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  1. Insanity time! We all gonna DIE!!! I'm not going to play it. I gonna eat my shoes... want right? And where is my Hat?
  2. Look who's back! Me! Should I sign up for this game? Hmm... hmmm... Joe signed for this game. Can I kill him? Probably. Okay I undoubtedly should sign up for this game. Sign up me as Niar.
  3. I'm apologize for my absence but I'm really busy right now(and will be busy till next Friday, I think so...), probably will vote for player with most votes at the end of cycle. And if someone thinks that it's some dirty elim plan(or that I'm suspicious) I'm absolutely okay with being lynched, sorry.
  4. Well, now I'm dead in LG so I think I can sign up for this beautiful game. Signing up as Ray Fox. Still not promising to be very active, but I will try...
  5. Voting for... randomizing... Elephant. *shrug* okay.
  6. Looks like there another possibility for 3 way tie, if my guess right... hehehe . Lets start the mess ! Bort.
  7. Enemies? We all friends here! *Stepping closer to Mark to stab him in the back*
  8. Why birds? Do you have something against birds? Why not rats? 3 rats with one spoon, sharp spoon... hmm...
  9. Now I want to murder Drake. I almost hate him... I don't have time, but if someone will murder me in LG before this game starts probably I will sign up.
  10. If Alv was here he would've been happy . Lets start 3 way tie Pyro.
  11. Hmm... I'm not sure if I will have enough time. Ahh... anyway sign up me as Faron Elverein.
  12. Yep I know that my English is horrible, but that's not going to stop me from playing SE, don't hope on it . I don't think that my english is so big problem for understanding of my posts, bigger problem it's how I jump from one thought to another and that I'm checking SE in late night(mess in head mess in post). Also I probably should apologise, because I was a bit too aggresive at the start of this turn, because I really dissapointed that Rand was lynched. Hope no offense?(I still would prefered if Bort was lynched than Rand . But oh well... we can't change it). Aman don't murder me, I know that couple times I'm almost caused lynches(in previous games I mean) on you without good reasons for this but that surely not reason to murder me
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