad we'll have to wait for another book for anymore Lift. :unsure:  Lopen is pretty high up there as well due to the humor factor.


I know right, she deserves a book of her own. I don't think all the POV characters have been confirmed for the second set of 5 book so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that one of those books will be her. 

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My top twelve favorite Stormlight Archive characters, from 12 to 1. (I'm including characters in WoR from the excerpts released by Tor.)


12. Renarin

11. Adolin

10. Rock

 9. Teft

 8. Taravangian

 7. Shallan

 6. Dalinar

 5. Eshonai

 4. Lift

 3. Hoid/ Wit

 2. Jasnah

 1. Kaladin.

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I can't rightly pick. Kaladin is the most developed, but I find that I like Dalinar better, and think that Adolin will go through some fantastic character growth as time goes on. Renarin needs more screen time, but he has a great personality. I guess I'm going to say Dalinar is my favorite so far.

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Tien ( why has no one mentioned him yet??)




Rock and Lopen for the humour and Yalb because I really want to know where he learned to bow so well. I feel like there's a lot more to him we haven't seen.

Im not a *massive* fan of Jasnah or Shallan but I'm hoping WoR will change that.

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It's really a hard choice! My favourite so far are probably Shallan and Wit, but I can't decide well… Kaladin & Syl, Szeth, Dalinar, Renarin, Jasnah and Navani they're also good! And I'm growing to like Adolin and Eshonai after reading WoR excerpts. Among the secondary/Interludes characters my vote goes to Rock, Sigzil, Rysn and Axies. Plus, I really want to know more about the Heralds, love Talanel!

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1: Kaladin and Hoid

2: Rock and Dalinar

3. Axies the collector and szeth

Off topic but does anybody know which characters will get their own book?

Szeth, Kal, Shallan... That's all I know please help I'm dying to know!?

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