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I see where Joe is coming from, though. We all trust him (mostly; I for one am still a little paranoid), and that's a dangerous thing to happen in a conversion game. I won't vote for his life, but if the rest of you will it then I will not object.

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2 hours ago, A Joe in the Bush said:

To be fair, that one had some extenuating circumstances, and really shouldn't count for record purposes. Long Live Lady Liberty.

LG12, 11 on Maili in one cycle, and that wasn't even because a Seeker found he was evil - just a plain ol' bandwagon. Had I gotten on in time to change my vote, we would have tied with that one. Not sure if it's the record though because Winter got hit with a glorious 17 votes during that cycle, though it was because a Seeker found she was on Team Evil, plus were were badly trying to protect a second, vulnerable Seeker.

At least for this cycle, I will vote Joe lives. This may change in the next cycle. Also, guys - calling for a kill on harambe is one thing. Can we please make sure Endowment doesn't Return him too? >> Otherwise, this lynch is really a blasted mockery...

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BTW, I was role blocked last night.  I forgot to mention it in the day cycle, and I would prefer it not happen again.  I don't know why it happened, either.

I also agree that Endowment should not resurrect anyone without a general consensus.  We should probably discuss what each Shard should do during the day and night cycles.

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Aman would be proud of this wall of text. B):P


Day Objectives: Use investment action on players who could benefit from it. This would be especially effective on Returned, as that allows them to use their mass-protect without dying.

Night Objectives: Use Shardic action to preserve players. This ability effectively takes lynching and returning choices away from the village, though, so Pres should hold off on using it unless they have a good reason to suspect that a living player is village or a dead player is an elim. Should it be confirmed that Endowment is with the 17th, Pres should focus on locking down those lynched from Returning.

Either: Freezing the round is a two-edged sword: it can stop the lynch from swinging or Odium, Hoid, etc. from putting in their orders, but it also suppresses beneficial actions. If Pres plans on using this, they should notify their trusted players in advance so they can send in their actions before the freeze.


Day Objectives: The Roleblock can actually be used as a powerful tool to scan for Odium. Ruin should Invest in a single player during the day, and during nights that player should target a bunch of different players. If the Odium kill suddenly doesn't happen, we then have a major suspect, unless Odium just didn't put in a kill in an attempt to misdirect us, but even then Odium loses a kill opportunity.

Night Objectives: Kill Harambe! Well, anyone whom the thread is largely-suspicious of.

Either: Destroying a world is generally not beneficial for the village, but Elim!Ruin could use this to great effect. However, in a pinch this could be used as an (admittedly heavy-handed) roleblock to Odium or Hoid.


Day Objectives: Lynch protection is a valuable commodity, so I would advise Devo to use that ability sparingly. The lynch is one of our best tools, and a no-lynch is generally very unhelpful (as we've seen so far).

Night Objectives: Communication this game is important, so keep the PMs going. PM groups should be kept small to facilitate role-claiming, and the members of the PMs should be kept constantly-rotating. Do not put yourself in many of your PMs, to avoid suspicion, but put yourself in a few so that your absence isn't noted.


Day Objectives: Domin's investment is not very powerful, and is beneficial for the village as a whole, so be generous with it. Target especially active voters.

Night Objectives: Redirect a variety of players onto themselves. For most Shards, this is not harmful, but if you can get Odium to Shatter himself then it's game over for Team Hate. Domin's force-perform-action isn't nearly as utilitarian as the general redirect, but if it's discovered that the 17th has a specific Shard then Domin can usually put that ability to good use.


Day Objectives: Endowment's Investment would be made better by moving to a planet with powerful roles (Scadrial is probably the most) and investing in players on that world to ensure that the most powerful abilities hit the field. However, don't stay in one place for too long, or Odium might catch on. I know that sounds contradictory, but do your best.

Night Objectives: Returning should only be used on those night-killed by Odium, because a lynch gives us nothing if the lynchee doesn't stay dead. Endowment would be a horrible Shard to have in the hands of the 17th, so don't pass unless absolutely necessary for the Shard's safety.


Day Objectives: Vote-manip is usually better for elims than for villagers, so Invest with judgment. However, there are some good uses for manip, like forcibly-solidifying lynches, so Investing is a sort of judgment call for Culty.

Night Objectives: Cult's main job is to battle Odium. As long as Cult regenerates a Shard every round, Odium can't win until he Shatters her. For this reason, Cult should be kept in constant motion between a group of people cleared by Dominon's general redirect.

Alternate Night Objectives: Cult can also be used to super-charge minor roles. This is doubly-effective on powerful roles that receive 2 items instead of one due to this action, such as Mistborn, Lifeless Commander, and Voidbringer. Lifeless Commander is probably the best of these to choose, but be careful who you trust. Anonymous Investing is recommended.


Day Objectives: Find a champion. I would suggest that Honor changes champions periodically to ensure that Odium's Champion doesn't zero in on them, but a given champion should be good for at least a few cycles. An interesting companion to this ability is that it fails on Shards, so as a last resort it can be used to scan for Shards, although I wouldn't suggest doing that unless the situation is truly desperate.

Night Objectives: Protect claimed/suspected Shards. Since Odium is the only one who would want to target Honor specifically, self-protecting is not going to be a good idea.


I Hate you. :P


You're on your own. :P


Repeatedly invest in Len. :D



My #1 discovery is that Domin's redirect is a terrifyingly-effective way to scan for Odium. Just redirect random active players onto themselves, wait, and laugh when Odium shatters himself.

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I almost voted on Harambe but then I remembered that it's a night turn >>

As for Joe killing himself: We play SE to have fun, not to win. I guess it's up to you but I'd vote you stay alive because it doesn't matter if you get converted and stuff as long as you're playing (unless there're zombies involved..Seonid?). Of course, in killing youself you're helping the village with our win con in a way, which is why it's fine if you do so, but eh

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9 minutes ago, I_am_a_Stick said:

I almost voted on Harambe but then I remembered that it's a night turn >>

As for Joe killing himself: We play SE to have fun, not to win. I guess it's up to you but I'd vote you stay alive because it doesn't matter if you get converted and stuff as long as you're playing (unless there're zombies involved..Seonid?). Of course, in killing youself you're helping the village with our win con in a way, which is why it's fine if you do so, but eh

If by Zombies you mean Returned, then yes. This game has them. If not, then...


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LG29: Day Four - Uninhibited Chaos

Kelen Taldar was happy today. He knew exactly why, too, unlike a number of poor souls in the Cosmere. He had a Cause. In fact, he was Devoted to a Cause. Hunting down the Wanderer was an important mission, one that he was not going to leave in the hands of just anybody. After all, who better than himself to do it. Whistling, he walked along a path on Scadrial. He liked this form. It gave him a sense of...fitting in. He didn’t always have that.

The sudden pain caught him by surprise. The shattering of his Shard was an even bigger surprise. But the darkness that yawned up at him, spreading from the feet of a hateful, towering figure - that surprised him most of all.

As his mind passed into the Great Beyond, he heard a chuckling voice. “Foolish mortal, to think that I was safely bound, protected from my own hate. Foolish indeed.”

Across the Cosmere, chaos reigned. A second Shard had been Shattered, and panic was overcoming everyone.

On a small island on Roshar, Stormlight flared once, and the worlhopper known only as the PUNisher fell, gasping for air.

Near the shattered remains of Preservation’s Garden, the mind of Farallen Ortiz looked towards the light, and was gone.

And in a shadowed room overlooking a back alley in Scadrial, Jack Tormander saw - in an instant - the moment he had been Returned for. Facing his friends across the small desk, he stood, then whispered. “My life to yours. My Breath become yours.” His body stiffened, falling backwards. The glass window behind him cracked, then broke open beneath the weight of his falling body. His last words hung in the air behind him. “Libertas Regnabit!”

Jack Tormander (A Joe in the Bush) has passed to the Spiritual Realm. He was a Returned Agent of Autonomy!

Farallen Ortiz (Conquestor) has passed to the Spiritual Realm. He was a Vessel of Preservation!

AliasSheep (AliasSheep) has been killed! His role and alignment will be revealed when he passes from the Cognitive Realm.

PUNisher (harambe) has been killed! His role and alignment will be revealed when he passes from the Cognitive Realm.

Devotion has been Shattered!

Day 4 has begun, and will end in 46 hours.

Due to time conflicts, Day 4 will be ending 2 hours early! I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Future cycles will return to turnover at 2:00 PM, Mountain Time


Player List:
1. Assassin in Burgundy - First of the Game
2. Master Elodin - Second of the Signups
3. Jondesu - Quintus 17th Shard
4. AliasSheep - Kelen Taldar
5. Darkness Ascendant - Kaldain Selblessed
6. A Joe in the Bush - Jack Tormander Returned Agent of Autonomy!
7. Doc12 - Silence
8. Kynedath - Desten Kyde
9. TheMightyLopen - Kaloo
10. Straw - Malum Farcimen
11. Young Bard - Serol
12. Magestar - Magestar
13. Alvron - Lorna
14. Dalinar Kholin - Sanya
15. Harambe - PUNisher
16. I_am_a_Stick - Stic
17. RubiksCube - cubefright archive
18. DroughtBringer - Ralar
19. Araris Valerian - Aralis
20. Arinian - Arinian
21. Zephrer - Tardeick
22. Conquestor - Farallen Oniz Vessel of Preservation!
23. Sart - Sam Trudite
24. Aonar Faileas - Nilan Izenry
25. Elenion - emissary of Mandos
26. Kasimir - Tenth of the Dusk

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