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  1. I think Moogle made some fairly valid points above. Elhokar is definitely broken, and he is not a bad person, he just makes a habit of making bad decisions. Those bad decisions are often the result of Elhokars lack of confidence in his own ability to rule as well as his temper. They are rarely the result of Elhokar being intentionally spiteful. Elhokar doesn't seem like he hates anyone in particular, not even Szeth. He is terrified of Szeth, but he doesn't seem to hate him, so I don't see how Odium could be getting a grasp on him. I think it is far more likely that Elhokar is a potential Willshaper. I think it is almost guaranteed that should Elhokar survive, he will become a Radiant.
  2. Yikes, good work by all here. Climate wise I would suspect that Roshar has a wobble in its rotation which could help account seasonal flux. The Frostlands would have to be near a pole or equator considering that they are one of the least affected areas on the map (According to Shallan) by seasonal flux. My bet would be a pole, but I'm by no means an expert.
  3. I think you pretty much picked Elhokars problem out. He believes that he was predestined to be king, and as a result, he is terrible king. Elhokar believes that he has the right to rule, not an obligation to serve. Dalinar is going to have a hard time forcing Kaladin to do anything now. Kaladin is in a fairly unique position in that he has vowed he would never allow himself to become a prisoner again, he is the only Shardbearing Radiant who has any training in weapons, and Dalinar has no Shards at all. Dalinar didn't seem to want Kaladin to leave Urithiru and travel to Hearthstone, but it didn't seem like he had the mean to prevent him from doing so. If Dalinar is going to be an effective leader, he will have to learn to bend both his own desires and the desires of others to a similar purpose. If he can't manage that, then he will never bring enough Radiants into line to hold the desolation at bay. Defeating the Black Thorn without Shards would be a simple matter for a Radiant, so his success is entirely dependent on his ability as a spokesman from this juncture forth. The Kholin family as a whole, with the exception of the youngest son (who will remain nameless for this threads safety), could really benefit from a touch of humility.
  4. My primary evidence that Plate is a product of the bond, rather than a fabrial is that they will need it, and they will need it soon. They don't have time to discover or rediscover how to create Plate. Secondary evidence is that Plate was only ever used by the Knights Radiant. They didn't spend the time between desolations creating thousands of new suits of armor for their soldiers. The Knights Radiant were the only people who had access to this armor.
  5. Nalan is insane. I don't think he wants real Skybreakers to arise, and I'm half convinced that should they do so he would reject them if he couldn't find a legal reason to kill them. Nalan appears to approve of Szeth because Szeth is willing to do whatever is required of his honor regardless of the personal cost to Szeth himself. The fact that Szeth is eating himself up from the inside and slowly going insane is just further proof to Nalan that Szeth is the right man for the job. The biggest bonus for Nalan about Szeth is that Szeth in NOT a surgebinder. With Nightblood at his command Szeth will be unstoppable...until Rysn shows up with her Larkin anyways.
  6. I also find it interesting that Kaladin and Shallan chose similar types of people as their followers. Kaladin chose the hopeless and downtrodden criminals and slaves of the bridges, and Shallan chose deserters. The primary similarity between these groups is that almost every one of the people they consist of are broken in some way. This not only makes them potential soldiers for their guard, but may also lead to some of them achieving even higher levels of power through a nahel bond as Lopen appears to be doing. Look out world, Gaz the Surgebinder is a definite possibility.
  7. There are 40 parables in TWoKs. Four parables to correspond to four oaths per Order. The First Ideal is the same for each Order. I don't recall anything contradicting this in WoR. I find it far more likely that Shallan progressed to the Third Ideal before we saw her appear rather than that she only has a single Ideal.
  8. "I'm a STICK." "You certainly are, and a very sexy stick at that." "I'm a sexy stick?" "Not JUST a sexy stick, you're a smokin hot stick!" "I'm a smoking hot stick?" "Not just a smokin hot stick, you're on fire." "I'm on FIRE?!?! "You sure are, hows it feel?" "It BUUUUURRRNNNS!" "Sucker!"
  9. I believe that the Parshendi would have sued for peace years earlier if it wasn't for Sadeas murdering those Parshendi who attempted to surrender. Sadeas made it clear to the Parshendi that surrender was not an option and peace was off the table. Were it not for Sadeas, it is likely that the war on the Shattered Plains may have ended long before TWoKs began. I think that, while Gavilar contributed to the state of affairs, Sadeas actions were the final blow.
  10. It wouldn't be hard to confuse the Herald who rode the storms with the spren who was the stormfather over a period of thousands of years. This is especially true due to Jezriens role within the Heralds. I personally think that since all of these beings have reached a mythological level, that confusing two such beings and combining them into one would be a simple enough thing to happen, especially due to the language shifts over that period of time and the tampering that was done to history during the time of the Heirocracy.
  11. As far as the relative power of the radiant, a few thoughts pop up. One, perhaps the relative power of the radiant is dependent upon how close the potential radiant is to breaking prior to the power up. For instance, Kaladin has been under extreme mental stress each time he said an ideal. He almost comitted suicide prior to speaking his first ideal. Kaladin acted against what he felt was in his best interest at the time he spoke both his ideals. Two, it could have something to do with the current condition of the Herald related to the order that each radiant belongs to. We don't really know a lot about the current condition of most of the Heralds, but we know that Shalash appears to be functional, if a bit off. Nalan is also functional,if a bit twisted. Taln has lost it, but appears to be able to snap out of his fugue when necessary to protect himself. Jezrien is rumored to be in a very poor mental state. It's possible that the Heralds act as a sort of check on the power of their radiants. If so, Kaladins power may be unchecked within his sphere. Three, Some orders were larger than others, and it seems that they had different internal structures. It could be that not all WIndrunners are equal and that the higher the ranking of the Windrunner the greater that Windrunners power. Seeing as Kaladin is the only Windrunner at this time, he may automatically default as the leader of his order. As far as pattern goes, I'm not sure that anything was keeping him from reaching Shallan. I think Shallan was the one who refused to have anything to do with Pattern. Once Shallan remembered that she killed her mother, she told Pattern she hated him. I'm not sure we ever really saw Shallan do a power up, but she is at the third ideal as is Jasnah. With the third ideal comes the Shardblade. Shallan had that blade all through TWoKs, Jasnah most likely attained hers while in Shadesmar. Dalinar hasn't reached any of his ideals, he only spoke the first. Renarin is also unlikely to have attained any of his ideals yet.
  12. Okay, I can see where you're coming from, but Stormlight must have a guiding directive. If it didn't, how would it know to fix anything that was wrong with a person prior to attaining stormlight? How would it fix Renarins eyes rather than just maintaining his vision at its current level? How would it regrow Lopins arm when he'd lost it long before he ever consumed stormlight?Some mechanism of stormlight healing needs to be able to evaluate ideal normal and restore the body to that ideal. If this wasn't the case, then new surgebinders would start at their own personal normal and be restored to that particular point of health. We don't know where that ideal is set, or what factors are involved. I think that since every surgebinder has to be slightly broken in order to become a surgebinder, that brain chemistry may not be affected by this, but I still have serious doubts that something like seizures would not be corrected. This will also b the last time I post in this thread since it appears that anything that is said here that even marginally appears unfavorable about Renarin results in a down vote, and I really don't see any reason to interact with people who feel they have the right to abuse the voting system because I have my own opinion.
  13. If I recall correctly, Lirin wasn't fond of the Radiants, his mother was, but papa was not a fan. I think Roshone will try to imprison Kaladin, and ummm...yeah, Kaladin isn't going to be having any of that.
  14. I don't believe Szeth is a coward, but I do think that the accusation that Szeth is a coward will have a large impact on his personality going forward. I believe what Szeth is, is lawful to a fault.
  15. Szeth will be unstoppable...until he runs into a lil baby larkin that is. Then poof, no more investiture for Nightblood to feed off. I'm curious as to whether or not the Larkin will be able to drink the breath right out of Nightblood.
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