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  1. Yeah it's normal. They print/bind pages in sets of 16 (hmmm) so any full color images have to be put in between those bunches. So full color images are often a little before or after the "perfect" place in the pbook. Not a problem in ebooks, of course.
  2. In the alt-text for the Part 1 Marginalia doodles, it says "Mervin is started when the tall sales-wizard..." This should probably be "startled" instead. Also, it should say "Santa Claus" not "Santa Clause".
  3. I think that Kelsier is the one who had the Bands drained. He wants to promote tensions between the N and S in order to force technological advancement, and realized that the North "secretly" draining the Bands would cause major bad feelings between them. He was in the South just very recently and was on an airship back North when Marasi and Moonlight tried to contact him. And Kelsier is the Survivor in the North, head of a major religion, and the Sovereign in the South. If he wanted to, he could easily get both continents to work together. But having them at odds works better for the future of Scadrial (in Kelsier's opinion).
  4. RShara

    16 beads

    My goodness, it's been over three years since I said that.
  5. Don't forget Rushu, the pretty ardent. Also, Lin, Lyn, and Lirin.
  6. Chapter 4, near the end, the word "instead" is used twice in the same sentence.
  7. I'd be hesitant to say he's wrong when he makes definitive statements like this. He usually will admit when he doesn't know something.
  8. I don't know if this has been fixed, but in my copy of Words of Radiance, chapter 11, it says This is from Shallan's PoV, and I think she shouldn't know what a bird was, to call something "birdlike"? Perhaps skyeel-like?
  9. Chapter 13 a few paragraphs toward the end The section is from Shallan's PoV, and she calls it a chicken the rest of the chapter, but here she calls it a bird. I-5 Lift The section is Lift's PoV, and she also calls it a chicken, except for this one time.
  10. Sorry, yeah I meant none have died and returned to Braize, to break. Silly fingers not typing what my brain meant! But that rather puts the nail in this theory, doesn't it?
  11. I was recently pointed at this thread Has anyone mentioned that the Stormfather explicitly says that none of the other Heralds has died and returned to Braize since Aharietiam? Oathbringer chapter 38
  12. I'll also add in this section I see the light as a visual representation of the Intent. The violet is the fury/hatred, and everything else is barely present.
  13. "Existing" doesn't mean "existed in the exact same state it's in now" though. It could have been a collection of huts or a few dozen buildings in no particular pattern for all we know. I'm willing to wait till the books come out to discover for sure
  14. Hey. Also, I'm firmly in the "Odium is hatred and fury, with only touches of other emotions" camp, and LewsTherinTelescope seems to be arguing the opposite of that. You can find lots of my obligatory, "Odium is NOT Passion, darn it" posts Ambition can be interpreted as passion for advancement and improvement. Devotion is confirmed to be Love. Dominion could be passion for victory. Lots of the other Shards have a lot of passion associated with them, so Odium being largely passion just doesn't work out. It'd be passion without ambition and love at the very least, which would leave it pretty stale already. I'm going to emphasize this outside perspective on the true power of Odium Fury was italicized in the book.
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