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  1. Happy birthday! You will forever be remembered as the legend who started RoW Memes.

  2. Spoiler for chapter 108 of RoW. My favorite scene in the book.
  3. Some random thoughts on Row. I wanted to do more, but I just could not find the time. People seemed to be upset with no Dalinar in RoW. Dalinar has found something better My changing opinion of Moash book to book has been quite a journey. Mistborn spoilers.
  4. This and Teft's death were my two screaming out moments causing others in the room to look at me during this book. Not my favorite moments, but my loudest moments. For Teft's death I screamed in anger. @?*& Moash! For this moment I yelled, "I knew it!"
  5. Lots of foreshadowing in Chapter 19.
  6. As requested and so no one is left out...
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